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FACEBOOK: />TWITTER: />OFFICIAL SITE: /> Chris Stuckmann P.O. Box 1028 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 Chris Stuckmann reviews Split, starring James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Jessica Sula, Haley Lu Richardson. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

I just got out of Split and I haven't seen Unbreakable yet... I'm ashamed.
What's so bad about the beast? I mean, he was climbing on walls, busting bars and tearing flesh, sounds like a better villain than I've seen from any superhero movie
Nightmare Masterclass
Yes! The great thing about the plot twist in Split is that its layered. The first one hits you when he starts becoming the beast. The twist there is that his fractured personality created a real manifestation of his madness. The second twist occurs at the very end with the Bruce Willis cameo. It's all taken place in the Unbreakable universe, and the entire movie was an origin story for a super villain. And the third twist, at least for me, was on the car ride home. I realized that "Horde" is the perfect foil to Bruce Willis's character, David Dunn. He believes that the broken people in life are the pure ones. They see things differently because they've had difficulty in their lives. That is, after all, why he lets Casey go. He sees that she's been broken. Well, I would venture to guess Horde is not going to take to kindly to a person who is impervious to damage. The entire film sets him up to be diametrically opposed to Dunn. Brilliant. M Night has redeemed himself in my book. I'm on board.
Split is a mega hit movie. Collected $ 150 million for a $9 million budget. Night Shyamalan is BACK baby !
People are saying he deserved an oscar, i doubt the academy is willing to give a man 24 oscars at once.
The Beast I don't consider it a twist, it was even the tagline at least here in Central America. I think it was very well managed, too. I was afraid Kevin would turn into a CG monster of such, but it was really good because it was mostly a psychological transformation... with great acting, it made the trick.
Kenny Tee
Usually, it's Sam Jackson who does the recruiting at the end of every movie...but Bruce Willis will do.
Christopher Marlowe
The PROBLEM is that you can't tell people to watch Unbreakable before watching this because it will spoil the ending, but if you don't know to watch Unbreakable you won't get the ending of Split. What is a boy to do in this cruel world
When the best was pulling the bars apart I was like “holy shit 😮”
Laura Hoke
When I saw Bruce Willis at the end, I freaked! I jumped off the couch and started slapping the ground with my hands yelling "yaasssss!"......My boyfriend at the time said "you are the weirdest girl I've ever dated, this movie is dumb" I knew in that moment we weren't meant to be lol
Thith wath a good movie, ekthetera
Keddie Valerio
Shyamalan Cinematic Universe
That dance scene was PRICELESS :') . And James Macavoy's acting was just INCREDIBLE AND FLAWLESS.. etcetera
Chris, you missed the point of the 'girl in the car' scene at the end.  Notice how the following shot lingers on the lion statue?  her ordeal with Kevin, gives her the courage to finally face her Uncle and 'deal' with him.  Lion=courage.  Get it?
Bungalow Feuhler
Who else is here because they are pumped for Glass?
Can't help but think its poetic that as you peel away the layers of Anya Taylor-Joy's character you are told in the film by Dennis about how she wears a lot of shirts. Wonder if im thinking too deep into this or if its a very clever way to physically show you that you're learning more about the character.
The Creepernator
I saw the movie yesterday in an empty theater. Best movie going experience ever. I was the only one there, Split was a fantastic movie.
