Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

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Liz Dragon
It is so weird to see Andy rap after watching Brooklyin Nine Nine😂😂
I'm a Jack Sparrow cosplayer and i just really need this song when i enter a convention.
Michael Bolton seriously needs to release his own version of this where he just sings about random movies
Awsamazing Eden
Still better than the 4th and 5th movies.
Blair Mettam
I have a newfound respect for Michael Bolton now
Many years later, I still think Michael Bolton looks exactly how I imagine Linus's dad from Linus Tech Tips would look like...
Malo Fit
Anyone else watching this in November 2018? #LoveOldSongs
“Now back to the good part” ~True fact
I listen to this a lot lol....i commented on this 6 years ago, 3 years ago, and today. See you guys in 3 years again if im not dead.
StraightUp 4583
I was born in the right generation
*Jack Sparrow (feat. thelonelyisland) XD
We need a kickstarter for a Scarface remake starring Michael Bolton.
STILL my favorite of them all. Who's still watching in 2018?!😁😁😁
"Jack Sparrow" (feat. Michael Bolton) [Secretary:] Guys, Michael Bolton is here [The Lonely Island:] Oh Great, send him in. [Michael Bolton:] Hey guys. [The Lonely Island:] Hey, hi, thanks for coming [Michael Bolton:] Sorry I'm late, I got caught up watching a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Have you seen those things? [The Lonely Island:] Oh yeah, yeah, those are, those are great. [Michael Bolton:] Well, I checked out the track and I loved it. And I wrote you this big sexy hook I think you're gonna really dig. [The Lonely Island:] Oh wow that's great, awesome. Should we just lay it down? [Michael Bolton:] Boys, let's get to it. (Here we go.) Ungh, Lonely Island, Michael Bolton {Yeaaahh!} (The night starts now) Together on the track, the boys are back (The night starts now) Night starts now baby roll with us, chicks are snapping at the neck when we rollin' up. {Rollin' up} Blow through the doors ain't no holdin' up {Yeah} Black card at the bar like I gives a fuck. {Come on} Ladies shifty eyed when we walk into the set, fuck the fellas looking jealous play the back and get wet {Yeah yeah} Three pound in my waist, shank in my sock, you either get cut, get stuffed or get shot. {This is the tale of captain Jack Sparrow, pirate so brave on the seven seas} What? {A mystical quest to the Isle of Tortuga, raven locks sway on the ocean's breeze} Yeah that was kinda weird, but we're back in the club Buying up the bar so the groupies show us love {Kiera Knightley} Motherfucking ice-man, I'm the top gunner Heater on blast, I'm the number one stunner {Jack Sparrow} Watch it girl cause I ain't your "Mr. Nice Guy", More like the "meet ya take you home and fuck you twice guy" {Yeah Yeah!} All dressed up with nowhere to run, And now I make you feel crazy with the- {Now back to the good part From the day he was born, he yearned for adventure} (No!) {Old captain Jack giving them what for. He's the pauper of the surf} (Uh huh) {The Jester of Tortuga} (Oh God) {But in Davy Jones' locker what lies in store?} (Yeah, we've seen the movie) Put your hands in the air and say hell yeah, come on {Captain Jack} What? {Johnny Depp} No From the front to the back say we count stacks come on {Davy Jones} Nope {Giant Squid} Wrong Michael Bolton we're really gonna need you to focus up {Roger that let me try it with another film} Wait- {Life is a box of chocolates and my name is Forrest Gump} (Not better) {Though I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, I give jenny all my love} (Come on!) {Ok then I'm a legal aid, Erin Brockovich is my name} (Nooo, God) {Then you can call me scarface, snortin' mountains of cocaine} (Close enough) {You cockroaches wanna play rough? Okay, I'm reloaded} {This is the tale of Tony Montana} (This is the tale) {Cubano flame, with the Miami nuts} (Take it home!) {Got a basehead wife, but her womb is polluted this whole town's a pussy, just waiting to get fucked! (Just waiting to get fucked!)} Ooookay, turns out Michael Bolton is a major cinephile {You complete me!} (Yup, yeah, ok...?)
lol Michael Bolton actually isn't half bad at doing an Al Pacino impression
Mayer Yedid
Bolton looks great as Scarface. And he was right, the hook for this song is great
Jeremy Boateng
Who else watched YT Rewind 2018 and rewatched all the old rewind and ended up here from the 2011 rewind?
