Gnarls Barkley Smiley Faces

Smiley Faces

G True
I thought I'd never see this again! Classic!
Emily Ave
Loved this video the first time I saw ita few years back, still love it now! So glad it's back!
Kuya Johnn
Please never remove this. It makes me happy no matter how dark a day gets :)
Darren Norris
best video ever thought this was removed
loyd smith
For some reason B.o.B I'll Be In The Sky reminded me of this Song/Video, Priceless. Good memories!
Kiara De Rosa
I want this as the official video, you WIN!
Dean Rumsby
Haven't seen this vid in years, what a lovely moment to see it again! You rock!
Joesdf Joesdfg
Any chance you could re-upload this to try to have higher quality ? Freaking yt ...
Juice Lee
no matter how many times I hear this song I'll only ever think of this video
Whoever is in this video, you are the best! Awesome!!!
I don't actually get the sense of your woman's version... but all your video is great anyway! :D
This is my favorite feel good song and video. I was bummed when the vid went away, glad it's back too.
mario ojeda alvirez armendariz
Dance popping loking
mario ojeda alvirez armendariz
yeeeeeeeeeeah!!! good cool
Where is that place in the video again? I mean "Crystal Park" or something like that?
Julian Hall
74 people have sad faces
Arnold Dumm
Kevin Davis
Whenever I watch this video, it definitely brings a smile to my face.
DUDE!! You're back!! Where'd you go? It's good to see this video again :D thanks for bringing it back
Neil Etnyre
I wish there was an option on Facebook for "This Guy " for people that inspire you.
Cameron Soulette
@admengz Yea this video used to be on here a LONG time ago and it went away for whatever reason. I'm glad it's back too
Nik Harris
@Breaker8nine agreed i remember when there was no official video, this video rocked then i couldnt find it for the life of me...thank god its back
My new idol
do you even realize what "pop music" is? it has nothing to do with sound or beats or anything! it only means that it is popular, hence the name, pop!
Doug M. Yelkin
JESUS; you are a child. and a CANADIAN. you DON'T know shit about music. and now i feel bad for making fun of a little retard. if you think your name is anything worth a damn as some sort of clever rhyme (DORITO?? LOL), and you gonna have a "lil list"; then i just feel bad fo ya dumb ass. you don't know SHIT, canuck, so keep your list in your little sparkly ass diary in ya house and don't come to the real world with that shit or just be prepared to be embarrassed and dogged on. i'm done w/ ya.
Doug M. Yelkin
if you are TOO STUPID to know that Kanye is any less "pop" as Brittney Spears bitch ass, then you don't know shit and your list is as PUNK ASS as yo damn self. fuck your list, bitch; you ain't SHIT. ...a three name list that's got some punk & some nobody with Gnarls; and then being CHILDISH enough to say that it is "the three best musical artists ever". [email protected]!!!!! what are you; 10 years old? you gonna put Kanye's little nothing ass above 'Pac? you don't know shit about REAL music; lil girl.
Doug M. Yelkin
don't waste ya' breathe putting Kanye's bitch "pop music" ass in with one of the GREATS from the Goodie MOB; kid. he here today, but WORLDS away from even TOUCHING tha' Dungeon Family. 4 REAL. he can't even mess with Fiddy today, despite how many little teenage suburbanites bought his album more. LOL SERIOUS.
This song makes me smile :)
exept your mom she sexy in her super fatness and ugly singing voice
Deanna Haynes
haha this is hilarious to me for some reason
He joined on the 24tth June, uploaded this on the 25th and never came back... A legend...
Come back Smiley Face man!
Lisa Hunter
this song rocks
really? learn something new everyday :D
Silver Crow
this is awesome.
gnarls is one of the weirdest mainstream artists of this generation. he's bloody good though.
I think the song is about Life, That it can be Very hard and Though but at all times you gotta look at the bright side and think to yourself that it's really not that bad. And put up a Smiley Face!
Wayne .L
classic song right here
Damir Catic
me too.that dancing is awesome. i can t stop watchin it
Damir Catic
yeah i notice that. hope he is okay
Sonnie Nash
i'm sure that guy used to be on eastenders?!
declan moore
were is that plz msg me if u no
That dance at the end in front of the Sphinx was great, but that boy sure is hideous looking.
eimear bolger
Cool dancer!!
Altoine Barker
I thought you did a great job on this video. I think I enjoyed watching it as much as I think you enjoyed making it. I like the creativity in the effects and of course the wardrobe! LoL Your dancing was great.
Cierra Jenks
sorry sugar stool stiglet story stons sterry
Reinoud Brenkman
<3 this song!
lol i wish i can see it... u have a pic? >:)
This was wonderfully put together.
this guy dont need to have beautiful teeth... he can dance... can you? >:) p.s. sorry for my bad english :)
the pink wig is sassy
awesome video, reminds me of the days go by video a bit which I also loved
simon stevens
your the crap you buffoon!!!!! show us your hit song and video before you pass judgement imbecil
Axel Schultz
what a crap
Marcin Witaszak
Raphael Souza
This is amazing
David E.
great video and great song :D 5*
Bad video??? Iwant to see if you can make it better!
the dude can dance awesome :)
pretty nice song :b the dancer in the vid is quite cool but the vid sucks
Meme Generator
Hahaha I thought this was te real movie clip nice job looooool
Fred Mazo
really tell me which one is the original one....thks
Seriously, does anyone know anything about Mr. Tottersley? He's a great enigma of the internet! I love this vid so much, but I wish I knew more about the man IN it.
Mónika Kovács
Mathias Propagandhi
The song's awesome, but the video is kinda odd...
Tvoja Mama
dood vid
do ur thing bro!
Helen Blakemore
Brilliant. need the feet
Helen Blakemore
Yeh what a lesson baby. I wish I could dance like that.
Helen Blakemore
17 hours ago I was very drunk. Just a nickname, no offence. Actually think the song and video brilliant.
shut up with such low iq posts.
Helen Blakemore
Take away the r and you get blakey, why was I bought here.
George Greenstreet
isnt that jals dad on skins?
Thats amazing. :)
ben robinson
lol love the daning its well good
Michelle Lysemose
Great song! How old is he? (:
Love the vid. Keep 'em coming!
I thought this was a music video actually made by Gnarls Barkley! It's really good! o.O
Love this.
a true masterpiece
V. Zeremski
just keep the :D
great song :)
Minha Estrela
are there different versions of this video? i think there was another version on MTV a while back.
Ronald Haselden
Great. It rocks. -Ron
Chris Gilroy
smiles from me anne,:D:) thanks for lifting the spirit of my day up. thanks for sharing
Thanks Anne:) Got me dancing sweetie!
Seckin Akter
sick song
Anesa Dzihan
Love this!!!! <3 How can u not..
Doug Hess
Amazing fun. The smile at 1:00 is almost haunting!
this songs always makes me wanna get up and dance, gotta love gnarls...
who´s that guy?
Marc Lange
This dude is a fool (in a good way)
this guy gnarls barkley has weird music and it sounds weird
love this song so much. and nice video
really nice video!!!!!!!! well down ;)