Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Before You Buy

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest AC game, bringing a larger world, the return of ship combat, and more RPG stuff than ever. Is it worth playing? Let's take a look. Subscribe for more: *Jake's twitter: *Instagram:

9 minute video and we still couldn't cover everything - the new mercenary system, the ability to steal stuff, and the photo mode are other things worth checking out.
I personally don't have an issue with Ubisoft trying something different since the AC games were getting repetitive and stale, but they could've just made it a new IP instead of just calling them the next Assassin's Creed only to try and get more sales based on the franchise's popularity and the AC name. But, it's possible I'm just being overly cynical.
Mr Dub
Odyssey looks really good to me, but i haven't played an AC game since black flag and I don't know if I'd enjoy it again. Thoughts or recommendations anyone?
Carl Loc
Next year we will see Assassins Creed Primal
sosa kun
not sure why im watching this when i already bought it
30 plus hours? More like 100. Be honest guys, this game is B I G
Otoskire The great
The people saying this isn’t an AC game are the same ones who complained to Ubisoft to change the game up after unity
Ron Swanson
Yeah mom... i chose the hot leather clad assassin woman because of the voice acting...
Just got the game, it was $20 off, gotta love Black Friday
asap bruhhh
Blehhh... I'll wait till its $20 in 4 years before I buy it 😅
I love how they are going back further in time, we don't need to be anywhere near the age of gunpowder, also i think going to ancient china or japan for a future game could be very interesting
RkGreekMania john
The game is actually really good
Didn't get origins and I'm not getting this because somehow the AC franchise downgraded their combat. Before it felt elegant, badass it flowed well. Now combat just reminds me of a MMO. Your enemy is a damage sponge and takes several hits that appear to have little to no impact, to eventually do a stiff, ugly exaggerated execution. The addition of flashy colorful glow added to your weapons and characters just look like its a fantasy rather than the more realistic and dark approach of its predecessors. I feel the AC franchise has taken a turn as other franchises (ex. Saints row, Dead Island) Not saying Odyssey is a terrible game, just that It's no longer the game play that got me hooked into the the franchise. To me it looks like a single player MMO. TLDR - ...Looks like the single player AssCreed equivalent to Elder Scrolls Online...
Too different. What happened to running on rooftops to get everywhere. Now its oh let me mindlessly ride a horse or a slow ass boat across the map
Edwin H.
i miss Ezio
I always watch BYB after I buy cause am a stupid idiot
Aafaq syed
Bought it on blackfriday sale and having a blast Incredible story and gameplay
Dan Garwood
30+ hours minimum? Try 60 - 70 minimum. Game is enormous with soooooo much to do it’s insane and you get more than your money’s worth when compared to other modern games like shadow of the tomb raider which took me about 22 hours to beat. I just got it used beat it and returned it to gamestop. That’s not an option with this game if you actually want to beat it.
dembolical k
I am absolutely in love with this game is it perfect no but damn near. It's insane to me that so many people cant recognize how much this game has that still makes it assassins creed. You can go 100 percent stealth if you want just build your skill tree in that manner, the story and background still revolves around the ac universe, there is still sycronization spots, you're still an assassin (mercenary is the same thing) and the game still has some historical facts yah alot is just for fun and to work for the story. My point is this is still assassins creed it's just been reinvented to create something so much better. This game feels like a mix of ac, black flag ac, the witcher. Shadow of war and skyrim. You can see influences from many rpg games, while still creating there own that has so many unique qualitys of it's own. Sailing vast seas and exploaring ship wrecks and ancient temples while fighting sharks, Being hunted down by mercenaries, a massive story with tons of options and choices that acctualy impact your world same with side quests, bounties and assassantions along with being able to go to war and choose a side, tons of hidden caves and things to explore in a gigantic map, a skill tree that let's you play how you want and really customize your character, an arena with a horde style mode, tons of gear and wepon choices, being able to customize your boat and upgrade it along with so much more. The fact is this game deserves a 9.5 to a 10 people are made they changed the formula and will talk out there ass to make it seem bad. 90 percent of player reviews that are negative I have read have been total bs and they have not even played the game. People talking about them forcing you to buy micros is bs I have never felt even slightly inclined to do so. The fact is gamers love to hate and bitch about everything anymore even when it's a fucking amazing game like this.
