Abigail Williams - "Into the Ashes" Candlelight Records

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Blackcore?? AWESOME
Rene Aensland
I'll be seeing them with Fleshgod.
There Samus on the drums but no farts in the song. I'm highly disappointed.
Black Dahlia Murders + Cradle Of Filth = Abigail Williams ;) !
I looked this band up because I see they're touring with Carach Angren and Fleshgod Apocalypse. And they made a very good first impression on me... But then that vocalist came into the picture.... Those high pitched death core style vocals completely overpower and essentially ruin the music. Bring Inquisition back on this tour! They killed it last year!
Zane Smith
The black metal/metalcore kinda sound isn't too bad. I like it. But the vocalist sucks
Daniel Saldanha
Good instrumental line, then the vocalist came and...
Aurora Marie
These guys killed it when I saw them with Fleshgod.
Kenneth Ferrari
Ashley's keyboarding gives the song a creepy old time horror movie feel to it.Awesome.
Paegan Terrorist
I like the vocalist. Reminds me of nekrogoblikon.
My band tragedies of war got to open up for them last night !!
How the hell can he even talk?
Dr ali
they are really talented band
dimmu borgir vibes
Tanya Y
Wow, seeing this guy on the street, I would never guess he could do vocals like that. Even watching the video and seeing him do it is kind of weird.
Kevin Goeltz
As far as metal goes this is good. As a black metal song, it's nice and definitely breaks the mold, but it doesn't feel like something I'd listen to when I'm walking through the forest, or meditating, it sounds like something I'd get angry to. That being said, there's better stuff than this in their discography.
Jose Cabezas
generic baby metal!!
i particulary like the dark generic sound.. taken from true scandinavian black metal :D HAIL from Norway \m/
first time i hear them was fleshgod chicago 2016. awesome live show! i hope to see again!
Linda H
Band plays well singer sucks.
Nathan Mcgee
The singer is annoying
R Clegg
In The Shadow of a Thousands Suns is such a cool album.
Chuck Replogle
Metal Elitist Douchebag
You call from the shadows  and curse my blood in the wind  you speak in riddles  the substance which is chipping away  at the garden so balefully  I will hunt you  and even your god can't save you  when the wind blows  a mourning morning whispers serenity  there's none to be had  I will curse the very soil you walk  until you drown in your own shame  and feel the sweet kiss of death across your cold skin  under the pale horned moon  Their blood is stricken and cursed to the outer hills  We conquer  all in the sign of evil  into the cold embrace  as the wind blows through the willows  and the signature of man  has blinded the stars and the infinities beyond  Reclaim the alter  rewrite the books  I will hunt you  and even your god can't save you  when the wind blows  a mourning morning whispers serenity  there's none to be had
The Last King
Wish they had stuck with this sound and not turned into trash with their later albums.
@ProgressiveMadness1 Just added 'Blackened Forest Core' to the meta-tags. :) With the way things are going these days, it'll probably catch on. Ha! Sammy BlankTV
@CARELESSxOGRE Would have liked to see what HammerDimension posted:D
@CARELESSxOGRE Did we miss something? hehehehe
@CARELESSxOGRE Roger that We'll keep our eyes out and block his ass next time
Abigail Williams SPECIAL/LIMITED EDITION Vinyl of "Becoming" and "Legend" goes up for pre-order on Tues, May 22nd. 8 bonus tracks total. We are releasing the records. Full details on our page!!
I heard Miley has a new song out.
I don't care about genres. I listen to whatever I feel like at the time.
someone seriously needs to do a tutorial of this song on the piano!
Matthew Brown
this is symphonic metal dipshits!!
Levi Everaerts
Guys, stop talking about all the negative things about this band and let's talk about the most positive thing: Ashley Ellyllon :D
2:51 the ONLY breakdown on this entire CD
like a cat in a blender
fans of the band I'm sorry but he sings like a girl, I'm more of cannibal corpse george =) maria brink sings better than him if they want to diss me porfavor Chinguar in Portuguese, I'm lazy to translate
@Fuogor This is not black metal. This is basically scene kids listening to black metal. if you want actually melodic black metal listen to Dissection or Windir.
Alexandro Almanza
Me sorprende que esto sea Black Core
Agreed, except this definitely isn't death metal. It's black metal, symphonic to be exact.
Sketchy Luke
@wecoloron metal is metal dude, I don't understand how you can say a peice of music is false. Perhaps you should check out their new album that came out recently, that may be more "real" for you.
This song is PERFECT
Gee...why did Ashley have to leave this band....her keyboards was one of the elements that made Abigail Williams.
@ProgressiveMadness1 Funny coincidence actually :P My band plays "black oak metal" :)
@HammerDimension luckily their music doesn't sound like metalcore
Joey Estacado
These guys look like they should be playing death metal
Xiān Jìng Wonderland
@WickedSteak i agree with you so much
Leonardo Mendes
You CANNOT sing in a melodic/symphonic black metal band with short hair. Unless your are Ihsahn...
Leonardo Mendes
@Baalnibirus No, I'm not. I'm a god fearing man.
