Casting Couch S2 E2 with Amey, Nipun & Amruta Khanvilkar - Marathi Web Series

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Amey and Nipun are back with a bang for Season 2! Casting Couch S2 E2 with Amey, Nipun & Amruta Khanvilkar - Marathi Web Series A Marathi celebrity talk show where guests are secretly being tested, auditioned, and recruited to help this Actor/Director duo with their next film. Follow us on : /> /> /> Amey Wagh, Nipun Dharmadikari Writer/Director - Sarang Sathaye Producer: Ashish Mehta, Paula McGlynn, Anusha Nandakumar Camera: Ankush Kulal, Aditya Divekar, Joe John AD: Henny Gurnasinghani Editor: Kunal Tiwari Sound Recordist: Mayank Asthana Music: Saket Kanetkar Production Manager: Sharik Location: Sitara Studio Digital Partners: Be Birbal Media Partners:

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i knew few girls named Amrita and I liked their name until I married to a girl called amrita.. I am sick of this name now :(
Fireballs 1234
OMG she is soo beautiful...anyways great video !
Shantanu S
च्यायला ! अमृता म्हणते ह्याला शब्दकोश द्या. काय दिवस आलेत.
I have resubscribed after this couple is back ;)
m Shiv
You should be adding some BTS, Bloopers or some stuff like that, i mean at the end it's all Scripted, so if you can add that will be really Fun to watch.
kanav kumar
This is a better show than Koffee with Karan .....
Eye of Piston
Apart from your Dance.. I didn't enjoyed this show...
K Rushi
one of the most funniest episodes
apoorv thacker
that dance is the best thing I've seen in 2017!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Swapnil Sargar
I feel used.......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I love the message here! thanks Bhadipa for saying that item numbers disparage women.
peace lover
come on ......need some good script for her .....I can't either ignore nor digest her attitude # she is boring
Radhika Apshankar
the episode with anurag kashyap was better....
Taurus Lion
निपुण तुला मी नाशिक ला खास भेटून सांगितले होते कि बिर्याणी ला चांगला दम दिला तरच ती खासम खास लागते ...शेवटची संधी देतोय नायतर पुढच्या वेळेस नळ स्टोप वर झापेन पहा तुला .....
smital dalavi
Omg!! Fabulous guys. Office madhe ahe yaar mi. Can't control laughing man.. Got into free conference room to lol!!! Bestest best 😆😆
Chinmay Vad
Upen Patel la fans ahet!!! Hahahahaha....
Praful Dhabekar
Thanks for bringing my favorite actress on #BhaDiPa !! and where is international celebrities?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
gorgeous amruta+cute Amey+British man=fantastic episode 😂😂
Mayuresh Abhang
9:22 that moment when Nipun's face turns so red cz of blush that the red stool starts thinking "who is more red?"😂
Pratik Naik
Both the episodes of season 2 are best, perfect balance comedy and insult achieved in this season. In first season I felt insult of guest was reducing the fun. Curious to see next episode with increased expectations.
average. not up to the mark.
Rahul Padalkar
4:37 Nipun's expression!
yogesh khadtare
nipun last part of episode was awesome when you are crying....
Nilay Kulkarni
You people are getting better at those awkward silences ❤. please videos banvat raha 👐
Aditya Kadam
Jamlay ha tr ekack number
Rohan Karkamkar
#NipunandAmey go get a room already ;) jokes apart you guys are improving with each episode with your comic timing.. waiting for the next episode!
Abhishek Bangale
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... Season 1 parat binge watch kela kaal.. Aaj S2.. Superb guys.. Watching you both is a total laugh riot.. Alya alya ch udass karta tumhi guest la.. thoda vel tari dya tyanna.. LOL.. :'D
Mahesh Mohite
च्यायला ! अमृता म्हणते ह्याला शब्दकोश द्या. काय दिवस आलेत. .... aameya ghe mag aata
you guys are crazy hilarious... so amazing.. i don't understand marathi..but even with your subtitles..your jokes are spot on... killer stuff...please keep bringing more...
Amit Solanke
The theme is really interesting people but we would love to see what you can explore more, getting into a pattern is the last thing you would want …..pushing the boundaries on all sides.
Tech Enthu
kay raada distey ti !!! something about those lustrous eyes is skipping my heart beat, and lighting on her face is making her look sexy as hell.. she should do a professional photoshoot with those lighting n makeup..
Abhishek Pawar
saat samundar paar mai tere piche piche 😂😂😂😂😂😂
IT Guruji -Official
you both are rocks..............................................amey and nipun.
Budgies Birds Information Indian
genius amruta. love u
sound level thodi vadhava next time
sourabh risbud
nipun cha dance sodun bandal zalay episode plz guys... level khali anu naka rao
Chinmay Dalvi
Khatarnaak dance bc😂
epic :)
Harshada Sunthankar
बंद करा आता. दर्जा फारच खालावला आहे.
Bhagyashree Ghushey
What a Dance man... Nipun you are too cute.. U rock :)
Sudesh Sitap
एक नंबर होता...specially माझ्याकडे shorts आहेत😂😂😂😅😅😅👍👍👌
please upload Behind the scenes....
