SCORPIONS•♥• Coast To Coast

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Scorpions live performance

One of the songs that gave me teenage dreams of being a guitar god!! It wasn't how fast or how technical the playing was, Just how good it sounded.
My favorite Scorpions' live track! Back in the day I listened to World Wide Live over and over on my cassette Walkman on a bus trip to Paris from Bad Kreuznach, Germany. B-) Deutschland rocks!!!
Issac Melendez
This is all Michael Schenker Riffing
I love the drummer spewing a geyser at 0:21!
Andreas Vasileiou
Besides the mighty Rudy Leners, James Kottak was one of the best drummers have sat on the Scorpions drum kit.
Rudolph with all that great energy.
Ruth Irene Thompson
Two of the worlds best guitar plays.
Armando Olvera
Thats one bad ass drummer.......damn.....!! And the hell with those dislikes.......!!
Andy D
Saw them in Melbourne, Australia last week. They have their Choreography down to a fine art. Sensational !
Cesar Garcis
Very very very very very goooddd...👍👍👍👍
Thumbs up for sure!
I Love Poems
Great video! Thank you for sharing my dear friend! Thumbs up!
Wégimont Jean
Moi aussi je peux écouter ça en boucle.I can listen to it in loop
Lara Of Bosnia Save Our Planet
Fantastic video and music my dear Krystyna . Lots of Love and Blessed Valentine's time to you . Yours Lara .
Izel 2000
Scorpions 4 Life! 💖
Lloyd Cox
Very nice my friend. Big like...Lloyd.
What happened with the audio on this video? I watched it half a year before and it was perfect.
Kaushik Ganguli
So inspiring and uplifting! The sort of music Lief Ericsson would play in 950 AD while sailing out to explore the Atlantic!
Roy Batty always looked best with a Flying V in his hands …
love it. live they are awesome. one of the best bands of the 90's
John Oliver
Rudi copying his brothers work. Mike was right.
Alfred Meneses
Rudolph looks just like father
Chris Eller
here ee go
Ryan Campbell
Where and when was this?
Saw them in Nuremberg 1979? all day concert Like Woodstock. They had some kind of space costumes on. God I miss those days in Germany.HHQ, Third AD Gelnhausen
Steeve Rioux
still bringing  awesome music  before im born!  hail scorpions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kole Kosta
F A N T A S T I C Beautiful Video I liked it.THUMBS UP. Best wishes and greetings to you :) Love and friendship, and everything your heart needs to be happy! Have a wonderful week!Greetings
Remembering Elvis Presley
Great share!!!! Have a wonderful week, Hugs Angeline
Mbyss Tamba
incroyable scorpions je sans ce qu'il fond depuis tout petit
scorpion's sound and touch ! : - )
Sebastian Vestae
 Wonderful video ! thank you for this moment....have a nice day
Cloudy Baby
I don't know why Rudy shaved off his nice big moustache.
ivan proinoff
best live track ever!!!!
Dorota May
*Wspaniały utwór,super video*** Wspaniałego wieczoru życzę,pozdrawiam serdecznie,buziaczki i serdeczności zostawiam...❤
TennPhoto Ray Sanduski
They did a good job playing Michael's composition
Grave Raven
is that the Kingdom Come guy drumming?
bri gab
epic video But who's the drummer ?
Ольга Скрябина
Fantastic video and music, my dear friend! I love it!
Yannis Tsolakides
Lmao....this is a true comedy
Gloria Franchi
Great video friend. I really enjoyed this one. 
Rod Riguez
. S C O R P I O N S . . ROCK . and . ROLL . FOREVER .