65+ Being old in rural Japan

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Pia Kieninger and Isabelle Prochaska-Meyer are scientists. In an empirical study “Aged communities and active ageing - A case study of rural villages in the Japanese Alps” (funded by the OeNB, JSPS, OeAD, DIJ and ÖFG) they investigated the daily life of elderly in rural Japan and spend thereto 4 months on site (2013 and 2014). The documentary is an outcome of the research (funded by TIFO). Short Synopsis: Demographic change - ageing of society and depopulation of peripheral regions - is affecting many industrialized countries. Japan, with a proportion of currently 25 % elderly of 65 years and/or older, is in this regard a forerunner worldwide. Based on the ethnographic research project „Aged communities and active ageing - A case study of rural villages in the Japanese Alps”, conducted by scientists from the University of Vienna, this documentary focuses on the daily life and challenges in three overaged villages in the Japanese Alps. The story portraits two single-living seniors: the 84-year-old Shimako, a former farmer wife, with a husky deep voice, who still grows vegetables. She regularly meets her neighbors for tea chats and joins the village choir and gymnastics course. Her biggest passion however is gateball, a very popular senior team-sport in Japan, similar to croquet. And there is the 93-year-old Genichi, the oldest man in his village with driving license, who hates sport but loves composing short poems (tanka) on daily events. As he enjoys his freedom in old age, deciding for himself when to get up and when to work, he refuses to live with his son´s family. Also he still cultivates his agricultural field for self-subsistence. In between the portraits, the narrator introduces general information about the current situation of rural life in Japan and of the three municipalities, regarding local supply, mobility, welfare and communal activities. ____________ Film details: Country of production / coproduction: Austria Original Title: 65+ Alt sein im ländlichen Japan English Title: 65+ Being old in rural Japan Language: German (narrator) and Japanese Subtitle: English Year of production: 2014 Runtime: 35:08 Colour: Colour Shooting Format: HD, Stereo Camera: Panasonic HC-V757 & Canon EOS 70D Frame Rate: 25p Aspect ratio: 18:9 Original format: AVCHD Video Signal: PAL Sound: Stereo Film type: Documentary Cutting program: Adobe Premiere CC ____________ Directors: Pia Regina Kieninger and Isabelle Prochaska-Meyer Editing: Stefan Nutz Narrator: Andreas Danzer Music: Chika Okabe ____________ Public/Festival Screenings: 07. Austrian Independent Film Festival, (25.–30.09.2015) 05. European Science Film Festival, Vienna, Austria (04.–06.12.2015) Japanorama, University Vienna, Austria (09.03.2016)

Sebastian Dangerfield
Very nice. I hope that Japan never implements multiculturalism and mass immigration from the third world. If they do, the trust and sense of community in such villages will be destroyed.
Mrs. N IN Japan
We live in rural Japan and love it! Gardening , poetry, photography, wonderful meals with friends...
Sierra Arts & Media
Wait wait wait.... the villages actually have theme music??? Cool!
Lucas Pierre
Very good documentary! Old folks should live like this not in care homes where they become weaker each day.
Jemima Kaneko
My Obaachan (grandmother) lives in chiba prefecture, which is just an hour from tokyo by train. she's in her mid 70's and has been part of a calligraphy and tea club, which she goes to a couple of times a week. She knows many people in the area and has many friends, keeping her busy and not feeling bored or isolated. The rest of the time she's busy listening to the radio and sewing and repairing Kimono's at a cheap rate, which is something she has done to have her own money as she was a typical japanese house wife. It's nice to see that there's many things to do for old people there. Lots of classes and clubs to join and feeling part of a community. Friends call up on each other, and there's the usual girly gossip. My grandmothers neighbour's 2 granddaughters even come round to play all the time. She has seen them grow up over the years which is really sweet. My ojiichan (grandfather), who is in his 80's on the other hand is a bit of a recluse. :') On the other hand, I also noticed that Japan has a massive market for old people homes. you see it in tv commercials and everywhere. It's hard to miss. so, perhaps there's many people who don't experience the same sense of community and independence, and end up residing in old people homes alone. It was a bit eerie, but i remember going to the hospital one summer as my grandfather got a bit ill, and all i could see in each hospital room and ward, was old people. the only 'young' people i saw were the nurses. pretty spooky, and most of them were alone. I know japan has a strong work ethic, but i feel this takes away from the once strong emphasis on family. The people who control this world tear apart everything and seek to profit from that. it's very sad.
