The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (Radio 1 Presents).avi

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony (Radio 1 Presents)

this might be the greatest song in the history of the world
As someone who grew up during the 90's this music is like a soundtrack for my own life...
"There's nobody singing to me now" That's how I feel about this generation of Music.
This beautiful song is kind of underappretiated becouse it is a very well known one. Everbody recognizes it but few actually listen to it, to what it says, even fewer understand.
One of the most beautiful songs ever
roby robinson
that violin hook is addictive ...and yes i have been down
Gavino Vayas
the passion behind his singing is amazing, a true artist
Can we just agree that the 90s was the best era for music in general?
Marc-Antoine Peytavi
Richard Looks like a little to Mick Jagger.
Gloria Romero
Bendita sinfonía agridulce
Mauricio Ramirez
This Song Is the One that make me feel better when I' am sad " I LOVE IT "
Tim Purcell
I never pray but tonight I'm on my knees,cheers to the verve
Juan Trip
the voice that changed everything. <3
John Stucko
What is it about this song that I keep watching all of the various video versions? I luv them all! You cannot really hear the lyrics, above the awesome violins playing. Which I think is why I am so drawn to this song. I had to look up the lyrics to actually understand this awesome song. A lot of my friends just don't/understand get this tune! I try to explain it, but they just don't get it. Maybe I need new friends that should/could appreciate music...this music. What do you think?
Ci Vil
Una de las mejores canciones que escuche en mi vidaaaa...exelente sonido!!!!
John Sellars
fantastic song sung by a genius!!!
Bret 97 performance ever
That's Davide Rossi on violin, a good friend of Chris Martin's and the player and arranger of every Coldplay string part since 2008!
ufo fan
life is great
Rob Cruz
Such a great version. I watch this all the time. My daughters (age 5 and 2) know the words.
Dominik Ebnoether
performance is just sooo perfect better than the single
shawn Cheney
I m a Genxr in the U.S., and I have to tell ya. These guys are like the Larry Bird/ Magic Johnson of British rock. I ts gonna be a while for someone to top their coolness
there are very few songs that actually make my eyes water, this is one of them
Hazel Nut
what a beautiful song, and sung by a beautiful man with a beautiful voice. love love love it
Simranpreet Sawhney
He sounds exactly the same.. Exactly the same.. The same slight roughness in live performance as recorded song.
shane huang
The voice!
Long live to England 🇬🇧
Adrian Arizmendi
severo....recuerdo de un joven que enfrenta al mundo de los 90s , como nosotros. saludos de Colombia!
Phd Credible
This group still gives me chills at times. What a great band.
Michael Giblock
Damn he has some pipes! Looks totally relaxed too. Must be fun to perform like that. Kudos to this artist, he has already paid his dues to me.
Joel Sosa
This song is one of the best songs of history !!
David Hiram
What a piece of ART
I first heard this song (thanks to my big bro) in 97 when I was 14... I still love it as much today as I did back then. My all time number 1 favourite song❤
Cidinha Costa
Anish Patole
This song makes me cry and think about my past decision and the mistakes of my life so far
danys ramos
Eres Mi Symphony Agridulce Fely Diaz 🎼🎤🎶
Hate of the Guts
That guitar sound.... 🙈😏
Juninho Giovane
cadê os brazucas??? só tem comentários estrangeiros!!!
William Cantone
I like that he doesn't acknowledge the glimmer twerps in his intro and says a staples singers cover, great song writer,
hamza khatib
This here is the 90’s anthem. Before technology and millennials made everything complicated.
Neil Gellatly
One of the best live performances I've heard, love it
Tina Sullivan
Richard Ashcroft....and along with the "Verve"....the best ever...for real. This is about Life....thank you...T
William Raworth
This is one angry dude
Michelle Reuber
my bittersweet soul takes flight w/this one..yea..(((nods head to the beat))).
Paul Milne
Whos the girl in the crowd wearing glasses by the way?
LIBS02 0415
perhaps the best song ever
Manimona _
The most recognized intro
F. Júnior
Is very good!!!!
