Ritchie Blackmore Guitar God

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RITCHIE BLACKMORE guitar solo from DEEP PURPLE Perfect Strangers LIVE.

Deep Purple (Musical Group) Rainbow (Musical Group) Ritchie Blackmore (Musical Artist) Fender Stratocaster (Guitar) Blackmore's Night (Musical Group) Marshall Amplification (Organization) Perfect Strangers (Musical Album)

Berk Cakman
He is trying to communicate with aliens i guess
Такая несусветная хуйня! Абсолютно ни о чем! Хотел увидеть что-то реально стоящее, но это.... Я в ахуе от бестолковости этого перфоманса
wonder how many whales understood first half?
John Jordan
People calling this "crap" because it is "just noise" need to understand that it's not like Ritchie relied on playing this way all the time. He is one of the best technically spot on players of any generation, here he's just trying to do something different and creative.  Music (especially rock) is not about playing beautiful ear stroking melodies all of the time. As far as Smoke on the Water being "primitive".... first I would say try playing the solo, second I would say compose an equally "primitive" riff and change the music scene forever and third (as Ritchie says) like Beethoven sometimes simple and easily recognizable riffs are the best.  People are far too critical for my taste...that's my criticism.
Raymond Etternal
I love Ritchie but this performance is pure crap
Ricky Spanish
early dubstep
Si llego a hacer eso me dicen "aprende a tocar pelotudo!" pero claro es Blackmore
Александр Кожанов
На мой взгляд какая то хуйня.
Guy Hirst
Self indulgence level: 100,000,000.
So god damn underrated. This is awesome
I'm Watching You
Atari 2600 sounds 😂😂😂
I think he was making a joke. He is known for messing with the audience after all...
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Blackmore THE guitarist on this planet.
Jason Kruger
Me trying to play an eddie van halen lick.
Phil Maison
until 2:20   it's a fake   not original recording   then the real recording starts   you can hear' the difference in tone and also if you watch ritchie's hands for the first minutes,  the sound is not what he plays on the fingerboard    in my opinion but i might be wrong
Federico Valle
...say what you want, but I liked it.
György Wágner B.
The bulk of it is only noise. (I,m absolutely a Blackmore fan - he is my 1., 2., 3., and 4. fave guitarist -, but objective too. Can,t stand eg. the riff of Smoke on the Water coz too dull and primitive.)
Андрей Витальевич
Yes,he's got a name...but I prefer Jimmy Page.
Geoff Clarke
Sounds like overdubbed noise to me & it's not in sync!
Justice Scales
I can't believe what I just saw. Worst Ritchie moment I've ever seen.
Damn underrated.
Alvaro Maurin
a collection of his worst solos, pure noise! made in Japan, that is godly.
where´s the g0d?
Joachim Heyden
Fantastisch! Das hätte ich einem Rockgitarristen niemals zugetraut; ein grandioses Soundgewitter, bis ins kleinste Detail allerbestes instant composing! Sowas können doch eigentlich nur Jazzmusiker...Blackmore steigt enorm in meiner Achtung.
Michael Harris
I always thought Ritchie was the greatest, until I found Rory Gallagher. Sorry Ritchie you're good. But the Guitar God is Rory Gallagher. Check out Rory Gallagher best guitar solos. You will be amazed!
Paul Catania
"The man is clear in his mind..........his soul is mad." --Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now
Ronnie B-Good
Any shredder of today would make this look like trash I'm sorry to say. And I'm an old rocker and fan of Deep Purple!
Chaingrinder's Motovlogs
If I would play this on a guitar and film it I would get 90% thumps down in Youtube... Blackmore is definetly a Guitar God, but this Video is a wrong example I guess...
Francisco Fregona
Lest be honest... if you close your eyes and you imagine someone random playing the guitar the way he's playing on the video many people will say "This is rubbish".
didier van dijk
This has nothing to do with playing the guitar,I can do this to
uwe strassmann
Genial und vollkommen verrückt der Mann.
