Abigail Williams - Into The Ashes" Official Video

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Into The Ashes (Video) by Abigail Williams. From the album "In The Shadow of A Thousand Suns. Released on Candlelight Records 2008. I do not own the rights to this video, or the song.

abigail williams into the ashes official black metal dimmu borgir emperor Dimmu Borgir (Musical Group)

240p, we meet again.
Kyle Gibbs
my favorite thing about this band is that I bought this album at a Goodwill.
So he uploaded this music video, and in the description it says I do not own any of the copy rights to this song/video or whatever and yet he was the drummer of the band for this song...
Mick Trujillo
Disculpen, que subgenero es..? "Melodic Black Core"..? "Grindcore"..? "Deathcore"..? "Blackcore"..? Which is This..?
alexa gonzalez
no mamen esto no es black metal no jodan por favor les dejo un black metal autentico y muy bueno bueno ami me gusto se parece mucho ala vieja escuela jajaja  Crow Black Sky - Stars Of God este es el grupo SALUDOS ImI
Leroy Najatahn
Does anyone know what made them change genres? This was a great direction to go in, and even with the second album, despite being pure, "zero deathcore" black metal, was really good. Now they sound like they recorded the album, made a cassette, and then put that on CD and repeated the process 1 or 2 more times XD! I mean, it's not bad, but it's very different from In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns.
Sick as hell. My boyfriend played in this band
Amy LeRoux
The band I manage Putrid Christ is playing with them next Fri in Iowa
YouTube glitched the title. For me, the title of this music video says, "Can Paper Cut a HotDog?" Most metal song ever!
1:21 is the most brutal riff I've ever heard
helvetin kova biisi ja bändi!!!!eka kertaa kuulin!!!<=finnish=fucking awesome song and band!!!i listen this first time!!!
Bassem Albrolosy
This is more than AMAZING!!
Looking back on the comments on this is just cancerous
Amy LeRoux
The band I manage Putrid Christ is playing with them next Fri in Iowa
Ruhul Jihad
technical blackened deathcore
Nathan DeSantis
Hell yeah
Jared Fraga
Raz Ek
B.Tranceperium Big_Head
Good shit.  Just saw them 2 hours ago.
Tommy G
Putain j'adore ! Et pourtant je suis pas métalleux du tout.
lol , i just found demi lovato likes this band and job for a cowboy too , music she listen to is totaly different of what she sings  
You're aware the singer is a dude named Ken Bergeron, and that the band name refers to the witch accuser Abigail Williams of Salem Witch Trials fame?
Luis Rios
iba bien hasta que entro el vocal
Chef Dahmer
"I love you, sister Abigail". bray wyatt
What the fuck t
black magic cult
black core?????
Shaun Bobinson
I agreed with almost everything you said until that shit about double bass pedals. They have no place "where they belong". Dark Tranquility uses plenty of double bass tastefully, and all your BM bands have spawned from them for the most part. If you are going to point out the ignorance in the people that like this poor mans metal, then at least don't let your own bleed all over the place.
Dwayne Biwyun
They did not :(
areyou kiddingme
666 likes. Let's keep it that way
Andy c
you sound like such an idiot. shut the fuck up.
Raúl De La Garza Quiñones
2:50 oooh my god , is the first time i listen this song again since it came out O:
Jerardo Guerrero
haha dumb ass thinks he know metal this is not even close to metalcore your such an idiot wow ppl like u dont even desirve to litsen to metal cuz u dont know nothing about it wow i mean WOW go fuck a goat t(-_-)
cristhian viceral
cua cua cua cua cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
they should have played this in the crucible movie
you are really into labels arent you ?
Loki Owlblood
Have you actually listened to black metal? The black metal influence is barely distinguishable. This is pure, hardly adulterated metalcore garbage. The only difference between this and most metalcore is the synths.
Loki Owlblood
This is absolutely metalcore, and bad metalcore at that. Let's look at the facts: metalcore riffs, metalcore drumming, metalcore vocals... Semi-black metal synths. The only way this could possibly be classified as black metal is that it's kind of heavy and uses synths, as many symphonic BM bands do.These guys sound like Miss May I would if they found a keyboard.
Loki Owlblood
I looked this up to see how bad metalcore mixed with Dimmu Borgir "black metal" would be. This is not black metal. I've never heard a real black metal band use shitty metalcore scales and Miss May I-esque riffs. Also, double bass pedals can stay where they belong, in death metal and HT metalcore. The vocals are, once again, HT metalcore style. The most black part of the music is the synths, and synths do not belong in black metal. Go back to your playing metalcore and stop trying to ruin BM.
2:50 best break ever. Love the synth parts here as well. What a woman... And then another great break at 3:16 ... shit.... WHAT THE FUNK happened to AW???
Zock Enock
Fucking love this song! <3
Azareth Xephraos
its the singer.... meh, too bad, allways the singer...fffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu not another band
She plays keyboard like a possessed demon
shits brutal \m/
GunmetalProject (Lennon)
Go on Wikipedia and read the line up for their album In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns, that's the lineup for this video.
GunmetalProject (Lennon)
I actually was 17 years old at the time of you writing that comment is what's ironic as fuck…
Nathaniel Tye
You seen Triptykon dude? They have a female bassist who, whilst being rather attractive, also plays (well, I might add) in one of the heaviest bands around. Just listen to Goetia...
Thagirion Lethe
What's the line up in this video? Can anyone tell me please?
Gino ST
Too bad nowadays this band plays a very average black metal
You mean there are other ways to find out about music?
Joey O'Neil
his vocals are perfection
Joey O'Neil
fucking awesome black metal band.
