Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Jonko Maximus
90's kids will never forget this song.
I Love Evie
He started as a blob and ended as a blob wow evolution 😮
millions of years of evolution.. and we're at a fat guy sat on a seat. Love this crazy planet
When i was kid i tought this was the kind song you hear in a club...oh boy i was wrong. I wish it was this kind of music
On the surface it seems like just another shallow 90's dance song, but there is something very profound in the string, something mysterious about the effect it has, and something extraordinarily prophetic in the theme. I think everyone senses this, there is a lot more to this creation.
richard farnant
After years of alcohol abuse this song let's me know how great life is
this video blew my mind when I was 6 years old. it's silly and thought-provoking at the same time
This song makes me think about who i've became. And who will i become eventually growing up.. Love this. I was born in 2000s but still know and love this song. Thank you.
This song makes me think of the future. Like flying cars and that.
x yeonwoo x
My Religious education lesson brought me here.
Francy Labricciosa
Josef Cabadaj
3:07 Welcome to the United States Of America!
Anyone else here because you were actually alive when this song came out and still like it?
I dont know why, but when I hear this song, I m thinking about future and aging. Amazing song
how does this only have 10M views... This is a classic in musical history
Player intro song to Superbowl XLV
Taddeo Procopio
Evolution explained with a song.... Best thing ever I listened to this song when i was a little kid... And let me tell you.. It was worth it
plastic fantasticTM
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. -Charles darwin
1000000 subs with no videos
Awesome parents brougth me here
arnaud ferreira
This music on world cup 2018 russia vs crotia
Blidaru Stefan
ok so guess what, after i listened to this song for like 100 times, i said to myself: "i wanna study about the fucking fish evolution" This is what i wrote so far( i stopped studying like months and months and months ago, and it's in romanian, but translated using google translante) :Pisces began its evolution 530 million years ago during the Cambrian Explosion. These animals are believed to have evolved from life forms similar to early tunic. The fish kept their larval form, which had many common features with them. Pisces had some specific features that other animals did not have at that time, namely: A notocordial-like structure, early vertebrae, a simple vertebral body plan and well-defined head and tail. However, they lacked an important structure the jaw, feeding them with a simple, rudimentary filtering device. Examples of early agates include: Pikaia, Haikouichtys and Myllokunmingia. The first skeletons of genuine vertebrates were dated to the Late Ordovician. In this too two groups of bony fish have evolved: Actinoptergy and sarcoptergies that later diversified into Devonian. Devonian was also a point of extinction of another group of fishes, placoderms, "armored" fish that dominated Silurian's underwater fauna Late. Also in Devonian have disappeared several Agnate species. The colonization of new ecological niches has diversified the body planes of many fish, so giants such as Dunkleosteus, a placoderm that could reach even 7 meters in length, evolved. Primitive Pisces, the so-called Agnate, may not be too prominent in modern aquatic life, but at first they were the dominant class. This in Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian developed bone plaques that protected their soft body, the first aged "armored" being called Ostracodermi. These armored agates were the precursors of the gnatostomate vertebrates. Archaeological finds suggest that the first vertebrae with a jaw were Silurian placoderms and that they are the ancestors of the present-day bone. It is believed that the main advantage of a jaw was not improved feeding, but a better oxygenation of the body, the gills being better irrigated with water. Placodermal fish would have evolved from the ostracoderms. Placoderms were large fish that appeared in the middle of Silurian and diversified into Devonian. Placoderms had the front of the body protected by resistant and articulated bone plaques. His maxillary was well developed, he could break his own prey into pieces, the rest of his body was covered with scales or was empty. Another group of fishes with a functional jaw is represented by the Acantodiens or sharks, have evolved 50 million years after the appearance of the first shark species. The Acantodians could not compete with the fish and disappeared in Permian.
Estúdios do Gui OFICIAL
today I saw this video in history class
Ella Rhodes
They showed this in my science class lol
Shady_ Boss
2018 still a tune
Gu Silva
Alguém aqui por causa do Gavin Roy?
this is legendary like prodigy n chemical brothers.👍p.s my childhood music.
Kenny Ossima
3:06 Evolution of USA -------> McDonald's
Yuri Di Quirico
Chi qua solo perché lo mette l'Inter per il riscaldamento della squadra? 🔵⚫
Slim 26
как давно это было...(
This song is still good to this day.
Apex Legends menu music!
This song reminds me of the early 2000s . Nostalgia
Eugenia Ruppel
In the end i always hear: Pia, Pia, Pia.... Anybody Else?
Daniel Kauwe
New improved Apollo rebuilt in 1999 released EVERYWHERE!
So nice beautiful and brilliant man 👨 thank you for your jobs
Fight woman
Listen at 03/ 18 / 2019 . . .still be an inspired song for me, always
biologists cry in their sleep
Top Gear R34 Skyline episode. Nuff' said...
