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From 2003 Fifth Estate host Hana Gartner with a rare glimpse inside the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and an exclusive interview with one of its most prominent citizens Winston Blackmore. Over the years there have been occasional news reports about a mysterious and secretive religious community in Bountiful, B.C. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - no relation to the mainstream Mormons believe that not only does God condone polygamy, but the Canadian Charter of Rights does, too. --- Subscribe for more videos from The Fifth Estate : /> Connect with The Fifth Estate online : Website : />Facebook : />Twitter : />Instagram : /> About the fifth estate : For four decades The Fifth Estate has been Canada's premier investigative documentary program. Hosts Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay and Mark Kelley continue a tradition of provocative and fearless journalism. the fifth estate brings in-depth investigations that matter to Canadians – delivering a dazzling parade of political leaders, controversial characters and ordinary people whose lives were touched by triumph or tragedy.

Chiara River
This perv is a raging sociopath. He doesn't even have the superficial charm of a psychopath. He thinks he's God's gift and these doormat women are perpetrating it. Feeding his ego. It makes my skin crawl. Proper death cult, their own lingo to keep them divided from normal people.
He speaks down to the interviewer because she is a woman who asks tough questions... Something he is not used to.
Azucena Reyes
we cant mind our own business when the girls getting married and pregnant are 15
Taura Helms
The devotion song to daddy that the girls sang was creepy. I'm out.
Whisper McGaughy
The incest,sexual abuse and exploitation of the girls is absolutely horrifying..And let's not forget how they treat the boys once they come of age and they see them as competition..I believe they should be able to worship as they please but when it comes to isolation and restricting their education,it begins looking more like a cult..There is no justifying the abuse of children nor do I believe that's what the bible was getting at.. :/
He's been found guilty of polygamy and Winston is going to jail
"Men are very very gifted in knowing what... women should do" wow... just WOW 😳 These poor brainwashed women.
He just answers questions with questions. He cant explain anything.
Taylor Fausett
Warren Jeff's molested his own children. There is a documentary about it. This belief system is a lie.
susan warner
These girls have never been given the chance to know what freedom of choice really means, so as far as I am concerned it is child sexual exploitation and abuse of the girls!
Les Brown
He just got convicted. Good day.
Odette Krijthe
He is so shockingly cold and emotionless. I wouldn't trust him around any child
Damon V
This is sick. These poor women are oppressed slaves and do not realize it
J Armstrong
...this video concentrates too much on the polygamy issue instead of the sexual exploitation and abuse of the girls involved...
Jo-Anne Vallarta
In the real world, the "bishop" couldn't get laid in a brothel if he was banging on the door with a gold bar. I wonder how long it took him to hatch this sick plan?
Kaitlin Gillespie
Whatever, be a polygamist all you want, but children the age of 18 and younger should be going to school and if they get married; to the person they want to be married to.That's the problem with these cults. It completely takes everyone's choice of life away and blackmails them to believe that that's how their life is meant to be.
The first wife seems like she is getting her voice. She did not lie or cover for him. I hope she got the guts to leave him. But she probably stayed worried about leaving those girls with no one.
Terri D
This guy needs to be castrated.
Lorna Ginette Harrison
I don't say this lightly, but...I think I hate this man
Their goal is to ultimately become gods. That's pure ego at work. The antithesis of spirituality.
Polygamy is not from God, it is not approved by God in any way. God said ONE man and ONE woman. Plus using women to have many wives and children is not how God wanted it to be. God wanted a man and a woman to be married and establish a family together, not for the man or woman to be used and abused. These people are living a lie, the faith is a lie, and the founder of their faith is a liar and false teacher.
Bonnie McDermid
Please, let us recognise this issue for what it is. This is an issue of exploitation of children, of women. It is an issue of control and abuse. It is an issue of needing to protect those most vulnerable in society. It is not an issue of freedom of religion.
Lucie S
I'm shocked that child abuse and under educating is ok in that country
This man tries to rationalize, minimize and "spiritualize" his position. Yet the government does NOTHING!!! Even here in the US. SICK!!
Les Brown
Sad that the mentally incompetent breed like insects.
