Diablo 3 Season 16 Top Ten Best Monk Builds Ranked

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These rankings are based on the Buffs for patch 2.6.4, PTR testing, and past performance of these builds! Be sure to check out my channel for many build guides for the Monk - More to be added soon! This Months Giveaway ($20 Steam Gift Card) : - To be drawn on 1/31/2019 Last Month's Winner: Has not claimed prize as of yet! Please check your email _____________________________________ Thanks for checking out this video and please feel free to subscribe for more content added weekly including gameplay videos, Diablo 3 build guide videos, game reviews and more! Intro by Alex J. _____________________________________ Support my Channel: DONATE: />PATREON: />MERCH: />_____________________________________ Watch me Live! Twitch - />_____________________________________ Follow me for updates! Twitter - Facebook page - />_____________________________________ Microphone - />Mic Stand - />Graphics card - />Webcam - />Diablo 3 (PC) - />Diablo 3 (PS4) - />Diablo 3 (XB1) -

Tom Ryan
So strange being a new player so far into the games life span. Good vid man! I don't have a monk yet but this has somewhat inspired me to level one though!
Coffee Beans
May you post gear for the A tier build please? Im new player and I would liek to see what it looks like i.e what gear to get etc appreciate it :D would donate to you too
I've never played diablo but just finished act 1 in the free version... really want to pick it up but would it be worth it? Strong playerbase?
Tripletary Gaming
Monk is my favourite
I'm planning to run an Uliana EP monk this season
Phil OnTech
Would love to see a weekly leaderboard video
Hi Wolf, I agree with your list. I was using the Sunwuko WoL monk with F+R for Seasons 12 & 13. I didn't know it was better, I just really hate the timers on the Endless Walk set. I call it the Endless Wait set, because you're endlessly waiting for the numbers to ramp up and down fully before you can make your attacks. Maybe I'll shake it out for a test drive this season. I haven't decided what I want to run this season, but Monk just moved up on my list. 😊 Have a good one man, and best wishes for LWAC this season!
I just came here to confirm that rhyk is somehow wrong hehehe
awesome vids as always chief
Rodion Dyo
Lon = 750%*13 ; inna 750%*10...why Lon is in d tier?
Vaylen Roman
dude i can not find the info for Uliana ep. i have no idea what the fit is or the skills.
For some reason I thought this would of been a 30 second video since only 1 build is blizzard's favorite build xD
Innas wol still top because rabid strike doing double wols fire ally 20% damage increase 8% damage buff from mantra just insane extra damage not directly looked at
Ole Asmus
I have a Sunwuko WoL F+R going, and would be really interested in a link to a build, with your comments on e.g. stats and gems!? all your build talks would be much more useful with some build links :) /Peace
Sebastian Nastvogel
before seasonstart the raimon generator build was the strongest build in europe they run 134+ (with a lot of paragon) i'm not sure if it's realy playable with lower paragon
So for non-seasonal, the top should be LoN WoL then, I think.
Z Jackfrost
Great video!The way you predict is so fun and convincing.I learn much from it.thanks a lot.
I'd recommend you to add a short clip of gameplay in for every build so I get a glimpse of how the build feels to play.
Symm Bias
I miss the days when the static charge build was melting packs....good times
As a monk player i would love to see s16 vid video from you, good job !
R Bogdan
I`m really excited for this season and as a monk class lover i would like to thank you for making this video. I am still deciding though between wizard, barb, crusader or monk however(leaning towards monk since i`m really excited about Inna gen build) .
Blase Freemantle
Is there a hc list, you mention uliania Ep' top hc, could you please do a top 3 build n strat breakdown for hc the niche of niche gamers, ps, love the content your enthusiasm is refreshing and is quite logical and to the point with out filler and that is so rare, keep up the hardwork
Louis Gullo
What is the difference between Uliana SSS build and Uliana EP build???
Keith Wilson
It's funny you list Wuko generator with FnR …. it's what I've been running since 2.6.1 , i'll probably be running it in seasons and i6 r2 dual gen in non seasons, nice video Wolf , keep it up .
I was so hoping the patch would come out earlier so we could test Innas and Blizzard would see that they nerfed it too much. Should've been 1000% and not 750%. After the season is done, Innas will be lucky to do a 115 , IMO.
Hey Wolfcryer, do you think it'll be possible to incorporate oldschool Sweeping Wind with the Cyclone rune into the Inna Gen build or build a SWK variant?
Great Video 👍 but this season i go dh 😎 greetings from Berlin
I agree your rant against the nerf of Inna’s was very much misplaced. It still has a substantial 400% increase in damage and deserves the A tier.
Really need diablofans links to make this video truly useful.
Thyco2501 of the VKP
Thanks for the list. I'm trying to decide if I should go with monk or witch doctor in S16. Btw. what paragon level is required to reach the GRs you listed? Also, what is the most tanky build?
Vi XiphiqiX
Nice work, I may just Monk it this season, tossing up between this Barb and DH.
Ulliannas EP is my favourite of all time. Do you still have to mess around with the EP to get the mythic rhythm buff?
Michael Cook
Love the content. Crusader is my starter toon though. Thanks Cryer
Wolfcryer's arm is translucent. Is he becoming a spirit?
A man walks into a bar.... "ouch!"
WOL again for season 16? Not much changing in the Monk Tiers from previous seasons. Uliana EP and Inna still my favorite play style but need to use swk WOL to do the pushes. They shouldnt have nerfed Innas
Steele Stevens
I hoped INNAs SSS was going to be A tier!
Where can I check the buffs?
Jeremy Farlin
I KNEW IT! Sunwuko wol all the way bro! Cant wait! Great video wolf!
The Iceman
Ah ye me gotta try some D3 again
Rafael Reyes, Jr
Hey All, I’m new to D3 on the PS4. Not sure how Seasons work. Will we start from scratch? Can I farm the pieces for the Monk Build now? Thanks for any insight.
I played a little bit of Sunwuko LTK last season obsidian ring, not F&R, and still felt like it was squishy and clunky. I'd imagine LoN would be much smoother with easy incorporation of toughness items + cindercoat, might try that out next season if I get the gear put together even if the direct multipliers are a bit lower than Sunwuko.
Ramon van der Elst
All the tier lists never say if it's with paragon or without. If its with then what paragon level are we talking about? Also are we talking about perfect rolled gear (primal/ancients). Thank you for the video though. Im definitely gonna play monk season 16!
Cyril Peyer
dude nice background :)
Snug Vapes
thinking LoN is going to be underatedespecially for starpact.....
Wolfcryer , I was hoping you can help us ?The console players on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo got to deal with a save glitch. Can you make a video , like 2 min. Or something to show there’s a problem before the season starts.
Bruce Cox
I looked at all the "buffs" for the upcoming season,and I had a few crazy/mad thoughts. what if these "seasons" are a behind the scenes alpha test for Diablo 4? That they are gathering info on how well players like/use the new "buffs" and they will be used in D4,but maybe they will go to a Free/Pay model. you get the "Normal" buffs as free to play,but with a Subscription you get a bigger buff? ok took my tin hat off. good video as usual.
Steve Hash
Does anyone know if the New patch will stop drop outs?? They should stop ppl form being abel to quite fookin turds.. if you drop out more then 3 times then banned for week.. Will it be ranked grift on none season?? Of you are 1500 in pg lvl then you are linked up to similar pg lvl kids???
Are these fluffys builds?