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Watch in HD + Fullscreen....Storm Callum made it's way through the UK on the 12th October 2018, causing wide-spread disruption particularly to Wales and the west of England. Bristol was one of the worst hit airports, with winds reaching 46 knot gusts, what's more, the wind was blowing directly across the runway! 😯 I headed up to Bristol Airport (BRS/EGGD) to catch some of the action. Here is all the footage I filmed between 09:50am and 13:30pm on the 12th October 2018. The wind was directly from the south at around 20-30 knots with gusts up to 46 knots! Check out some of the incredible pilot skill involved as the aircraft are flown in practically sideways! 🛬 Over a dozen planes diverted on the 12th, and a few more on the 13th too. Most went to Birmingham Airport, a couple to Cardiff Airport, and another to Gatwick Airport. Numerous flights were cancelled due to the weather disruption. In this video you'll see the whole thing unfold from when I arrived just before 10am as the wind was only around 25 knots to around 12:30pm when the winds were at their strongest. Lots of aircraft didn't even attempt to land because of the wind strength and direction - for many it was beyond the airline's limitations. 🌧 METAR: EGGD 121150Z AUTO 18028G46KT 9999 OVC018 16/14 Q1003 🌬 DAY 2 OF STORM CALLUM AT BRISTOL AIRPORT COMPILATION VIDEO ➡️ 😏 If you want to see more crosswind footage hit the thumbs up and I will be sure to get some more! 👍 Feel free to share and comment too 😀 ▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼ ➮ Social... ○ Twitter: ○ Facebook: ➮ Equipment - ○ Camcorder: Panasonic HDC-HS60 ○ ATC: Uniden UBC75XLT ○ Tripod: Velbon DV-7000 ○ Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 14 I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching. Leaving a like is always welcome and appreciated. Mraviationguy. Video Usage: This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: or email: [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 8432 895 191 Video Tags: Storm Callum Landings Go Around Direct Crosswind Bristol Airport Storm Callum Landings Go Around Direct Crosswind Bristol Airport Storm Callum Landings Go Around Direct Crosswind Bristol Airport Planes in Crosswinds 40 Knots Gusts Strong Wind Storm Weather Planes in Crosswinds 40 Knots Gusts Strong Wind Storm Weather Planes in Crosswinds 40 Knots Gusts Strong Wind Storm Weather Storm Callum Disruption Travel Bristol Airport BRS EGGD ATC Storm Callum Disruption Travel Bristol Airport BRS EGGD ATC Storm Callum Disruption Travel Bristol Airport BRS EGGD ATC

Oh - and what I REALLY like about people like you is, you go out in the freezing cold, rain and wind, shoot professional standard video, and then share it (for free!) with people like us. Maybe the world is not so crazy after all??
Here's the full 20+ minute spotting video from yesterday, showing lots of bumpy landings and takeoffs at Bristol Airport 😃 Hit the thumbs up if you enjoyed the video:D
Joey Riepsaame
That was my wife landing that 757 yesterday! Absolutely amazing flying skills...
That 757 was madness! Awesome video :)
Jonathan Winton
Oh wow that 757 at the end there, absolutely brilliant. Really well filmed mate, loved some of those departures too with the spray and the wind catching them as they rotated. Enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing Archie. Liked 😁✈👍
Dominique Roudier
Tui 757 Good pilots👍✌💪👏
nick spruytenburg
I think the situation is made worse by Bristol Airport's exposed position. Absolutely heroic piloting skills, showing the terrific training they must all go through these days. Safety first, and no casualties.
Silas Marner
That EasyJet at 5:00 was freaking textbook .. well played, old boy!
All I can say from that is well done easyJet!! Their pilots look so under control
Katanya Jason
That TUI, was like: "Hold my beer" :D
Royal MC
Nothing worse than coming home from a holiday in the sun to a scary landing in terrible weather.
Haha Easyjet nails it, Ryanair nearly nose dives it!
Flying home to Bristol from Ireland in a baked bean tin with wings landing side ways 1998. Il never forget it especially the rowdy rugby team sat behind. The plane went quiet then when we stopped one of them shouted Has anyone got a spare pair of pants? I didnt laugh until an hour later. Great vid.
By all this comments, are people think this pilots are landing safe in this weather by luck? And this pilots are spesial superskilled more than other pilots? Any airline pilot do this. This is just another day in the office for a pilot. BTW nice video.
Carole Pope
Pilots were certainly earning their money that day! Few green passengers arriving in the terminal no doubt....... Great video :)
Wow ! Well done mate . It must be very difficult to film in this kind of weather . Very interesting footage !
M Clare
My arseholes going like a rabbits nose...
If nothing else, this ought to prove to phobic flyers that it CAN be done, even flying sideways. Everyone got up and down safely that day, even if it was at the wrong airport. Not that any pilot would want to fly in these conditions routinely, but they can do it if they have to and we're in good hands.
Anthony Peirce
well filmed and what skill the pilots have to land in very wind weather
Good weather for Bristol. Wind under 200 mph.
joe hinch
And Ryanair wont even pay their pilot's a decent wage!