He's such a sick man
Pausen Think
It's kinda disgusting that Canadian law allows children 12-14 to consent to any kind of sex, and allows marriage under 18 even with a parent's or judge's permission. The same is true in many US states too.
Rebekah Dionne
Be sweet.. Disgusting an controlling!!
Kelly Trindles
He needs mental treatment
Sam Chandler LLC
Congratulations on getting out, Jane. best of luck to you!
Merri Cat
Pervert conman
Pausen Think
Let's see....he won't talk about his family. He won't talk about his religion. Exactly why did he agree to an interview? The contempt and disgust he has for the interviewer just boils out of him.
Staci Towery
No relation to lds church? Simply not true.
All psychopaths operate like this. Disarm their targets critical thinking. Isolate and subjugate. Are there any woman in these communities with multiple husbands? say one woman with 16 husbands....of course's all about sexual exploitation by male leaders via a twisted interpretation of text from 2 millennium ago....radical Islam embraces their own version of the same abhorrent madness
christine robinson
He was involved in human trafficking over the border.
Ridgeback Mom
Skyelar EmeryEagle
His voice is creepy.- warren jeffs.
Angel Face
sick pieces of shhh
Sophie Russell
"There were polygamists in the Old Testament, so I would just say that that's as good a place as any to explain the divinity of polygamy." As was hurling babies against rocks and eating the flesh of your children. Whether you agree with polygamy or not, that is a weak argument if I've ever heard one.
Hippie Dachshunds
At 49 seconds in the narrator states the FLDS church is "no relation to the LDS church." This is patently untrue. The FLDS and other polygamous Latter Day Saints groups were born when the LDS church bowed to political pressure from Washington and banned polygamy. A serious case can be made for the claim that these groups are the true followers of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Their churches bear far more resemblance to the early LDS church than the modern LDS does.
Wait, it came down to money? Who would have thunk it?!!
Hi! I’m Amy Love
Good for Jane Blackmore! Sounds like she’s got some sense about her.
Ruth Rephuck
Jane Blackmore is inspiring. What a strong woman.
Viking Man
Sounds just like North Korea...
Alex B
I feel horrible for the women in the blue dress .. blackmores first wife.. she comes across as abusived .. such sweet lady !! Soo sad
William Mc Roberts
Classic cult.
J Armstrong
I don't care what they believe or how they live OTHER than the very young girls getting married and having children so young and not staying in school...if they would wait til after grade 12 and the girls are 18 years of age and THEY have a say in getting married they can practice their religion including polygamy...
Brandy Baker
The problem of "live and let live" is that the women are not living: they do not have a choice. This is a system that benefits men, specifically the men in leadership. They compel women and girls to marry, they live high on the hog from investments, and the women have no say in financial matters or even how they live their own lives. They are forced to live the way they live.
Les Brown
Nutters. Lock them up in an institution and get them mental health care.
Aristotle Stagirus
Polygamy should be legal, period. The state has no valid reason to force what is really a religious based rule that only one man can be married to one woman upon everyone else. Any number of men and any number of women should be able to enter a single marriage. Mind you, this should go in all ways, including 3 men and no women, or no men and 4 women, or 2 men and 3 women, or whatever they want. Now, forcing women into marriage, or treating women as slaves, or physically abusing women, or marrying under age women, and such... all things that can be done to a women regardless of whether the marriage is polygamous or not, those things should be illegal.
Precious Hani
I think that bishop is the one who needs mental care!
Amyra Batya
God never commands men to commit polygamy in the Old Testament. Rich men practiced it, and God tolerated their sin for a time, but that was never God's will OR His design. In the garden, God created ONE man and ONLY ONE woman for him, and "for this reason a man [SINGULAR] shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife [SINGULAR], and the TWO shall become one flesh" (Gen 2: 24, Matt 19: 5). And "...because of immoralities, each man is to have his own wife [SINGULAR], and each woman is to have her own husband [SINGULAR]" (1 Cor 7: 2)... The man on this video is slandering the True God to justify his perverted sexual practices. Shame on him.
