Kanye West - Runaway (Video Version) ft. Pusha T

Best of Kanye West: />Subscribe here: /> Music video by Kanye West performing Runaway. (C) 2010 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC

Clean versions should be banned
Who’s here from the new kuwtk teaser lol
Had to come here after seeing him with lil pump..
Emotional Lesbian
Drake can’t compete with Ye
ash 07
Keeping up with the kardashian brought me here!
This video is completely ruined by the clean version
Tashlivesby Grace
This song is actually a masterpiece, even the visuals in this video is clearly underrated!! I love this Kanye, I have a feeling this Kanye is coming back. Thanks to those Sunday Services he has on those hills or woods or whatever mountain top he has it! Lol It’s genuinely inspiring🙂
Kind of crazy this song has been out for 9 years and I’m just now hearing this when I watched the trailer for keeping up with the Kardashian’s 😂
Mark us
Would somebody like to send me a picture of their HEY?
Logan Butcher
If your going to censor it at least replace the words with similar ones and not tourettes noises.
Who was brought here due to their impeccable taste in music
Trying Wiki
Here from Kim kardashians season 16 post lol who else
Jenneth Clarin
Dammmmmn.. this song is still banging!!!! 🙌 thanks kuwtk for reminding me of this classic!
Marsha Pitter
Who’s here after watch the preview on instagram 😀
No one man should have all this power
Mini Zondi
Honestly this song, this album, this era of Kanye's music was so artistically pleasing and beautiful. Kanye is a musical genius we have to admit it, regardless of what he's like now. We have to appreciate talent.
Maggie Callejas
Quién está acá después de ver el teaser de la season 16 de Keeping with the Kardashians??
Kanye has an ability that "normal" people can never understand. ...the ability to confess.
Shyrese Benjamin
This man is brilliant....like if u agree
king galaxy
Bohemian Rhapsody of rap And that's facts
Where have i been all this time... just saw this for the first time cause kuwtk trailer brought me here ... and i love it❤
Cloe James
Who's actually here because they loved kanye before Kim's stupid intro?
Genius is borderline madness. Aristotle.
Who's here from the Calvin Klein advert?
Vin Jacob
going through Ye's entire discography right now. it blows my mind how people think Kanye isn't one of the best to come around (as a rapper and producer).
January 2019 anyone??
I know how much I wait all the time for this Song to come on vh1 channel lol
Terrick Franklin-Hayes.
-Love this song from, 2019!
Katie •
Reminds me of my drives to college.. Kanye was my soundtrack to life during the most fun years of my life. ❤️💜❤️💜☺️
Tobu the planet
Farmer Kanye sending girls pics of his hay
Fizzy Clan
Such a simple beat but such a beautiful beat, it reminds me of the the xxxtentacions changes beat
Who’s here cause they got the chills with this music combined with Khloe screaming LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunty Phachomphon
I feel so bad for this man mainly because how much he’s lost his mind ever since the lost of his mother I understand why he is the way he is now because when you lose the only person who really cares for you and truly loves you unconditionally your whole world just seems like it’s come to and end as well the day Donda West died a lot of Kanye died with her I don’t support anything he’s done lately but I can respect his mind or at least a part of it because he’s a man that still takes cares of all his kids not only his kids he takes care of his wife’s family as well the day this man dies the same people that talk the most shit now are gonna be the same ones posting about him sending his family their fake condolences like as if they never talked bad about this man.
KM Paul
I couldn't imagine my life without music . Its my soul, my life inspiration. Beautiful songs are always inspiring me to create my own music. Yes. I do. I'm really passionate about it and being able to share it with you, to be heard by the big audience was always y dream . I hope you will give a chance to not only me but also all the independent artists all around the world. You can check out my music from my channel
Vibe Life
I watch this weekly to remind me that yeezy really is a genius...
William P. Buttle
This is one of the best music videos I have seen ever... really is! When it comes down to music videos, Kanye has them on point
The Puppet Of Everything
For some reason I feel better when I listen to this song. It's a proper conclusion. I guess I did have feelings for her. I just regret not showing it.
michelle joseph
Heard This On BET Two Years Ago & Now I'm In Loved .
This was the intro for my wedding.
One of his best songs
Lemi Kadriaj
This song was too good for me *i think im overdosing*
Phillip Cohen
Jimmy Perez
Had to comeback after watching Pusha T in LA. Classic shit.
