How to Win a Street Fight | Professional Fighter Roger Huerta

We've all been there. A douchebag at the bar tries to pick a fight with you or even worse lays a hand on a lady. But what's the best way to react when the moment moves to live action? ► Learn More About Onnit: />► Shop Onnit Supplements: /> Professional fighter Roger Huerta has seen his share of these moments and has the tips & tricks to make sure you can defend yourself. | Total Human Optimization | ► Onnit Foods: />► Onnit Training Equipment: />► Onnit Apparel: />► Onnit Academy: /> #Kettlebell #Fitness #Workout #Strength #Training #GetOnnit #Onnit ========================================­===== | Connect with Onnit | ► Facebook: />► Instagram: />► Twitter: />► Pinterest: />► Google+: /> Our mission is to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information. Combining bleeding-edge science, earth-grown nutrients, and time-tested strategies from top athletes and medical professionals, we are dedicated to providing our customers with supplements, foods, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of well-being we call Total Human Optimization.

Kin Slayer
imagine if two guys watch this clip then they meet up at a club, get into an altercation, both do the head butt at the same time and head butt eachother lol
I have been working on a piercing scream that stuns my enemies as i run away.
Tw Iw
As I’m getting older, I’m finding that the absolute best way to win in a street fight is to not get into a street fight 👍🏻
Everyone got a plan till they get punched in the face.. mike Thyson
Dan Thomas
I find that if I not only take off my shirt but my pants and boxers too that most guys will just run away
J Rogers
Took 8 minutes to say headbutt and shirt grab. Cool bro, thanks
Gregory A Hawkins Jr
I used this advice on a bully at my school and got fired....
Anyone watching YouTube to learn to street fight should probably just walk away.
Josh Magda
Just start taking off all your clothes and wink at him.
Won my last street fight by 200 metres.
Instructions were not clear my head ended up in my opponent's ass.
Adrian Garcia
"what I like to do is..." how many street fights do you have monthly?...
Why would you fight in a street?🤨
Arty Munoz
This is dumb But hey. I finally watched it after seeing the recommendation for months now
Manucho Noya Quintana
I take my advices from professionals only. And as Mater Ken said "Stomp the groin" and "Restomp the groin".
This video kinda sucked really...
what if my opponent watches this video ..
J Smith
"actually most of the timeS something does occur so..." then it's you, not the timeS
Marcus Blackfellow
At 7:50 did anyone else hear "come out looking like Roger Huerta on TRT"?
President Moose
How to win a street fight Step one: take an mma class
Reza Mahmud
Watch this without volume. It looks like 2 guys who aren’t sure what do with each other. Then look you every so often as though asking your opinion on what to do next. 🤣🤣
.357 Magnum should do it.
Truth Grace
There are 2 different people in this world. 0:23 Edit: SOMETIMES
Foka Lor
Sweep the leg Mr. that gonna be a problem!?
Warrior Spirit
That is a good way to damage your cervical vertebra or your atlas, which is the reason fighters use their forehead. Don't do this. This is a very risky move on your part.
Thank You
Nut shots seem to work really well too, and doesn't even leave you with a sore head a potential head ache, just shin on soft balls, success every time
Mr. Light
why is that dude licking his lips when roger has his shirt off?
C Psylince
That first minute was like watching Adam Sandler and Chris Farley getting on the bus in Billy Madison. "I know from experience dude... If ya know what I mean." "No you don't". "Well not me personally, but a guy know, him and her GOT IT ON!" "No they didn't." "No, no they didn't".
Jay HvaC
Then there’s a person that just knows how to fight and squares up👍🏻
Got into an altercation last night, I ignored this advice and went for the trusty “Sho Ryu Ken” followed by 4 “Hadouken’s” Chun Li stood no chance!
sick of liberals
I was always told to run from a fight so you can live to run another day, and never sneeze when your hiding, two pretty good rules to live by
Slappy McPunchy
Break the wrist and walk away. Break the wrist, walk away.
Will Charlesworth
Right that's fine but I'm 6 2 and most angry men are 5 2 so the spear headbutt ain't cutting it.
Baymond Rell
Just say: "Wait a minute, mister I didn't even kiss her Don't want no trouble with you And I know you don't owe me But I wish you'd let me Ask one favor from you"....... "Oh, won't you give me three steps, Gimme three steps a-mister, Gimme three steps towards the door? Gimme three steps Gimme three steps a-mister, And you'll never see a-me no more For sure."
art arispdo1
I think I” ll start practicing this on my little brother! Thanks guys!
Phil Anderson
I'll tell you how to win a street fight, coming from Renar Gracie: walk away.
Bob Bob
this is the most awkward tutorial I have ever watched
Giulia Parodi-Garner
What about when a power-crazed silent man uses his connections to continually persecute a woman
Mahir Numanović
I'm 1:21 into the video and this is so cringy.
Watch Evander Holyfield's boxing matches to learn how to headbutt.
Ferrous Aradicen
"How to win a street fight" Pull out a gun.
I’m 6’5”...hang on while I scrunch down so I can come up into his nose with crown of my head. 🥴
Ubong Umo
I tried the headbutt on a guy with BAD OVERBITES. Still can't find his teeth in my skull......thanks😥😫
D Black
1. Situational awarness 2. End the fight quick 3. Reses the situation 4. Takes shirt off to get knocked out Ps. For the reals its a good idea to avoid the ground and be smart about your environment.
Mucking Fuddler
I'd reverse your E-Honda head butt with a swift Hadoken and then finish you off with a Shoryuken!!
John Aquino
Take your eyes off your opponent so you can take a look around and get attacked when your not looking. Then, put your back to a wall to corner yourself and cut off any potential for escape. Got it.
LJ Marzula
Thanks bro, some guy just nose butted my head and now I'm the one bleeding..
