Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 8 - Team Four Star (TFS)

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ZombY Fuqer
“this is a deep pain, oh cool it gets worse”
Blood Shadow
Aaaand... episode 9 just got taken down... Goddammit YouTube ! Edit : And episode 10 aswell ! Thank you YouTube for handling your platform so well ! *sarcasm*
Jinx Telepia
I JUST noticed that Anderson makes a holy cross with his blades and Alucard makes an inverted cross with his guns. I'm so stupid
Zane Wederell
Calling it now: Episode 9 will reveal that Schrodinger's actual name is Michael McDoesntExist.
Alec Whieldon
Doctor: Our forces are quite literally being slaughtered Major: Who gives a shit their Nazi's
Alucard's entrance was absolutely glorious.
Davis Whitaker
I like how Anderson could tell almost immediately that, even though they share the same body, Dracula and Alucard are almost two completely different people, and even asks the count to bring out Alucard.
Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku
You all know you're Naruto running right?
Glorious counterfiet
When hope is gone, Undo this lock, And send me forth, On a Moonlit Walk. Flippin’ brilliant
Zach Hambelton
When a Catholic says "I forgive you," running away would be a good idea. That's probably the scariest thing that they can say.
Gwinnon Davis
I love the fact that Alucard/Dracula being seperate personalities since the seem to be opposites of each other. Dracula seemed to be classy and well spoken gentlemen, and Alucard...the Crimson F#$%ER.
First SAO, then Hellsing...and now I am deep down in the Abridged anime hole. I regret nothing.
Cyro Mancer
Anyone else watch 1-8 in 1 night
The Void Looks Pretty
I love that moment when they hear the music and stop. I always love those moments. It’s existential horror turned to comedy, because yo here music like that in a war zone, it means that a higher power has turned its gaze towards you, and it wants to have some fun.
So... Is it racist to say that it sounds better in Arabic?
Ethan Schumacher
If this is him taking a walk... what's its like when he goes on a hike?
Jack Pabich
I like how the closing song was a tribute to Alexander Anderson. Such a great character!
I can now only see Perfect Cell as a vampire now
ALUCAAAAARD!!! WHAAAAAAT??? When your mom calls you from downstairs and you’re in your room. Also it’s OCTOBER AND WE ARE GETTING EPISODE 9 SOON!!!
angel labastida
I'm glad I saw 9 before it got took down
Dude, Anderson's Monster of God absolution prayer is legitimately one of the coolest lines I have ever heard in recent film making. I don't know how you guys managed to give that line so much... I don't know, gravitas, out of such an over-the-top Irish stereotype, let alone with a line that wasn't even in the original series! It's honestly my favorite part of this series so far, bar none. I love watching these Abridged series' because of these moments, the ones that are taken completely seriously as opposed to the comedy focused areas because the contrast gives it so much more WEIGHT than if the whole show was serious. I actually said "Oh shit." out loud when Alucard realized what Anderson was doing with Helena's Nail because he switched from his normal jokey self to just saying 'No' over and over again. The tonal shift is so much more INTENSE, AND I LOVE IT.
Hooray it's the Catholic Church Oh no it's the Catholic Church
Alucard:*Enraged beyond mortal comprehension* WWALLLLLTERRRRRRR!!!
Rewatched hellsing ultimate after seein this and when Alucard returns on the ship ...it was just soo boring compared to this version
Armando Zamarron
Took me this long to realize that Alucard is just an even crazier and lunatic-er version of Dante from DMC
Sin Overlord
“I think it’s worth noting that this is the first time he’s followed my orders without any back sass. It’s simultaneously satisfying....and disappointing”
Nipulkrad Msinatagras
"Have you ever thought of carbonating the blood of Christ?" I wonder what it would taste like?!
TheDeadlypanda 12
"I've been gone two days and he Catholics are crusading and the Nazis are invaiding" best. line. ever.
