Alannah Myles - Bad 4 You

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i still love her.
bob johnson
Wild and naughty
Timmy Bridges
Omg! this song seems very witchy to me.Not sure what to think of this.
Carl Tomas Alley
... that's the girl ... naughty enough for me ... my mother's worst nightmare ... priceless ...
ty westguard
Love it! Still need to see you concert!!
Yes I still love her.
Lisa Bartolo
I'm bad for you I'll hurt your pride I'll put a whole in your heart ten foot wide I make you feel like you wanna die Even I'd run from me if I could Im bad for you, I'm bad for you, I'm bad for you, I'm bad for you And thats good
Kytshu Black
My Theme Song,
j man
She is still beautiful
Andrew McCluskey
One hot lady.
Clifford Parmeter
andy morris
which album is this from ,ive got the first one and rockinghorse and its not on those
those lyrics suck! the beginning of the video was good for 15 seconds and her voice sounds really strained. she looks beautiful but this one is not good
knigge rockt
One of my Favorit Song. Please give a concert in Germany. Rock on 🤘
Mervin Poirier
Had a lot of fun originating this song with you, taking one look at you glad you never released “I am good for you”, it exists kid you not. Well your name is now smeared in the owners section of song with me on Grid Motors(4 songs), congrats. Finally going to admit to it the box trick keeping yourself up in Canada was a bad idea, I will. As a Grammy winner, could you tell the Canadian and US Government it hurts like hell that your life had to become associated with the Enemy of the State people without public trial, tasteless and tacky ending for a great women of societal contributions.
Mell M
Benjamin Woodworth
It's a good song
Raymond Jokerst
sexy jawline,cheek bones. luv her
Dany Ramírez
video diferente este.
Löwin Mit Herz
Wunderschöner Song
Monika Smetana
Ahhh...YEAHHH <3
Howard Grenkie
Love.this sassy woman & voice
Art Noir
It's only rock' roll, but I like it/ thank u
Adam Trombino
I'll take my chances ;)
Debbie Satkowski
Now that's a side of Alannah I've never seen before. And here I thought she was a "good girl".
Buzzards Bass
Oh yeah . . . be bad for me beby~!
Ana Julia Pereira
Bah, inspiração da Alanis Morissette, hehehe.
Jean B. B.
still try to show off at her age its pathetic and she cant show off i in real now thats why she disapeared...