Michael Walsh
Hee hee hee. Nutters
I’m so sick of religions getting tax exemption. In 2018 if you want to belong to these wretched cults so be it but don’t do it on my dime. Religion needs to die out in the name of common sense.
Daniel Nyairo
I don't see how polygamy is illegal. What should be prosecuted is the forcing of underage girls to get married. If two, three or 50 consenting adults get themselves into a polygamous union, it shouldn't be anybody's business. The state should't legislate on who an adult should love and marry or how many people an adult loves and marries.
Yea! Jane left!
BlueEyes Brittany
A pure invention of men .... who like the sex part, the dominion part and who knows what ..... The old testament was written by men who controlled everything and to their own benefit sexually and otherwise ....
Adam Mangler
This guy is just a pedofile.
Allegra Logan
Old Testament is just that, with the the New Testament we are told “Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
I apologise for the essay that I've ended up writing but have been moved to put down my thoughts on the FLDS from having read many books & listening to many hours of footage here on YouTube. I just need to write this to share the impact that knowing the inside stories have had on me. Whether it is read is up to you, of course. =) What a beautiful & eloquent lady Jane is... I would love her to write a book as I'd definitely buy & read it, adding it to the other 7 I've already read from other survivors of this deplorable cult. Each tells their own individual battle & shares how they found the immense personal courage, strength & hope they needed in order to leave. Nobody walks away from this cult with their blessing (unless they're kicked out) but leaving necessitates starting a full-scale clandestine war where everyone is your enemy who will prevent you from effecting an escape by informing on you. The spies are everywhere & leaving is very much a lonesome journey as seeing family after the fact is not an option so when the only "security" or world you have ever known becomes so hellish that you opt to take a chance on a completely unknown, feared place that you believe to be full of evil & people who want to do you harm it shows true desperation. Many have escaped though, some even managing to do so from those in very powerful positions within the FLDS. Each individual tale carries unique & powerful messages of what the FLDS world is REALLY like, with the full story behind the false smiles of the women & children exposed for what they are. These are among the most disgusting, damaging & illegal abuses I've ever known to exist where women have had to watch their "sister-wives" beat & waterboard their children, some merely babies, until nearly dead for silly, minor "offences". How, during the raids the multiple evidence of broken bones, sexual abuse & more was SO prevalent that the CPS were overwhelmed... And then came along Warren Jeffs, a crazed (but not crazy) man filled with evil intentions who had dreamed of holding all the power within the FLDS since he was a child in order to carry out the atrocities now known... The FLDS is a cunning, deceitful & destructive cult who ensure their followers remain uneducated to the point of being misled, financially & socially dependent & isolated from anyone who may be willing or able to facilitate their escape in any way. The books I've read shown Winston Blackmore to be an active & willing participant in carrying out the wishes of this cult for many years. As "Bishop" he was in the upper echelons of this hideous organisation & therefore privileged & powerful enough to implement many of the illegal marriages spoken about. He did not just turn a blind eye to the rape of minors but participated in that by the taking underage child "brides" himself & therefore if justice had truly been done, should have received a custodial life sentence for covering this fact up as his "religious rights". Even his body language is non-congruent in this - it's clear he does not even believe his own lies... With children as young as (only just) 12 in the case of Merrianne who was "celestially" married to Warren Jeffs, a man old enough to be her grandfather before being ceremonially raped & degraded in front of his other wives in the white room of the temple it is a practice that should be stopped. How can he deny any knowledge of the fact that a dedicated place had been planned & made where these poor young girls would be restrained to a ceremonial bed for public rape & degradation? Blackmore, & others like him, should spend the rest of their days in prison for that alone. Women & girls are treated like mere possessions, without thought or care for their welfare, safety or mental health so the "mental health treatments" he refers to is no surprise but in the books it emerges that these were typically given without the knowledge or consent of the ladies involved - a means to maintain control over them. In fact, it's documented that women in the FLDS were four times more likely to be taking Prozac or some other form of anti-depressants