Stranger Radio
right here right now
NiceN ́Easy
*I'm #1 so why try harder*
Anyone here in 2018?
Mr. Grimm
This is so 90s. I love it.
Finally, the damn song that my head was stuck finding in the apex legends menu.
The end of the video is really thought provoking. 😊😳😊
"Tackle 5... I've got a try on the field... Can you just check touch and grounding please"
Adam Sawyer
Anyone known the president understanding of the time of the Big Bang ? Not that too much stock should be put in anything outside expected relevance. Here's to those functioning for wiser, future generations \\\ _ /// (with a farther vision of expected relevance)
Alexxx 777
Mystical melody
The Pale Horse
Watching in 2017 best Intro ever!
Qui è qui per l'Inter💙
Corni Corni
19 years ago I listened from the first time, and I was in shock.. Just I want to say is amazing 😉, gold , wow .. super wow . This reminds me my childhood 👧🏻❤️👅
Francesco Sillo
Questa canzone c’è sempre allo stadio del Inter prima della partita e dell inno
Mr Nobody
Anyone here in 2019
Song still bangs out
Pat Garrett
Who came from Russian - Croatia World cup 2018 ? :))))))))))))))))))
Michael Saunders
If you reverse the video, it's a LITERAL Fatboy-Slim.
Anon Freak
This song came out before the columbine massacre D:
Martin Agustini
Hoy la volvi a escuchar despues de mucho tiempo...muy buena.
Lucas Bicske
Best song along with vídeo of all time!
Anil Meitei
Here after listening a bit of it in Apex Legends
no swearing on my christian minecraft server
Who from maple seven remembers watching this in an RE lesson? 😂❤️
I was created to dislike videos.
Don't mind me but we just watched thos video in class. Anyone from 6C?!
Holy shit this video is so psychedelic i'm buzzing
Luther Blissett
This is  my favourite song of all time. The only one that still gives me the same feeling that gave me the first time that I listened to it.
Nat J
Watching in 2018 👌👌👌
Dominic Haskins
I was born in 1993. I can remember this song when it first came on the radio, I was really young probably about 6, still love it now.
LS 9
This song makes me think of THE BOYS IN BLUE MANCHESTER CITY
Desdaemona Nyctophilia
This song makes me think about Life, about planet Earth, about Space and Cosmos, Galaxies, about Evolution and Devolution, about everything around Us... I'm a 90's kid, I ended up study Paleobiology to learn, how this World developed and this song is just about it!!! THANK YOU, FOR THIS AWESOME TRACK!!!
Rinat Ben Moshe
Doesn't it make you think of evaluating life more? 🤔
Minea Hansén
Our class looked at this on history when we talk about this😂
Allan J.
That bassline and the violinspil gets me relaxed.. dont know why...
X LiaLogic X
Anyone watching in November 2018? Just me?.... okay 👌🏼
Anyone from the 90s and still watch this since it was created?
cool fucking music video but pencilhead by qna is still legendary
Lockman's Edit
2019? :DDDD
Darth Kwame
Good song but...350 billion years? Really? That's hilarious Life on Earth evolved literally a hundredth of that time ago. It's off by two orders of magnitude (Well that, and the universe not existing yet...)
hassi BMX
charles darwin approved this video
Right here right now right here right now. Brilliant piece class 90s.
dj homie da klown dj homie da klown
Love this track..I've got the promo 12" ,always said it was a classic
Right Here Right Now
This is Song of prematch of Inter Milan
Enrico Tatti
I like the final point, suggesting that at present time we just sit down instead of keep running and evolving...
Shashank Susngi
"Carl Sagan brought me here....." - Neil Degrasse Tyson 2014
Enrique Querine
Symply the BEST clip song ever.
Nguyễn Tấn Dũng Official
Listened it after full time of City vs Chelsea Carabao Cup final 2009 yesterday ))
Sr. Songur[off ]
Lol, back in the day I actually thought the fat guy was Fatboy Slim...
The EdRay Report
A song that closely rivals Darude's Sandstorm. Still epic.
- ̗̀ ava ̖́-
Been 3 years since I heard this song, I still love it<3
Noel Ambrosio
millions and cameLeON>>'s Select Sribes SzryptED..
blah blah
If you listen carefully, when the song starts, there is another one playing in the background. Does anyone know if i can find only that version?
Fabrício Barbosa
I knew this song a long time ago (in the movie The Skulls). Now, it's Luka Modric's theme. \o/
ᗯE ᗯᗩTᑕᕼEᗪ TᕼIᔕ ᗩT ᔕᑕᕼOOᒪ ᗩT IT ᗪIᔕTᑌᖇᗷᔕ ᗰE 😅😅
El Arbitro
Pre-match song WC 2018 <3
Ashley Hallows
Manchester City's tunnel theme before Paul Dickov (Kick off).
grey says
Long live the 90s
Mr Nobody
To people who belive in god this is evolution