Abigail Williams - Into The Ashes" Official Video

Into The Ashes (Video) by Abigail Williams. From the album "In The Shadow of A Thousand Suns. Released on Candlelight Records 2008. I do not own the rights to this video, or the song.

abigail williams into the ashes official black metal dimmu borgir emperor Dimmu Borgir (Musical Group)

240p, we meet again.
Kyle Gibbs
my favorite thing about this band is that I bought this album at a Goodwill.
The_Horse361 Show
Love Abigail Williams, Hoping so much stick to there Roots and keep making symphonic black metal Alive. Thanks for The Video
Paul Timms
one of the most epic tracks of all time. That intro into the extreme metal! \m/
What's wrong with the vocalist?
alexa gonzalez
no mamen esto no es black metal no jodan por favor les dejo un black metal autentico y muy bueno bueno ami me gusto se parece mucho ala vieja escuela jajaja  Crow Black Sky - Stars Of God este es el grupo SALUDOS ImI
Mick Trujillo
Disculpen, que subgenero es..? "Melodic Black Core"..? "Grindcore"..? "Deathcore"..? "Blackcore"..? Which is This..?
So he uploaded this music video, and in the description it says I do not own any of the copy rights to this song/video or whatever and yet he was the drummer of the band for this song...
lol , i just found demi lovato likes this band and job for a cowboy too , music she listen to is totaly different of what she sings  
Micaela ミカエラ
This is great but Barenaked Ladies is WAY better.
Johnny Waters
saw these guys live over a year ago and they were amazingggg! such a good tune
Tommy G
Putain j'adore ! Et pourtant je suis pas métalleux du tout.
abigail williams fo prez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rafael Solorio
that would be awesome! :D
Rafael Solorio
yeah and she is hot!!!!!!!!!!!
Hanke willems
haha awesome. xD
GunmetalProject (Lennon)
Go on Wikipedia and read the line up for their album In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns, that's the lineup for this video.
GunmetalProject (Lennon)
I actually was 17 years old at the time of you writing that comment is what's ironic as fuck…
Amen to that Dontforgettoshred. Good music is not bound to a spcific genre, it's bound to good musicians!
It just kicks fucking but. I'm really proud of Abigail and Samus, one of my favourite youtube drummer. You fucking rule man.
Awesome job Samus!
Mr. Vapid
fucking metal!
methul = LULZ
It doesn't get much better than Barenaked Ladies in the summer time. I like to cruise around in my El Camino and blast some BNL while driving by the pool.
Egem Muti
perfect vocal, perfect melody, perfect guitar riffs... just perfect =)
They sound pretty close to black metal vocals to me...
Brian Anderson
yeah i agree.. he isnt total crap but does not do any justice to the great musik here
Christina Thao
Only black metal band I'm obsessed with <3
complete trash
this sounds kind of like technical death 2 me. like teh faceless kinda sounds.
Matthew Saint
Surapan Swandragontiger
I like Keyboard so creepy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I like this band but JFAC and suicide silence are fucking poor
Jordan Maz
Sweet video, the scream is intense. Awesome drumming too. Who is the drummer?
Jordan Maz
Haha yea I thought so after I made the post. duh. Yea, he kills it
Malthusian Epoch
Also please stop comparing this band to Cradle of Filth. Abigail Williams may not be the most "kvlt" black metal out there but CoF ARE A FUCKING JOKE. A joke that has been going on too long and needs to be fucking stopped.
Malthusian Epoch
They should have released "Floods" as a single. Its the most powerful song on the album. Seriously love this band.
Grim Reefer
is that Samus drumming??
Grim Reefer
Dude how about you settle the fuck down...I wasn't on his channel it came up as a related video to something I was watching...so shut the hell up
Nobody can. Its just a label fight people will have forever. Just better don't talk about labels, in my opinion.
cant believe you guys are so good. you should be as well known as Dimmu
i can appreciate what they're trying to do. but this isn't symphonic black metal. lose the shred guitar, and that breakdown-esque moment(s) (i'm speaking on the whole album, not just this song) and there you will have the symphonic black metal sound.
I hear you, but I feel like this isn't supposed to be pure black metal.
lol why they are just making music? not putting on a show for us
Thagirion Lethe
What's the line up in this video? Can anyone tell me please?
Owh i got a dislike you fucking pansy
Ralf Goossens
they are just Abigail Williams !
lol the band is Abigail Williams
Dude... this music isn't shit? And in case you didn't notice, this style of music takes a SHIT LOAD of talent to play. And it's black metal, and as far as I'm concerned, he has a pretty good black metal scream. And you know who Abigail Williams is don't you? If not, you need to go back to school, or read a fucking book. Abigail Williams was the girl in Salem who convicted pretty much the whole town of being witches, and a ton of people were killed/burned at the stake. Noob.