than any other women elsewhere. Humbled & amazed by each & every account I've read I would urge anyone who feels the FLDS are subject to any unfair scrutiny to read the books written by Elissa Wall, Brent, Rachel & Rebecca Jeffs, Flora Jessop & Sam Brower to see for themselves how emotionally powerful, factually awful & staggeringly sick their accounts are of those born into or living within this cult. The unspeakable abuse each suffered & endured is testament enough to know that all the men at the top are rotten to the core. With the higher-ups living their lives with plenty of food & forbidden luxuries while their followers starve, living in squalor & misery it makes for shocking reading... All who hold positions of power within the FLDS remain unchecked but should be held accountable for their sick crimes all in the name of "God". Even Warren Jeffs who IS in prison is not being prevented from continuing to influence & control the cult followers but is permitted to continue with his never-ending thirst for endless destruction & misery for those who remain in his prisons. I live with the sincere hope that one day there will be new laws developed, passed & upheld to protect ALL the people within the FLDS but especially the women & children who I strongly believe live a life of such hardship that is rarely seen in this day & age. For them & all the "Lost Boys" the FLDS should be shut down & every person given their full rights as American citizens. If they were given education, their wages for the heavy work they do & a way of providing for the many children they are forced to breed at least it would give many of the women an opportunity to leave their lives of twisted subservience & misery from their "Priesthood Heads" & self-professed "prophet". I can only draw the conclusion that the FLDS produce only 2 different types of people... Victims & abusers, sometimes both in the one person whose life of hardship, oppression & loss brings about an utterly devasting & pointless waste of human life.
M Munroe
21:25 Yeah! Way to go! Discourage THE GIRLS!!!!! It is certainly the GIRLS who are promiscuous -- nothing at all to do with lecherous older men who hide their lust and lack of self restraint behind religious dogma! 36:18 So "decency" MEANS "mind your own business!" NOT the fact that it is INdecent for 53-year old men, for example, to force themselves on 13-year old female children! Got it!
Jane Smith
A very good balanced (but now slightly out of date( programme as Winston B was expelled by the prophet, Bountiful therefore split in two. His first wife gave evidence at the recent polygamy prosecution of WB in 2017. They need to follow the law of the land they are in. Eg the Catholic code of canon law has age of marriage for girls as 12 and boys 14 (which was Irish law by the way until about 1971) but also says or older if the law of the country requires it so eg in the UK it is therefore 16 (if parents consent).
Thora \ þóra Björk
Sick beyond words
Lynn Charron
In breading leads to birth defects and learning disabilities, neurological disorders! I can see those features in this video! It’s a shame really!
Betty Jones
I have waited on this guy in a restaurant I worked in in Creston, me Winston Blackmore is an arrogant, self centred abusive creep...full stop.
Dekisha Jones
The problem is RELIGION.. all of them..From the worship of Zeus to Christianity..! It empowers predators (whether it's financial, sexual or plan ole power) under the guise of morality!
Jean Alzaidi
it's young girls brainwashed to marry men sometimes 50 years older then them some girls are as young as 12 years old and I think that's totally sick and the parents permit it because they are brainwashed too into believing that that's how they will get to heaven lds is about money and power
Isabel Ramirez
Wow.... all these men are sick when they think In there crazy mind that having sex with a 13-16 yrs old is normal... There is nothing normal about it... The saddest thing about this is that some people really believe that he is a god or something like that... To me that’s just crazy 😜
The guy checks off all the markers of a psychopath. However, he's just jumping up and down on the glib one. LOL
Kevin McCallister
Sounds like they follow the book of perverts
Hey mr Winston you are full of it. The New Testament clears states one man one woman. It's the new covenant that Jesus brought to his people you are directly violating Gods law. Furthermore joe smith was a master mason and believed in that man god crap just like the masons. Your master in the Masonic order is Satan. You just don't find out until you're a 33rd degree.
The people in town have sold their souls to the almighty dollar how sick are they ?
Gary Chadwick
The fruits of Joseph Smith... when will the mormon people wake up?
Michelle Ray
Sick! Sexual preditors hiding behind a religous title. As long as they are lining the pockets of politicians, they turn a blind eye. It is against the law! Just sick!
jonathan bacon
I find it rather hypocritical that we remoan polygamy while we are silent about the atrocities of Islam.
