A History Of Ireland Part 3 (Full Documentary)

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Description A History Of Ireland Part 3 (Full Documentary)

John Medhurst
There's a big piece missing, vaulting from mid-Cromwell to William of Orange.
Devin Pronovost
anyone who dislikes this video is a brit
James Larkin
A curse on Elizabeth n Cromwell for what they did in Ireland
James Patrick
Let's meet and sort it out,
What happened to Molyneaux, Swift, Lucas & Grattan - the fathers of Irish Nationalism? 'Bloody Revolution' did NOT break out in France in 1789, one has to wait for 1792 and the Committee of Public Safety - 1789 was the year of the assembly! The United Irishmen DID NOT advocate a Republic - they were reformers, not revolutionaries - it was not until their banning that revolutionary politics took over. Nor were they 'aligned with the Catholic Committee - there was some duality of membership and Wolfe Tone was Secretary of the Committee - but the United Irishmen were specifically excluded from the 'Back-Lane Parliament in order to try to set the authorities at ease. The French were prevented from landing by adverse winds (blowing from landward) - and the fact that bad weather had dispersed the fleet which meant that the Commander, Hoche, was not present at Bantry Bay. Is it so hard to get facts right?
Nothing about Cahir O'Doherty? You missed a huge part of that transition!
My last name is Connelly, we are related!!
P Murphy
Still waiting for my reparation cheque.
Fire Of Learning
Big pieces missing, covered in the documentary on my channel.