Deportation/Iguazu - Gustavo Santaolalla

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Scenes are selected from "Babel" (2006), a film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu

Gustavo Santaolalla

Minds Eye
Three movies stand out in my entire life..... The Godfather Trilogy, Babel and There Will Be Blood. They changed my life for the better.
Mariana Asensio
Se le ve el Alma a Gustavo en su música . Lo prefiero a todos , sus climas internos son intensos , dulces , siempre en armonia con el mismo . Me da contacto conmigo íntimamente en mi Alma , tambien .
Cholo Blanco
Muy buena la edición. We live in Babel, where nobody understands nobody (and nothing).
Oh man, this movie is such a beautiful thing
Ragheed Eleyan
it is really sad that this is really happening in the middle east right now, western people being treated like citizens here and the real citizens being treated like low life pigs or dogs or any kind of animal, just the same as in BABEL movie...
Aszel Queen
La melodía tiene algo tan especial y adictivo , la conexión auditiva es única. ❤❤❤
Guiomar Rebelo
The music is wonderful but the video is sad
The Lojero
aggelos skor
You have just filled my heart with hope by uploading this...
Paula González
BABEL simplemente Magnifica!
damn this song just tares a portal in my heart and lets the feeling out.
The essence of an entire movie in 5 minutes, bravo!!
bzl mathew
Magical touch to soul
Honza Marek
This track was fittingly played in the show Deadwood, some years before it was used in Babel, after Wild Bill Hickok is murdered.
Gustavo....the Master!
Cicero simoes paranhos
O melhor filme dos anos 2000.Toda vez que eu revejo não consigo conter as lagrimas,uma obra prima que ainda não teve seu reconhecimento,mas que com certeza daqui a alguns poucos anos vai estar entre os melhores da história do cinema.Porque é.
Germán Villarroel Segundo
Where perfection is, there too is reality.
Great country Marocco. The music is everlasting
hazan gupse taşcı
bu kadar derine nasıl hapsedebiliyorsun
Nathan Prescott
Last of us??
Fabian Cortes
excelente edición un abrazo salu2 desde Colombia parcero
Karlos Gomesz
Que Exelencia ! el mensaje atemporal prevalecera siglos.
Indeed. This is one powerful film. I saw it on opening day and was so moved by the cast, the story, and above all this phenomenal score.
Nisa Babacanlar
bulutlar çok güzel
jack Sparrow
Finally found this!!!👍
Ariel Ch
Danny Anzoategui
If you don't feel goosebumps at 2:52 then you are not a human.
AAA 123
FINALLY FOUND IT......................
This is perfection. Music so pure and full of little moments. Changing from quiet and calm to tense and yet so fragile. Have been enjoying Gustavo for years and can't get enough.
Cenk Toplar
The Last Of Us !!!
Daniel Soler
buenissima la pelicula la vi
Καθηλωτικό......!! Εικόνα και ήχος.........!! Μπράβο για την επιλογή και το άρτιο μοντάζ....!! **************
Lexi Barrow
The man won an Academy Award for this soundtrack ad he can't even read or write sheet music. All of his music is done by ear
shonnit gupta
Such a tough storyline....
Μπραβο φιλε !!!
Ximena Aldana
hermoso, te felicito.
med karmo
Morocco ♤♡
"Iguazu" is from "Rococo" Album - Gustavo Santaolalla
Anbri walid
Marocco my lovely country <3
guy sp
F amazing soundtrack to a classic motion pictutr
Feco Coskun
The soundtrack was already on 1999 in the movie The Insider.
Simrat Rana
Tremendous story with Awsome screenplay and mind blowing movie
genialna muza do genialnego filmu
Petros Kedrolis
ευχαριστω παρα πολυ δεν εχω να πω λογια, οι ευχες μου απο τα βαθυ της καρδιας και της ψυχης μου μαζι σου
RAM Productions
الهندرو ارنيتا المخرج المكسيكي عبقري السينما العالمي وصف الشعوب اكثر من اهلها
Alberto Manfredi
Gustavo Santaolalla, Lalo Schifrin, Luis Bacalov, impresionantes los compositores que han salido de la Argentina.
Mary Chris
☆⌒ヽ💔 •♪✧♡ヽヽ`
your music is amazing!
Roberto Scandiuzzi
Santaolalla sei grande
Stefano Centin
Davide Rossi
ti allontana dal mondo con una velocita straordinaria