Abigail Williams ex drummer Samus

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Samus Paulicelli playing Empyrean

Captain Chloroform
I figured it out and i see right through you Samus: You see i always wondered why this video has a special "Green Tint" to it and now i know why. Just like in the movie "The Matrix" everything IN the Matrix has a green tint as opposed to real life, and since you wrote the drum track but couldn't complete in real life because your sticks and drum kit would just ignite on fire so you "Entered the Matrix" recorded this video and uploaded it so it would finally be complete. Yeah nice try.
Grigorijs Mamilovs
There will never be a metronome as precise as Samus
Derek Wiedenheft
holy shit I can't believe after 10 years I finally found you again, Im excited.
Davon Corrie
I love this vid. Never gets old
This never gets old!
this is just purely beautiful metal drumming...i got no other words for that
Crazy to think this is 10 years ago goddamn lol
Son Goku
People don't grasp the concept of triggers. It's so you can hear the double bass with clarity and definition, otherwise it'd be just noise. Do some research.
Samus plays with passion & fucking conviction. I love this upload, man, I really do. \m/
Liam Harlow
Sounds just like the faceless. I wouldn't have known the difference unless the title said so... Lol
Nate Horst
omg that grav blast is too good
Xaxara Bobo
Anyone watching in 2018?;) Nice one samus!
Rob Rojas
Dude you are a beast on the kit.
Aidan Robles
That gravity blast at the end tho.
Jason Norkeveck
where is this guy from?? i think i see him at a guitar center all the time..
Makes it look easy, doesn't he?
Jonathan M
My favorite drumming vid ever. Anyone got any recommendations.
Niklas Börjesson
still my fav vid of yours after i looked up this track from hearing on the radio, so long a go
First time I realized Samus is his real name. I always wondered why he went by the name of a female videogame character. Ok then.
aleksandrs ivanovs
да это просто фантастика.пулемет какой то.круче не слышал ничего.
Dave Davey
Awesome Man
Jesse Bowles
What a classic video
Carlos Delgado
sigo viendo este video sin problemas jaja
Osmil Oe
Aaaaawww yuuuuuuuuurr
Jason Prikken
I’m glad this video appeared in my recommended list
M.K Bradley
Pablo Gomez
Que pirobo tan áspero jajaja
João Pedro
Alexander Walker
Holy shit. I used to watch this video waaaaaaay back in the day when I was in college. Didn't realise it was you! Why YouTube has put this in my suggested videos I'll never know 😂
Aidan Robles
How do people even do gravity blasts?
eduardo cabezas
clase de nivel
Krieg Hammer
I stopped listening to Abigail Williams after you were no longer a member! You are a hero among-st drummers everywhere. 
Cassius Gaio
Is this symphonic death metal ????
Sir RaffaRot
Call the cops, that drum set has been abused!
cassanova on da beat
this version is so fuckin good i cant believe it im high vibin wishin i never stopped playin drums this is insaaaane in the braiiiiinnnnnnn super tight its not even funny deff go down in history SAMUS
Danny Sever
Hey dude, you're sic but why use triggers on an acoustic kit? Bd's I understand by why the toms? I'm finding it removes the acoustics of the acoustic drum and makes it electronic. Why not just get a Roland electric kit? How does it make it better from the players stand point?
Fast fucking blasts u are amazing \m/
aki tapani
very extreme drumming=)
One of the best in the business.
Jonathan M
cete 66
Awesome job sir.
Metal Head
cassanova on da beat
theres 2 other versions of this song...this is the best imo
God dammit i love this video so much, never gets old.
Amazing!! Also triggers help for sure
André Carvalho
Perfect :D
very goOod
here I am... 9 years after watching this for the first time and it's Still the best thing he's ever accomplished. in my opinion. still makes me smile just as much as it did the very first time
The EpicSlayer7 SSS
i have to Bring the Zombie back from the Abyss! 66Samus = "EverBlast" really thought it was a perfect joke back then! tho a bit too much the truth that it is!
Phrosda1 Z
I hate this style of music but Holy crap this kid is talented. so wish I could do this.