Official update. Kaiser admitted tonight that while they fully hoped to get Episode nine done for Youmacon or November they are not going to be able to. Due to the size of this episode combining what was left of OVA nine and ten for this finale episode it has proven a very big task.
Zachial Adams
Who's ready for November?
of course psychicpebbles is satan lol
Jeff Afasf
The music for Alucard entrance was perfect. The beat was the perfect tempo for it and the lyrics couldn't have been more spot on if the song had been written specifically for this scene.
"Alucard!...take a walk." Thank God she didn't say go for a run coz we wouldn't be here watching this rn😂😂😂😂
The Black Rose électrique
Best episode of the series it was completely flawless. But more importanyly i'd like to thank everyone who made this... CAST ENRICO MAXWELL (AND CHILD MAXWELL) - Christopher Guerrero INTEGRA HELLSING - Corinne Suberg HEINKELL - Kira Buckland ALEXANDER ANDERSON- Benjiman Creighton SERAS VICTORIA - Jessi Nowack ALCUARD - Curtis Arnott JED FORREST - Ricerpirate THE CAPTAIN - Marc Swint ITALY - Merc Matthews THE MAJOR - Nick Landis MEXICO - Alejandro Saab CANADA - BohBear HERR DOCTOR - Lawrence Simpson YUMI - Kimlinh Tran GOD - SungWonCho SATAN - Zach Hadel WALTER C. DORNES - Remix LITTLE BOY - Limealicious ISCARIOT MEMBERS - Marc Swint, Connor McKinley, Scott Frerichs, Stephan Krosecz EDITED BY: Stephan Krozecs and KaiserNeko THE CREW: Scott Frerichs Benjamin Creighton Curtis Arnott Stephan Krocecz. Original series created by Kouta Hirano I'am so hyped for the finale.
Funfact: When Alucard says Yahweh, it's actually one of the Hebrew Names of God the Jews consider too sacred to actually say. TFS really do their homework xD
Daemon Blackfyre
Number 9 already taken down for copyright claim. Freaking Japan.
Random D&D Nerd on the Internet
The survivors of WW3 are gonna have lots of ptsd
Killian Miller
Why doesn't God feed all the hungry children? I dunno, maybe he wants US to do that. Maybe starvation is still a thing in Africa because other people hoard the food away from them, or their leaders don't admit some kind of capitalism into their countries (which is the best model of getting people out of abject poverty to date). Bad people ARE part of the problem, just as good people are part of the solution. If God did it, why should we do anything? Putting that responsibility on God means you have idolized Him in your own image. I'm probably being too serious... However, I think this issue Alucard has with God is an excellent way to understand his character in this Abridged, whether you are Atheist or Christian.
Alex Delgado
Damn ep 9 got deleted
Marcela Rodriguez
Well well well, I leave for a day and The Catholics are Crusading While the Nazis are invading! Anderson! It's been two days but it felt like years! And uh.. I wanna say Logan..? Anderson what's this guys name "Logan":hrmmrmrmrmmm Oh, Better watch out for "hrmmrmrmrmmm"!
Alex Arruda
Yo police girl dropped bars in the credits
They deleted episode 9 WTFFF?!?!
Saucy Wolftaco
19:50 is the best parody that TFS ever made mostly cuz the original song is so badass
Donald Haney
Ok I need a playlist on like Spotify of all of Alucart’s favorite songs. Cuz I love all the songs in this Parody.
Jamal Davis
6:14 i've never heard a person ask for juice so angrily before.
*I Like Dogs*
9:59 absolute cuteness in this show somehow has been found
why did episode nine get taken down? *Edit* I'm glad I saw it before it got wiped though
Well well well...I leave for a year and...The Copyright Bots are Crusading and NBChannel is invading...
"Get Ready to Die" is Alucard's song. And I can totally see him using it in other settings. Heck, just watching this makes me think of what would happen if Alucard had been in Fate/Zero.