Ok, this is is my SPLIT FAN THEORY *SPOILERS* (and excuse my English, I am a Spanish speakers) So, everybody is saying that this is a supervillain origin story... But, guys, according to Unbreakable Cannon, there is TWO types of villain: The Soldier, and the Mastermind. James McVoy seems to be a Soldier type: He is uber strong, but he doesn't seem to be very smart... And the only mastermind that we know of, Mr Glass, is in jail... So, what other character could fulfill the Mastermind type of villain? Lets see... It has to be very smart, it has to be a survivor, it has to be missunderstood, it has to be tortured by his or her peers through out all his or her infancy... Do you see where I'm going with this? Split is NOT just ONE supervillian origin story. It is the origin story of TWO of them: James McVoy's character, the soldier villain, ANNNNND... Anya Taylor-Joy's character, the NEW MASTERMIND ;) Think about it: She is a survivor, she is very very smart, all the kids avoid her, she has troubles with authorities, she was systematically abused. And she is a HUNTER. AND SHE IS PISSED OFF. Plus, she is the opposite of our hero (Bruce Willis) too: He is an old men, she is a teenage girl. He had an all stars childhood (extremely popular, football star, married her high school sweetheart, a cheerleader) she was abused by her uncle, and has no friends, and she is generally considered the weirdo (she was invited to that party in the first scene out of petty) Plus, she has similarities to Samuel Jackson's character too: Self impose isolation, hate/disdain through out others, intelligence, patience, and a "weird set of eyes": "Slightly bigger" than the rest of us, as signifying a different point of view (explained in Unbreakable as a Mastermind trademark) So, buckled up! she is coming!
Meghan Callaghan
I watched this film last night in a small theater filled with teenagers (26 years old myself), and I was so nervous they would ruin it. But as soon as it started, and one shout out joke was thoroughly ignored, the audience was totally engrossed in the story. I'm so PUMPED for any future films in this universe. I loved this movie, and all the tense parts made me smile with excitement! (I guess my response to tension is to get hyper, I dunno, haha).
Joshua Osborne
So now I have to go watch Unbreakable to get the full awesomeness of split?
Mr. Bubblegum. jr
I thought Split was f***ing amazing! James Mcgavoy killed it! It's Oscar worthy. Too bad he didn't get paid for the 24 roles he did. And Vin Diesel gets paid billion for saying just one line in a movie! I just really loved Split! Can wait for the sequel... etc
McAvoy killed that part.... Oscar performance... etcetera.
There is a brief appearance by Kevin as a child with his Mother in Unbreakable at the 53:52 minute mark...Check it out everybody...
Harry Dee
split was really great, if he makes bruce willis VS james macgvoy film I will pee on myself
i loved the 24 toothbrushes
Just watched Split tonight, and oh man was it a freaking great supervillain movie! I can't believe I just watched an origin story that is connected to a classic superhero movie way back in the 2000s, the ending just totally blew my mind and made me said "Holy Shit" over and over again. There's possibility that Shyamalan gonna rival the MCU and DCU with his own cinematic universe, aka SCU, lol.
Bryden Speiss
Hedwig is legit the best child actor working in Hollywood
a.d.w. n.
I loved this movie and I didn't see unbreakable. Sure, my husband and I were confused about Bruce Willis, but we knew his appearance was significant, we just concluded that because of that and Kevin Crumb living, it would be a sequel. I loved how that girls brokenness saved her. Good storytelling.
*Kisses Chris* - _"You might be pregnant now"_
day man
M night shyamalans career is a twist loool
This is one of the best movies I've seen
Who noticed the Kanye shout out? I don't think it is a coincidence. In Kanyes first hit song (as a rapper) in 2003 "through the wire" he has a verse "unbreakable, what you thought, they'd call me Mr.Glass" and that was M. Nights way of returning the favor 14 years later.
Mike Crichlow
Split was a fantastic movie. Just LOVED it. :)
This statement is false:
I'm one of those who didn't watch Unbreakable and thus didn't get the ending. I only understand the impact of the "twist" thanks to this spoiler video, otherwise I'd still be wondering about what the heck that ending meant, which for me was an underwhelming experience. In itself, the reveal at the end is a strong and clever move by Shyamalan, yes, and I get why it was impactful for people who had watched Unbreakable. But this reveal shouldn't have been THE end twist this entire phsychological thriller was ultimately built upon.
Kevin Refran Ripas
i thought the twist was that the girl is also split. being traumatized as a child i was thinking shes also hiding someone inside.
Chris you forgot to talk about the two best acting scenes in the entire film. 1st. The scene where Dennis comes out of Barry during the session with the psychiatrist and his posture, face expression, and voice change. 2nd. When Casey says Kevin's full name and all the personalities come out at once
Frank Novella
what do you think of the glass trailer?
Man, M. Night is back. I loved this movie, and I love McAvoy even more than I previously did.