Usually such a big song is a bit of a let down live but man they can play it live
meu idulo amo sua musica 1lugar porque radio1 mostra mais potencia com o batera
juan perez perez
the best version of the best song ever for me :)
Alt Music
Balneario El Dorado
que hermosa cancion ,no me canso de escucharla ,que me importa si es drogadicto ,me gusta mucho como cantante y como persona ,te amo morrison
Juliana Gonzales
I like the verve i love so much
Francis Francesca
One of the most song I have ever hear . And what a handsome guy 💜
Volker Deml
ich wein ab un an bei diesem lied ..ich steh drauf weil es nur noch geil ist !!!
Lanny Santana
Jeff Maher
pretty sweet symphony
Nancy Spungen
Nobody's singing to me now. :'(
Volker Deml
noch eins ich scheiß auf die GEMA und auf Deutschland !
20 years to this date this song does not seem to get old. It helped me during a very difficult time in my life. I came to realize there is a solution to every problem except for death.
killer violinist and of course richard ashcroft and all the other musicians too. this is great. there is another video on youtube that captures more of this session.
Enzo Ottonelli
Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die...
poppymore stewart
Good that he attributes to the Staple Singers, not the Stones- clever to make that point and good to clarify the bitterness about the royalties going to the Stones!
donald trump 100% real
su voz ya no es como la de antes, eso es por la drogas que consume cada dia
Cláudio Andrade
sem palavras linda canção
From the first time and forever, this song is on my all-time favorites -- Excellent w/the strings!
Sandra Pacheco
love made in chile 2017😘😘😘
Marjorie Ortiz
Música para mis oídos, hermoso tema 🙄
Marc de Moor
This song is still very good
David Zimermann
el mejor cantante del mundo
Andromeda Eclipse lunar
Bittersweet love is pain ,love is noise.
ni idea de quien hasta hoy. aunque la escuche unas veces antes teniendola en consideracion como uno de mi sexitos preferidos me trama los sonidos filarmonicos
Marcos Homsi
Keep one CD with this track in my car so I can listen to it when I am driving, one of the best song I've ever listened. Come to Brazil! São Paulo!
Graciela Mabel Tortorello
hermoso richard y hermosa cancion grace
THE fundamental song. Would love to listen the Hi-Res recording of this session. So much going on right there...
Armando Castillo
Una de las mejores canciones de la historia
ese tema me lo hizo escuchar una buena mujer que a pesar que ya no me quiera ver............siempre la extrañare.....................espero tal vez algun dia volverla a ver........LSC
Dominik Ebnoether
and so is probably the equipment and accoustics. Love u BBC Love u england
Daemon aoides
Lets all go physics signal crazy on the count of 3...ready set....1......2....lolololol
Ckonstanza Belén Nuñez Villablanca
😍😍😍😍 la melodía con el violín simplemente me encanta esta canción ❤🎶🎶
Ryan Barry
I watched this live when it was broadcast on the Red Button. I watched it 3 times on iPlayer in the following week and it was removed. I didn't think I would ever see this again as The Verve and the BBC are very protective about their work. The whole set was amazing. Just simply awesome.
tim arrendell
wilfredo salas
Está fue la cancion que los elevó al máximo y también los enterró. the verve♡
Miriam hill
Masterpiece all times. Long life to Ashcroft, McCabe, Pete, Jones and  Tong too. Obra;prima de todos os tempos.
Juan Chavez
Vaya canción esta chingona.y sigo en mi molde no puedo cambiar
Monise Bianchi
Uma das músicas mais lindas que já ouvi!!!
alejandro flores
muy Buena sinfonia
MCFC RUSS Brown Jimmink
222 people obviously dont know what real music is!
Seabra 75
Very cool!! Well done!! Tks.
Manuel Urbina
Excuse me! The Best!
Alejandro Blumenfeld
This is one of my favourite versions ever. Does anybody know where this was actually recorded? was it at Radio 1 studios? Where is it at? Thanks
Boris Sandoval
la mejor canción de todos los tiempos thank you richard
One of my favorite song, never get old
Fantastic song. Great 'lift'
pechero z.
pinche vato drogado fue puro pedo su exito
Chantal Chatelain
Beautiful he is sooo in to it