Thomas Kross
My brothers and sisters it has arrived! Get ready for the CRUSADE!
FunkMaster Funk
Seriously where is episode 9??!!!!
Thunder1177 Weekly
"Ninja catholic suicide bombers" nuff said
Dynamic Noved
Upsetti Spaghetti wheres episode 9
10:21 lol where TF the Belmont's when you need them
Grady Jean
Erin Murphy
What happened to episode 9??? NOT THE SASS AND LOLI ASS
Episode 9 disappeared?
Korben Northrop
These parodies my team four star could pass for originals easily
Qualified Idiots
Episode 9 is blocked! Anyone else??
When Hope Is Gone... Undo this lock and send me forth... On a moonlit Walk! Release Restraint Level : ZERO. Simply Epic! 4:42
2:54 Basically a for fuck's sake moment
Josh Whitaker
Episode 9 already copyrighted
David R.
TFS: * breathes* YouTube: * pulls videos*
KRWBY Productions
That verse was actually from Genesis lol. Chapter 9, Verse 6.
Ninja Kuma Reacts
My favourite part of Halloween
zero mixer
Maxwell: we're here to save you! Random guy: yay, it's the Catholic Church. Maxwell: from yourselves!! Random guy: oh no, it's the Catholic Church. XD
Zash of The Kyobi
So a Vampire, a Werewolf, and Frankenstein walk into a bar..
I was waiting for subtitle to see ep 9 and it disappeared. wtf
The Apocalypse Swordsman
"You face Count Dracula of Wallachia" Goddamn it tfs
Tobie Merida
What happened to episode 9????
David ryan
Its Halloween...no episode 9 finally ...sad trombone
What happened to ep 9?
Little Light
Where is the ep 9 it got taken down ??
Ravenwolf Foxtrack
"Alucard, go for a walk."
Shiolia Leo
I was about to binge watch this TFS Helsing Ultimate again and then I noticed some episodes are missing, whats going on?! I want that scene about the return Michael Mcdoesntexist back, is this relating to that article XX bs again?? really what is going with people these days.. can just they let the creative people make more ACTUAL entertaining content?! Dont get me wrong I love Alucard from original Helsing and TFS apparent is the only one capable to turn him into cool badass and joker at same time, and all this episodes DO make me wanna watch the original series.. if youtube continues to delete stuff like this. It will lose its original purpose.
Luc Bac
I’m with Alucard... It does sound better in Arabic.🤣
Antonio Hinton
I love this, truly. However! When will I see episode 9?
Justin Schafer
Nightfall Shadow
19:15 .......you are a VERY pretty man Alucard. *edit* fixed my typo.
Closet Pyromaniac
whos here because episode 9 and 10 got removed.
Panzer VII Löwe
Goddamn YouTube, taking down the blast from Walter's past, with that sass and loli ass...
Where did episode 9 go?
Yo wtf happened to episode 9???
Blue Tracksuit Gamer
Anyone else got chills when Alexander forgave Alucard?
Fun fact: the KKK originally hated Catholics too.
please tell me there is going to be another one?
John Lemons
Cant wait for the next one to finally drop
Where the fuk did episode 9 go?!!!!!
James Bearss
seras victoria's little giggle after Dracula rubs her head is just the most pure thing in the entire world
Whos ready for the Finale? :P
Man a bit disappointed but u guys must have a reason for the absence of episode 9
So, how about the next episode? Spooktober is over?
Dr.Boba Fett
Was ep 9 deleted?
Uriah Major
That Hamilton parody was amazing
What happened to episode 9? It was here now it’s not, can someone please explain?
Where’s episode 9?!?!i need it!!!!
Reynaldo Bernal
Episode 9 got taken down.
Calluminate Mate
Episode 9 got taken down
Scarlet Letter
"Don't weep for the stupid, or you'll be crying all day." - Alexander Anderson