Faux Manchu
What's remarkable about the elderly in Japan is that they look young for their age, they voices are not frail and fading and their movements are still agile. I'm Asian ( not Japanese) and my brother- in-law comes from an island also renowned for their stamina and longevity. My brother-in-law is 65, looks half his age and is not greying. When he was young, he could work 3-4 days and get by on a few hours sleep when very busy. His mother would hike in the hills at age 85 unaided. My friends from that island are known for their endurance and work 16 hour days without dropping. We joke that it must be all that fish they eat freshly caught each day, with fruits and vegetables from their garden. Very little or no processed food is eaten, sugar rarely. My mother is 93 and still living independently.
Danielle Nepinak
so lush and beautiful one day I hope to retire in some Japanese village and just enjoy nature
Ou Ye
This dude does not look like he is 93
1Ronin 187
I prefer this over the nursing home. More peaceful way!
November Witch
And not a fat person among them...
Angel Summers
Lovely. The 93yr old gentleman looks like a 70yr old. Wow👍🏾
Gustavo Barrera
lol at 15:00 so its like an ice cream truck for the elderly? this is amazing how can I go live with all these nice old people and work in a farm under the sun?
Sathiesh Narasimhan
These elders are soo cute. They had seen a lot with the number of years on earth and I have great respect for them for simply having gone through life.
Landon Kromhout
I was in Japan. I just love the people there. They work quite hard and never complain. The land is so beautiful but has many earthquakes. I also love their culture. Mostly everyone has a beautiful small garden.
Takuya Yamamoto
im japanese, 63yrs old. i could join them after 2yrs if i have land. now i ended up japan , and live in Thailand.now i dont want to go back except an appetite of eating sushi in Japan, now i love Thailand. my good wife is thai and i live in her house,that is in country side of Thailand. i have three babies with her but they dont want to come over here. they are in hard warking time to eat. Thank you.
Regev Porat
Great people, inspiring documentary – domo arigato.
Allen Wu
84 and drive a manual truck,that's impressive.
Michael G
The sheer cleanliness of the rural area amazes me.
Prakash Dhakal
Japan is best frn of Nepal I like Japan and I respect Japanese people
Hm Jeong
Thank you for compliment I learned how to use iPad and PC 2011 from children & grandchildren, now try learning We chat .
Karl .H
People who live in rural areas tend to live longer than city dwellers. Aging population is also a big problem in most developed countries specially in europe. There are even entire towns in Spain and Italy with no young people or villages with no more than 100 people..
Very interesting! It should be shown to the elders in my country : )
Excellent, moving documentary. Thanks for posting.
Niranjoy Meitei
japan is my favourite destination .one day i will visit Japan.
Stephanie Murray
Those who decide how old people should live and Young and arrogant and never imagine that they will one day be old and frail ,,, such is the irony of life ,,,
I loved this so much - thank you!  The Japanese are so lovely and inspiring.
Pamela Gibbs
Such sweet people... the younger generation could learn so much from these hard working elderly men and women... I'm afraid for the American and Canadian kids. Our very entitled babies will be helpless ❤️
Nice documentary. Thank you very much for sharing.
When I say that I want to live in Japan people always think that I'm talking about Tokyo hahahah
Art Sky
If only our Asian heritage is not influenced by western fast foods, I think we will die beautiful as we get older. There are plenty of Asian foods controlled by the west where sushi and noodles are considered junks and yet why we look thin with so many rice.
Mezbahur Rahman
Excellent documentary.
Richard Neal
surprised they don't use a smaller community mini bus to help the elderly get around like they do in most western nations.
P Martin
It's too bad societies don't use seniors to teach. Teach young girls cooking and child care. Teaching young men to work with their hands, building , repairs. Shame to see them sitting around a community center bored.