From my experience its pretty good and at this point they should lose the "Assassins Creed" brand.
I find it strange no one is talking about why the game is grindy: they want you to buy the micro transactions.
The GodOfDestruction
I wish the AC series would start being more like AC 1, 2, 3, and unity again My opinion don't hate on me Because I like the classic stealth aspect like climbing trees and houses to drop down on your prey, running across building to get to your objective and having to plan out what your next course of action was, you don't have to do that in origins and odyssey. I only listed AC 1, 2, 3, and unity because those are the only ones I played other than, syndicate and black flag. But this is just my opinion so don't hate on me, if you disagree just tell me what I'm wrong about just don't be rude
I know there's a lot of gamers sceptical over Ubisoft and/or this game not being an "assassin's game". All I can say is, buy this god damn game. This is by far the best games in the series yet. Yes, even better than AC 2 and black flag. There is so much depth in this game that you have to play it yourself to experience it. Definitely worth your money
Nabeel Ryklief
Why is the camera so far back. looks like a mobile game lol
i think the entire story about the animus died with desmond , at first it was interesting but now its whatever
Monolaa Srisomphou
This is better than fallout 76
andreas krallis
Its ancient Greece , your dumb if you don't play this game . point blank!!!!
Elephants Are Cool
At first I started playing as the female protagonist. But because Assassins Creed is meant to be historically accurate by video game standards. It quickly felt way to forced. Don't get me wrong I don't feel this way about games like Dragon Age that have their own universes. But Assassin's Creed is meant to basically be set during real historical periods with an occasional Indiana Jones artefact thrown in just for fun. Some might call me a hypocrite for not being more bothered by sci-fi artefacts. But 99% of the time most Assassins Creed games just flat out ignore them. Anyway since changing your character involves starting the game over I was able to watch both intros and disappointing enough despite the explanation for why you can choose your gender. You really are the exact same god damn character in both cases. See the game allows you to choose your gender on the basis that the person in the modern day who is using the matrix memory machine simply has a choice between two different people who both seem to be significant. Two separate individuals. One a man. One a woman. At first I assumed that they would both have slightly different introductions but then once the game got going they would essentially become the same character such as how in Dragon Age Origins barely anyone gives a damn who you were at the game's beginning once the story gets underway. So maybe the guy starts off as a soldier while the woman starts off as a whatever. But then they both essentially become the same character once they head off on their quest. But my expectations were too high. They don't just have word for word the same dialogue from the second the game begins. They also seemingly live alone in the same house... Unlike Fallout 4 where your alternative choice still seems to exist in the same universe. Your alternative choice In Odyssey is just inexplicably absent even though they apparently are your roommate. But even though Ubisoft was very clumsy about it. At least they did come up with an explanation for why you can make such radical adjustments to your character when one of the most significant plot points for Assassins Creed is that you don't have any RPG freedom because everything has already happened. This is why these games get upset when you kill friendly NPCs. Because it contradicts the behaviour of the character you're playing as. Everything has already happened. It is nothing more than a memory. It is not multiple choice which brings me to the weirdest thing about this new game. We now get multiple choice RPG dialogue options and RPG type decisions that have consequences and send the story in different directions. Because you know that makes perfect sense with the whole memory plot point which all previous games have been beating us over the head with for over a decade now.. Here is what they should have done. They should have just said that the memory was a bit corrupted which would logically give you a little bit more freedom including character customisation.
Will live in a society that complains when a gaming company keeps making games too similar to the previous one and also complain that the game is not the same as the previous one. There's no winning! I hear a lot of people talking about how dumb the idea of a Assassin Spartan is. In the story what ever character you pick is a Mercenary and they have Spartan roots. It's nothing too ridiculous that you may think.
Anonymous Subsriber
The same people complaining that the game isn't "Assassins Creed" are the same people who complained that assassins creed became boring and repetitive. I'm down for the change, welcomed with open arms.
Cirilla Lestrange
I haven’t got an AC game in a long time, think I’ll get this one. I love this mythology and right now it’s on a huge deal.
