Cloud Atlas - Official Trailer [HD]

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/> />In theaters October 26th. "Cloud Atlas" explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future.

One of the greatest movies ever made.
hugo holder
Great Movie, and yes, you do have to use your brain, but its more than that.... You have to open yourself emotionally to these characters, and let the story lines draw you in.
Naturally Gina
I just got the chills watching this trailer. I'm going to watch the movie right now. :)
one of the best movies You could watch in your short life..... I just cry when movies like this comes out.... proud for a while to be a human being
Its just insane that something like this exist. A perfect masterpiece.
I am just a designer. And I was lucky enough to have worked on this film right after school. To this day- there has been no other project that has topped Cloud Atlas. This film is beyond its time.
Some people prefer other styles than others. This! I do love. I've watched this movie like probably 6 to 7 times not sure lost count. Each time I see it l learn something new. These days a lot of people prefer watching transformers than watching this style. I say screw it. I enjoy this kind of movies, it's deep moving captivating in its own way. That I never get tired of it. It's amazing that's all I gotta say. And amazing movie and work the actors and crew worked upon.
Matt Nastasi
How this is not the most popular and award winning film in history is mind-boggling. A complete triumph.
I don't think liking or not liking some movie has much to do with someone's intelligence. People just happen to like different things, get over it. Personally I liked this movie very much, because of the idea behind it that everything is connected and even small actions of individuals can greatly influence the lives of other individuals in the future. Makes you thinks about the big picture of existence.
Edward Cahill
This movie was brave in that it dared to try something different and that in itself is worth commending. It isn't about a single explanation, but rather overarching morals and ideals that humanity has persisted in preserving overtime
3 years later and I'm still wishing, if only I can unwatch this movie just to watch it again for the first time... Such a braingasmic eyegasmic eargasmic emotional journey inside a dark cold theatre.
This is one of my favorite movies, seen it many times. To tell this epic story is nearly impossible and they pull it through! It has depth, it's intelligent and entangling. That this movie didn't even get nominated for any Oscars makes me think it's all political and I don't know where the negative comments come from - perhaps it's because it's a bit anti-capitalistic and flirts with buddhism. Anyway, this film is brilliant :)
The Media Store
i watched cloud atlas and thought it was a very ok movie, but the more i think about it the more i want to rewatch it again, this film has a strange effect on people, gonna pick up the dvd sometime
I don't care about the harsh critics of this film.. for me is a masterpiece... 10/10
Debbie Metke
I really didn't like it - until the end!  Then I cried and was very moved. Now I have to watch it again, though I kind of hate to.  SO weird.
Armand Hoxhallari
One of the best movies ever, if u havent watched it, go watch it and u wont see the world with the same eye!!!
Jesse Bond
I'm glad I saw the film before I saw the trailer. The trailer does no justice to the film, and it gives too much away, I feel.
Just rewatched this movie and it is wonderful.
Wow, I never imagined so many people watching and disliking the movie. Cinematographic-wise it is top-notch, the directors' work is flawless and its storyline has so many genres smoothly combined (Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance,...). It makes it impossible for me to understand why anybody would actually do the hater on this piece of art. However, two thoughts are making me feel better about this: 1. It doesn't exactly fall into the category "Brainless Cinema"  2. Great pieces are (almost) always received very controversially. For those judging from the trailer - go and watch it, you may fall in love with this one. And even if not, your time is not wasted either. Promise!
Best movie of the decade, no doubt. And also best soundtrack of the decade.
k7Lid Al
 one word "wow"
Made me cry...
this movie left a very strong impact on me, i thought about it for a very long time. 
my life was headed to one direction.
Victoria Hess
Philip Knudtson
My favorite thing about this movie is how it uses multiple storylines. Usually you only see that style used in novels. I think the fun of this movie is figuring out the puzzle and finding the meaning that all the stories share. I think that's a really refreshing way to make a movie. I think people didn't like Cloud Atlas more exactly because of the way it's story was told. It was very different and unexpected. I think that's a good thing, but apparently most people don't. If this was a more common and popular way to tell a story I think people would be more open to it.
David Caubergh
Hard to believe this stayed under my radar for so long. One of those absolute gems, with a compelling story. One of my favorites.
This movie was really good
i just love it. it is like nothing else
When I was watching it for the first time I wanted to turn it off after 60 minutes saying I wouldnt be able to stand this for another 2 hours. I didnt turn it off but it didnt have any impact on me. I have to admit I didnt get this movie for the first time. Couple of years later I convinced myself to watch it again and the picture got clearer. And now, I watch it on a monthly basis because I realized this movie is a masterpiece.