Michael H
It's so sad to be observing the end of a lifestyle.
Jem Gawongna
The place is so peaceful and orderly conducive for the elderly. My Chinese roomie says so many bad things about the Japanese but I always see the opposite...
Kat Isme
The ladies...even when they age, look at their facial skins...still youthful and glowing. Their good diets...I envy.
Elaine Evans
happy to have seen this video Freedom is better than incarceration in a senior care facility. Vancouver B.C. is beautiful , but it can be lonely if you neglect to put effort into a social life. people in video make an effort . i will try to be more like these people ,they are a good influence. thank you for sharing your story and this great video.
93 years old and still driving a car.. even I never imagine can do that at that age. wowwwww
Liz Villanueva
Great job! More documentaries like this to educate the next generation. I thank you for giving importance to the elderly. Most people forget them.
Melanie Tabaculde
because Japanese are industrious people. So we see even old age people are productive
micselaneous wickedwitch
Interesting, thought provoking and beautiful photography , thank you so much . It would be brilliant to take this idea of small communities for the elderly to other countries and see how it compares to the appalling " old peoples homes " in parts of Europe where old people have to get up early , sit in chairs against the walls with the television on a channel all day and , like children, be forced to go to bed early in order to save money on staffing costs .
Charlotte Schreffler
Boy the Japanese people are amazing😂 I am 72 almost 73 in May13, I am on a cane, my left leg is bad now. I walked like they do now when I was in my 60's. lol. I Oriental people are strong and amazing. Thank you for the video. Charlotte
It looks nice and quiet there, it must be peaceful with nice sunsets. why is everyone in this film acting like it rare to see a old person drive? most of these old people probably built these towns back in the day, Smh
Sok Har Chia
live have to go on even the children have to leave them to work in the cities. old folk are always stay back and care the farm and land. we call this is life,
Ray Nv
omg a video about japan in german??? aka the two languages I'm currently learning together?? I'm so happy
sica h
wonderful to watch, of course there are problems but the people seem relaxed and friendly, wish thus was happening in the west, and not just locking old people in care homes or abusing them but making them an active part of the community
Steven Kok
Beauty of Japan.
that music in the beginning..
Christian Claros
I want to live here.
I'm sort of surprised by the use of English on the signage in the grocery store in an area this remote.
Only The Truth
Lucky for them these Japanese people don't live in Canada because if they did everyone would be trying to rip them off with various financial schemes, especially if they were indigenous people.
old in america. nothing like this..
Snow Angel
Places like this make life more sensible and naturally healthy.
74 in 🇺🇸 I shop online for groceries, and virtual travel now.
Japanese people are great.
Kenneth Blair
Incredible! They are simply incredible. My sedentary life has got go. It is a shame I spend som much time sitting behind my computer for work and leisure. Living in a city because of work and not exercising and eating much boxed or prepared food has really robbed my good health. I envy them and thing I would like to change some bad habit so I can enjoy old age.
Trabajos en la usa Y mas
what a difference from usa, here in usa we have thousands of lazy young people who live on goverment projects who does not work lazy bastards that are supported from the taxes that people who work hard pay,,,
Diane Cavallero
wow... loved this. It makes me wish i had grown up there.. as a person that is ageing (57) and not physically in great shape, isolated even tho i live in a large town in the UK, i envy the sense of community i saw here, the level of physical activity of these folks, their physical state at their age! But mostly i loved their independence. xx great film!
Joseph Smith
I been to Japan few times. This brings back so much memories. Oh the vending machines in every 100 meters!
A neighbour of mine is 100 and she still drives.
Mark & Emy Shibukawa
Mr. Genichi reminds me of my dad. He died at 83, but he didn't start greying until 80! They eat better than we do. And are more physical.
Hm Jeong
I am 87.5 I do feel old and look it.
Abdul Mirzazada
i love japanes People i love the way the live
Dave V
My mother-in-law is 82, lived in rural Japan all her life. A healthy life - out in the fields gardening, visiting friends, taking the dog for a walk. In much better health than most 82- year olds here in N. America.