Brad Moles
I love love love assassin's Creed games but I desperately want to go back to the times of ezio. There is so much more that can be done with that time. The inventers and painters and weird religion shit going on. Ugh. One can dream.
You completely missed the point. This is not supposed to be dark souls. You are not supposed to be some lowly scum that wins fights through endless poking. I'm not saying its as hard as dark souls, it isnt. But you spend all you time in all the fight just slowly poking the enemy dealing no damage every time. It does not matter how good your mechanics are, it does not mater how good you are at parrying or dodging, you will spend an eternity poking the enemy until their hp bar goes down. It feels like you are fighting with a spoon as your weapon, if it was thoroughly dulled first. There are no finishers that do damage, so no matter how skilled you are you have no way of efficiently killing the enemy. picture a spartan soldier in battle, just imagine how it looks and what he does. You will have NONE of that in this game. You will be a little useless maggot all game that can only hope to whittle his enemies away and win though holding out for a longer time than your enemy. I got attacked by 3 mercenaries at once, I parry pretty much everything that would have hit me and I still spend 10-15 minutes on killing them. one hit here one hit there, after 30-40 hits they go down. The spartan kick is useless and just looks cool, until you realize it actually does not hurt the enemy what so ever and they will get up every time and you will be right back where you started, then it does not even look cool any more. You know that its the equivalent of farting on the enemy, just takes the fun out of it. Only time it can be used for anything at all is when boarding ships, then its an easy way of cheesing the game, not having to fight the enemy because they for some reason cant climb back onto the boat again. If you are thinking of buying this game because you want to play a spartan badass, DONT. this is much more like an "easier" dark souls, or a j-rpg, where a boss has 3 billion hit point and you whittle them away 20 hp at a time. You will never feel like a powerful warrior, you will be trapped as a useless maggot. No matter how good you are at the game mechanically, no matter if you can parry every attack. Hell, blowing up a ship is faster than killing the "big" normal enemies. Dont get me wrong, it not to hard, you wont be at risk of dying. You will only be at risk of getting bored with the small amount of damage you do. This game does not deliver at all on the fantasy they sold us on.
Game is way better then Zelda but that's my opinion.
I wasn't sure if i should buy this game or not. But after this video i finally know what to do... I'm going to play the Witcher 3 again.
michael rendler
I get so tired of people complaining about microtransactions for games that don't require them for any competitive advantage. News flash: you don't have to buy them, so please shut up. The game is great, and I've barely even started it.
Definitely buy this game! 100% worth it.
techno genie
Should I buy it?
i have 60+ hours in and there are lots and lots of content and they are adding more on this game
Pablo Horteg
The game is one of the best I have ever played. It's as good as Witcher 3 imo and they just released a patch!
Daffa Putra
So I played AC Origins and was honestly a bit disappointed, which made me hesitate buying this game. However, I bought it 3 days ago and already invested almost 30 hours of gameplay into it - yeah I know, I should get a life. It's great, one of the better AC games released in years. I would recommend!
ReaPeR 2039
I think I’m almost at 100 hours I got it for Christmas, and I didn’t even finish exploring yet I’ll say I finished 75% exploring the map
i do think that the ac is forgetting it's roots and it all started from dammed ac syndicate... but it's ok i still like it
David O.
The reason I don't like present day story lines is because Ubi has shown time and time again they have no idea how to make it enjoyable. I played the first AC and loved the present day story line but it just got progressively worse from there. I'm so glad they stopped using that filler BS to pad the game's runtime.
Aaron Waters
The game is so fucking good. I love it. Like all AC games the story made me fall in love. The game is just good in general.
White Wolf
I loved Origins. Now one of my top 5 games of all time. I just couldn’t get into AC 4 BF at all. And now there’s no shields in AC:O and a more boring setting...makes me think it might not be as good as Origins...
Who else already has the game?
dc ad
I really dont care if it dosen’t feel like AC anymore, im just not buying it for the fact they dont add shields in a greek period wich destroys the whole immersion historically for me. They had it in origins so I don’t see the problem for having it as an option atleast in odyssey. And im partially not buying it because I really dont want to give ubisoft my money.