Arthur Owen
I was onboard the EasyJet from Toulouse. White knuckles !!
Andrew M
That was fantastic footage, the best I have seen for a long time and thanks for braving the elements to bring it to us! The landings were excellent considering the terrible conditions. I have left a like and subscribed, keep up the good work👍😀
Some REALLY good pilots here. But hats off to the ones who chose to go around and divert, as well. I used to sit at the north end of Seattle-Tacoma where you are Directly under the approach about 1500' from touch down and is was AMAZING to watch 747's being thrashed and watching how far they yawed and rolled at 200' DIRECTLY over your head; all those aircraft are HUGE when that low and you can see how much control input and authority they have in conditions like these! Great video.
Sam Haddad
this is some Top Gun stuff Archie, a video dedicated to crosswind landings in a terrible storm, Crabbing the order of the day! what valiant multiple landings from swashbuckling flight crews. Thank you Arch!
@7:08 "Wind Check 177, 22 gusting 34" XD Fun. For anyone who doesn't know what that means. 177 is wind direction on a 360 degree compass heading. "22 gusting 34" means 22 knot wind speed with gust as high as 34 knots. Then at around 10:30 170, 27 gusting 37. A few seconds later "instant" 170, 29. Then less than 10 seconds later its 160, 22.
Does filming through the fence cause you any problems with focusing?
richard c
Well captured.....brilliant landings and take offs by those pilots...the 757 wow!!!
Inflamora Notoris
Well done to the pilots that managed to land that day. I never realised how windy it was until my grandparents got home as their plane was one of the ones who landed successfully and they mentioned that several people threw up.
easyJet pilots showing us how it's done. Bravo!
Interactive CD
Classic terrible ryanair landings. Even easyJet butter in this weather.
Fly Away / Rupert
Terrific video and great quality! In short: Perfect compilation 😉
Malcolm Gough
The pilots all earn there money yesterday.
Emily Jane
This is when the pilots start to earn their money. Great job form all of them!!
Wow. Brilliant filming, and brilliant pilots. I cannot imagine being a passenger on any of those planes. Thank you for posting.
Have to say, some brilliant flying there!
Really great video, thanks for getting out in the weather for our benefit! I’m abroad at the mo and had no idea how bad the weather was. Thanks for sharing, appreciate it!! 👍👍👍
Amazing Piloting skill and landing at 1:20
God, despise having to fly anywhere! This is just more fuel to the fire!
Thanks for posting. Good flying by all.
Susan Siedler
👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 to ALL pilots who flew during this storm!!My Gods I would never fly again! No exaggeration. Those landings look horrifying and I am sitting in my home...holding my breath!!!
The TUI pilot did well
You guys certainly got hit hard! Awesome video. The Aer Lingus ATR was particularly spectacular!
Ian Ginn
Well done...great video ....👍
this weather system evolved from hurricane Micheal
awesome filming..
Hunter's Moon
Awesome work to you for capturing this footage and the pilots alike landing in strong winds.
Sean Fitz
a lot of clenched arseholes during these landings
Robert VanZant
Lots of changes of underwear needed !!! Some impressive landings they earned there money that day .
Gorbaz The Dragon
The ERJ 8:20 is textbook, absolutely perfect
Robert Sneddon
A big well done to all these professional ladies and gentlemen who got their aircraft down safely during these extreme conditions.
Tom Hadler
EZY67UH was just having fun. That landing at 14:20 was made to look easy. Their go around at 12:20 was just for fun - he had that first landing attempt nailed I reckon. He was just having too much fun and wanted another go!!
Andy Richards
Some great footage and fascinating to watch. Definitely not a day for a window seat on landing...
Michel Normandin
I am very impress with your dedication Mr Aviation Guy. You have a new subscriber!
Going viral mate, heard this on the radio and other facebook pages around the world
Cargo Jockey
Thanks for sharing, great filming and capture of a challenging day at Bristol.
Brian Walker
Brilliant thanks for filming in this awful weather
Susan Siedler
Absolutely all at/after the 19:30 mark have mad skill or just •bleeping •mad! That was insane!
Martin R.
Amazing footage, courtesy of the storm Callum ;)
Arduino Banzi
A lot of professionalism on show here. Keeps us alive!
Walter Smeg
Stumbled on to this..those pilots are just awesome
Matt Smith
This being Bristol's famous Sheet Glass Runway, that even Bambi would shy away from? To be fair, if Ryan Air failed to land at Bristol and landed at Edinburgh instead, they would still claim to have fulfilled their Contractual Obligations, as it was still vaguely the same Country!
Andrew Pryce
I think you will find this is a Boeing 737 probably a 800 version,that’s what Ryan Air fly on their short haul flights.easy jet use airbus A319 and a A320 on their short haul flights.
Mark Norville
Lulsgate airport to us locals, it is closer to Nailsea than it is Bristol.
