Facial Treatment: How To Do a Facial at Home Step by Step

Step-by-step guide and products used: /> Facial Treatment: How To Do a Facial at Home Step by Step Looking for a little extra something to do in addition to your daily skin regiment? Check out esthetician, Jennifer Gallegos's at home facial mask recipe step-by-step! This do-it-yourself treatment saves you money and is great for all skin types!

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the model already has beautiful skin
louisa chew
That model skin !
Iris Heyes
I was interested but the esthetician's voice is so nasel-y and like a little girl. Really annoying and i didn't want to listen.
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Thank you so much for watching! Just wanted to point out that there is a Step-by-step guide and products used "link" in the description bar below the video. If you click on the link it will take you right to what you need! Hope that help. ;)
Yes we agree, she is beautiful and has beautiful skin! Thanks for watching! :)
June Rasheed
Hi did you use , just pure honey ?
Jessica Lipbalm cure
Apple peel?
Are you an estitician on the east coast. I would love to use your sevices.
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Everliza A
Her red pimple was basically gone at the end.That's wonderful!
Facial...if u know what I mean ;)
Nutra Sutra
Be sure to choose your skin care products, based mainly on their local environment, as well as your skin type.
Nata Punka
Thanks for sharing your tips. I have a few questions: Where can I get that apple peel? Do you recommend any other type or brand of clarifying facial peel?
Nata Punka
Ok, Thank you! :)
Asare Bakae Ishmael
how do i download this video?
Sharmila Kumar
i saw the more vedios please give me which is good product 2 use for facial