yeah, i agree. I like what I hear musically from the rest of the band...but his voice really grates on me. I was not aware that someone could out do Pest from Gorgoroth.
Jeremy Smith
fuck genres, if its heavy its heavy, stop being vaginas
Kevin Cropper
Sounds like a bunch of scenefaggots heard Cradle of Filth in a Hot Topic, and decided they could be kvlt and br00tal, too.
Vladiatör Amöndinejad
@Disfiguredwarfare333 Compared to Cradle of Filth, perhaps. Otherwise, AW is non-BM poser bullocks.
Vladiatör Amöndinejad
Either fucking be a SYMPHONIC BLACK METAL band, or be a METALCORE band, but these assholes need to make up their fucking minds!
The Nightmare
Ashley Elleyllon is awesome, while not the most technical, her style breaths such a haunting atmosphere into their music.
David Sueoka
@celestialsuicide misogynistic!!!! YEAH fucking intellectual words for the win! XD
Mike Duminy
2:32 Says it all.
Lord Goarmagon
@MetalGuitarist99 the fucked up thing is the same thing you said about nu metal to an extent applies to black metal. Get a minor chord diminished 5th progression going with some generic blast beats and tremolo strumming and voila you have black metal.
Christer Fredriksson
@Demonbane41276 It's cause it's a mash up of metalcore and black metal haha...
cool stuff but the guitar leads while good dont fit in the music
1.20 never fails to give me an instantaneous boner.. the guitar riff would make most black metal fans cream like shit..
Lily Castillo
OMD now i know why demi loves this band (:
Black Emperor
I love that fucking bass drums motherfuckers...
not saying its bad, but personally I prefer Dani Filth's volcals
Ed Bergested
The vocals are very good, its just that the vocalist looks like hes throwing a temper tantrum
Egem Muti
perfect vocal, perfect melody, perfect guitar riffs... just perfect =)
21 people dont know what real music is...
@mixmastermyke uh no, its fucking not. Stay within your core subgenres and leave a big genre like black metal, which has nothing to do with this, alone. American black metal band. This is why I hate sub genres..they get more inventive by the day.
Iggy Destroyer
Man I Seen These Guys LIVE FUCK THEY OWN North American Black Metal....and it was the all shall perish tour too, see genres can get along pussies drop it
great music video and band just wish the vocalist would move around a little more instead of just standing there
@RWSThe101 That's the point. :P Later.
Ryelin Segars
@lilbluependragon Naw those bands sound fucking creepy, I think I'll just take my opinion and leave, later bro.
Ryelin Segars
@lilbluependragon Naw I just do that because you usually capitalize genres of music...
@RWSThe101 Try Christ Beheaded, Nachtmystium, Dimentianon, Averse Sefira, Goatwhore, etc.
@RWSThe101 Was it the same person who told you to capitalize 'black metal'? They aren't a straight forward black metal band, they are much too 'pretty' and have 'core' elements. While they are a great band they do not in any way represent the black metal genre as a whole. It's like saying Trivium represents metalcore.
Ryelin Segars
@lilbluependragon Hey, Hey I was told this was Black Metal by someone and it's Classified as Black Metal on every site i've check . Their know to be one of the few american Black Metal bands so i think YOUR the Dumbass.
If I had to call it something I'd call it black metalcore. However, I'm not going to sit here and try and claim that it is a genre. Nothing death metal about these guys, though.
@RWSThe101 This isn't straight forward black metal. Of course you're a metalcore person, you're obviously a dumbass.
@NebirosAndWinter i agree personally. but some men like that kinda thing but just not for me.
I like this video. unlike every other music video clip i have seen of metal bands, this camera equally focuses on all the band members. Usually we only see the guitarists and singer up close. but in this we can also see the drummer (samus) and keyboardist (ash) equally. but in all seriousness the keyboardist is mega hot.
i can appreciate what they're trying to do. but this isn't symphonic black metal. lose the shred guitar, and that breakdown-esque moment(s) (i'm speaking on the whole album, not just this song) and there you will have the symphonic black metal sound.
hey guys im a 17 year old sexist prick who cant see a female in a band without making some stupid misogynistic comment! THATS BRUTAL
@RWSThe101 also not all black metal has keyboards man look up mayhem or bathory
@RWSThe101 no one cares
2:14 looks like hes gearing up for one of those chain saw dance things lol
Javier V
Was always meaning to look this band up, pretty cool music :)
Ryelin Segars
I laugh every time i hear this music lol.. The reason i looked it up was bc someone at my school is makin a band like this so i was like hey lets see if it good but no it sounds like a video game lose the keyboard and maybe tho. And the Vocals are good but im more of a Post-Hardcore of Metalcore person Black-Metal sounds like the mario bros went and got stonned or something.
Shit is awesome....vocals kick ass...you are all trippin. Its BLACKENED death metal....not black metal =D Drop some acid and listen to this cd...then tell me its not fucking sick.
Damnit man. I'm glad this group lost all of it members except for the lead. Everyone sounds great EXCEPT him. I hate high-pitched screaming. When you ave a group like Otep where the chick has a deep guttural growl there isn't any excuse for such a weak voice. Makes me want to go back to listening to Mudvayne...
no this is not black there is a lot of black influence but it dosent sound black
I fucking forget about those guyss wow to fucking amazing
ridiculous live energy.
Awesome, exept for the singer, the rest sounds awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love black metal but this singer sounds like squeezed mices
Collin Aldridge
@Hordeofantestor that doesn't mean it's illegal to have growls.
fucking sick song and video ;D
Collin Aldridge
The vox are good, but there should be more lows.
@Epica124 yeah Emperor is dope too, but like you said, they both rose in their own times. it's all good though.
The vocals aren't so great. but the drumming is excellent.