Elaine Evans
convinced that this is such a great video it will turn that wonderful wee town into an international tourist destination.
awesome documentary with English subtitles
Patricia Sorensen
Wow - safe, clean, surrounded by nature. I would like to grow old in rural Japan ;)
D Kue
I hope I'm as active when I am 65+.
A very informative documentary on active ageing and the importance of community sharing.
I'm dying of love. I have this huge appretiation for elderly anyway but there is something spiritual and special about the eldery in Japan that warms my heart. I wish I'm that healthy and happy with their age.
michael junior
This a common observation across the globe... Parents send their children to universities in the metropolis, for them to become more educated or professional... and most or if not all of them, will not return to their birthplace..
he has no glasses...great vision
Ali A
I am Iranian and love Japan since we grew up with their movies and cartoons. Hope to see this nice country anytime soon.
Aleksander Nikanorov
great documentary!
Veronica Hee Chung
I have learned how to be old and remain active. I have much to be grateful for this Japanese video of the life of the senior citizen of Japan.Thank you.
blabla hola
laugh of old people has a story in it.just beautiful documentary
Martin Sorensen
Beautiful nature and wonderful people, it´s like that in most rural areas everywhere. Big cities = no nature and arrogance. I am happy I live in a rural area too in my country. I hope to visit rural Japan someday, I would love to take a hike in those beautiful forests and hills.
Erik Alves
Amazing. The people look really happy and health. Simple style of live is much more calm and connected with nature.
I really enjoyed this video, it reminded me of my Japanese in-laws that lived in rural Japan. Fresh food, hard work and sense of duty. Excellent video 5*****
Burning Rabbit
Nagano Prefecture Omachi City is a place very rich in nature at the foot of Kurobe Dam. There are lots of snow and lots of snow in winter, but summer is very easy to spend You can live without air conditioning.
Mike Marley
65 is not old .Who says 65 is old?
hugh wood
I accept everything which is favorable for these people and for myself. I wish to live the rest of my retirement as they do.
Lina Fumar
The place is beautiful and serene. If it is located here in the Philippines, many will buy a small property to live in during retirement. I myself when I retire I want to do farming. I believe engaging your self in nature can be nurturing to tiring and aging body and mind.
Y Liberal
Wow, they are wonderful people for their ages. Great place!!!
cooler Typ
Sehr interessante Studie ! Wunderschön sieht es dort aus.
highly salute to Japanese people More power and God bless. Thank you also to the people took up this documentaries episode very informative.
Jaja Tala
Everybody ageing gracefully and healthy.....enviable skin....fresh air...peaceful rural life....biological food....This is the good life!!!
Dead Fish in Dirt
I don't know why scientists spend millions of dollars and millions of man hours researching longevity, they could just come to YouTube comments, everyone in the comments has apparently cracked the code.
japan is a good country to live in, everything is organised and peeps r hospitable, this is a nice video,,,,
lovely, hardworking people
Butterfly Roses
such a lovely elders..they are old but have happy and have a wonderfull heart, content with their own peacefull life.
David Boson
you can run you can hide, you can live in the mountains, you can grow old - but you can not escape the coke a cola invasion!!!
sehr schöne doku! würde gerne eine 3 stunden version davon sehen
roast beef
there’s something strange about watching a documentary about a facet of a country’s culture in a language that isn’t yours or the country in question’s. It’s like a convergence of cultures coming together to teach you something and understand others
sm k
The biggest problem of old age is loneliness. Sad that modern societies around the world doesn't address this issue. The solution for old age loneliness is companionship with life partner and children. Almost all old age people shown in this video are lonely. Its time that modern societies around the world looked at the cost if this rapid development, which does not allow for a little space for the old people to live with their loved ones.
yayanm 1k
Great documentary, thanks for sharing it 🤓👍
emos laphoukhio
I'm not Japanese, in my early 30s and still get asked for ID. always piss me off when I get refused but this document  made me good to look younger then usual.  Would love to live in that kind of environment  when I retired. A very encouraging document.
Hey!!! Coca Cola machine!!!!
I rather enjoyed watching this. I'm certain the fact that I'm pushing 51 has nothing to do with it ;-)