I also thought that the girl had some sort of invisibility ability only hinted at in the beginning of the movie. When Dennis gets in the car, we can see that she instinctively knows something is wrong when she sees the food on the ground. And then, Dennis attacks the two girls in the back of the car, even taking off his mask when he is done. Also, at NO point does Dennis even make eye contact with her, not even after he turns around after attacking the two girls in the back. And again, he takes off his mask showing us that he believes he is done with that part, as taking off his mask, to put it back on a second later, seems, odd and nonsensical. And only when she makes an "external sound" by opening the door and causing it to ping, does Dennis seem to become aware of her. You can even see it takes him about 2 to 3 seconds to even react after first setting eyes on her and then he proceeds to put on the mask back on and spray her. I immediately thought about this while I first saw it. And I thought the "loner" status we learn about her almost as the movie begins serves to point out that not everything is right with her, which we eventually learn is her abuse. But I also believe it could be a hint also to an invisibility power that makes her "become invisible" in a literal sense, but not by changing her body, but by changing the thoughts of those around her, almost "erasing her existence" from their conscious minds, which would be a cool twist to the invisibility power which almost always is a body thing, but here, could be a sort of "perception erasure" which is why people would not react crazily when the "invisibility" turns off as I guess it could be like they just remember she is there, not really her "appearing" from nowhere. Sounds complicated, but it really isn't. TL:DR she could possibly make people forget her presence. I mean, clearly, I could be looking too far into it, but I believe it has grounded basis for it. After all, Kevin's power is not his body, but his 'split' mind. It is his mind that changes his body and gives it 'supernatural' abilities. We learn that every ability of his is based on the animals of the zoo. The Beast is a multitude of physical traits that he adopted from the animals there. So, in his case, they have already shown that a human mind can change their bodies to an extreme level, and in the girl's way, her feeling of feeling alone in the world after her father died, could have made it be that she could make herself invisible (by feeling invisible) to a certain extent, and in this case, her immediate sense of danger "activated" her ability. Another hint I got during the car scene is how sounds seems to dim out when she notices the food. Like her adrenaline is rushing and there is a subtle and lingering sound like a chord playing, even while the girls in the back speak and are attacked, and this chord and ambiance is abruptly turned off the second she opens the door and it makes the ping sound, probably causing her to lose concentration and turning her power off. Again, Im probably reading a lot into that one scene, but, I've mentioned it to some of my friends and they say if the third movie pulled this "twist", they would probably be like "ohhhh, that makes sense" instead of thinking it was an asspull. xD
drake white
Glass... Yes... I am quite excited
Rory Whelan
Glass 2019 confirmed!
German Survivalist
So I finally watched Split, I somehow managed to not get spoilered, and I freakin loved it. The kinda supernatural aspects of it turned me off for a bit but after I saw that scene it all made sense. McAvoy killed it. And that moment when I saw Bruce Willis sitting there in that diner I seriously got goosebumps. I hope we get a sequel to Unbreakable, it`s one of my favorite movies ever and I always thought it would make a great start for a series.
Nina Davidovic
Well this movie was kind of a let down for me xD I love Mcavoy and before watching the movie I heard people mentioning some amazing twist, but I hadn't seen Unbreakable, so I was ''robbed'' of an amazing ending. Also, I spent the movie thinking the twist was going to be that the girl is actually imagining Mcavoy, that SHE has 23 personalities and the reason the other 2 girls are going along with her and telling her that they all need to escape is cause they're treating her the same way she was treating Hedwig (I thought she was talking to herself the whole time, like Mcavoy did). And I expected the movie to end by revealing that she is the 24th personality, the monster, that she was going to kill those 2 girls and that it all happened cause she was molested as a child and that she would realize she's a monster. Dr Fletcher even mentioned treating a girl who could write 2 separate stories at the same time, I thought it was another clue pointing to her : D Long story short, I was expecting way too much and came up with 2-3 endings of my own, which I liked better than the actual ending. I didn't like the unrealistic parts either, him climbing up the wall etc, and what happened to him at the end was unsatisfying for me. Only thing I liked was Casey hearing her uncle has come for her, and the ambiguous ending to whether what she was going to do about it, though it says on wikipedia that implies she's going to tell the police everything. Love James Mcavoy and Anya-Taylor Joy, I'm glad they're going to get more recognition cause of this movie.
gaz south
Have you never seen someone jacked up on speed and steriods? the best was belevible. check out stories about bath salts.
