Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 8 - Team Four Star (TFS)

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Gwinnon Davis
I love the fact that Alucard/Dracula being seperate personalities since the seem to be opposites of each other. Dracula seemed to be classy and well spoken gentlemen, and Alucard...the Crimson F#$%ER.
ZombY Fuqer
“this is a deep pain, oh cool it gets worse”
Marcela Rodriguez
Well well well, I leave for a day and The Catholics are Crusading While the Nazis are invading! Anderson! It's been two days but it felt like years! And uh.. I wanna say Logan..? Anderson what's this guys name "Logan":hrmmrmrmrmmm Oh, Better watch out for "hrmmrmrmrmmm"!
"We've come to save you!" *Hurray it's the catholic church!* "FROM YOURSELVES!!!"" *Oh no...it's the catholic church* History in a nutshell.
Scarlet Letter
"Don't weep for the stupid, or you'll be crying all day." - Alexander Anderson
Ethan Schumacher
If this is him taking a walk... what's its like when he goes on a hike?
ZombY Fuqer
Can we get episode 9?
Braimos KOS
I know TeamFourStar does their parody for comedic purposes. But *GOD*. *DAMN*. do they have some solid serious scenes. My favorite was Alucard releasing restraint level 0.
Long Rong
"Ninja Catholic suicide bomber ?" What a fun day!
Remkirk the Gamer
"God is great!" "God is great!" "Is it racist to say that sounds better in Arabic?"
Dude, Anderson's Monster of God absolution prayer is legitimately one of the coolest lines I have ever heard in recent film making. I don't know how you guys managed to give that line so much... I don't know, gravitas, out of such an over-the-top Irish stereotype, let alone with a line that wasn't even in the original series! It's honestly my favorite part of this series so far, bar none. I love watching these Abridged series' because of these moments, the ones that are taken completely seriously as opposed to the comedy focused areas because the contrast gives it so much more WEIGHT than if the whole show was serious. I actually said "Oh shit." out loud when Alucard realized what Anderson was doing with Helena's Nail because he switched from his normal jokey self to just saying 'No' over and over again. The tonal shift is so much more INTENSE, AND I LOVE IT.
Chris Kemp
10:00 in all 3 english subtitles, its all different. English: squees adorably Canada: adorable excited noises UK: NEARLY ORGASMS
Mr. Thou
"Anderson it's only been two days but it feels like years". That is an awfully subtle swing at how long episodes for this show took to make, towards the end of its run.
"When hope is gone, undo this lock. And send me forth, on a moonlit walk" That shit gives me shivers eveytime.
Davis Whitaker
I like how Anderson could tell almost immediately that, even though they share the same body, Dracula and Alucard are almost two completely different people, and even asks the count to bring out Alucard.
Alucard's entrance was absolutely glorious.
Zachial Adams
Who's ready for November?
The best part about this episode is is that I went to middle school in south Carolina, and our prinicple's name was Jeb Forest. I can't making this shit up.
Chris Wolfe
“Anderson, its been only two days, but it feels like years” nice little fourth wall break.
Brady Menting
nazi vampires vs. ninja catholic suicide bombers vs. the neopope KKK vs. Alucard. this episode was an adventure.
I am I the only one who likes this better than the actual Hellsing Ultimate?
Ninja Littlered
"The Death of Big Barry has been sponsored by the Iscariot Order"
Rocketship 27
2 things. 1) the "Moonlit Walk" speech before he releases level zero here is in better then the "Bird of Hermes" speech from the actual show 2)would it be alright if I sample the speech in a song about our good friend Thecrimsonfuckr?
Vaatí The Wind Mage
So god is asian (His voice actor is ProZD)
Sin Overlord
“I think it’s worth noting that this is the first time he’s followed my orders without any back sass. It’s simultaneously satisfying....and disappointing”
Light Holliday
Maxwell "We have come to save you" Random guy "Hooray it's the Catholic Church" Maxwell "From yourselves" Random guy "Oh no it's the Catholic Church"
Rika Gasai
the subtitles are golden at some point. Like when Maxwell is in his pope box and laughs at the ghouls. "The only thing that can pierce my holy pope box is the will of God hims-" And when Anderson's bayonet smashes through it, it says *The will of God himself* . I think that's funny
Razor 1uk
"Let me ask you something. Yahweh. ...Which set of prints in the sand were yours, ...the hand prints, ...the knee prints, ...or the foot prints behind those?
8-Bit Misdreavus
"The only thing that could pierce my Holy Pope Box is the will of God himse-" *The will of God himself* The captions make this entire thing even better than it is.
of course psychicpebbles is satan lol
When Maxwell said, "I will be the god of this new world," I thought of Light Yagami.
All (somehow) main characters here are either insane or borderline insane.
Ushiro Kazuto
Idk why they keep trying to take this down, just to claim some petty cash because they don't read its a parody...
Vincent Mercer
Jamal Davis
6:14 i've never heard a person ask for juice so angrily before.
