Soichi Terada - Do It Again

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Various ‎-- Far East Recording Label:Far East Recording ‎-- FER-06859 Format:Vinyl, 12", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM Country:Japan Released:1992 Genre:Electronic Style:House, Downtempo

Hey mate, can you please change the artist of this track? This is produced by Shinichiro Yokota. Yokota and Terada worked together on FER1, but it's not fair to credit the wrong artist here even though Terada 90% was likely involved in the production of this track.
it's ten in the morning, what am i doing listening to japanese house music?
Amazing! But this is actually done by Shinichiro Yokota.
This is seriously so good, don't you just love it when you stumble upon a song that's pure gold.
Steal Mil
Japanese quality control ! This people transform in gold everything they touch
i wondered why this sounded so video game-esque and then i found out terada did the ape escape games! nice suggested video, youtube.
Perfect music to listen to at night. Bonus points if also alone, and everything else is quiet.
Cato Rodi
The Youtube recommendation algorithm strikes again with a superb track
Hercules Jones
This one's actually by Shinichiro Yokota
A Random Guy
Is it me or the cover of the vinyl is literally Coca-Cola?
Marc leguennec
Game boy color sample.
Mihkel V
Almost shed a tear over how absolutely MINT this track is.
This Vinyl is mad rare, I'm looking to find it somewhere with the sleeve in good condition...
roger virdi
very classy...very swish...
I second what crystalfissure requested. Shinichiro Yokota is the original producer, this track was featured in Soichi Terada's compilation. they're obviously homies but this is NO chill
Bobby Johnson
Its really interesting there are several skips in this song, is it from being uploaded in a poor manner or did the original artist intentionally add the skips in the beat? Is intentionality adding skips a normal thing in house music like it is in lofi hip hop beats? Or is it a signature thing this artist does? And if it is intentional then does it add to or decrease the quality of the song? If anyone reading this would like to answer some of my questions and give your opinion then by all means go right ahead I would love to hear what you all think!
that youtube guy need a raise for recommending this to me
And people think PC Music is new
Ενώς ζωή
Try listening to this at 1.5 speed tekno rave ahaha
this track is like eating a handful of sour sweets. I luv it
Phillip Morrison
Soichi Terada is the guy who did the music for ape escape the ps1 game.
Elli L
isn't this Shinichiro Yokota??
Emma Pajevic
Sounds nice!!! Would love to be with these Japanese at that time
Joshua Lundquist
Crazy that this came out during the Shibuya-kei boom, Pizzicato Five and whatnot. This is so much deeper and more modern than that pop stuff, as good as it is, its fun to discover this and imagine an underground happening that was below the radar even of Shibuya-kei hipsters
Blair Maclennan
anyone know the exact word the girl is saying in this? "hi... (something)....wondering if you'd like to do it again" ?? or something?
pasquale c. peak
Shinichiro Yokota
erik gonzalez
90s style bump
Far East compilation coming up on Rush Hour....
*Sublime* *&* *Hypnotic* *Classic* *Underground* *House* *Gem...Timeless!*
Larry Cwik
Great music. :-)
Stoned Groove 9.5
Ancient jappo deep house !
James Flynny
excellent song! it does skip 1 second at 4.56 tho.. no problem tho also! tuuune!
That awkward moment when you searched for Terada’s most played song but ended up listening to Yokota’s masterpiece instead
Marc Dee'
RIGHT ~ O.K. ~ ........ 5 ~ 4 ~ 3 ~ 2 ~ 1 ~ ..... " We Have Clearance For Take Off " ..... I'm Outta' Here........ Xxx
The writing on the label says ke ke ke le, the asian name for coca cola.
Dr Buggles
nothings new..everythings been done before..if it aint oldskool it aint noskool
Jeremy Simms
Great Shinichiro Yokota tune!
Pilar Spika
reminds me esp deee lite
Slappy Fistwad
glad I clicked that random ass youtube suggestion
Ijjou ELyahyaoui
Right now
I think this one is actually by shinchiro yokota.
Jomain asdf
if anyone wonders it says diet coka cola
Alex P
Street Fighter III vibes
Lazarus Read
That old school vibe :)
1000 subscribers with silly videos
Matthew H
There’s a skip at 2:10 :( 🙁
Alonso Salamanca
This is from Sinichiro Yokota. Creds to him!
Taz Smith
Yaaaaas Hun-ty❤!
丂刀ムズ乇刀 '89
Well, random youtube videos sent me here, now I cant leave :)
Will Llywelyn
Crazy vibes
anonymous anonymous
very cool thanks mann (; respekt the underground scene!
rafael menezes
reminds yuzo koshiro's beats
Charles Whittington
Brad James
What a tune.
Such a tune
Jurgen Chap
Keljedan Stone
M Thomas
"I'd like to be a surgeon, I was wondering if you'd like to do it again."
Lanie Lannister
This got me ready to ORBIT! Fn TUNE.
Kelsey Byrne
Fuk yes!
Kenny's PAC's
Great !
dogsface uk
RIP Derek B.
Diana Miaou
Je l'ai écoutée tellement de fois x)
evoL peeD
Ammer Reduron
great track!
when you just came for the first time in the night and the girl is still willing
Vincent Pisany
Frank .Drebin
Amazing! But this is actually done by Shinichiro Yokota.
Dang.. This track is heat!!
Soothing track! Thanks.
Jimmy Salazar
Andres Zevallos
so good
Tuğberk Sev
SPEED 1.25
Erik Ryan
wildly good track, but wrong artist bruv!
cheap method
I forgot how I found this song, I think it was a YouTube suggestion or something but thank God for whatever it was. I love soichi terada and shinichiro yokota and couldn't believe soichi worked on the ape Escape osts. Oh shit I think that's how I found this song, it was through the ape Escape 3 ost.
nelson lariccia
Salute all of you @nelsonlariccia5 fine music shows exceptional quality 😇🇯🇵🎶🎵🎼🎧😅👀@nelsonlariccia
Square Inch
Pretty sure that dialogue is sampled from Dr. Who.
Mike D
Relax mang.
Beat Pharmacist
Such good music 🎼 🎵 🎶 . This is the kinda house music I can get down with.
Lorena S. Egea
I love you
Fucked Gplus
The late hook from the 80's but the new synth sound of the 90's delicious
LSD gameboy version
the vinyl roughness is the best sounding part of the entire song....just lingering in the bg giving you a sense of netherworld substance. shit had my hairs standing up.
Yuri Franco
Yeahhhhhh muito bom.
listening it under lsd effects is crazy
Scomoresco Scomoresco
Japanese magic.. The Japanese never fail to impress me.. whatever they deliver, and whatever they produce.., it always radiates in quality&dedication with a hint of J-elegance.
Tim van Aken
This music conveys some kind of aura that I have yet to experience elsewhere in life
fix artist credit plz
Bomber Harris' anthem
Benjamin Moreau
When I used to work two jobs from 2015-2016, I would listen to this song everyday when I had a little break between jobs. This song always helped put me in the right mindset, it felt like an oasis for my mind :)
Nicolas Ronge
Hiroshima rulez.
Oh baby, if it's with you I can do it whenever you want ! 💗
victor naranjo
This one's actually by Shinichiro Yokota
This sounds like music heard in gay nightclubs....uh....oops.....
Gabe Waite
big up nel moon for playing this on Seoul Community Radio, would never of heard it otherwise:D
Nothing like being high out of your mind with this flowing through your headphones, creating major mayhem in your head :)
jennifer smith
I'm in LOVE!!!!