Abigail Williams - "Into the Ashes" Candlelight Records

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There Samus on the drums but no farts in the song. I'm highly disappointed.
Liam Brunton
I was just trying to find quotes for the crucible
R Clegg
In The Shadow of a Thousands Suns is such a cool album.
Kenneth Ferrari
Ashley's keyboarding gives the song a creepy old time horror movie feel to it.Awesome.
Certified Chutiya
You call from the shadows  and curse my blood in the wind  you speak in riddles  the substance which is chipping away  at the garden so balefully  I will hunt you  and even your god can't save you  when the wind blows  a mourning morning whispers serenity  there's none to be had  I will curse the very soil you walk  until you drown in your own shame  and feel the sweet kiss of death across your cold skin  under the pale horned moon  Their blood is stricken and cursed to the outer hills  We conquer  all in the sign of evil  into the cold embrace  as the wind blows through the willows  and the signature of man  has blinded the stars and the infinities beyond  Reclaim the alter  rewrite the books  I will hunt you  and even your god can't save you  when the wind blows  a mourning morning whispers serenity  there's none to be had
Glass Dick Jones
I like the vocalist. Reminds me of nekrogoblikon.
Aurora Marie
These guys killed it when I saw them with Fleshgod.
Am I the only one who loved the vocals?
Rene Aensland
I'll be seeing them with Fleshgod.
apip ali
I can't understand why everyone hate the vocalist? Even i think this band is great including with their vocalist. I really like with the difference between one personnel with another. It's great!
dimmu borgir vibes
Rod HxC
I remember listening to this song years ago, I just don't remember the last time that I have listened to it but the keyboardist (Ashley) got me into this band. Ashley Ellyllon is the highlight of Abigail Williams, unfortunately she's not with them anymore.
Hullu Norsu
Emo music that I like. Its not often
i particulary like the dark generic sound.. taken from true scandinavian black metal :D HAIL from Norway \m/
Black metal with deathcore vocals. I respect them, they evolve into great Black metal band nowadays. Their work on 'Becoming' is just a wicked masterpiece! 
Tanya Y
Wow, seeing this guy on the street, I would never guess he could do vocals like that. Even watching the video and seeing him do it is kind of weird.
Blackcore?? AWESOME
Kevin Goeltz
As far as metal goes this is good. As a black metal song, it's nice and definitely breaks the mold, but it doesn't feel like something I'd listen to when I'm walking through the forest, or meditating, it sounds like something I'd get angry to. That being said, there's better stuff than this in their discography.
Death Follows
ELLYLLON!!!!!!!! :D:D:D
Fuck, that´s amazing!
Andy Salinas
Elise S. Odden
great <3
awesome band!
Black Road
Stop scroll, just listen the music and watch the video! say ty later, Enjoy
Steven Cajigas
This made my feels go crazy <3
Actually, have you heard Death's (as Mantas before they changed it to Death) demos alongside Mr. Bungle's demos in the early to mid 80's? No, possessed did not invent Death Metal! Death and Mr. Bungle did believe it or not. Listen to Reign of Terror by Death and The Raging Wrath of The Easter Bunny by Mr. Bungle if you don't believe me.
*Pentagram did not invent Death Metal, the band Death did. Pentagram was nothing close to Death Metal.* Punctuation helps.
Geno Gaster Sans {King Of Heaven}
dis is zoo fuking hard
Patrick Duggan
Actually Possessed technically released the very first death metal album. Death sort of followed through with a more fleshed out approach. No one band really invented death metal, death metal sort of materialized through a series of albums heavily influenced by thrash metal.
technically possessed invented it
ix gx
muii buenoo me gustaa (Y)
I've heard that all before!
Go to Teckler dot com and search for Satanghost, if you're into black metal.
George master chief
blackcore????????? fuck
Zack Beene
i wouldnt disagree with you there. one of my favorite bands... guess i had a dumb moment. i think Pentagram came before Death though.
what about the band "Death" from which the term death metal was derived? :p (unless i have been horribly misinformed?)
i can see his point though? :p
Glenn van Dormolen
Years after having discovered these guys, I still love them. Delicious blend of (And don't hate me now ;) ) Deathcore and Symphonic Black Metal. Too bad their latest album lost almost all Symphonic elements.
wtf how old are you to think like that? 12?
