Wii U - 5 Years Later - Predictions & Concerns - Adam Koralik

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It's Adam Koralik here and today we're discussing the Wii U. It's 5 years old today. We'll talk about the past year that it's had, and what I think may be in its future. (This video should have come out on November 18th, I made a mistake, sorry about that.) /> /> /> />

Adam Koralik
Sorry about the delay everyone, I realize this should have come out yesterday. My mistake.
Henriko Magnifico
Too bad the system is still darn expensive... Although Cemu exists, so the Wii U will live on :)
Definitely an underrated console.
George Moore
If they named it Super Nintendo 2, it would have sold like crazy. I'm sorry, the Wii U hit the market when people stopped caring about the Wii and its gimmick of motion controls. Naming it Wii U was a huge mistake.
I'm watching this on a Wii U. [My computer's broke.]
Lorin Darby
The ps2 took forever to die.
Boredom Junkie
Strangely Argos in the UK are still selling the Wii U new for £249.99 with Mario Kart...the Switch is £279.99...
Rp G
What's its future... it has a great future on my shelf with the other past generation console... this is a great console it has a humongous library being backward compatible with the Wii games... so many many more hours of playing on this console left, cheers
Hey Adam. Big fan. Been watching for years. I got the Switch a few weeks ago and really love it, but something dawned on me about the Wii U. I think the Wii U's legacy WAS the Switch. The Switch is basically what the Wii U tried to do but better. The only real thing that the Switch doesn't do that it did was dual-screen gameplay (Wind Waker HD's inventory screen or games like Captain Toad) I still love mine a lot, and right now it's pretty much been abandoned by most gamers in favor of Switch but I think people will really get into it down the line and realize just how much it inspired the Switch and how great it is. As for how Nintendo abandoned it, I'm a little bitter about it but I understand. Around late 2015 or so there started to be a huge drought and that was probably because Nintendo started moving most of their games to the Switch (like BOTW, I'd also speculate Mario Odyssey was too, Retro's game was confirmed as well) to give the Switch a good first year. And yeah, the Switch has had a FANTASTIC first year in terms of software but people don't seem to realize that the majority of it was probably aborted Wii U projects, which kinda killed the last year or so of relevance for it. Great vid as always.
The Wii U is perhaps the most mishandled console in terms of development and marketing in recent history... like, as far back as the mid 90s.
Jason Vectrex
Good video adam, it was worth talking about it :)
Gameplayer 119
You know Adam, i thought you wouldn't talk about the Wii U anymore. But R.I.P the Wii U.
Dreamcast still getting games isn't really a fair comparison since you don't need a dev kit or a proprietary disc press to produce physical copies. I get the point you were trying to make though.
Intellitech Studios
Wii is 2006, not 2005 😉👍
william mitchell
I remember going into my local GAME and attempting to pre-order Darksiders: Warmastered Edition for Wii U, the guy behind the counter looked at me like I was an idiot and told me that it wasn't a thing without even checking so I ended up going to another shop and getting it for only £13 (new), and it's a pretty damn good port of a decent game too.
Chris Shriver
It's a hard thing to say goodbye to something that pretty much is a reason to boosting the Switch. But it's just something Nintendo had to do in this case. Wii U won't ever be forgotten.
This is just sad, I liked the system.
mouhamed lamine
I will never forgive you for shaving when you unboxed the wii u for the first time no beard no views
Edmundo studios
Jesus 5 years really?
I like Wii U.
I suspect the majority of the big hitters on Wii U will find its way to Switch. Titles such as 3D World, Smash and Bayonetta 2.
What about the smash community? They play smash 4 on tournaments for years and still
A Channel About Video Games
I never got a WiiU. Neither the concept nor the games made me WANT a WiiU. Game like Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 were more "I'll get that when I have the system" games, but no system sellers. The Switch on the other hand, man I'm loving it! Worth it for the concept alone. Oh and Dragon Quest 10 has been on the WiiU since launch. It's probably just another add-on. There were a few of them on the WiiU.
Do a wii u eulogy video
Alistair Caine
Shantae is on Amazon for 19.99, if anyone is interested.
Joseph Tafur
RIP Wii U you were and still nintendo best home console ever.
Sean Ryan
I loved the Wii U. I hated the console itself and the Gamepad but the games were amazing.
o0o0o0o0 o0o0o0o0
I also hate the fact that the games never decrease in price. Ive seen games still at full price till this day even though the games has been out a few years already.
If Ubisoft still plans on putting Just Dance on the PS3, I guarantee that Just Dance 2019 will come to the Wii U, which might even be a sadder last game than Dragon Quest X
It's funny that people are still confused about the console names of Nintendo. Here, in Germany, you can win a "Wii Switch" at McDonalds. Yes, they actually called it that on the poster.
Arinana Gramfe
I’m going to ask for one for Christmas but I don’t want the online services to get shut down I guess the hacking community will have to setup some servers instead so you can hack the wii u then connect to the other online services the hackers put together I guess
I remember FIFA 14 came out on the Wii but not the Wii U. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIFA_14 So the situation might happen again with the next Just Dance, that's true.