Mudd Goat
Pilots have a bit of a reputation of being drunk on most flights not what you need after a few beers he hee!! Thankfully these pilots were clearly not drunk and pulled off some pretty fine skills !!! Ps nice camera work!👍
Jenny Gavin-Wear
Nicely filmed. Hats off to the pilots, incredible skill.
wow....great job and thx for making this video for us at this bad wether ;)
Impressive always gotta tip your hat to the training and professionalism of those pilots that can do this in the most challenging of conditions
Robert Newton
I have happy memories of that airport before it was an airport. The Bristol Gliding club operated there and they offers a week gliding course , I signed up and in those days the learning method was the solo method. . The student stated off in a very simple glider, progressing from runs in which he ( or she )first learned keep the wings level with the ailerons. Then a bit later and faster the student had to hold the skid a couple of feet above the grass the iwth a longer tow cable and more speed keep the machine in line behind the tow car. The next high spot was a climb to about 100 ft, release the cable and land. I will never forget the delightful smell of that Lulsgate grass. Then a few years after that, I got a job with Bristol Aeroplane co. They subsidized employees to learn to fly with power and get a pilots licence. I did that and soloed in an Auster. One evening I was allowed in the tower whilst they talked down a Viscount from wherever. It was raining and blowing but not as bad as in this video. A few years ago. I admired the skill of the pilots and controlled doing that I passed this airport and sadly ( to me) it was crammed with commercial aviation. I enjoyed the old days
Best landing: 8:00 CRJ deftly flicks it in. They appear to handle quite nicely.
Kymran O'Shea
Very good video. I personally think the Boeing 757 -2 is pretty much the jet you want to be on or flying in bad-ass weather. It's pretty easy to fly, has a lot of power for it's mid-size & very fast to maneuver & straighten out.
I once got caught in a storm in a turboprop flying from Humberside to Schiphol Amsterdam and remember commenting to the guy next to me, "who needs Alton Towers when you can have this". You could hear the engines straining and slowing down in the storm like a small electric lawnmower struggling to cut through long wet grass does.
It's stunning that any planes were allowed to land there that day. With a named storm (which doesn't just show up out of nowhere) blowing across the runway all the inbound flights should have been cancelled or diverted - to hell with schedules. People's lives were in danger. Some fantastic piloting skills on display here though - especially the smaller planes! Great video too. Well done to all the pilots who got their passengers in safely.
Simply magnificent video!! Thanks for this upload!!
i remember being in the tail end of the plane after a crosswind landing like that... after you land, you really feel the sideways force!
Trevor Murdoch
Many thanks for sharing this great footage, excellent. I’ve just subscribed.
Hello Ward
Nice to see my mum land the Easy Jet A319! She works so hard :)
Wojciech Krzyszkowski
Geat miniatur of film in paint. Catch Line is very very easy to see
I think those flyers get a lot of crosswind landing experience at UK airports!
Terrific flying and a tribute to the skill and training of the flight crew. Well done Ryanair and EasyJet pilots. Though we all know that landings in challenging conditions are what you really love about the job. The landing of the biz jet was very neat too
Bits & Bobs
I remember landing at Heathrow in a similar conditions . As we came down into the weather all passenger chatter stopped and you could hear a pin drop, until we touched down. I heard the man behind say to his neighbour.’ I have flown many times but that’s the first time I have been scared’. I echoed his comment.
Amazing camera job. It is so easy to sit down and look for this kind of stuff without thinking how much effort it takes to get it done. subscribing right now.
Very nice video! This is a great reminder of just how skilled and well trained pilots are. I can't imagine being a passenger looking out the window and still seeing the runway just before touchdown.
Jessica Milestone
Great footage but how are you able to get so close?
Ted Vicarri
I wonder what the 73 people didn’t like about this upload.....hmmm maybe they shouldn’t have bothered watching it, having read the title (assuming they can actually read)
Bas Finnis
Good video. Some great landings there.
Awesome, fantastic video Archie! Can’t believe how windy it was down there! Loved the TUI of course! Liked. Congrats on the success of the footage!
Love to do this job. WOW.
How to do get ATC? I thought it was illegal in the UK?
Barrett Mark
At 12:23 in the video I was sat on the easy jet in the background & I watched the jet trying to land & going around...our takeoff was squirly but fun.....good videos
Samara Weaving
What a dull day?! Dreading winter. Thanks for the video.
Patrik Hultberg
Impressing work from all those skilled pilots. My friend who is flying a 747 (Kallitta Air) is telling me that crosswinds makes him excited of the opportunity to really fly the plane and work it down to the ground.
Julie Newsome
We're they flying them out aswell
OMG that is scary
Shaun Wakefield
This is when Pilot's really get to play with their big toys , You really have to take your hat off to them, and the TUI pilot landing the 757 you are world famous for that landing. And a big Thank you to the guy getting soaking wet and cold for the footage.
Fred Hacker
It looks so easy in an Easyjet . Congratulations to all those very skilful pilots
I have to say easyJet - Well done on those landings!
Sander Wåge
2:00 the windsock is going crazy
Steven Larratt
Ryanair vs easyjet... i prefer the airbus 👍
Adrian C
Great video. I was on a Tui flight over Bristol on that day, we were diverted to BHX after holding for around 30mins.