The Master of cacophony here... Only noise...
ViDus K
Wahnsinn :-D voll der Freak!!!!!!
Jimi Hendrix
Blackmore is REALLLY a Killer guitarist , but this is ..i don´t know :-D,
Some of the best feedback ever, only compared to Jimi Hendrix. The feedback on the start of 'Highway Star' on the Made In Japan album is sublime. Many have attempted and failed, some real big names which I will respect and not mention. This man makes magic with a Strat and Marshall.
Алеся Чжу
набор шумов какая же это техника !!! дерганье как болезнь паркинсона на гитаре! Бред
ok he is a great guitar player but this is ...crap...lets be honest
Oor Jaki
I'd sooner pay good money to watch RB play trash than see most other guitarists at the top of their game. He is that good.
Paulo Tapabache
Wtf, This is patetic
James Mk
what a crap
Николай Буков
гений!!! каких больше нет!!!браво,РИЧИ!!!!
guys this is a 'shreds' video. look it up. it's a joke, don't take it seriously.
You have to see the whole show, because it was stunning. Fresh, brutal and also they seemed to have very much fun on stage. Everybody is doing a very good job. This part is taken out of Space Truckin'. And I think his job on it is better in Knebworth '85. But he is the one and only. And he is allowed to do so. Just watch the show from '72 Kopenhagen, also the Space Truckin' part. He is crazy, but that is good.
norshiella bucali
Ritchie a planet well known guitar god..
legal adviser
херня какая-то а не ...
Jaydeep Singh
Ritchie is de best.. sooo mch of feel.. seems like he's having sex with his guitar... best guitarist ever..
Neil Mason
Two word review: Shit Sandwich...
4:30 Just that is more than any twat making a comment can even comprehend.
Jean Karlo Mendoza Castillo
Deep Purple con Ritchie Blackmore en la guitarra se convirtio en la banda más ruidosa del mundo en los años 70's. Y no fue por un solo,fue por ruido puro. Ritchie es extraordinario tocando la guitarra solo que lo que esta haciendo ahi,es ruido. Nomás solo es un show de ruido Miren otros videos con guitarra acustica y electrica de el, para que asi juzguen si es bueno o no. Eso del video es un show de ruido entindalo y si no lo entienden,quiere decir que su locura no es para ustedes. lmL
Luigi Spadavecchia
Charles Edward Renshaw
This is absolutely dreadful!! Blackmore thinks that because he's Blackmore he can just stand there and make an excruciating racket and get away with it. This isn't a solo - it isn't even music. Awful.
Did he ever found the right note?
Mandarin Boy
кто от фреда?
ich liebe seine Kunst
Luigi Berra
Meraviglioso chitarrista ..tanto di cappello. .una forza della natura. .Fender Blackmore. .
luuke luketer
Ritchie's taking the piss........don't fall for it.........
Guitar 69
sounds like a bunch of noise wow i make sounds like that messing around on my guitar maybe i havent heard more of ritchie
jj Garand-robichaud
I love blackmore. But as a musician. This suck!
Hendrix duz feedback and whammy bar distortion so much better
ณวศักดิ์ ไชยทิพย์
tracy smith
PURE GARBAGE at it's BEST!!!!!
Long Live Ritchie.......
Mateusz Matuszak
he is just on acid :D
There is NOBODY like Ritchie.
The Rocker
This Is "utter rubbish" apart from having to look at his "tiny" lunch box in his tights.. he's just making noise... Jeff Beck-EVH leave this tripe in their wake
Denis Nujic
He wants to show us how much he's a durable guitar while raping! :D
I'm very disappointed about Ritchie Blackmore saying those words about Jimi Hendrix "I was impressed by Hendrix. Not so much by his playing, as his attitude -- he wasn't a great player, but everything else about him was brilliant. Even the way he walked was amazing. His guitar playing, though, was always a little bit weird. Hendrix inspired me, but I was still more into Wes Montgomery." Jimi is still a great guitar player, Mr. Blackmore, copy that...