Crying Nipun deserves a gif
So cool guys :)
Ishan khan
tu madak watto .. hahaha wtf
Pramod Ahire
Noo guys its not up to mark make it more interesting
This girl is so pretty 💙
Ajinkya Pujari
बोअर झालं राव , पंचेस वाढवा जरा
Shubhankar Purandare
The most enjoyable part of this show is the absolute comfort that they both have with all the guests even if its scripted or not. Their sense of humor and presence of mind is absolute spot ON. Loved the ambiance of the set, it gives a really rustic view in the background. It's so funny when they are scooping for work for themselves. Just waiting for behind the scenes and bloopers, i bet its more hilarious. Amazing work #Bhadipa
neha supe
मस्त राव
Sandeep Mane
nipun item lay bhari.tuzya kade shorts ahe😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂
nikhil joshi
snowman tharki😂
Nitesh Mohite
15:35 😂😂 Nipun , bhai " L " lavle tuze 😆😂😂😅 nipun amey gys awsome .. i think its a #ReturnOfBhadipa episode. 😆😅.. gyss mala vatta tumhi next episode mde " अवधूत गुप्ते " hyalaa ghyava. tumchya film chya "Music Section " sathi 😁😂😅😃 Full On #राडा 😂😁😅😀 KEEP IT UP GYSS , LOVE #भाडिपा
स्कर्ट उचल तिचा,झाटे बघा तिचे
Amit Parab
14:02 😂😂😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌 dance 😂😂😂
Sangeet Marathi
Amey and Nipun you rock guys......
Great episode.. Mad guys....waiting for next episode!!
मस्त timing राव तुमचा...अफलातुन
तुम्ही नक्की जगाला काय दाखवायचा प्रयत्न करताय कळेल का
snehha Raut
हि vouchers ची काय भानगड आहे??
swarup narkhede
अर्रे यार तुम्ही जरा जास्त गप्पा मारल्या पाहिजेत direct guests ना बाहेर हाकलायच्या आधी.. AIB चे pocasts सारख जरा मोकळेपणे ...
Godfather Sus
Khup bhaari
Anil Tikone
tiche kapde ajun chote have hote... atleast entertainment tari zala asta..
Yogesh Kumavat
Nipun , Amey.... bhavanno... Chhan kaam kelay.....
Swati Rajput
The times we live in, make it harder to find humor in the topic of objectification..... But it was really funny seeing Nipun feel offended in the end 😂😂 Both of you are awesome 👍
Gaurav Pangarkar
Shrikant Kumkar
nipun u r outstanding.. tuja nautanki sala mdla resto mdla scene pn superb ahe.. ur the best man👍
amar bachate
Wow !!! Great n by the way too hot n sexy Amruta.
Manish Patil
ek number
Jyotsna Sankpal
i feel used..... majhyakade shorts pn aahet..... hehehheh
Mahesh D. Mulik
Amey nipun best, bust nipun is very best
Pushkar Dhande
Love you guys.. Just loved this video a much better comeback.. and this is what casting couch is.. and one more thing u released this video on my birthday.. loved it.. thanks for making my birthday a lot more special.. :)
Amar Jagtap
Me director e rao... Hehehe
Prasad Deshpande
Mitrano khup late karata tumhi navin episodes dyayala.
Jyotsna Sankpal
niche niche aa gayi...lolz....
ninad kharkar
best episode guys, enjoyed this very much.
Yashodhan _nahdohsaY
guys awaaz kami aahe dusrya videos peksha! plz work on it!
Far better than coffee with karan and cnwk...
Dinesh Bendre
ha ha ha ha .... enjoyed a lot ..... saat samundar par
siddhi tichkule
Amey is a true friend as he joined nipun in dancing you both too sweet.. 😀enjoyed the episode thoroughly.... Hats off guys...
Swateja Telang
Amey 😘😘 Hasun Hasun pot dukhle re.. love Nipun too.. " Saat Samundar"
Varadraj Adya
Not working for me.  A very loosely scripted episode. A tighter storyline or idea would do wonders & m sure with cumulative talent of Sarang+Nipun+Ameya you guys can make it.  All the best for next episodes.
Hemant Jadhav
Amu and Amu Rocks... Nipu Badluck for yuh today Dont Cry....
Anand Padole
निपुण दादा । लय माहोल एक्टिंग करता तुम्ही । 😂
Amogh Phadke
season 1 was good ... season 2 kharab karayacha tharavalay ka ?
Tushar Dattu
Purushpradhan Script...;)
Ramdas Kale
shreyas talpade kabhi yenar
pranav sasane
निपून मिशीला कलर करून घे अस वाटतंय शेंबूड येतोय 😂😂😂😂😂
ketan pandit
mast ghadala VINOD
Angel singh
this grl needs to understand she s nt here fr clubbing or a party its juss a normal interview kinda 😂wat she is wearing is so nt for dis stuff🤣🤣🤣
another fun episode guys. and btw Nipun ur dance was hilarious. waiting for ur next episode. Best wishes. ur fan from Srilanka
मानसी तुषार
Siddharth Shelar
ammu ,amey, nipun ROXX.... nd wt a dance :P
swapnil mahaling
yaar - I love ur videos - iss baar zara gadbad ho gayi - maza nahi aaya - keeping fingers crossed - I know next time u will entertain me better -
love u amu....khanvilkar
sagar mane
Nipun arreee tu ek number aahe .. todalasss re
Ameya Ambetkar
Arey chailaa ithe pan To MAD cha promotion
Sanket Kambli