Memories ft. Nucleya & Papon | Full Music Video

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Nucleya and Papon blend traditional Assamese lyrics and electronic music into a smooth confluence with Memories, a song inspired by Hampi’s ancient history and the voices of the past that bring alive passion in the present. Witness their LIVE TRUE voyage through the present and the past in serene Hampi in Episode 5 of The Dewarists ► /> #LiveTrue #TheDewarists #Dewars #TrueScotch Translation of the video: Screams from the past, still call out faintly ... Doors of my heart shivers and the chaos of the past try to surround me. Time changes attire but traces of familiarity remain. Everywhere you see there's a story inside, The present hides in the lap of the past. Through the veins, rush soothing melodies, streams into my heart, surrendering to calmness. Memories Produced by Composed - Papon & Nucleya Lyrics - Rajdweep & Papon Vocals - Papon Mixed & Mastered - Nucleya Subscribe to Dewar's India Here: ► /> Check out All the previous seasons of The Dewarists ►The Dewarists Season 1: />►The Dewarists Season 2: />►The Dewarists Season 3: />►The Dewarists Season 4: /> Don't forget to follow us on Facebook: /> Join in the conversation on Twitter: /> Make sure you're following us on SoundCloud: /> Follow us on Instagram:

Can we take a minute and appreciate the level of work that has been put in this video? Like damn! The stones turn into speakers! :O Now this is a new level for EDM in Bharat. Nucleya for the win! <3
Abhimanyu Roat
Like nucleya but love Papon
Priyanuj Saharia
Who is watching this in 2018?
Umang Jain
Now I'm gonna ask my Assamese friend to translate this whole thing for me..😂
Promo Gaming
you are indian skrillux Nucleya. best best best
Shuvam Upadhyay
Who heard it more than 100 times...
Rehmat Elahi
Im from PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 and i love NUCLEYA 😍
Ratul Maitra
Absolute brilliance.The language sounded somewhat familiar to me.Is it Assamese?amazing vocals 👌
Anish Sawant
i rolled a joint in assam
Anand Bajpai
PAPON is ASSAM(awesome)! ;)
Aakash Karnavat
Hampi 🔥
The Bongoli Boiz priyank Mandal
Papon forever
Jonakkk !
took a pill in guwahati
varun krishnan
Trippyyyyyy... Nucleya Da and Papon Da.. can anybody share the Assamese Lyrics of the Song???
BeezelBub CBR
borrhiya.....ekdom gulliiii
jai deva
176 people who dislikes the video are not from this planet
Draktim700 Das
awsm ...papon u jst killed it
Pankaj kaintura
I came here for the killing combination of Papon and Nuclea but the music video is even more insane than the artists.
how many likes for this duo?
Iftekhar Badhon
Anyone from Azaira Ltd 😛
Krishanu Baruah
paaapon rockss...
Shivam Malhotra
His music has that Desi touch what makes every Indian fall for his music whether he/she's a music enthusiast or not.
Rahul Singh
Assamese .... Luv it...
Vikash Kumar
if u have been to Hampi, then you'll find this song super tripy.. #trippin
Maitreyee Dutta
I have heard at NH7 ... Just Awesome ... Papon made Assam Rock with This Assamese words and Nucleya..
I-Nod -
forget Marshmello , boost your woofer here 👹
Sumedh Gaikwad
2 boys rock india #papon & #nucleaaaa...😘
Ripunjoy Sharma
awesome work papon da!!!
Metaphysical Rider Vlogs
Stones are flying? or ME? Lil Confused
Desley Wobs
I'm a simple man. I see Nucleya in The Dewarists dropping fire beats with Papon, I hit like.
Papon Da killed it! Nucleya, you never disappoint, awesome work borman!
The Technical Boy
how awesome are nucleya and papon oh god
ayushman buragohain
woho a great assamese song blast by Papon
sick combination brother. really enjoyed so hard on those mad beats.
tejas hegde
papon and Hampi.there ain't a better combo anywhere
Ruchika Arora
my neighbours loved this song so much that they threw a stone on my window to hear this better beat this ;)
Trideep Nath
papon da.. biggest fan.. tamam dise eitu gaanot.. hillon mane
Navanil Koley
awesome presentation... thanks to Papon And Nucleya
Djoy Sardar
I love your music Bro. favorite Take me there
Axomiah Dekah
I've been listening this track since it published. . love it # awesome .. thanks nucleya.. n papon da tamam lagise. .