Gerald Sanders
Love the Wii U. I've had a blast with every game I've played on it. Damn fine console.
Atsuko Kagari
Watching this on my Wii U. Poor thing.
pizzamon 79
Of course, you have the rare misprint version
Awesome video as per usual Adam. I guess Odyssey was the actaul last game made for the Wii U but it was so early on in developement Miyamoto was able to convert super quick for the switch. Splatoon 2 and Breath were being crated around the same time. I wonder when we will get a true switch game other than 1,2,3. Lol.
Arcade Ted
I enjoy my Wii U. Still looking at getting a complete PAL game set. One good thing about going for a complete set, hardly any sports games, and the library is pretty small. Only about 160 PAL games I think :)
Ghost Tracker 2
I'm pretty glad that I got the Wii U back in 2014. It was an amazing console but I'm sad that Nintendo is done with it.
Alan Wake
Isn't the Switch technically a ninth generation console?
The worst thing is, as a massive Wii U fan, a tonne of the indies didn't come out for PAL, although we got steamworld dig and Fast Racing Neo. Being region locked sucks, no gianna sisters, no shantae.
Ruben Gallardo
The Wii and the Kinect are the best consoles for just dance so prepare for just dance 2106 for the Nintendo wii
Penfookio Productions
Still the only console I own from this gen lol and now I'm picking up the switch for Christmas.
The Wii U is a 7/10 at best. It's a *good* console, not a great console.
Dustin Nunn
The Wii U is NOT dead! Miiverse is dead! You can still play online on the Wii U. The only way the Wii U can be dead is if the online servers in games didn't work anymore. You console geeks out there need to think before you say that something is dead. My Wii U still works and I still have no problem with it!
Luis Acosta
Damn, half a decade of the Wii U
I love my Wii U! So sad it didn't do better. Really wish more people had given the system a chance.
I'm glad I collected early for the Wii U but I'm desperately hunting down any info about axiom verge and hope it will come out with a physical copy thanks for talking about it also I'm glad I bought 2 copy's of Shanta half genie hero from play Asia as it is hard to find
6 physical releases, damn even PS Vita got way more releases than that, this year alone lol.
Joseph Huffman
I just got a Wii U s few days ago and I'm probably only going to get like 10-20 games total but I'm glad to finally try it out.
Steve Gangster
Love wii u and wii u not dead as homebrew on it grows every day
teh_supar_hackr 0010101
What's with Shante games being so hard to find these days?
Dominik Makówka
I enjoyed my wii u quite a bit. Got one in the end of 2016 for like 11 games and never got a new game for it since. But the stuff that i have for it is fantastic. Stuff like project zero, xenoblade x and tokyo mirage sessions. Although in terms of underappreciated consoles i go with full on collecting for the vita cause it still gets quite a bit of support and quality stuff.
Nimrod levy
This console is going in the dc path. Great console, huge miss..
Ian Combs
Good bye old buddy, old pal. I will miss U
Joseph Tafur
I still have a Wii U but it's great netflix, Hulu and YouTube machine.
The Shadow Man
Just dance **massive eye roll**
Chiafade now
Xenoblade Chronicles X Bayonetta 1 and 2 Wonderful 101 Pikmin 3 Smash 4 These games make the WiiU worth owning. Add the backwards compatiblity with the Wii as a cherry on top. Sin and Punishment 2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and many more. WiiU is still overpriced but worth owning.
Hampus Hägg
Shantae: half-Genie hero is on the switch too
bro burg
Honestly really hope they port the Mario galaxy games to the switch. They could use the y button press/joystick to compensate for the motion control mechanics that would be (thankfully) lost. though they did just miss the 10 year anniversary. Damn im old. Would also pick up a mario 3d land/world bundle as well.
toonamivhs 2 0
The ps3 isnt dead yet
Luis Ugalde
I'm glad Nintendo released BotW on WiiU. I played it on there because I didnt have the money for the Swtch at the time. Great game.
The Shadow Man
Switch sucks
Adam McCarthy
Will you do the switch 1 year later in March?
I decided to go to the full wii u collection after seeing one of your Wii U videos, I think 2nd year. In fact, first game I bought the day I landed in Tokyo was Yakuza 1&2 HD.
Socky Noob
Wii U is like a Dreamcast that lived a long death instead of being cut short.
Footy Fam
R.I.P. - WiiU So many great memories on this as well as the Xbox 360. U will live on!
Kei Nishimaru
"It's dead, Jim." Edit: Yep, you're right on the modern day comparison to the Sega Saturn.
