Iguazu Falls In South America: The Largest In The World

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The Iguazu Falls, which form a natural border between Brazil and Argentina, are the largest in the world. Join us in December 2017 when we return here for an amazing UFO conference:

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captain ron
that was nice. notice the skies? not the first damn chemtrail. That's what it used to look like in fla
Miriam Strauss
The best view is from the Argentinian side.
Welcome to Lumus World
amazing.... thank you so much...
Great fun and an amazing adventure, Thank You! (Ride Fans - go widescreen at 3:25...)
Micael XBr
Iguaçu please
The video was great but the sound for the last half was obnoxious! Sorry.
The Donald
Great stuff
Eternally Majestic
Wow breathtaking
Jacob Sarty
what a view
Max 420
You should put something on the mic... And i love your content!
The Devil's Throat is in Argentina. It´s amazing! Iguazu Falls 80% Argentina, 20 % Brazil. The Argentina side is better.
Lovely blue sky without chemtrails.
Mr G
stunning visuals that lure you to this location. Your a lucky spark of divinity Brian to be able to show us your travels. your a true maverick!
Netty Voyager
that looked like a megalithic city burried in the jungle man made you could see the block work
Dr. Edward Morbius
A. Boisjoli
wow this is an awesome vid brien...thanks for doing all you do brother.
Centurion Wizofid
Thank you Brian, It is gorgeous. Being from Canada, I have been to Niagra, but this is very nice.
Chris Ryan
amazing spot, holy shit, thanks for the info on it...
Absolutely mindblowingly beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!
Jack Clements
Brien, are you munching down potato chips during that boat ride?
Jesse Bost
Beautiful video. Thank you so much.
Wow! That was excellent and I thought just getting started! Not one nasty Chemtrail in the sky. That is how skies should look! Not this stinking stuff we have in USA where the pop are so dumbed down they dont know what is normal...Infuriating..
Star Tsar
85 degress and no one in the water?
Sergio Amata
Programmer Qn
Which camera were you using? The stabilization is fantastic. Nice video.
Very good video. Good editing too. Shame about the audio towards the end.
just me
Angel Falls in Venezeula is the largest falls in the world...guinness book of records
Rachel hybrid
A very happy Christmas Brien and a happy new year from Rachel in Leicestershire England
artyom Diogtev
The boat trip remained me my experience with Niagara Falls -:) Thanks!
David Stewart
You the man Brien!
Discovery Off-road
Amazing!!!! thank you
Thanks Brien. I well com to Lindon symposium.
amanda currin
i went here.. its really beautiful. one of the most beautiful places in the world ~!!
Cristian Axenoi-Panescu
Brien, THANK YOU ! Greatings from Romania! (P.S. Come and investigate ancient sites in Romania, it will connect with Giza pyramids and SO MUCH MORE..)
Cristian Axenoi-Panescu
Such an important explorer for humanity! Thank you for your experience and life, Brien !
Oleksandr Kasilov
the Brazilian side
Andreas Knezevic
Why is there a barking dog in the background?
Brien the falls is only argentina and brazil.
German Quero
brian, have you noticed how the devils door incrustration looks a lot like gobleki tepe's totems/human figures?
Davi Lucas Furmanovicz
Everyone Tell me where are you from i'm from Foz do iguazú 😁
Carsten Neumann
hi Brian, nice video. what equipment/camera do you use for these recordings?
Mr G
stunning visuals that lure you to this location. Your a lucky spark of divinity Brian to be able to show us your travels. your a true maverick!
GRM Acoustic Covers
Welcome to Brazil again ! It's a pleasure to receive you here. =)
Albert Guzman
The largest in America!
Brian's Brain
Two days after I did the Ironman 70.3 in Foz, I took the helicopter tour and the boat ride. The boat ride was far more fun!!
Maikon Garcia
just Brazil and Argentina, Paraguay-Brazil-Argentina border are in a river...
Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing Brien Foerster
Netty Voyager
they diverted a river to burry it
harley lover
are the UFO sightings Annanaki? or who?
Can you fly the drone?
Karen Ashley
Didn't the Bush family as in president of the United States buy that land?
Helmet Barf
So wet.
Cvetko Jovcevski
could you imagine that being your backyard
wow you lucky dog, beautiful country!
John Bam Bam Morgan
Ahhh so this is where this falls is located. Back in 1977 a German Jazz Fusion band named Passport put out an amazing LP with this falls photo on the cover but to mess with their fans they put the photo upside down. hahaha The title of the LP is named IGUACU. I just now learn where the falls is and the official name, IGUAZU. https://www.amazon.com/Iguacu-PASSPORT/dp/B0000260M0/ref=sr_1_9?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1482267757&sr=1-9&keywords=passport
if you want to see them in it maximum explendour, you have to cross to Brazil. The 80% of this beauty are in Argentina
Youtube search UFO orbs, then spirit orbs, demon scratches, swarm of orbs, orbs create crop circles and shadow people. Enjoy.
wasn't too long ago that headhunters might have been around...things have changed really quickly..
Antônio Araújo
Wonderful! Hello, I really enjoyed this video, and wanted to know if you have the copyright on it. If the copyright to this video is yours, I would like you to ask permission to use some parts of it in my compilation of video clips to promote my music on YouTube and Facebook. Thank you very much!