Ahabs Game Collecting
Yes. A music genre, IS a country.
uhhh Bathory... Hello?
Zack Beene
id say Pentagram invented death metal...the root of the evil growl/scream.
EriStyle S
Eshita Nandini
I found this band by a pic of mitch lucker's shirt he wore a while ago. Abigail williams. Damn, mitch knew his music
Xurase ali
they are really talented band
Sebastian -
New album this year? With Ashley Ellyllon back in the band? HOLY FUCK!
because immortal said so ?
actually was a brazilean band that devoloped black metal as we know, its called sacrofago. you should check it out, was before the first norwegian black metal scene
Mof Buden
yeah its funny that black metal come from Sweden
My band tragedies of war got to open up for them last night !!
dude... Black metal is Norway... theres nothing to discuss... We are the true sons of northern darkness,.
The worlds greatest song?
agree with you, Original only came from God
How the hell can he even talk?
Samus is a badass
Jeremiah Orr
One of the most intelligent things I've come across in a long time.
Anthony S
You're stumbled against awesomeness.
Wth av i stumbled on lol
The Last King
Wish they had stuck with this sound and not turned into trash with their later albums.
candi renee
Damn this is great all the way around. Just epicness mixed with awesomeness.
Paul Gonzalez
I love the dissonance of the keys. Plus she looks so fucking sexy playing the keyboard...
Joe Stapleforth
Not such a fan of the vocals, but the music's fucking great
They´re coming back
Daniel Saldanha
Good instrumental line, then the vocalist came and...
You, you just blew my fucking mind sir.
Anthony S
I prefer the first three albums.
but their last album becoming was the best thing they have put out in my opinion! beyond the veil is an outstanding song.
Zane Smith
The black metal/metalcore kinda sound isn't too bad. I like it. But the vocalist sucks
I think he means how thier music isn't as good anymore.
Explain how this is at all 'emo'?
They said they are going to bring Ashley back for a new album in 2013!!! :DDDDDD
yuri boyka
fucking awesome \m/
I looked this band up because I see they're touring with Carach Angren and Fleshgod Apocalypse. And they made a very good first impression on me... But then that vocalist came into the picture.... Those high pitched death core style vocals completely overpower and essentially ruin the music. Bring Inquisition back on this tour! They killed it last year!
NEW ALBUM 2013 check their facebook page, seems they haven't left us after all!
If you look on their facebook page they have a new album coming out next year!
how in the hell could you casll this emo? AW is fuckin brutal and seriously talented
Anthony S
By far one of my favorite bands right now.
Linda H
Band plays well singer sucks.
fucking emo black metal. this ain't real black metal dammit
It's a shame the band disbanded. They were the best in blackened death, symphonic metal and in moments when i was about to freak out - Ken Sorceron screamed it out for me :)
lol ooh.. didn't realize.. was in argue mode, sorry
see your comment!! soo gay
Nathan Mcgee
The singer is annoying
how am i gay... how would you even know my sexual relationships without knowing who i am? that's also getting so old...
yeah..u are gay
hmm?? think something else?
gay is always think something else!!!
none of the bands i know really are; i just hear a lot of haters hating on bands calling them posers of other bands n stuff, n i was furious that day i posted that..
you don't get my comment.. and that threat is so old. "you can go kill yourself" it isn't really threatening.. i kinda find it amusing, it's overused and meaningless.
what's wrong with u?? are u mentaly traumatize?? here are good song for you.. after this u can kill yourself
Why did they stop making music!?
Death Mittens
Not the whole quote but you get the idea. Fucking words to live by.
Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Devour old films, new films, music, books, paintings, photographs, poems, dreams, random conversations, architecture, bridges, street signs, trees, clouds, bodies of water, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent.
Actually 2003 to 2012 but all the same R.I.P.
both you jackasses are wrong, black metal was a fucking culture in norway, because of their rituals and destructive ways of their black metal culture the media got wind of it, thus showing all the people around the world, turning black metal into what it is now, just a genre.
Before you call people noobs: Venom had a song called black metal. The whole subgenre has been "invented" and carried by the Norwegians (mainly). :)
:( SUCH a shame.... Even though In The Absense Of Light was NOT good. In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns was so good....
Kevin Duenaz
Ever heard of mercyful fate?