Dante Darkgamer
Team Fourstar is awesome they know how to bring the laughs and the seriousness. The last few minutes of this episode is so serious and beautifully done with the dialogue and delivery well done you guys
Random Stranger
Satan in this is like an adorable cinnemon roll that needs to be loved
Fizzel Plays
I really want to know what Alexander would have said. Granted TFS probably didn't write it. And it's better for the story if we don't know, but the curiosity is killing me XD
Lewis John
is it bad that after going to college and re watching this I finally catch all the subtle references to historical events like the joke about nailing a protest to the door being the way that Protestantism began to gain traction in Europe in the 15 hundreds
Thomas Kross
My brothers and sisters it has arrived! Get ready for the CRUSADE!
Digiorno Pizza
“I hope you don’t mind I brought fri- associates? Slaves. I brought slaves.” I literally loled
Leo Teillol
**Guitar starts strumming** Seras becomes wide-eyed *_Looks towards her right with a slight smile 'cause she knows exactly who is causing that :)_*
Just realized they did the trope where they play the intro song in an epic moment.
Seiichi Himura
I will say this, this may be an abridged series to joke around the actual source material. But the last scene when Anderson was going to die and was talking to Alucard did bring me a lot of tears. Good job TeamFourStar, god bless you.
The Apocalypse Swordsman
"You face Count Dracula of Wallachia" Goddamn it tfs
Im 99% sure this video is why Bethesda chose "Get Ready to Die" for E3 2018
It’s only been 10 months since this was uploaded but it feels like 10 years ;-; can’t wait for episode 9
ZeywardDa Great
I just realized that whenever Alucard does his gun pose its the shape of an upside down cross that pretty much means he is an anti-christ, wow that took me awhile to realize
Friday We Are Awesome
I love hellsing but the anime is ruined for me by this I love this so much more Team 4 Star is a pack of magnificent bastards. I just wish hellsing had got a second season lazy bastard studios
Thomas Clarke
I only just realised that the music behind Satan is from Cuphead.
Dave Redacted
2:54 "Time to fill my prescription."
Phill The Potato
I kinda wanna see the next hellsing abridged more than the next DBZA
Grady Jean
Senpai noticed Seras!!!!
Xaviel Legion
When you realize that ProZD is the voice of God...
Electro Lloyd
the speech alucard gives for restraint level zero is better than the original in my opinion
Jeff Afasf
The music for Alucard entrance was perfect. The beat was the perfect tempo for it and the lyrics couldn't have been more spot on if the song had been written specifically for this scene.
When Hope Is Gone... Undo this lock and send me forth... On a moonlit Walk! Release Restraint Level : ZERO. Simply Epic! 4:42
Everything Gaming
Anderson’s acting at 13:30 is actually on point, woulda thought it was the real show
Nathan Forte
So every bad guy hates london
911 Insider
Soon...... Episode 9 grows ever closer
Daemon Blackfyre
Alex Copley Kyne
Got to love rewatching this series around to time the new one will come out, might be a month or to but you can never catch that hype train to early
I legitimately prefer the abridged over the actual anime
Ninja Catholic suicide bombers... what a fun day
Ravenwolf Foxtrack
"Alucard, go for a walk."
Ya know. I've seen the actual series. But how the fuck do I cry and laugh at the same time at a parody of it?
Margo Hughes
SungWonCho being God is uuuuuuuuuuuuh pretty accurate
Sir Gems
Its been a year..... Anxiously waiting
Alex Arruda
Yo police girl dropped bars in the credits
KRWBY Productions
That verse was actually from Genesis lol. Chapter 9, Verse 6.
King Ruhrik
7:30 Et tu Andersen?
Amy McCabe
Hooray it’s the Catholic Church, Oh no it’s the Catholic Church. *Me in a nutshell*
"Alucard!...take a walk." Thank God she didn't say go for a run coz we wouldn't be here watching this rn😂😂😂😂
sir eggrol
did he just say holy pope box?
Soumav Bose
Pure... Unadulterated... BADASS!!!!
Arnaud Langenais-desmarais
Bathtub Barracuda
A year and a half later...
Entertainment FBI
Mr. Allucard, I don't feel so good
Blue Tracksuit Gamer
Anyone else got chills when Alexander forgave Alucard?
Does anyone know the music at 4:42 til 5:00?
Sebastian Lockwood
I can't wait for the next episode. This is a masterpiece.
Catalyst Chris
I’m waiting for episode 9 just for girlycard
I hope the newest episode comes out soon. Been waiting all year.
Nightfall Shadow
19:15 .......you are a VERY pretty man Alucard. *edit* fixed my typo.
When I heard that tune at the end I thought... now way... but it was... you mad bastards *ALEXANDER ANDERSON*
Wade Ledford
They expected us! They expected all of us!
7 days *7 days left*
Xcast Ruckeysquad
10:09 she kinda sounds like a butterfree
James Bearss
seras victoria's little giggle after Dracula rubs her head is just the most pure thing in the entire world
shadow devil
Still 2 more months until the next episode I don't want to wait anymore
Fernanda Nascimento
Chandler Walrath
Krystal Ross
Integra: "Seras report and e-explain?" Seras: "base is secure, everyone's dead, ate pip, full fleged vampire now"
0:52 Abridged Kid Trunks voice actor confirmed!
Matthew Bourgeois
god is great
Josh Whitaker
Oh shit. He's going for a walk. A very VERY enthusiastic walk.
kalan james