Dragon Quest X was actually originally a Wii & Wii U game, its just that version 4 got a physical release this year.
got one today with 6 crappy games but well worth it for 100 bugs + i got the wii complett set for free now only missing some few nice games
Jack Son
Good thing dead systems still get new games like Shovel Knight: King of Cards.
dj X.A.N.A
What's really sad is that the Wii U for me has just become a streaming media machine I beat all the games I have on it there's nothing really to do online for Splatoon 1 other than playing with a bunch of hackers and cheaters and all my friends have gotten a switch and switched over to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and pokken Deluxe so pretty much the Wii U is used for nothing more but Netflix YouTube and Crunchyroll
Charlie Ward
I know to some extend why you believe the Wii U is like the Saturn due to how poorly it was marketed and how there wasn't many game releases in north america, but believe me, it really isn't nothing like the Saturn. yes, maybe it is a little bit in America but not in Japan. The Sega Saturn has an amazing amount of collectable games in Japan. literly a treasure trove of awesome and exclusive gems just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed to this very day. but the Wii U is pointless mate.... all it's games will eventually see better ports on newer systems, mostly the switch and I don't see any point in ever owning a Wii U unless it replaces the original Wii in terms of hacking purposes in the future. Thanks for letting me know though that hackers have been on it for the past 18 months so I'm going to look into that now, but I fucking hate Nintendo for doing a final update just to block shit and not even give us region free. idiots
Xenoblade Chronicles X is an incredible game that's worth getting a Wii U alone for. Games like Bayonetta 2, Game and Wario, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Smash, and Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water really helped build the Wii U out into an overlooked gem of a console. That being said, the Switch is getting more good exclusives this year alone than most consoles get in a lifetime, and probably any console has had in their first year. Easily my favorite console since the GC.
The PS3 isn't even dead though.
Grainy Gaming Or
I just bought one two days ago so this vid is eerily timely for me. Have really enjoyed the other wii u breakdowns here. I got a preowned 32 gb and a couple of games, Beyonetta 2, New Mario Bros U and Warrior Orichi for around 200 euro which is significantly less than youd pay for a PS4 in Ireland. I was lucky enough that the girl in gamestop let me look at the screen though. Its thankfully all working okay. The other 8gb one was nicked up pretty bad though. So if you get one pre-owned be sure to get a look at it first if possible. Ive always loved this console but when I originally had one the games were just too expensive. Theyre all reasonable now. Windwaker is in the post. I dont regret picking it up at all. I think its a great time to get one.
Retrogamer Dell
Mario Maker! Greatest game on the Wii U for me.
lee gamer
come on adam a year 6 overall summary on wii u video and any last late games
5.5.2 is still exploitable
Retrogamer Dell
I owned nearly every nintendo first party game for the wii u... and I'm bored as f with my switch. Keep releasing wii u games I've played my brains out on already.
Sam Chilton
Bought the Wii U last year so that I could play a bunch of LoZ games. No disappointment at all. I found out about the Switch afterwards, but wasn't enthralled. Seems like the Wii U had all the attractiveness of any Nintendo console with only a few drawbacks. Don't know why it has such a poor rep considering the Wii was trash and the Switch has a lot of issues (although they're getting better)
Why was this video on the 19th when the other Wii U anniversary videos were all on the 18th?
Brendan Keller
The Wii launched in 2006 not 2005 fyi
I still think its fair to include the Wii U because it did get a AAA title from Nintendo this year. It got Zelda Breath of the Wild and its getting the DLC for Breath of the Wild, including the one that is supposed to be out next month...
Shantae Half Genie Hero is super easy to find, you're just gonna make people jump at it because they think it is rare. Not only have I seen it in numerous stores this week, you can buy it brand new on Amazon right now for $20. You just had a special edition
I'm really glad my mum didn't allow me to get rid of my Wii U. It's much better than my Xbox One.
Fun fact: Wii U got the HD version of the Dreamcast homebrew title Ghost Blade this year. Download only though. Didn't know Axiom Verge's status, hope my pre-order still goes through in January...
The original WII came out in 2006 not 2005! ;)
pizzamon 79
One time I commented that you take too long to get to the point, surprising me, you responded promptly on a 2 year old video, "Giving context is important" and it is, this is your niche, now I need to go find mine, sincerest apologies. GAME ON!!!
scotty thompson
cool wii u talk adam
William Stonehocker
When you compare past vs present?
Maarek Stele
Wii U is the most underrated console of all time I think.
Surake Gaming
At least the WiiU went out with one of the best games of all time. Breath of the Wild was a great game for a send off.
“But we’ll talk about that in a little bit”
Nuisance Gaming
First viewer lol but also rip wiiu
Lord DaVinci
I do love this library most of all this gen
Retro Soul
Now we need a "Gamecube - 16 years later" hah
Flavio Thepianist
The Wii U is the prototype of the switch.
The Princess Peach Guy
Well, the Wii U has been discontinued, Miiverse died. Nintendo decided to put their resources in the Switch. I had a Wii U for 2 years. Seeing the Wii U get discontinued is just sad. Nintendo themselves screwed up in the execution of the Wii U. They should've marketed it better. The Wii U is now officially Nintendo's least successful home console surpassing the GameCube. The GameCube was an underrated system. The Wii U was overhated and disliked despite it being better than the original Wii. The GameCube is better than both Wii and Wii U though.
The Shadow Man
Love the **don't know what you are on about** ending
Mike Sosa
Your intro always scared me