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Poor Kaiser. I couldn't stop laughing at both his thirst for Coach and the Wolfpack, and the fact that Yandere Mermaid wouldn't leave him alone! They should do another run with a full party - I'd love to watch Lani, Kirran, and/or Grant play this game!
The Tom Salsbury
I really want Ben and Scott to play another round... maybe with 4 players this time? ;) I can't help but think adding anyone of Grant, Zito or Lani would just be FANTASTIC!
The ghost girl looks like puddin
Man, I would love to get a few more rounds in, maybe bring in some more people from the office. Anyway, great vid.
Adam Dunn
I feel bad for Scott not being able to escape Miranda because every time he got a chance to switch he picked the stat boosters instead of actual romanceables.
Shawn Heatherly
As someone who loves this game, I found it hilarious that Scott just kept trying to romance characters he can't and getting stalked by Miranda because she was the only character he had any affection points with, while Ben just fell short of romancing Polly. This was a lot of fun, I'd love to see another round.
Silly Scott, you dont pick the yandere. the yandere picks you
Evan Gray
Poor Scott, not realizing the coach isn't a date option until it's far too late
I would watch another episode of this, it was really fun
This is going into my favorites. I'm sorry Scott, I don't think you can date the coach. Shoulda stuck with Hellboy/Damien. He may not be the bara of your dreams, but he is dateable. 🙃
Gio A
I think alucard graduated here
Almond Boy
I can’t be the only one who saw “Monster Porn” at first
Luneth Renard
So. Every now and again, my friends and I (wow, can't believe I have those) play Monster Prom. Sure, makes sense. But I have a reputation. The very first time I was the last person to choose a player character. Being left with Brian and Amira, I decided to go with the latter. Now, here's where it gets...Well, it is a time. Dating Sims are based around making choices, correct? Well, my choice was to leave everything I do to coin flips. I have gotten several secret endings and created a number of...strange situations. To top it all of, I went with the name of "Guy Fieri".
Fun fact, Cryaotic does the voice of the shadow boi. That's why I always pick him. :3
miranda: i'll have my men apprehend Oz and slather him in butter. bink: WAIT! can i watch. oz: why are you slathering me with butter!
Jack Reynolds
That moment when Kaiser sees coach for the first time and his voice cracks 😂
Mark Woodfin
I hope to see more playthroughs of this, honestly. Maybe even one offs with other TFS crew people ^^
Poor Scott. He just wants his Bara tiger. But all he gets is the hot, rich mermaid.
Junaid Azam
Ben and scott togather , yessssssss !
"Prom is the final boss of high school" Damn, i thought that boss was optional. Maybe that's why there was no credits roll at the end.
I'll take the bara tiger please. Scott's great but he's not a bara tiger.
Didn't expect you guys to play this game. It should be pretty fun!
Inquisitor Thomas
I kinda feel bad for Scott, the game's RNG really screwed him over.
Praise be to the venerable Jesse Cox
That_spooky_dank_ Saiyan
31:19 I screamed it’s over 9000 in my best Vegeta impression and woke up the neighbors.....I have no life.... love you TFS 🐉🐲
This was amazing! It would be fun to watch other people from the office play this game.
scott is the best! so glad he's finally out of the editing cave
I like that Kaiser wanted to f--k the Tiger Coach voiced by Taka
Blake Broadwater
Rain Hanson does the voice of the werewolf
lol for my prom, i had to physically stop a friend (ex-friend now) from raping someone and piggy back carried another one for 2 days straight because he was out of his mind from acid and booz the entire time. it really was like a final boss.
Avery Weathers
When Ben and Scott play dating sims its always the best 🤣
i demand a cas fri with a full team
robert sherman
Wow Kaiserneko's narrator voice sounds almost exactly like octopimps voice for the narrator. I guess they have very similar ranges or something.
2FCD Grimreaper
So this might not be obvious but you can only date the main characters and some side characters.
Just a person
00:11 *I N S E R T B O W S E T T E I M A G E H E R E*
Stephen Marco
We did the mash
Gosh pleeeeease have another run of this guys! <3
Kaiser's Polly voice second to Octopimp's Polly voice
38:15 Meanwhile, Lani is filming Krillin Plays Outlast 2...
The title totally read like monster porn.
Noah Wattel
5:58 they turned Teen Wolf into a series though changed beacon city to beacon hills and everything.
Li Allen
Ben is a monster. He set Scott up so hard. And now I'M a monster for laughing at it as much as I did. ...Fitting.
Why does the gay one get the girl forced BJ at a Baptist school :/
The Green Guy
Kaiser is being shipped with fish-girl like Yang is with Blake!
Mark Maben
Scott has been Spit-Roasted while suspended, confirmed
Jason Nehoray
This was great, they should do more episodes!
What is with dating sims and having side characters much hotter than the actual choices? That Tiger Coach is a way better bara guy than that werewolf.