sunil basumatary
First Assamese edm song I have seen
Rupanjal Parasar
Ritom Puzari
amazing song!!! 🙌🙌🙌 mja papon da
sunil wagh
I'm Maharashtrian and don't understand lyrics but this song makes feel lively ❤
Debarshi Das Like Videos
Such a good melody
Anindita Hazarika
the video editing mindblowing evry non doper can visualize how one feels wen one is stoned😈 Papon da luv u always❤❤
Juned Shaikh
I love u nuclay and papon
Jyotirmoy Alayman
This Song is ❤ Papon Da is awesome ❤
dusky 155
papon n nucleya..superb combination of music of the present gen. loved it. JOI AI AXOM
The only music video I love of India
Aniket Debnath
two very distant music forms come together.. nucleya had great mixing.. and Papon as awesome as usual
Anupam Gogoi
its a Assamese trap mix. Nice work.
Aayush Jadhav
nucleya's best collab
Arafat Hossain
Who came after The Ajaira Ltd video 😍😍✌️✌️
1:33 damn man my sub-woofer was blown up :v
zaid shaikh
amazing vocals and graphics
Debjyoti Adhikary
AAWWWEESSOOMME!! NUCLEYA's music with PAPON's voice!!!
baba never listened anything better than this ...... plus the assamese mixing is undefyingly awesome....... @nucleya nailed it........ mind bobbling drops and syncs
Bhaskar jyoti Bhuyan
Amazing... Assamese + EDM <3 loved it...
Panash Sunil
thank u papon n nucleya for the you guys
Wants more song like this from papon and nucleya.... Heavy music
Ishan Alfred
papon's singing was good.. but nucleya sucked..
Devesh Tiwari
The legends are true!! Hail! Nucleus&Papon 😍😍
Chinmoy Das
S kumar
great song. I would request to nucleya to make this kind of song in Oriya language.
Huma's world
Energetic!!!! Love this song! Papon, Papon, Papon
Chinmoy Das
wow.. awesome PAPON DA nd NUCLEYA u r the SKRILLEX of INDIA
Vikas Ram
I come here daily and sometimes multiple time in a single day to charge myself up Happy to hear you nucleya+papon..😁
Jatin ghai
Awesome Collab <> Bombaastic #PAPON #NUCLEYA
Sudarshan Kaushik
Papon Da'r Gaan huni Nucleya'r nixxxaa
Sudhanshu Aggarwal
Lyrics anyone please.. Killing the repeat button.. <3 #LiveTrue!
Kaushal Anchan
I didn't Understood Anything, but Still I'm love with This song!!! Hit Like Awesome 🎶🎧
Arindam Das
Papon Da...We want more songs like this from you...
Shivam Marwaha
Nucleya 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 rocks
nabadeep das
mojah papon da .,...this EDM definitely rocks \m/
Even though I don't understand Assamese, I'm in love with this song ❤. Great job Papon and Nucleya 😍🤘
Vadi Suresh
don't know the language but good music and graphics. like it
Joy Dwivedi
Ultimate #PaponDa & #Nucleya
Gaurav Medhi
Wonderful creation. Thank you #AngaragMahanta aka #Papon da for making our language more popular,and thank you #Nucleya for mixing this with your influence large number of people come to know about our language. #LongliveAssamese
Devnil Barborah
We are proud of nuceleya he is the best dj in india
Unison Riddim
his music is so simple yet so complex
Deboraj Borah
papon da always best ....
mrton Sensation
u guys nailed it..proud to be an INDian...JOI AI AXOM.
ravi Ranjan
india's answer to david guetta
Nekib Ahmed
One word "tamam".
best collab in d world
Dibya jyoti Rabha
papon and nucleya together rocks ✌👏👏 awesome trippy song 😍❤
Nabanita Barman
I love you so much papon
Kuldeep Sharma
1st Assamse EDM song Well done Papon Da. Proud of You ✌✌✌
Adiba Mahmud
Really this is xoss😍
shekhar khan
I came here after listening #dhoop
Abhiraj Borah
nice song
Dibbendu Koley
How the visuals are better than godly serials of Indian TVs
Mohit Takhtani
On repeat
Aayush Kalra
I am from Punjab and I don't understand even a single word from the lyrics but I've been listening this to on repeat all because of Papon voice and the magic of Nucleya. ❤️
Willy Not Wonka.
Addicted already and I didn't even know the meaning till I read it here !
nucleya gives goosebumps; always.
Trippy AF
john oo
who is the person with papon
Kartik Karmakar
Papon da rockss