Song I play after a tough day at work.
Aishwarya Harikrishnan
This is a fckin masterpiece👌🏻
Mike Green
best producer of all time along with the best rapper alive. king push
Boone 00
Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The Best
Nate K
Finally found the music used in 2018 Jazz hype video
been jammin this for years I love Kanye
Osko Archie
No one man should have all this power
Bambulák Xd
Who is from Czech Republic?😄
Yungeen Ace
I miss this Kanye please come back Kanye 🤦🏾‍♂️
maria smay
Who remembers this from before Kanye was Kardashian-ized!!?? BRILLIANT, he was. MH issues are no joke, people.
i pray for this man. he is powerful enough to break free. break free kanye. break free. yeshua says so. i see you.
leslie sabrina
sad how yall had to watch kuwtk to know about this dope ass song lol.
Fresh Jezz
Proof that his ego is justified
J. C.
Listen to the Silverstein version of this. SO much better. Kanye and his ghost writers wrote a good song, but the vocals are so blah.
I'm Bored with my friends
Who isn’t here from anywhere but the good times?
Haley Rogers
Here because of kuwtk season 16 trailer
Howling Burd19
Not a big fan of the guy, but seriously, you can't deny the fact that he can make some pretty good music
Magnorphieous The Great
Man just the beat alone. This shit is a straight up masterpiece. This song is absolute fire
Like the main piano part (three high notes and a low)has been stuck through my head all years.I just love.It came out when i was 9,And the Song was best at the time,maybe too late,because people dont respect it
Anoyolo Tomsana
Dear Ye, You never attended to Ill Mind of Hopsin 7.. The dude still waiting on some answers, seems he's been provoked, by you I think. Please attend to this with urgency. Regards, Stan.
Joey Buffalano
Who was here before the season 16 teaser
Heriberto Morales
Wtf it's already been 6 years..
Anna Lynch B
Always listening to this watch the full runaway movie
o3o stuff
kanye is such a god bro
Okechukwu Nwoko
Music Legend. Say whatever about his private life.
Who came here after watching Kourtney’s IG post about S16 KUWTK
"You've been putting up with my SKISH just way too loooong"
Avinash Maskey
Where was this song when I was learning piano?
Season 16 premiere brought me here
Saje Harrison
december 27 right b4 2019 wya
One of the most beautiful music videos in history
Rachel Ramirez
The beat.. production is amazing! He's a true artist ! #myopinion 💜
Major Girl
I was locked up when this came out I heard this every morning! Thankful for my freedom and Growth🙏✌🏼💗✨
Tashlivesby Grace
Wow it’s amazing how we are all here from the kuwtk trailer. Haven’t this song in awhile and I think song is perfect selection for their 16 season trailer. Anyways I guess great minds think alike😉🙂
Clinic Plus Shampoo and Conditoner
Is it only me or the part at 2:03 gives Scar Tissues by Red Hot Chilli Peppers vibe.
I want to hate Kanye for his ego, and personality, but I cannot deny that the man is a musical genius.
Joel Soares
2K18 november anyone? :p
Felipe azul
bohemian rhapsody of our generation
Julia F
hallo, maa i woit die heilign 3 kini seng, ned den räbba
Anna Lynch B
This is a beautiful video with the ballet dancers
Thank you for this masterpiece!
Alex Shin
Top Gear Series 17 Episode 3 McLaren MP4-12C anyone?
I-saac C
Thanks for the upload. <3 ♡ it's about Time to go running.
Yxng Aj
*"Thank You Kanye, Very Cool!"*
Absolute art.
you been puttin up with my fish-sticks way to long. cant unhear now
vatsug hajile
Silverstein brought me here lml .. I love the both version 7w7
U gotta admit this is one of his masterpieces 👍🏽
Ben Prewitt
He's crazy as shit but this is still an amazing song and video.
MuseAbsolution 03
Wow love this progression
Berry Bubu
I have always loved this song but came back to listen after I watched the kuwtk trailer
Delli D Walker
I think this man is on a bomboclaat level of genius people can hardly overstand, dem still under the stand. 🇯🇲
Thorsten J. Keck
Beauty of all senses in one perfect song thank you .... for this masterpiece Kanye goosebumps at 0:56
Amanda Castellano
watching this I was like "I miss the old Kayne" then I realized now I need to go listen to that song
Jayla Najea
4:16 she is so gorgeous