Goldie Hawn Remembers Casting-Couch Sexual Predator Who Made Her Cry | PEN | Entertainment Weekly

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Goldie Hawn reflects on the casting-couch sexual predator who left her in tears when she was just 19 years old. Watch the full episode here ►► />Subscribe to ►► /> People and Entertainment Weekly, two of the world's leading entertainment brands bring you People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Watch everyday for free and get exclusive insider access to celebrities, pop culture, entertainment, lifestyle and human interest shows. Watch interviews with your favorite celebrities from the world of fame. What was it like for John Green to work with Cara Delevigne, what does Jennifer Lawrence think of Amy Schumer, and much more: /> Find out about the latest news updates on all things entertainment. The biggest show launches, cast reveals, Hollywood celebrity gossip and the most popular movie announcements all in one place: /> Be the first to see our newest cover story reveals and exclusive features. We’ll give you a look at some of the biggest blockbusters, from the newest Marvel and DC movies, to The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones: /> CONNECT WITH Web: />Twitter: />Facebook: />EW Radio: />Instagram: />Tumblr: />Pinterest: />Google+: />Newsletter: /> ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Entertainment Weekly brings you exclusive backstage access to Hollywood’s most creative minds and most fascinating stars; we keep you plugged in to pop culture. We are the first to tell you about the best and worst movies, what new TV shows to watch and avoid, the biggest new music artists and flops, our pick of bestseller books and must reads you haven’t heard about. As your entertainment experts, we are your one-stop source for the latest and most trusted Hollywood news and commentary. We are funny. We are smart. We are first. We are always right. (OK - almost always right.) Entertainment Weekly knows your time is precious; we'll tell you how to spend it wisely. Goldie Hawn Remembers Casting-Couch Sexual Predator Who Made Her Cry | PEN | Entertainment Weekly

Nathan Vu
This shit has got to stop. We need to educate everyone that is happening in Hollywood .It's sickening. Any director/producer who abuses their powers should and will be put behind bars.
Seriously disturbing. With all the news with Harvey Weinstein it is now being taken much more seriously. Goldie kind of laughed it off in this interview but what else can she do. A crime was committed against her but there was too much power in men like him to hold them accountable. Seeing actors unite and tell their stories regarding Weinstein will hopefully cause a shift in the sick culture of these abuses towards young actors.
Irfan Ahmed
wow atleast shes honest!
Silly Goose
dude, this is scary
Bob Gand
What a creep 😷
Al Capp was the Harvey Weinstein of his day.😤
Bella Bella
I don't think she is being 100 percent honest. She has been around since the sixties.
Jon Arbuckle
Thank you for speaking out on this important matter, Goldie
David Sims
At least Goldie was 💯 honest
Mag Nificent
Jayysus, ladies, please just grow older with grace and leave the silicone and spackle out of your face and lips! You look like alien beings, it's sad.