Just like Derek Rdy told me, this stuff you dont learn overnight it takes years of practicing.  I added and years of frustration and disappointment, then joy. hahah 
daltonplaysthe sax
I'm assuming it means Decrepit Birth, since he is currently their drummer.
hey Samus, what is DB means? i search in google but it come out "Deutsche Bank". i know it's not related with you, but i really want you to go back to Abigail Williams no matter what. Since you left the band, they become lack of power of drum.
Captain Chloroform
If musicians were Actually paid based on their talent, Samus would be swimming in piles just like Scrooge McDuck.
Mordecai Pants
DDAAAWWWWMMM!!!!!!!!. that is all :)
He's one of the most succesful extreme metal youtube drummers though, look at the viewcount. Some fancy ass 5 multi-angle poprock drummers with makeup and fancy showboat tricks can be jealous on that.
Theres always gotta be those 4 jack offs who dislike. Fuck em
Thank you very much! And to answer your question, I am not sure. It really depends on if there is a demand for the band there. You would have to ask Matt. He runs the DB facebook page.
haha, absolutely true bud. i am a drummer myself, and i want to, one day, get close to what you have achieved. im a big fan! However, i still got a long way to go, lol. On a side note though, what are the chances of Decrepit Birth coming to Dubai, Emirates?
I have toured with Francesco numerous times. He is a fucking awesome drummer, and a wonderful guy. He can do the insanely fast double strokes with his feet, that I will never be able to do. But...who the fuck cares who is faster? This isn't kindergarten. Ha.
Cheers from Poland \m/
it's back to zero, his drumming has reversed the space time continuum.
The clarity and tone come from the triggers dude
Garrin Beaudoin
triggers! gotta love it
i think Francesco is a bit faster though, they are both beasts though no doubt
kamiel driss
in two words man you rock
June Viarruel
i clapped
Haven't listened to this in a while, and honestly, it's a masterpiece of drumming. Great speed, clarity, accuracy, tone, the fills and cymbal work is fucking great. Honestly Samus is probably one of the most under appreciated drummers in metal.
Now 40...
Raúl Fernández
Hello.Great playing!!.I have one question. What triggers you use for the toms?and what sound module?Thanks
Eddie F430
I'd love it
Sudeep Antony
Freaking Awsome
said it once and I'll say it again Sick As FUCK!!
eliott lipscombe
I'd hate to live next to this guy....
Angel Baez
I would never get tired of this video!
Cannibal Christ
@hhertherthrt i didnt fucking steal, nor can i not play. I've played drums and guitar for 11 years. the fact that you took a non-insulting comment so seriously over the internet is rediculous. dont even bother replying, I'm not wasting my time arguing with some insecure idiot on youtube.
Cannibal Band
It's not an opinion, you need to fucking learn how to spell bass. it's a fact.
Cannibal Band
learn to spell bass first... lol
Alexander Walker
Worst drum tone ever.
Thatdrummerguy McGee
I want ur kit!!!!!!!
You dont need mics to trigger. Educate yourself before you flap your jib.
he is currently the drummer for Decrepit Birth
Jorge Yan
you forgot level asian.
See this is when Abigail Williams had more element into them, more creativity, and more... well samus
watch this video if you still dont understand p4NQO5gofrg
I just told you. A mic outputs the sound coming into the mic. A trigger outputs a 'click' sound. Mic's CAN be used to with a sound module (either a physical item or a computer application) but he doesn't have mics on here, just triggers. You're getting confused with the difference between the word 'triggered' and an actual trigger. Search drum trigger in google.
nah brah, mics and triggers are both different things. triggers just output a 'click' sound and are connected to a sample module or computer. maybe they are mics on there but they look like triggers, and we can only hear samples.
yeah, no mics, just triggers on there
Andre Forero
yeah, i know pearl is the only one that makes square racks. i have 2 bass drums and a 3 sided gibralter rack and its so hard for me to get things set uo the way i want it.
Drumrack would be the word, looks a lot like a rack Pearl makes, although I don't see any company badges.
Andre Forero
anyone know the name of the cage he is using? I've been trying to find it, i know its pearl?
Siggy Sigmon
he's actually from the future, went back in time to when drums were invented said "i got this" and has been playing ever since
dude.. u make me love drums . + 100 likes !
jesus christ.... i cant imagine who you look up to
And where is Asian level :D