Taps (1981) with Timothy Hutton, Ronny Cox, George C. Scott Movie

Hutton is a leader of a group of military students who determine to fight in an armed revolt against authorities. They are eager to save their school, but an terrible accident occurs which leads to a tragedy.

Taps Timothy Hutton Ronny Cox George C. Scott Movie

How many army trucks this place has? At least 3.
Robert Crawford
What a weird story. I remember seeing this when it came out. And yeah, thanks for posting.
Mark Cannon
Thank you.
Heavily influenced, believe it or not, by the assorted St. Tritian's films.
John Wayne
why the small screen?
NICE upload Virginia, Saw this Cult F*cking Classic when it first premiered back in '81 at the RKO THEATRE on Fordham Road, Bronx NY...GOOD Memories!!!....GREAT FLICK!!!
Albert Mag
you sure as hell should be sorry about the small screen it totally blows chunks ....