Leonardo Mendes
@Baalnibirus Alright
Jim Corrigan
sounds great, but watching a lead metal vocalist parade around stage without any sort of ragged outfit, kinda just ends up reminding me of Dane Cook, and thats never a good thing... haha
They said they are going to bring Ashley back for a new album in 2013!!! :DDDDDD
@XxDakoTaTheDinoxX also, Dissection never wore corpsepaint, and they are one of my favorite Black Metal bands
@clownscare12 yeah, the vocals are horrible. Also riffing is really cliched and there is nothing special about the drumming. The keyboard is alright, but that's it honestly.
@XxDakoTaTheDinoxX I wasn't even concerned with the image, I just don't dig this band. At all. (This is my first time listening to the band, so give that "then why did you click on it" bullshit)
@ProgressiveMadness1 I completely agree...But you just gave birth to "Blackened Forest Core" and some idiot is gonna live up to it.. With bands called "I wrestled a bear once" and "the tony danza tapdance extravaganza"...anything is fucking possible
The chick who plays the keys is so hot
Josh Stanton
@mrguano7 those are some kickass bands though
The breakdown in this song is perfect.
Immortal Guardian
i miss this lineup
RIP Abigail Williams 2007-2012
@MetalMachineRider Ken Sorceron's hair is pretty long now actually lol
@usunbitch lmao thats a good one XD
@Thisisthewill nice nice :) thnks
Don't think ur badass listening to this coz so does Demi Lovato
Lance Rambert
huh... symphonic deathcore... yawn...
Yeah I know but they reunited in 2007 lol
Matt W
if they scream or yell instead if sing then it is not music to me anymore, at that point it becomes a cacophonous noise, one that drowns out Ellyllon.
Tyson James
from metalstorm ee website: Abigail Williams Formed in: 2005 2005-2007 Symphonic Black metal 2005-2007 Gothenburg metal 2005-2007 Metalcore 2007- Symphonic Black metal
Owen Hoover
am i the only one who paused at 0:24 ?
Matthew Carl Earl
Damn get a new singer.
@BitterDawn I am American, I love Black Metal as well and I do agree that SOME american bands should not try out BM, but there are some that have done amazingly well!
@BitterDawn Also I would not consider AW to be BM. lol to be honest I am not much of a fan ov theirs.
I can't listen to this CD without jizzing my pants
Black metal was started by Venom, not any norwegian bands, dude.
i dont care if this is black metal or not. Its stilll awesome!!!
@falconer6439 You listen to this pile of soulless wank and seriously think they're influenced by the great black metal bands of the early 90's? Like Dimmu Borgir, Abigail Williams is for teenagers who have yet to discover the true dark genius of proper black metal. And no, I'm not a tr00 kvltist (I hate those people). Just to call this black metal is just plain insulting for true fans of the genre.
This is what happens when an American metalcore band gets hold of a Dimmu Borgir CD. Better pray they don't discover Darkthrone, the last thing we need is an Americanized version of Transilvanian Hunger.
@falconer6439 So they can't find a good drummer who is not a legend? Pull the other one. Emperor are the Kings of symphonic black metal, even likening them to this pile of trash is insane. Those bands you mentioned don't claim to be pure black metal, these guys do, which means kids actually think what they're listening to is BM. A kid on a BM forum claimed he prefered black metal over death metal because it was more melodic :/
@falconer6439 Trym drummed in the band because they hired him, it's not uncommon for bands in black metal to hire a 'name' to draw interest to their otherwise dull music. It's usually Hellhammer who these bands go to when they want a drummer, guess he was too busy... all the bands you mentioned are cross-overs and Ihsahn doesn't play black metal anymore.
Mutated Antibiosis
arghaaaaaaaaaaaaaajajajaaaaaaaaargahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... men i love the lyrics :D
@ProgressiveMadness1 lol!!!
fucking emo black metal. this ain't real black metal dammit
Elbtology_Chillkröte HJU
@1masterdestroyer make it better ;)
@TheElisaSims Why don't you make me?
but their last album becoming was the best thing they have put out in my opinion! beyond the veil is an outstanding song.
If you look on their facebook page they have a new album coming out next year!
NEW ALBUM 2013 check their facebook page, seems they haven't left us after all!
Charlie Chinchilla
@HotakXvi Ashley Ellyllon is hott indeed.
@SwordXEvil should have*
2:34 YES
@Dimdez I didn't say they WEREN'T i'm saying they are NOT, don't miss inform people. If you want to give example of black metal band atleast give an band that is black metal, like Burzum
@Dimdez so you shouldn't listed one of those bands, otherwise you just sound like a poser listing shitty gothic rock band as a black metal
@Midaspl Cradle of Filth is NOT Black Metal
jacob siegersmapieters
@IpeeCum Noo i read wiki so am really smart
jacob siegersmapieters
@IpeeCum wiki is always right :O
fuk u.
Shit, just found out that AW lost a whole lot of members, they went from 6 to only three
Samus is a badass
they sound like symphonic blackened death metal to me. Definietly black metal at it's core, but there's some death metal in there.