Simply Zusters
Considering it got all 9 and 10's from game players. I'm enjoying it and I love the harder levels. I like going back in time
Wyatt Strauss
I like it, but I can't help but miss the social stealth, white hoods and parkour of the old days... I hope they don't forget what assassin's creed is.
This game is amazing, couldn't stay away, first AC game i couldn't stop playing since assassin's creed 2 and this is probably better considering i was young during AC2 days
8-bit Blade
I was kinda worried when they made AC into a RPG but after playing Origins I really like the style of it and I think I might pick up this game too because I really enjoyed Origins RPG like system.
I just wanna stream and have a good time.
Finally. Already bought it lol
Ben Craven
Assasins creed 3 ruined the current day stuff for me. And much more
Zila. B
I think that origins was almost pushing it to like being not like the same kinda format I guess? And so then when Odyssey came out like now you can’t jump into wagons filled with hay and blend into crowds (also can’t blend into crowds in origins either.) I feel like Assassin’s is becoming more warriors/kinda diablo type feel...also I fell that the horses should be able to have different power ups/stamina/speed and shit lol
I dont like the hack and slash combat with ragdoll animations just they could have made it more like shadow of war or even unity and the thing where you can only get a finsher on the last enemy is just like at makes it way to predictable and the weapons are mostly reskins of origins
Justin Trayah
No “Before you buy” just “Buy”
Sgt. Salt
I think this game looks cool(besides the disgusting combat animations. Personally i hate the fact that ubisoft is desperately trying to take assassins creeds identity away. No one wears white anymore, no one wears hoods. There are no more recognizable symbols of an assassin, besides the symbol itself, but still. If you showed me the game without the title, i wouldnt know it was an assassins creed game. Also, and this is totally subjective, im sick of seeing assassins armed to the teeth, an assassin carrying around a sheild is just stupid. The characters now feel too heavy, like the point of assassins i feel is to be light and fast, and that means few and small weapons and little to no armor.
Jimmy Kitkat
I was extremely hyped for this game and it didn't make up for it overall. Only in a few aspects, but overall this is not a very good game imo. The combat is piss poor, it's just hack and slash with a few extra moves, not alot of cool perks and you can only have 4 special perks active, stealth is poor you can't lean around corners or even double assassinate, stealth is very ineffective almost nobody is a 1 hit kill, way too many quest are timed which means you have to rush to do them, combat is awfull the attacks are very repetitive and feel boring, the parcour is the worst of any AC game you often question why you can't climb up something, alot of enemies are OP like some boar that is not even enjoyable to play. Also no info page in the menu, I don't get how Mercenaries work and more stuff is not explained. The only good things: beatifull and giant map, enjoyable story, fun dialoge choices, amazing music and cool setting. I give this game a 6.5 which is way lower then I originally had hoped and planned for.
Iron Dante
For anyone that is looking forward to buying this game, just get it you'll love it, and make sure the difficulty setting is at Hard so you'll enjoy it even better. At hard mode i finished it in like 60-61 hours ( add the side quests and all that it goes over 100 hours of gameplay i believe ). Although that was my playthrough yours may take a bit longer than mine since i play lots of rpg games.
Alamin Abadin
Saving my money for Red dead redemption 2
Thijs Notkamp
I almost 100% agree with this "Before you buy". Spot on.
Sean Kuhn
Love this game, but it's not assassin's Creed. Unfortunately with origins giving a starting point to the order of assassins, you're stuck being just a guy with a knack for killing people with assassin like abilities. I can only hope that the next game will give us some classic AC feel. Like another Ezio or something.
I played over 100 hours now and still enjoy this game
Javed Hussain
I was literally on the starting island of the game and I was thinking wow this is still quite big turns out that was like the smallest island region of the around 15-20 regions so yeah the map I s huuge
LongLiveSkinny 23
Just bought this game for $30 bucks on Black Friday 🤘🏼
i mean we are loosing the feeling of the assassins and we now HAVENT GOT THAT AFTERLIFE ANIMUS THINGY WERE THEY TALK FOR A FEW SECONDS!!!!
Absolutely loving it
This game is on sell for 29.99 is it worth it???