These comments are hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Zachary Laid Finding Freedom
Aubrey Marcus vs Roger Huerta MMA fight 2020
Edge of the Danklord
Nah just tip your fedora, pull out a katana, and proceed to teleport behind your opponent. Works every time.
ruined the man's shirt
MTG Guilds
(Begin Epic Fight Montage) There are many ways to win...but only one will Survive. (End Epic Fight Montage)
Bryce McCool
"Once the shirt comes off..." And things get weird, That's when you switch channels to watch Bas Ruten-
If that wasnt the most awkward, unplanned and uninformative video ever lmaooo
Kyle Rubdie
"Once he's down don't get greedy and jump on him" So just let him back up and let him recover from the one trick you remembered from a YouTube video.
Eon Lee Music
Thanks. Now I can finally defeat my pet turtle.
Surgeon General
All of this headbutt stuff is fine if you are 5 feet tall like this guy.
Hritul Pardhi
Wow it feels cool to give the 1200th dislike.
James B
Fark bruh. A 7.5m vid doesn't need a 2.5 min intro. We r millennials ffs
Kevin G
Situational choices. If you choose to be out at 2am drinking around others who are drinking, your odds of encountering a belligerent bro are going be high. Because reality.
The tall dude could diffuse a situation by just using his normal dork talk. Good grief
So far I’m undefeated by dropping down and grabbing my own ankles. They’re never ready for that.
Ajax Blair
Grab with one hand strike with other. Or go double hand and dont stop.
David Campbell
"Get behind a wall", that's my advice too.
Freedom Martin
Man, the guy on the right keeps being like "ehhh" about the guy on the left hahaha
Darrell Brock
Talk? Not good. That head butt is best done with the legs. Peripheral shooter is always my worry in a robbery. Bad location? What was I thinking? Thanks dobbie!
Adam Gore
It'd be a pretty easy fight to win if your opponent just stands about talking absolute shite for the best part of 8 minutes before doing anything.
Savon Johnson
I saw him on TMZ knocking that black dude out for hitting a girl..he slept him ...BAAADDD
John thomas-jones
Dreadful video. Poor examples and demonstration
Manuel eagleman
I had to use the advices from this video many times in my school, because of the amount of bullies. But than one day I got enough, and stayed in bad, and told my mom I'm not going to school anymore. But then my mom said; be responsible, and go to school, you're the principal and all. So I have to use your advices again, so thanks for them.
Reyes R Tellez
Roger Huerta a street expert? 🤣 Sorry guy but one time doesn't qualify you and it kinda looked you and some others jumped the guy. I don't care what happened to start it but the end result was definitely what you wanted and got but you're still no expert.
Guitar Overkill
I always thought it was a front snap kick to the balls. Head butt just pisses someone off.
P North
If you are over the age of 12, you shouldn’t be fighting in the street with anybody.
Nkosi Rooms
You see that nice 44 magnum. Makes the best fighters say he'll no.
Saeed M
I'd rather take my gun.
Laurent Andrews
Sexy. Keep shift off
Awesome Dave
I typically drop my pants and underwear for a butt to the’s called the butthead and trust me they never see it coming!
Vinny DiGregorio
In a real life situation just focus on interrupt VISION, interrupt BREATHING, interrupt BALANCE.. Keep in the front of your mind that you can move forward faster than somebody can move backwards. <- That’s it. That’s real life fights.
Thanks! Now I know how to protect my boyfriend when we go clubbing!
So look around and make sure you're the one with alot of friends who'll fight for you. Unless otherwise, walk away from the fight...That's what the pros do.
you dont need to win a streetfight if you dont fight in the first place xD
If somebody head butts me and I end up getting the better of him I'm giving him a kick in nuts after hes knocked out.
Abraham Almaraz
I liked the tips.... but I also have to say this, i liked the True Religion pants from the guy at the right
Jony Singh
How to win a street fight *****Pulls out gun
Ah Umm
A professional fighter is NOT a streetfighter! Streetfights are NOT fair! 🤕💀❗Class dismissed!
Elbows are also extremely effective when close and less chance of you damaging yourself. Too many small bones in hands to break.
Mr Toker Smoker High All
A Good Glasgow Kiss will sort out anyone acting like an idiot! 5:03 the look on your face when he said its On! Lol 😂
Jewwy Jones
"That's my purse, I don't know you!!" - Bobby Hill
0:42 was talking about a video with Roger Huerta involved in that very situation lmao
This interviewer sounds like a total white knight tool, blindly defending ratchets; the kind I enjoy teaching a lesson.
Some Guy
Cheat code: gun (Works everytime)
Bobby Knuckles
I met Roger on Maui. Classy dude.
Dan Sich
These two have great chemistry. I can'[t wait for a full-length movie.
Roy De Leon
Good advice but I would go for a full body lock then transition and give the guy a sidewalk slam. That would knock the wind out of him then I would lose him in the crowd.
Icova Rook
I have to say something. Most street altercations happen around booze and boozed up people. Stay away from alcohol related business and practice, and you eliminated a very high percentage of having any altercations. Lol the art of fighting without fighting. If your partying it up...well you already know and have accepted the road well traveled and you know what your going to see. It's like trying to teach fire safety to someone carrying a gallon of gasoline and a lit road flare.
Michael Miller
I think Roger Huerta could use about 5,000 improv classes.
Jeremy Bullfrog
head butt move would be hard to do if the other guy is shorter, unless you stoop down and expose the top of your head first
Allan Watt
As you grab the persons shirt. They will be throwing punches too, don't forget that!
Andreu Rodriguez Moret
I've been in an other fight yesterday, just before waching this video, and they kicked my ass...
justin jun
Spinning back kick to the groin to use as a launch pad to run away worked extremely effectively!