Ah, the sweet decline of sanity of a wannabe hacker (Kippo log)

At the beginning of last year I set up Kippo, an SSH honeypot that simulates a very dumb Linux environment with a tonne of dead-ends. At the time I thought it'd be kind of fun to see if I can catch any wannabe hackers, but then over time I just forgot about it. As part of my new year's resolution, I have been tidying up my server and found hundreds of logs from Kippo. Most of them were bots or very uninteresting, but this one was one of the few that caught my eye. I've annotated a few of my favourite points with what I think is currently going through the mind of my victim. Enjoy!

Vitalii Trehub
True story: "how i learn linux and went crazy"
FFS? Failing Filesystem or what does it mean :D?