Rone - Tohu Bohu (Full Album)

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S'abonner à la chaîne / Subscribe to channel />iTunes: />Spotify: /> Taken from « Tohu Bohu » – Out on 2012-11-05 Issus de « Tohu Bohu » – Sortie le 2012-11-05 Production: InFiné ↓TRACKLIST↓ 1. Tempelhof : 00:00 2. Bye Bye Macadam : 03:21 3. Fugu Kiss : 07:47 4. La Grande Ourse : 12:35 5. Beast : 16:17 6. Let’s Go (feat. High Priest) : 23:32 7. King of Batoofam : 27:39 8. Parade : 33:39 9. Icare (feat. Gaspar Claus) : 40:01 10. Lili...Wood : 45:14 ******* Follow Rone Facebook - />Twitter - />Instagram - />Soundcloud - /> About InFine Web - />Facebook - />Twitter - />Soundcloud -

Sound , Real composition , learning music , composing, harmony , material. Autre chose que du poum-tchak
Andris Lauva
The best what I found in musical world till now. At least for me.
Meli Melo Dici Denhaut
Superbe! Ça transporte dans un délicieux voyage......☆★☆
Another late night stumble into paradise, what a treat! It was So so so that caught my ear last night but so far everything I've listened to has been amazing. Thank you for the great listening :) Much love and appreciation <3
merci ! ♥
You sir are a genuine genius. Your music is inspiring people, keep up the great work!
jonathan marc p
every time i listen Bye Bye Macadam i realise we are all Aliens!
Il n'y a rien à jeter! Merci Rone pour cet fabuleux album!
ela ayala
Fugu kiss it's my favourite is like the wind's singing ~♡ Amazing album~ Thank you ~
It's giving me goosebumps!! Me myself I am on my way to become composer and producer. But this is another level !! All love to you Rone <3
rift jhon
i found this faded as fuck
Mickael Bouetel
Découvert tout juste en Live. Ce mec est un génie ! A fucking genius ! :)
Олег Долгополов
Охуительный альбом!!!!
Great album :o) great music ............
Sergio Machado
Cara Mbarette
Juan Ignacio Velazquez
D E L I G H T ||||||||||||||||||||
Samantha Veronica
Usuario Andres
Mallory Johns
simply amazing
Manfred Men
второй трек огонь...
cool album, bro
Ever Awed
This makes me want to become a cybernetic monk. ;)
Danjovi .sagat
I was on my way home on the train exhausted after egx, shattered and tired. This album was a gem to find on spotify, it made the train journey home feel like an adventure seeing the land pass me.
Emmanuel Munguti
bye bye macadam is my favourite
Roberto Ventrillon
Thank for the excellent music, solid album.
great job on the video showing the track names. very simple, easy and efficient! merci x
moje klimaty:)amazing the best!
Ben Collado
Kos Topore
Уши в релаксе, а на сердце томный позитив. Бро, так держать.
Enfin une bouffée d'air sonore... Non la créativité et l'invitation aux voyages ne sont pas de l'histoire ancienne ! la preuve avec cet Album... d(oO)b
Pulp Fiction
Excellente découverte! J'ai aimé toutes les piste sauf Let's go. Mes préférées : Parade et Icare.
Jean Cyane
C'est les pingouins...
Excelente, gracias
Trop b1 seu son
Miss Anthropist
I love this
Jose Lemma
WTF? Im searching for KotD...
el28 Ibarra
Esto es tan hermoso
*Clap Clap Clap*
el28 Ibarra
aún no sé cómo es que pude pasar tanto sin escuchar esto
Justin Case
reminiscent of Kettel's 'My Dogan' ♥
Lachance Allstar
Don't miss him live.
Shi Kuchi