i like Ashley on piano she is awsome and she has my first name
Alan Cunningham
It started promisingly then kind of just went to shit when the vocals started. Too much bree bree deathcore vocals and blast beats.
EdeN Ca
Ashley Ellyllon is amazing!!
J Gonz
Fine then, K-mart
J Gonz
Imagine walking into a KFC and ordering a meal for your family with the voice of the lead singer
Collin Aldridge
@Hordeofantestor that doesn't mean it's illegal to have growls.
Collin Aldridge
The vox are good, but there should be more lows.
ridiculous live energy.
Christer Fredriksson
@Demonbane41276 It's cause it's a mash up of metalcore and black metal haha...
Ruhul Jihad
technical blackened deathcore
If the vocalist were just a bit stronger and deeper ... this would be one bad ass band! As it stands now, i'm impressed.
Yeah singing is really bad. but the music is great. This band would be ace with a better vocalist
Dorothy Mantooth
no but i bet you know
Doom Domain
read and read closely i KNOW this isnt black metal black metal is more the likes of dark funeral. so wot if its not black metal idc i dont go o i have to listen 2 sumthing thts always black metal i like other stuff including this but if u dont like it then just leave a comment like i dont like it not really my type of music u dont need 2 say o this is pathetic coz thts gunna get u no where. not only tht but who the fuck gave u the idea tht sum1 was calling this black metal? dont blame all of us
Nathan DeSantis
Hell yeah
Kevin Moore
That breakdown is sick with the synth and all
they are black metal. but your right, they're one of the best of their kind in America. The only one that is better than them is Dragonlord.
Andre Maitzeth
listen to procession of the aeons BEST SONG EVAR PERIOD!!!
DUDE; this was great! nice job man..
except that these guys make black metal (listen to riff's the vocals the drums etc.), there's just a synth in the backround. And these guys don't look like fucking clowns,lolz, ;)
the vokills are assim mate =P
why the fuck would he put it out in his channel if he wasn't? yes it was... stupid.
ahem is a few shots of ashley to hard to ask for?
these guys are fucking awesome, cant wait to see them this summer in waterloo
wizard thoughts
well that's only a theory. the only fact known about her was that she was a hysterical little girl that was or pretended to be possessed
kristopher merchant
I love hearing the operatic element in metal and this band is one of the best at it. Fuckin awesome.
Joseph L
Dude, his vocals are so core. The band is decent otherwise in my opinion. But the vocalist is a bit to core for my tastes.
Joseph L
I don't know what your argueing with that other guy about but you are right about the vocalist. Even I can scream better than this guy :P.
yes and no, some bands use microphones in music videos.
wtf is a drumemer? i musta been drunk there.
Sounds deathcore-ish. Not my bag of tea, but the musicianship is incredible, and Samus owns as always.
Nathaniel Tye
You seen Triptykon dude? They have a female bassist who, whilst being rather attractive, also plays (well, I might add) in one of the heaviest bands around. Just listen to Goetia...
Awesome, exept for the singer, the rest sounds awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love black metal but this singer sounds like squeezed mices
Khalid Marzuki
well, if u have been following abigail williams from the beginning, u might want to consider before labelling them 'black metal'. bcos they dont sound so much 'black' back then, most people accepted the term 'black metalcore'. it perfectly explains their genre. but now i think we might just have to squeeze in 'symphonic' somewhere in there...
Chef Dahmer
"I love you, sister Abigail". bray wyatt
Dwayne Biwyun
They did not :(
love this song,starts out with a beautiful piano intro and then explodes into pure ecstacy
Jared Fraga
Lily Castillo
OMD now i know why demi loves this band (:
Raúl De La Garza Quiñones
2:50 oooh my god , is the first time i listen this song again since it came out O:
Logan Coates
you've apparently never heard of Emperor, Behemoth, Akercocke, Summoning, or Bathory before. good luck
Logan Coates
no not in any sense
Logan Coates
you're a fucking moron. you're calling Bathory mainstream? get your head out of your ass and learn some musical history you fucking dumbass
The Nightmare
Ashley Elleyllon is awesome, while not the most technical, her style breaths such a haunting atmosphere into their music.
hmm. Brilliant :)
Oh you. Do you know me? Ya know I'm a emo-kid?
LMFAO! What a fuckin faggot. Im not emo in the least of ways....
I'm sure you don't know, but he writes the albums...