EvarD Pacific
q rapid es
Leonel Cantú de Llano
Up until 1:39 he just looks like an idiot that doesn't even know what a guitar is, you have to accept it; it's just stupid. He then fixed it, but the first minute and a half he looks like an idiot.
Rodolfo Angel
Pensar que hubo una época en que tocaba...
Atreju de Fenice
It looks like someone who bought the guitar now. Remembered scene: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
still better than justin bieber. (dont get me wrong   huge blackmore fan)
It's called Improvisation. It is one Guitar solo amongst many-all of which are different. Yes it sounds like anyone can do it-but try to replicate it! I bet no-one can! Everybody Loved to Slag off Ritchie! By the way I don't personally like it,but it's not supposed to be Melodic! Ritchie blows Away Every Other Guitarist bar none and has been doing so since about 1964 to the present day! His latest improvistions on such songs as Blackmores Night's Somewhere over the Sea are full of Emotion,Feel,Technique etc etc and He;s 70+ years old! But Somepeople have ears but cannot hear-They are So Blinded by their hatred of him. There will Never be Anyone like him-Long Live Ritchie!!
Wow... That was terrible. I hope he was on some incredible drugs when he was playing that.
Love it x) It may sound like crap noise out of a guitar, but what i heard amidst this chaos of sound is one hell of an energy burst! Many can play play point perfect pieces, but few can punch you in the face with just the feel of their playing. Guess ritchie wanted to show us that :) Nan i don't think he cared, he was to busy enjoying his trip xD
H and C
absolute trash I wish someone had told Blackmore he was having a stroke and took him to hospital rather then having him finish the set
bunga hujan
this is abstract expressionism.. many people don't understand
C'est du faux . le son est déformé
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
The best axeman on this planet and still at the age of 72.
Ritchie you dont play good quitar...!!!
That's all noise and effects. Sorry, Blackmore is good but not one of the top players, as far as I'm concerned. The real guitar gods in proper order: Page, Howe, Beck, Gibbons, Liefson. It's really not just about hammering your guitar with massive distortion. Go watch Page play Song Remains the Same or the solo on Dazed and Confused, Communication Break Down, Whole Lot of Love, or Heartbreaker. Or check out his acoustic stuff: Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp, That's the Way, etc. Or go listen to Steve Howe play on Close to the Edge, Starship Trooper, or the acoustic number The Clap. Wow! Then you've got the one and only AMAZING touch of Billy Gibbons. I learned every lick on Tejas, Fandango, and Deguello. Nothing touches his singular style. Beck? Just go listen to Wired. Enough said. And Liefson? Again, I learned every lick on 2112, Moving Pictures, and Grace Under Pressure. Again, no one touches Liefson. Blackmore? I think I may remember the smoke on the water riff.
Atreju de Fenice
Vendo ele fazer isso (e se baseando só por esse video), posso dizer que toco guitarra tanto quanto Ritchie Blackmore...kkkk.
Victor Krawiec
This is noise, not guitar.
cocaine's a hell of a drug
I kind of like this. And I think most of the whales appreciate it too.... Take it for what it is - a lesson in pure experimentation. Who has said that everything has to be so beautiful?....
mojopin 70
how did his wig stay on?
Fury GsixNine
never have heard or seen such an erotic punishment of a guitar before O_o
Jose Martinez
No traten de entender. No es para cualquiera. Los cerebros cerrados no comprenden.
Ahan Bhattacharjee
He's high I guess XD
Jake Stewart Music
...any1 have tabz?
Mr. Bean 's brother? hahaha.....opsss....
Tammy Spees
That was a conglomeration of obnoxious noise.
If Uli Jon Roth is the most underestimated guitarist of all times, Ritchie Blackmoore is the most overestimated one.
Elëctric Elf
Ritchie Blackmore is like Hendrix, bu better, if Blackmore had died, he would be even more famous.
Jamal Mohamed
still the best
Jens Hendriks
can he also play without beating his guitar and just play in key?