Kamal Hussain
Woooooow where to begin? First of all, Mcavoy needs to get an Oscar for this or at the very least a nomination. He was simply phenomenal in the role, the subtle nuances in his expressions were sublime and each personality felt distinctive and well thought out. Secondly, Unbreakable is my favourite Shyamalan film (sorry Sixth Sense you're a close second). Now that we have a super villain for Bruce Willis, what was once an underrated and overlooked gem. Can now be resurrected for a new audience. It's a clever way to breathe new life to a film. Lastly; if you had told me a year ago that, Shyamalan would singlehandedly set up his own superhero universe. I would have taken a shotgun and blown your head off with it. I am more intrigued by this potential universe than the conclusion of the MCU or the continuation of the DCEU for that matter. Shyamalan, you have restored my faith in you and I forgive you for Lady In the Water, The Last AirBender, After Earth and especially the Happening. You are forgiven.
Nicolas Grisanti
SPOILERS!!! Loved It! When the music of Unbreakable begin to sound...i was like "WHAAAAAAT?!!" Then David Dunn appear...!!!! Love this movie!
Original Odin
In the first 28 mins of this movie i found about 8 unique ways the girls could have escaped. They are bad at decision making
At the end I said holy shit along with Hedwig when the music started playing
Ali Dakhaikh
I saw the movie without seeing Unbreakable! Or even knowing about it 💔😭
The biggest twist for me was watching this review and realizing it wasn’t Jude Law the whole time but some fella named “James McAvoy”.
Boy Blaize
Dude, watch the new Glass trailer
Stine Sacha Andersen
This movie is every-freaking-thing! I went to the movies last week to watch it, and it totally blew me away. The second I left the theatre I wanted to get back in and watch it all over again. And as the days goes by, and the more I think of it - I definitely need to watch it again! It's been a VERY long time since I've watched a movie, that is so captivating, disturbing, funny and sad at the same time. Brilliant script, brilliant storytelling and brilliant acting. James McAvoy KILLED it!!! I can't remember the last time I've seen such amazing acting on the big screen. I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. He made me laugh, cry and totally terrified. He took us on the one hell of a ride and oh my gosh! He deserves all the awards there is for this! I love how when ever there was something about the movie, that I didn't buy, there came an acceptable explanation that made sense. Even the supernatural part of the movie made SO much sense. I get goosebumps from head to toe, just to think of this film. I can't get enough of this, so I'm going to see it again next week! :D ... And, I actually think this is the kind of movie that gets better, the second time you watch it. I think you'll notice more details than you did the first time... Can't wait to see what's next for M. Night Shaymalan in this Unbreakable/Split universe! BRAVO!!!
In my theater, nobody got the ending...
Michael Best
When I heard the Unbreakable theme after the beast escaped and was in the room, i knew something was up. The music gave it away. And then I saw David Dunn...pandemonium!
This man may love dbz more than me.
Alex Lovett
*SPOILERS* OMG if you watch Unbreakable, Elijah's (Samuel l Jackson) first comic book was a superhero fighting a beast type villain could that character be talking about 'The Beast' personality in Split? I watched a interview featuring M.Night Shyamalan and he stated that James McAvoys character "The Horde" was originally the antagonist in Unbreakable. Which means that comic book that Elijah had was foreshadowing a showdown between Unbreakable vs The Horde? M.Night Shyamalan is a genius. Holy shit.
I will never watch The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe the same way again.
Alicia Kronowetter
Hi Chris, I just watched Split the past Saturday and it was Incredible! I was on the edge of my seat! Seeing the movie for the second time tonight!