Xander Lowe
I've (obviously) never met him, but Michael Bolton seems like a legitimately nice guy to be around. The amount of parodies of his own persona he has taken part of really says something about someone of his standing.
Mad Death
Captain Jack Johnny Depp Davey Johns Giant squid😂
Hikaru Blaze
I cannot believe that until yesterday I was completely unaware of the epicness that is this song! Saw the Lip Sync Battle with Michael Bolton and Pete Davidson and was just blown away!
Ghost Lee
this was the song that made me watch the pirates of the Caribbean movies
It makes me sad that The Lonely Island songs aren’t on Brooklyn Nine Nine
Stefan Larsen
andy sambergs "not better"
Nathaniel Horn
So like, is it me or is Michael rocking that pirate look?
Nick Wright
I've never been a fan of Michael Bolton but hes wicked in this
David Magann
“Infinity War is the greatest crossover of all time.”
Lonely Gaming
It’s 2018 and it’s still good
Every time he does the Forrest Gump thing I can’t control my laughter
RedHood 759
Is it weird that this made wanna rewatch all the PotC movies?
Ronri Samurai
I laughed at "her womb is so polluted".
Well then...Michael Bolton is now 1000% cooler. This all but makes up for hearing “how am I supposed to live without you” on the radio 10 times a day when I was a kid...I guess what they say is right. Time heals all wounds, no matter how gruesome and disfiguring Great job, boys
Estella979 Bianchi
I was never a fan of MB but this made me love him- huge respect to him for happily taking the piss out of himself Love it!!🤣🤣
Wayne Filkins
When he says "back to the good part" he totally read my mind :D
Michael Bolton and Lonely Island really _went the distance_ with this track. Honestly, why they didn't use this as the theme song for the _Pirates of the Caribbean_ movie is beyond me? XD
Heyo! Who's still watching this in 2018, September the 13th 00:35:42 UTC+2?!?!
Alfred C
“Peralta, I didn’t know you had musical talent. I must say I’m impressed”
Penny Lenoy
who's watching in 2018 I Am watching from great palm island
I just think it's funny that he says he wrote them a big sexy 'hook', and it's about pirates
Nick G
The makeup on Bolton is something else.
Christopher Ramsey
*33 thousand likes from people who’ve only seen the fourth one.*
Jasmine Powell
How did I ever forget such a masterpiece 😭
Socratic Dialogue
when MB says.."Now back to the good part.." ROLF!!
Michael Bolton's parts need to be actual songs.....
So here's the good part xD This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate so brave on the seven seas A mystical quest to the isle of Tortuga Raven locks sway on the ocean's breeze (Keira Knightley!) (Jack Sparrow!) From the day he was born He yearned for adventure Old Captain Jack Giving them what for He's the pauper of the surf The jester of Tortuga But is Davy Jones' locker What lies in store? Captain Jack Johnny Depp Davy Jones Giant squid - Michael Bolton we're really gonna need you to focus up - Roger that let me try it with another film Life is a box of chocolates and my name is Forrest Gump Though I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed I give Jenny all my love Okay, then I'm a legal aid Erin Brockovich is my name Then you can call me Scarface Snortin' mountains of cocaine You cockroaches wanna play rough? Okay, I'm reloaded! Ha ha! This is the tale of Tony Montana Cubano flame with the Miami nuts Got a basehead wife But her womb is polluted This whole town's a pussy Just waiting to get fucked Just waiting to get fucked! You complete me
Doug Judy and Jake Peralta should make a song in Brooklyn Nine Nine 😂
Michael Bolton looks like an older Linus tech tips
Matthew Peterkin
The most famous and funny music video and most creative of art and it's hard to believe Michael Bolton is with the lonely island but I really really love it
Michael Bolton is a legend 😂
Rocky Y
My boy Micheal Bolton!!!!!!!!