El1te Noodles
You don’t need a crown for them to be sexy 😂😂😂😂😂
Tarlo The Boar
16:47 I want him on a Body Pillow
Straight up love Monster Prom. Also Polly is best girl
19:04 Best moment
Just Another Guy With A Moustache
Scott x Miranda
The moment when Ben just gets full Dalek on voice acting Miranda^^
Doctor Russia
I hope they play this again
Tsurugi Kage
Alishaer Ahmed
Wait, I knew Arin from Game Grumps did Scott Howl's voice, but I didn't know about Taka doing anything in this. Well shit.
Why isn't Bowsette in this game?
Chris Gallegos
Yes yes protein up your butt.
I need this game in my life
Not Another Made-for-Tumblr Dating Sim VN: Bean-Shaped Mouths and Pastels Edition Xrd Pronoun Plus Ultramate I’m a backer!
Betting on when a dog will poop is the wave of the future, eh Ben? You must come from the Midwest. Gambling on where a cow will poop is a popular farm activity. You put the cow in a pen with a grid on the ground and take bets on what square it'll drop one in. Also, a suitable line is "I ain't saying shes a gold digger, but she did go west in 1849"
I still have the same problem with this game that I have with all dating sims: I don't have any interest in dating any of the people available to date. And yeah, the whole issue with dating sims requiring you to play strictly to someone else's likes rather than being able to be yourself, but you already talked about that. XD I played the game once with some friends, and I loved its writing style and sense of humor, but I just wasn't really... attracted to any of the characters. (Except the shopkeeper. Shopkeeper's sexy and fun to talk to. Yes, I know you can date her in a secret ending, but I didn't know that at the time and don't feel like playing again to do it.)
Jayden Dove
Much like how Grant and Lani have found their calling in Detective Mystery games, Scott and Ben's niche seems to be dating sims.
finally! been waiting forever for this!
Mathias Lykkeshøj Kristensen
Without knowing before hand, I'm pretty certain coach is Kaiser's wetdream
Scott's reaction to the coach - and all the ensuing innuendo - was just so hilarious and precious.
Doctor Dog
I'll take a scoop of Kirran please
Kaiser the end credit song was at the end of the Steven Universe episode “Last One Out of Beach City”, the Mystery Girl episode.
MoveSpammerGuy team7colors
I love who Kaiser was like FTW and went solo.
Man, I wish the Proms at MY school were anywhere near a quarter as interesting as the stuff that goes on in this game. Guess that's what I get for living in a small town that is just on the border of "middle of nowhere" and "city where nothing interesting happens"
Red X
That end credits theme was in a Steven Universe ep right I swear I heard it before
Lector Dreadwood
I'm looking forward to the next fanart stream, where someone'll draw Miranda pursuing a very unwilling Kaiser
Michael Zelaski
I love that they are the one that do the dating sim
Lemon Moon
Y'all should do a four player live stream.
i never went to prom does that mean i speedrun stats and skipped the final boss
My head canon for Bink and Polly is kind of sad, they were truly in love but Bink was too serious and straight lace and instead of listening to her heart Polly listened to her addiction instead.
Kenneth Kalousek
I totally like the coven/collective's designs way more lol if anything Polly needs to step up her game :D
Frankie Cedeno
Big oof for Ben. I would be all for more playthroughs of this. Favorite monster was definitely Polly, but I need to see void tentacle chick before I can decide for sure.
I do honestly hope you all play more of this game, I love seeing your reactions to everything!
Are orgy planners important? Asking for a friend
Crash Landing
I am polly, polly is me.
Arturo Ramírez
Ben and Kaiser are getting all the fun dating sims. . . meanwhile Taka and Gumba. . . I mean Takahashi Sama nian and Guyjin Guimgam senpai nin. . . . they are stuck boning underage cats that look like girls. Isn't that beautiful how the nature of Japanese degeneracy works? It get me culture shocked. . . meanwhile Zito. . . those things shalt not be named. . . i don't want to get banned from discord.
Had me laughing so hard great workout guys
merrick silverwolf
soooo it's tumblr the game?
Anthony Frank
Imagine ezra eloy and dagon in this
Bastian 23
11:27 truly helping a national hero there (chilean here)
That table flip. Also, Mike Krol
Dylan Morse
wait....shes a ghost. that means theres no nothingness. shes a soul. cant die or age. she craves nothingness, but instead will be covered in CHAOS ENERGY.
I had the same exact reaction when I saw the coach lol
Jason Puopolo
You know what I was expecting in the end? For Scott to be elected prom King and mermaid girl to be prom queen. That would've broken Scott.
Zachary Scovel
You can date everyone, even the art background characters.
Will Scott ever get his big daddy Bara tiger?!
Sai Kanji
Scott channeling those harem Protag-kun powers. Not getting together with ppl he wants & getting constantly bothered by other babes around xD
Andrew Engelman
Bink probably needed the penguin mask to get with Polly!
Zachary Scovel
One of the wrong things Polly is into is the reverse Romanian Willconson. Don't ask me what ot is, just know it involves marbles.
Ms. Fish