Jonathan Lemmon
I just watched the movie. I didn't even notice the Unbreakable theme was at the end until you said so! Just got back from iTunes and I'm utterly floored! Shyamalan is an evil genius! Lol
Kuro Chinoike
Can't wait to see Glass
Brian Cartwright
i honestly think this is one of the best movies i ever seen. his acting no doubt deserves tons of awards. the depth to the movie is mind blowing. it had me thinking for more than a few days. i felt for each personality as if they were individual people themselves which in some way they are. the twist at the end blew my already blown mind lol. i never buy movies but this and mad max are the only 2 i have bought full price.
La Melusina
The sad thing is that me and my friend (also a girl) both had to hold back tears the second that the girl told the other one to wet her pants. Our minds instantaneously went 'oh no, *why* does she know...". The perks of being born a girl, I guess...
Looks like M. Night is back up on top.
Leman Russ
The twist wasnt the beast it was the unbreakable ending.
McAvoy was great, but the movie overall was disappointing, IMO. It failed to build any sort of suspense and sense that characters were in danger. There was no mystery or sense of discovery, as anybody paying attention would know exactly how the film is going to play out and what the "twists" will be.
Rob M
James McAvoy was simply amazing and deserves an OSCAR for this performance. M. Night Shyamalan is once again at the top of his game when frankly I thought little of his last few movies. The ending was mind blowing and ended with my favorite character from all of his movies. This movie is a must SEE!!!!!!!
Posthumous Joker
James McAvoy is criminally underrated. Absolutely fantastic actor, and a brilliant performance.
juan felipe Canales
The movie was great without the twist and the twist made it just better, the beast thing was great on its own, its stupid to say the twist made it a great movie when most people did not understood what bruce willis was doing there.
Diana Gonzalez
Watching Split I thought it was just a standalone psychological thriller and had never seen or heard of Unbreakable. Guess I have to watch Unbreakable now.
this movie proves that McAvoy is one of the great actors of our time.
Oscar Isaac Dance Scene in Ex Machina or James McAvoy Dance Scene in Split
They should have kept the beast a surprise for the movie. Never should have been featured in trailers.
In my opinion, this movie is absolutely amazing, this might just be my favorite movie. I can't put into words how great this was to dive into.
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
Anyone else notice that split and unbreakable are opposites? Split meaning cracked or broken in pieces aka his personalities, and unbreakable obviously meaning cant be broken or split. Very smart, i love shit like that.
I just watched Unbreakable, and by God, it was even more incredible than I thought.
Da Noob Sandstorm
Professor Xavier's kid persona in the Split film is an Oscar worthy performance by itself
Just watched, I'm in tears. Tears of joy. nough said
I’m confused. Did Chris see this at AFI fest??
Colleen Sarmento
james mcavoy was amazing this movie was amazing❤
Luis T07
When I watched the movie in theaters, towards the end I was like, "Hmm...where have I heard this music before?....wait is that Bruce Willis?....Did he just mention Mr Glass?....Oh shit, this is in the same universe as Unbreakable!" Overall, even without that reveal. I enjoyed the magical realism of the film.
Astronomical Videos
McAvoy's performance is oscar worthy
Richard Qian
Now the sequel is here Chris, GLASS 2019
angel rigor
One of the best movies out there!!!! Still can't over it!!!
Opinions might be a little bit split on this movie.
Chris Cavagnaro
I am so happy I avoided any potential spoilers before I saw this movie. I went as far as to not watch any videos from the normal people I follow who posted non-spoiler reviews. It's the first time I've done that and it completely paid off.
chill bill
why he wait so long to make the movie Split? I would think the spoiler would of worked better if he made the movie Split right after Unbreakable.
Rhino Thunder
You need to make a reaction video and a review video for the movie trailer GLASS
Darren Semotiuk
GLASS, aka part 3 of the trilogy, is coming soon. Looking forward to your review!
