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We're at the home of Interior Designer of Amir Khamneipur. When Amir was designing his home he wanted a space that felt like a luxurious 5 Star hotel room. He did a lot with a little and there are plenty of design surprises! Never miss a video! Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Kamalpreet Singhania
His unmoving face and eyes are freaking me out lol...where's the warmth?!
ramona2400 ricky
This is living at the top, such a talented designer. Amazing what he has done in a limited space. Thanks
Shakilla Chow
if that's small space then my house must be a bloody shoe box 😑
The Family
This designer is incredibly talented. Why am I not seeing more of his work? In love with the attention to detail and artistic expression.
Bronica R.
his eye contact creeped me out
It's gorgeous, but I don't think I could ever relax in that space. It looks like it should have a sign on the front door that says look but don't touch
Sharkey Knows
Does he blink?
gary robertson
he and the place are too perfect. stepford-like. creepy.
Imran Tariq
Nice but a little soulless
D Ishappywithlife
OMG he's sooooo creepy 😬
Naya F
Beautiful and polished. Especially enjoyed the diner table incorporated into the couch/seating area.
I like this apartment and all that he has done to it, some are clever idea of his, like that wall mirror.. Gorgeous apartment but I dont think I can feel relax in that living room area... it's feel "too formal"..? it's feel like a beautiful hotel's lobby area where we are not suppose to be sitting/staying for long time in there.. As a designer myself, I believe "Home" is all about 'Living in a space that grounds you"...
Anne N
Yes but where is the couch in which you can wallow yourself like a vegetable ?
Looks like a cafe.
Love it! That stove is one of the coolest things I've seen.
Manju Singh
This is beautiful luxurious yet does not give the feel of a hotel in the sense too much of opulence ruins it !!hes made it so perfect thts the beauty
Botox, my friends. And lots of it.
Saw this house in Trad Home or House Beautiful recently. It's so nice to see it in video!
I want this mans apartment.. wow! Fabulous!!!
Always Late
Botox ???
hamizan hussin
It doesn't look liveable to me. More like a show house
DeShawn Hatcher
this place is gorgeous!!
Amy Hoffmann
I think it is fabulous! I love the edge on the sink to keep water from spilling over! I have never seen that before and I think it is genius. The towers in the bedroom are a must and so beautiful! I adore the sink in the kitchen to tie in all the brass. I just think it is all beautiful and so elegant in a not too fussy way!
It's a great hotel space with little to no soul in it. As a space, it lacks the warmth and inviting elements that make a home. To each his or her own but not for me.
Great home design
Flavia Pinto
I will be terrified to be his guest. I love luxury, comfort and those who appreciate the magic and beauty of details, but this guy seems to be all about the material stuff. How perfect things must look and feel all the time. Other than that, his design is awesome. Truly beautiful. He did an amazing job!
Kylin Johnson
Beautiful place, but does this guy blink?! 😂😂
Janice Goode Brown
i adore those swivel chairs. where would i find something like these?
felecia ward
Spectacular! Thank you for sharing your home with us. You beautifully executed a luxe, aspirational aesthetic with a defined practicality that is unparalleled. Just wow!
Nova Lena
It's a bit gaudy... everything seems gilded. But it's beautifully designed in terms of the clever ways he's maximized the use of space. Overall, it's very well done.
Kylin Johnson
Armenian Psycho.
Arline Jernigan
I appreciate this guy. It does not feel like he is reading from a script.
Gi Gi
Dull as dishwater, where's the colour plus seating area looked like a restaurant
Felicia Sheppard
This is not a small apartment!! Y'all insulted my intelligence!! 💩😂😂
Maggie Edwards
This home is gorgeous!
sourav mukherjee
It's panic room like I will be dead if I spill the my coke 😁😁
Dragan Markovich
Wooooow. Really great design!!!
Her apt does look nice!
How cold and uncomfortable!!!😬😬😬
Rita Richardson
The walking in front of the apartment is very annoying.
Carolyn Smith
His idea of "small" must be relative. They never say what it cost.
Peggy Scott
What is that flat screen standing on in the bedroom? It looks like a stand for sheet music.
Becky Sharper
Fabulous. Where do guests sleep?
The Family
Love it ! Are the floors in the entry wood?
Anna Wnuk
M мар
So boring
Switzerland Life
JoJo Hamilton
Like the pop up gas fittings on the hob! Just the job!! :-)
michie jewel
beautiful person mwaaa
love the sofa area where the curtains fall behind
Javier Acuna
Biutiful Very nice light fixture, adds a great touch of elegance to it. Everything else also got me breathless, congratulations you did EXELENTE!!!
Ron leo
Too much botox!
Both places are stylish. I like the first space more, and the location seems good also.
Katiso P
Beautiful shirt, whoever you're with it's worth it.
Sandy G.
Elegantly and Stylishly done!
JR Snyder Jr
At 3:05 he intones "welcome to my bedroom". Hell naaaah dude! No way!!!
Sumida Ryogoku
So gorgeous !! However that is not small..mine is just 1220 sq ft and that is SMALL !!!
Romano Gitano
Needless to say, the design is lovely without lacking style nor comfort. However, my space in Greenwich Village is 450sq ft. now that's what I consider small, although with mirrors and great furniture with double functions, it makes my place more livable.
wow how talented!! so elegant.. the space is small but looks big due to the mirrors and decor
Alicia Soto
Nicely done.
Life growth
Wow very clever designs!
Deep Fakeu
I watched this so many times. the placing of the furniture is so unique
Aroh Yadav
Small space wtf ? Also its $14 million
Nice hotel lobby but I would never hire him as a designer..There such a thing as too much symmetry and this place is so cold and uncomfortable I’d be afraid to put my feet up and watch television or to have any pets
Small ? lol ok rich white lady and dude 😂
Anne Spellberg
Where is the small space? IT'S BAIT, DON'T BUY IT.
Daniela Popa
Does anybody know where the bedroom mirror can be found?
What an insult to the poor.
Ke La
he blinked @ 3:43
Peggy Scott
What is the square footage of Mr. Khamneipur's home? Amazing use of space, or lack thereof.
Philip P. Stanil
Chanel Simone
Small 😒
WOW! work of art, a modern ralph lauren.
Becky Sharper
Absolutely fabulous.
René Rivera
Simplemente espectacular
René Rivera
Simplemente espectacular
Thus Spoke Talia
Grace Serena Christie
Really Intelligent Design. Complicated Simplicity! I love it.
Ambreen Shahid
You sound so boring
Wanda MyMannequinMayhem
How beautiful!!! Ingenius! Thank you.
Binita Trew
love the tower idea-
Love it!!
Francesca Rossi
Really!?!? White Silk as a backsplash in the bathroom.  That seems spectacularly impractical.  Otherwise, an exquisite space.  The stove top is ingenious.
So much bad feng shui in that place. Yikes.