Luis Castillo
Bea Green
I can't stop watching! Michael's voice is amazing in this
Very detailed with the B in the background for Bolton while scarface scene 😂
The Country _01
Michael Bolton- “now back to the good part”. He sure as hell ain’t wrong
Ryan Hodros
Scarface the Musical starring Michael Bolton as Tony Montana.
Tom H.
I have never had more respect for Michael Bolton than after watching this video. Fist bump Mr. Bolton, I never knew you could be this awesome.
Butters Scotch
190mil of these views are from me
an Italian fan of Hollywood Vanpires
1:38 no broh.... 2:00 come on!!Don't touch me my Johnny Depp...thankspleasebye!😊🔫
Jesi Frostwhisper
I am here only for the GOOD PART :P
Joshua Ford
Even though he's an older guy Micheal Bolton is a very handsome man. Edit: Also his parts in the song are my favourites, I watched this over and over again just to hear him sing lol
Matthew Rage
Michael Bolton can sing his fucking heart out, much respect!
Now back to the good part!
I suspect Lonely Island will never beat this video....... It's just epic
Aunt Jennys Beads
I love this! Thanks Michael Bolton and Lonely Island for the fun!
Mitch Connor
it's been 6 years since i first seen this and it's still an every day jam -_-
Damn Skip Bayless got some pipes.
Karabo Masibi
I only noticed now when he says " you can call me Scareface, snorting mountains of cocaine " someone un the background says "close enough" 😂😂😂
Rechila Westsverver
Michael Bolton as Forrest Gump= Ben Stiller interesting
Jordan Slaver
Michael Bolton dressed as Erin Brokovich is the most terrifying thing I've ever seen
BinPassivDuÄhhh _
The badest part is at 3:17
WTF??? This is Michael Bolton?????
Kyurem Bael
This is the tale of Monkey D. Luffy Pirate so great In the New World A mystical quest To the island of Raftel
Sam Smith
This song has high production value.
Now back to the g0:00d part
Is it only me that thought he said " I checked out the track" and not " I listened to your track"?
Aron Singh
It's weird to think 33k people decided to listen to this song on mute... I'll never understand some people.
Nico Canelli
I guess Michael Bolton is on Crack or something.
Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes
Ok then I'm a legal aid, Erin Brockoivic is my name > *Oh God* Then you can call me Scarface, snorting mountains of cocaine > Close enough...
Gre3n Eclips3
*Now back to the good part!*
Joseph Fierro
Back when youtube had good funny entertaining content
Barb Peterson
michael bolton, we're really gonna need you to focus up!
Joshua Doll
1:47 If you look closely, you'll see that he's using a fake bird
Doc - BoM - Historicus
M.B would be so perfect as Tony Montana...
This Yellow Face
made a rap song about Jack Sparrow *like a boss*
Wretched Slippage
This would be such a good power metal song.
Chris And Amanda
This officially made Michael Bolton cool.
Petro Kutkovskyi
"Now back to the good part" Killed me.
Michael, you are welcome to interrupt some more.
Karen Pepin
I know this has been out a long time, but I still love this vid. This rocks! (Michael Bolton is my hero.)
Corsair Carl
Accurate depiction of me injecting pirate trivia into normal conversations
Pippy Domar
Bolton was awesome.
Tha Original Taitt
has anybody noticed how good bolten sounds in a rap
Anyone else watching this in December 2021?
All I see is Jake Peralta going undercover into a nightclub and his partner keeps ruining it. XD
Michael is a legend
pineapple studios
Bro can't believe jake prultas going prison with rosa Diaz my two faverioute characters i didn't think this would happen💔💔 that stupid person!! Hopefully the 99 will get them out and tell everyone they didn't to it
Who do I have to pay to get Michael Bolton to do a full song of Jack Sparrow like that....
Jason Adkins
Ok, Listen to Three Hammers by Dragon Force at 1:45 when it gets to the chorus...it sounds the same as the Bolton parts!!!
Anyone else still watching this in 2034?
Anwar Alattal
the seagull scene kills me everytime 😂😂😂
Κατερίνα Μ.
Captain Jack Johnny Depp!!!!!!!!! ;)