Random, yet ordered so well... Sad, yet so joyful and happy at the times... Mysterious, yet more revealing than you'd ever expect... A mess, but a marvelous one. You can go on and on about this movie and still there would be no end to it. Cause ending is just like death, and death is only a door.
sataporn treeratana
One of the best film
Marvie Nicole Uy
Only people who understands "Life" will love this movie. I was about to close the movie but it was recomended by a friend I know that has a beautiful perspective about life.. So, I decided to continue and finished it. It was.. The best movie I've watched. Really #mindblowing it was 12am and still didnt had sleep because of the feels.. It made me think.. really deep about life.. Really.. All those bad reviews are made by peoole with narrow minds. I put 100/10. Different lives, different situations but same decissions,.. Maaaaaaaaan...
It's beyond a movie, love from India...
Kevin Lindgren
Great movie that wasn't portrayed well in the trailer
Brad Welton
This is my All-Time favorite movie, it's simply amazing and it has a powerful message on every scene. But I hate when people ask me what's this movie about because it's really hard to explain on a way they can understand it, I normally suggest them to watch it.
I LOVE this movie
The reason why the movie isn't so popular isn't because of the movie itself, it is because of the trailer, at least I think so. The trailer doesn't say almost anything about the movie, it's just very random clips through out, not appealing at all. There have been so many disappointing movies these days that I can't be arsed to see the movie, if I don't get the idea of the movie from the trailer. 
Spirit Cinevideo Thailand
For me it is an absolute masterpiece! The more times you see it the better it gets. Amazing! So sad that so little people get it. Maybe because the subject matter of reincarnation does not fly in the west. But probably mostly because the form of story telling is not casual in this movie....and the audience has to make an effort....
Kevin Porter
a movie as beautiful as its trailer. simply wonderful
V I N D A N A වින්දන සී.වී
භව තරණය,ජර්මානු-ඇමරිකානු ඇසින්... The Cloud Atlas (2012) එක් ආත්මයක් මිනීමරුවෙකුගෙන් වීරයෙකු ලෙස හැඩගස්වා, අතීතයේ, වර්තමාන සහ අනාගතයේ දී එකිනෙකාගේ පෞද්ගලික ක්රියාකාරකම් එකිනෙකා කෙරෙහි බලපෑම් කරන ආකාරය සහ විප්ලවයක් ආස්වාදයක් ඇති කිරීමට සියවස් ගණනාවක් පුරා කරුණාව දක්වන ඔබේ ජීවන කථාව. The Cloud Atlas යනු 2012 ජර්මානු-ඇමරිකානු විද්යා ප්රබන්ධ චිත්රපටයක් වන The Wachowskis (the director of The Matrix-Series) සහ Tom Tikwer (the director of Perfume) විසින් රචනා කරන ලදී. ඩේවිඩ් මිචෙල්ගේම 2004 නවකතාව අනුව අනුවර්තනය කරන ලද මෙම චිත්රපටය විවිධ වෙනස් කථන හයක් පුරා සකසා ඇත. වෙලාව අරන් බලන්න වටින චිත්‍රපටයක්.... A Srilanka fan.
Mee soO
ahh, best story, phenomenal acting, perfect so far
Alyssa Barron
omg best movie. I had to think so much though. I don't think it was for everyone but it saws definitely for me. loved it. 
van kk
the movie shows exactly what life is all things that happen in our lives are connected to actions and decisions we've made in our past life and so on and on, it's called karma - an infinite vicious circle of life and death which we experience from thousands of years maybe billions, we have to break it so we can access higher levels of reality and awareness, that means you have to give the other cheek, and not fight back, cause absolutely everything bad that happens to you've done it in your past life to someone else, and life is a mirror it reflects our own actions on ourselves, as Einstein said "A human being is part of the whole called by us universe...." that means whatever you do on other people you do it on yourself because all matter is one consciousness experiencing itself, so there's no such thing as righteous killing, and vengeance is never right because you extend your karma circle, which can continue for an eternity, cause there's no such thing as time, it doesn't exist, the universe is infinite so it can never end, there's no time.
Simon Classe
More than 6 years after the release of this movie, i can't understand how i have never heard of it before today.
D.E. Sarcarean
This is one of the rare instances that a movie was far better than the book it was based on.
Making it the most expensive "independent film" of all time. Budget of ~102,000,000
Hazem Mohammad
movies like this pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Most of the people in the USA and other countries are so dumb they didn't like this beautiful movie they only want to see some mutant turtles or robots fighting or stupid horror movies sad but true most of humanity is dumb
you do need to be somewhat smart to watch and enjoy this movie, its very complex, and long but at the end its worth it. Thats also why it wasnt that sucessful, when people watch movies they dont want tto think so much.
Majdy Titi
Armando Bolanos
What the name of the song at the end?
Vlad Tepes
I had to watch this movie a few times in order to notice all of the subtleties, but overall it was great!