Captain Justice
Yes, it is an occult just like the Roman catholic occult, the tv evangelists are occults and your local baptist church in North Carolina are occults.
Theresa- ParamaniacFAM
Always always always comes down to money. Greed is bringing this entire world down. People will turn their heads to make a buck instead of doing the right thing..this is why the world is the way it is.
Lorna Ginette Harrison
That dirty old man (/pervert) looking at the photos of his many children, each allotted a different letter of the alphabet, designated to all those born in a particular year...It's like he's talking about multiple litters of puppies born at a puppy-mill, bred from every one of his pedigree 'wives' (I had to self-censor there, & not continue with the 'female dog' analogy!).
lorna paul
I hate this sick arrogant DOG!
Sylvie Guillemette
The apostle Paul in acts, says that each man should have his own wife.. or remain single and chaste to serve the Lord. This is found in the Holy bible, from the original translation.
I am cool with having more than 1 wife if the women are willing. But sleeping with little girls is just sick
Renalyn Bade
They are all victims of false teaching.
Amyra Batya
These are the fruits of the political left's attack on marriage. The so-called "sexual revolution" did away with the idea that sex was best restricted to marriage. Single motherhood is celebrated and incentivized through entitlements. So, now we have almost as many broken families as intact. Then, _Obergefell v. Hodges_ redefined marriage and disassociated it from the gender binary upon which it was originally based. As a result, (1) there's no longer any reason to insist marriage should only involve two people and (2) there's no longer any justification for denying marriage to anyone who wants to go outside the original definition. You can't insist homos have a constitutional right to same-sex marriage and THEN deny that same "right" to the plygs, polyamorous, incestuous, etc. If a bisexual claims he needs to marry a man AND a woman, you can't deny him, not if you already made allowances for the homos. So, the institution of marriage has been effectively destroyed -- redefined completely out of existence.
Omen Nemo
This man is hiding behind a cloak. He's really a pervert.
Daria Sente
Hello, Canadians! You pay 700000 $ for their polygamy and their children, every Year! Reporter is too weak! From this scandal she supposed to make the story of the year! He is too controversial ! And she did not have enough arguments to calm him down and turn his arguments against him.....His definition of polygamy: "no more then one women are consumed at the same time". You idiot , and what about children born the same year the same month ??? He is pedophile and pervert.
Queen QT
this demon is lying through his teeth...and what have more wives so he can be 'GOD' WHAT A CROCK OF SH%T..THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD!!!
Polygamy aside, Hana Gartner is a bad journalist for going in with such a sour attitude to the situation. Your job as a journalist is to be objective even if you have an opinion. I honestly hope that community gets some kind of oversight to make sure there isn't continuing abuse.
That guy has intensely dead eyes...
Just Me Ashley
Polygamy is illegal BUT if the marriages aren't legal except the first one, I don't see how they're breaking the law. Many people have open relationships which is the same thing no? (I'm NOT referring to the young girls being married only if they're old enough to concent which I KNOW Isnt really what goes on there but in America many times it's adults consenting)
ben ban
This is madness !!!
Min C.
I can't believe that ignorant valley resident who runs the city dump compares the Bountiful community to a Chinese or Native American community. Bountiful conducts many unlawful activities. His comments are very offensive to other cultural communities.
Lots of old men but hardly any OLD women. Do they put them down, too??
nicole stewart
I feel sorry for anyone growing up in that crap. I wanted to give that lady a hug at the end. Poor woman
Jolene Rader
I think his 1st wife is on,y there because she is trapped. She just has doubt.
Sam Chandler LLC
If someone wants to have 100 wives or if a woman doesn't mind a plural marriage, that's up to them. BUT... when the entire family is collecting food stamps, welfare, medicaid, THEN, i have a problem. Why am I paying for your lifestyle?
L clack
Wow!!This story breaks my heart or any story where women are husband and I have made it a point to raise 3 strong independent sad..makes my heart hurt for these women,girls and even little boys
Debbie Mason
wow...that mayor thou!
John Waite
is the birth rate of men to woman that different , theres got to be some guys not getting a wife
Natalie Hilder
We need to stop funding schools with tax dollars if they will not comply with basic human rights.