Nelson Santos
I'll wait for the Ubisoft 2 months later Price drop to $29.99 like every Ubisoft title has been for past 18 months
I just picked it up on sale. I was so certain I wouldn't like it because I hated origins. It was so grindy and each side quest felt incredibly dull. As a long time fan of the series I wanted to check out odyssey for myself though. Turns out it's the best one in the series :). The protagonist (Kassandra) is really well voiced and animated and the world is remarkably beautiful. Instead of just seeing sand everywhere there are so many towns to visit, mountains to climb and oceans to sail. The greek setting is excellent too. I can't believe i'm saying it but so far this is one of the best games of the year :). I'd agree that it doesn't really feel like an assassin's creed game at all though but for many the series was growing stale though so I think they had to evolve the formula and that's paid off for the developers.
Reuben 12458
I don’t know what do you think is better AC Odyssey or RDR2 because I’ve only played a bit of AC black flag and no RDR so I’m not sure which one I should get as they both look kinda similar.Any ops?
Revan Star
But did you forget micro transactions?
I havent played assassins creed since black flag..... 5 YEARS, and i played all the others on launch growing up. I saw origins last year and it looked cool but didnt pick it up. I got Odyssey on the 2nd with the three day early access and my god. I love it, it really feels like assassins creed but extremely modernized and i love the ancient Greece setting. I will be buying AC on launch now like the good old days. Feelsgoodman
GooFy Asf
Why couldn’t they make it more assassin oriented. Side missions where u meet other assassins and go on adventures with them. Crazy ass Arkham style boss battles against magical templar beast or just badass templars. How about being an actual ASSASSIN, these games have strayed so far why don’t they just make a new IP.
Rs Panda
So we should tell them to do knights next yes or no ?
Yea i think i will buy it
JP bleu
I honestly prefer male character tbh
The worst part is that this game looks good enough to stand on its on, there was no need whatsoever to call this AC. No hidden blades, no creed, no templars, no desmond, no the robes, not even acting in the shadows wend the most heavily advertised feature it's the war battles. What's the point of pretending this is AC
gosh i love this game
This is by far the best Assassin's Creed game ever made
Jesus Christ
Personally i think they should make a new series since origins and odessey are fun games but they are Starting to feel less and less like an acual assassin's creed game. I played unity and syndicate a few years ago and I really liked how stealthy you had to be, but now with thease new games it just feels like that if you have a great weapon you can just rush in and not having to worry about dying.
Dee Jay
I'd rather they had these games under a new IP. Assassin's Creed concluded a long time ago with Desmond and Ezio.
William Ghazal
The last (real) AC game was syndicate
Jordan Lobo
Should just be called Odyssey.
France Jones-Smith
Will buy this in a few months when it has reduced in price.
im excited to buy this game, im going to get it soon
Can you do either red dead 2 or cod bo4 plzz
Sita van Waarde
The New the elder scrolls !,.. wy we need to whaIt so long. ?? like to play whit magic. And my Dagger
Dan Eats Ham
I want a re-make or mastered version of AC4 Black Flag, thats my favorite one ever.
Adam Charlie
the only gripe I have with this game is the instability of frames. everything else is quite compelling, tons of content and an awesome new world to explore. I enjoy it. the minor micro transactions are few and anything sold is for a SINGLE PLAYER GAME so in no way does it affect anyone else. its definitely worth checking out, for a game that should be outside the AC series
The One Potato
they should just drop the ac label and make it a new ip since it basically is
Hippatty Hoppatus
Watching this after I bought it
Noah Crane
I enjoy the present day stuff as well.
Sean V
Haven't played an Assassins Creed game since Syndicate. I gradually fell out of love with the series after the Ezio story and definitely miss the present day stuff with Desmond. Not rushing out to get this because my gut says it won't have the same heart and compelling story that the Ezio adventure did. However, I do miss playing an Assassins game so I think I'll give this one a go when its price comes down. Here's hoping they eventually get to grips with what this series should be.
Lincoln Y
I have never played AC but this game looks good. I think it is time to dive in.
I really wish they'd just make a new ip instead of clinging to the AC title. I lost interest in the AC lore after 3. Just call this game Odyssey and go nuts.
Casual Creed with mobile grinding tactics to try to get people to pay real money for grind boost. Combat is Rambo easy still so mindless combat made me trade this in now. Casual streamlined gameplay took over...