Hello beautiful, curious people! Welcome to/back to my channel! I'm back with a new video on my beloved city of Bristol. I talk you through the places you MUST see & places I wish I knew before coming to Bristol! I've been here for 2 years now, and I'd LIKE to think I know Bristol inside and out... Whether you're a fresher starting out, or you're coming for a visit, I hope you found this guide useful! MORE EPISODES coming soon x ►All the places mentioned in this video is summarised in my blog post! /> Like & Subscribe! ►LET'S BE FRIENDS ON (*.*) Instagram: />(*.*) Twitter: @_curiositi (*.*) Snapchat: _curiositi (*.*) Blog: Map inspired by: /> Filmed on: Canon G7x Mark ii Edited on: Final Cut Pro x

Noore Farag
Oh my goodness you don't know how much you've helped by making this video! It's so comprehensive and shows us all the information we wouldn't otherwise be able to find from the university website, and somehow you made the city look absolutely beautiful <3 I was so anxious all summer because having to choose a university is so stressful for junior me, and living space and environment is so important to me and my success. Your video is so raw yet edited in a way that's SO helpful (and I LOVED the map you made! Honestly! It's kinda Casey Neistat ish hehe) I'm so glad you're turning this into a series. I'll be following along every single video. Even from just this video, I'm pretty confident about applying to Bristol now. Seriously, you don't know how much this video helped my indecisive ass. Lol. You deserve so much more recognition. I'm rooting for you!!
caitlin kinney
wow im so excited for this?? im thinking about going to bristol for uni so this is amazing! xx
Barbora H
So nice!! Can't wait to go to Bristol in September
My uni town 💜Love you forever, Bristol.
Yanwen Mou
Amazing video! I going to UoB from China this month and this is probably the most helpful & exciting video of the city. Thanks a lot.
Suthinee Oranjakrin
This is such a great introduction to Bristol and nice music too! I'll be spending my time there next month. Your vid make me become more excited!! :))
I am thinking of putting Bristol Uni down as one of my uni choices and this helped, thanks!
danila sahaja
Miss Bristol so much...thx for making this video...take me back to Bristol please...anyone?
Virtue –all virtue–is knowledge.
Awesome. Miss U BRISTOL
Yen Ning
this video is sooo helpful!! thank youuu!
Toni tg.
amazing video,makes me wanna go there !
I appreciate your efforts.
Lanie Lannister
So glad I came across this! I’m a student from America thinking about studying abroad in Bristol for a year, and it looks amazing! I feel pretty confident about applying here now 😊✨
Bekki Hoffman
Do you have a tracklist for the video 👌👌👌
Hillary Kylie
Your video has helped so much! I just got accepted by Bristol and I was so apprehensive on whether to go there. But after watching the video you’ve made, I feel so much more relieved xx
Ziyi Li
I really love your video!
Emma Randall
Love this video! Well done, it makes me love living in Bristol even more!
Martin Mitchell
Great video. I have an affection for Bristol that goes back many years. We used to holiday near Weston-Super-Mare and a visit to Bristol was always one of the highlights. It's a beautiful, well laid out, city with many interesting districts. When I was a child the famous shopping street was The Black Boy which ran down a quite steep hill. At the top was an old-style coffee shop with one of those rotating drums for the beans which shot out a wonderful magical aroma. I think the street was called Black Boy because of a statue at the top of it.
Nova Redmund
I should have watch this before i went to bristol 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rumflavored Bleach
don't forget the ket, top notch !
Alex Butler
what a great video
Mikel Arregi
thanks a lot, bristol is certainly a stunning city which i shall revisit soon.
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Made in Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?
Suzanna O.
hellloo im malaysian and currently considering going to bristol so this was really useful!! i would love to see more episodes :)
TehPeaceMaker 00
I’m thinking of study abroad here, This was helpful
Love the filming and editing! Would u recommend living in the student dorms or nearby houses? Somewhere with pet friendly accommodation
DD Magical
Loved your video , thank you .
Sorfina Hassan
Amazing video!!
Fatima Camp
This is such a good video! So excited to start uni there this September eeek
sarah stephenson
thanx for making this!! it made me super excited to study law here nxt year :-)
Mariano San Roman
Nice music! ;)
Would have wanted more on UWE
Really good video helps loads.
_UnderscorE_ _GaminG_
reminds me of Casey Neistat lol.
danila sahaja
wow im sold
Lucy Mate
It’s a shame she didn’t add any of the UWE sites and places to go. For an area so full of art it’s really relevant to us art students as well and while our buildings are not as grand the Bristol university are still great places to go and see shows and galleries which are open to the public.
Cristina Quintero
Very interesting!
Phoebe LONG
THIS is a wonderful video! I'll go to Bristol this year to start my postgraduate life~ I hope Bristol will surprise me .
Bristol TV
Love it. We'd love to show this on Bristol TV on our regular segment showcasing great local videos from social media. Would you be happy to let us broadcast this with a credit to you?