Wendy Hardy
I saw this movie about 4 years ago when it played at the $1.50 theater. It really wasn't my type of movie but I was bored & nothing else appealed to me. It was so odd & strange that I almost walked out, but didn't because it was intriguing nonetheless. I was pleasantly surprised--the acting, soundtrack, storyline & special effects were excellent. It's been on Netflix for a while now & I've watched it about 4x. Check it out!
Bonnie Hundley
....waiting for this to download....... :-)
The trailer is a bit meh, but the movie is pretty good. And interesting.
L Em
Why do I love this trailer so much lol
kevin chavez
An absolute classic! If I was ever so lucky as to meet Mr. Hanks, I'd thank him for this movie.
Came here because of Hangeng and it looks like a really good movie. It makes you think, not many movies today have that element.
lisbeth young
once you read the book you fully understand everything in the movie
Sh. Osmanov
Just saw Blade Runner 2049 half an hour ago :). This is next.
Let Me Dream
One of the best movies I've seen
anony mouse
Takes my breath away...
Angii Gil
I love this movie!!
RobbieCFC1888 W
In my top 5..absolute masterpiece
Noe Sanchez
I forever will love this Film! What a masterpiece! The acting, directing, score, etc!
Gareth Simpson
Karl Pilkington
Random Tangent
A movie about the human experience, told in several short stories entwined with the same actors and actresses playing many roles. Some very nice tales too, some sad moments and some triumphant moments. Not the usual hollywood fluff.
First Martian
Best movie I ever watch , THANK YOU so much for making this masterpiece!!
crys vio
Thomas Bergersen - Sonera, Cloud Atlas - Official Trailer.
Guðmundsson Möller
i've watched this 3 times. this movie is fkcin awsome
Gen Lucero
One of the greatest low budget movie ever made! I like the complicated plot and sequencing. :)
This movie was so emotional for me it was beautiful; I think it's changed me for the better spiritually
Definitely the deepest, most moving movie I've ever seen
I absolutely didn't get this movie. It was like chaos absolut...
The best film ever made by humans...ever!
Indeed a great movie, cast, plot etc.... One might accuse people of being stupid, in case it would increase their ego ... but I'm not gonna lie. I had problem to get pieces of this puzzle properly together. And what I truly find needless is a switch among the story lines that occures every 2 and half sentences. Occasionally it was on point but ....
Watched it for the about the 8th time tonight since it played in theaters, I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a thought provoking, all-in-one movie experience. Brilliant movie. 
Rebeca HS
This is the BEST MOVIE EVER.
Jānis Stiprais
Tom Hanks killed Hyu Grant! So SAD! :DD
Minaak SK
Bae Doo Na!! :)
I love what the Wachowski's, the ideas the come up with are just bonkers, and yes they can be confusing, but by god can they create amazing worlds. I haven't seen this yet, although I plan to, but their other movies, even Jupiter Ascending which most people seem to think is rubbish, I think their other movies are fucking awesome.
What is the song that starts playing around the 1 minute mark? Where Tom Hanks says, "Yesterday, my life was heading in one direction, today it is headed in another."
For the purpose of this film, if anyone objects to people being made up to look Asian, and not employing Asian actors instead, then they should also object to people being made up to look older, or even a different gender (the character Hugo Weaving plays in the Cavendish scenes for example), rather than employing someone older, or of a different gender (or both). Yes, it is that nonsensical.
this is the weirdest movie ever
This movie really really sucked, it made no sense, and people who say you need to "use your brain" to enjoy it don't even understand the movie themselves, I have yet to find one good explanation as to what happened in that movie. Such a horrible film.
Saitcan Çakır
stupid movey imposibel to understand wat was happining. a lot of parts made no cents. 
Jesus. You guys sure are happy with your obviously much more refined and civilized selves aren't you? Holy f---- the arrogance in these comments is sickening.
Ladan Mohammadi
This movie was so beautiful. And in a way it stands for what I believe in. It brought tears to my eyes. For those who say it's sh*t, I feel so sorry for you guys. 
John Doe
Epic trailer for an epic film
Looks unrealistic and childish. I feel like saying "Oh brother" the whole time.
Lauren Moody
For all you people who say you cant understand this movie... god forbid you watch Donnie Darko, unless you already have. Would you say that movie is shit too? Because it is also a tricky one, tricky, but good.
Anton. A
Grigori Rasputin1990
all i remember from this 3h snorefest movie was elrond chasing to death hale bery for some reason and tom hanks dropping down a guy off a tall building hahaha!
You put Halle Berry in a movie these days is a sure way to failure
It is too upsetting to watch
Samir Ali
You speak the true true
Abhishek Kaushal
Is it available in hindi?🎂
زكريا البيومى
يا الهي ما أروعه من فلم وما أروعها من مقطوعة فلم عظيم ولكن لم يعط حقه وتبا للنقاد.