Solo Noco
I don't think Split was as good as people say, definitely M Nights best work since Unbreakable, and definitely worth a 7/10 - 8/10 but some of it was too cliché. As soon as the film starts and you see the main girl you're like "she lives" and the contrast of her character compared to the other 2 was way too stereotypical, and she actually annoyed me in some scenes, her character arch was so fucking see through that it bugged me, she was so comfortable in the situation so quick! Don't get me wrong I like the film. I enjoyed it a lot. But it's not "OH MY GAWWWD SO GOOOOD" Like people made out, and this is coming from a life long fan of M Night, with unbreakable being in my top 50 films. Still stoked for Mr Glass though 😍😁👌💯
Carlos Rodriguez
I personally liked the film up until the beast. If the 3rd act of this movie is dependent upon a reference if it's to be acceptable, then I don't think the movie did it's job, especially because the first 2 acts take place in a world very near our own. It felt like the movie had no rules. The supporting actors were okay, McAvoy was fantastic, the plot was intriguing but uneventful (mostly a lot of talking. I'd have prefered an atmosphere like Don't breath, but that's just personal preference). Overall, I'd give it a C+. Not that my opinion matters ;) But hey, the Shyam-hammer had some serious balls to do the movie like this.
Like for the hoodie
Lets Get Smarted
this movie was great but the superhero thing killed it for me. if they changed the ending and took out the part of him climbing on a flat surface then this would have been an amazing and powerful film about the power of human psychology but instead it was IMO ruined by a supernatural turn that I think destroyed any impact this movie could have had in terms of a deeper meaning. it went from a believable sci-fi flick to just another ridiculous fantasy in all the wrong ways.
Erick Alejandro
this is about to be one of the best trilogies ever made. unbreakable, split and glass
Rómulo Figueroa
Dude, that thing about different body chemistry between multiple personalities on one's body is completely true, just letting you know, that is 100% true, it's like they are completely different persons
Another thing you didn't mention as far as The Unbreakable tie-in goes is the fact McAvoy's character's father died on the train that Bruce Willis survived. That's why Kevin laid down the bouquet of flowers at the train station. So not only did Mr. Glass create a Super Hero (Bruce Willis). But he also created a Villain (James McAvoy). The death of Kevin's mother caused him to go off the deep end.
This spoiler review is about the "twist", but I didn't think as a twist, but it is more a surprise. There is no turn in the story, there is nothing that makes you think the whole plot changed because of the ending. You can make another spoiler review that talks about the whole story behind Kevin's personalities. All of them are a society of 23 characters, 24 with the Beast, and you only get to see 9 of them. How they came up after his mother's death, and how 3 of them are actually fucked up, which is why they were kept in the shadow a long time. The remaining personalities were not "bad" and they dominated the light until the event at the zoo when one girl grab his hand and made him touch her boob. That is when Dennis, Hedwig and Patricia came back to the light. The fact that, in the movie, Dennis, the TOC guy is pretending to be Barry and couldn't hide his compulsion of arranging things in his environment, that is just awesome, and the genious of McAvoy's acting when the Dr confronts him and made him confess that he is actually Dennis and not Barry. Another interesting fact is when they say that none of the personalities have actually met the Beast, but because 3 of them believe that it actually exists, then the Horde is possible. And it is possible because they believed in Dr Fletcher when she talks about the unlimited potential of the human mind. That is... Dr. Fletcher is indirectly responsible for the creation of The Beast and she realizes it when she talks to Dennis. That is when she retracted and said that there is always a limit for everything, but... too late.
Devyn Corvington
I re-watched Unbreakable and I caught something very interesting that Mr. Glass's mom said to Bruce Willis's character about what her son said about heroes and villains (which also ties to the next movie) "There's always two kinds. The soldier villain (The Horde) who fights the hero with his hands, and then there's the real threat. The brilliant and evil arch enemy who fights the hero with his mind (Mr. Glass)."
Bill Furler
I watched split and I did not understand anything.I haven't seen Unbreakable or whatever.What is going on?
Gage Gogstetter
When I watched unbreakable again recently I noticed Mr. glass In unbreakable say something I thought was pretty cool. I don't remember the exact quote but it was something like "in a comic book there's always two types of villain, one with brawn that fights the hero hand to hand, and the Brainy villain who plots from the shadows blah blah you get the idea. Obviously Mr. Glass being the Brainy villain and the beast being the brawn.
Ben Crossley
I'd give it in an A-. I really hope he carries on the Split/Unbreakable franchise