Beautiful Views Final Approach into Faroe Islands

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In the cockpit of the Atlantic Airways Airbus A319 for the final approach into Vagar. The full JustPlanes Cockpit Film of Air Atlantic is 4h35mins long, includes 6 flights on the flightdeck of the Airbus A319 as well as 15 spectacular flights on the Augugsta Westland 139 Helicopter around the Faroe Islands. FILM INFO /> FILM VIDEO TRAILER /> FOLLOW US WEBSITE />FACEBOOK />INSTAGRAM

North of the wall?
Thomas Steffien
...not much space for errors...
Alex Liu
perfect smooth landing. and scenery is spectacular
I live in the Faroe Islands
Kenneth Masters
Talk about the middle of nowhere. Then out pops this beautiful fully modern looking runway. Oops! just looked in Wikipedia; 50,000 live there. Moderate climate due to Gulf stream.
Matt's Aviation Channel
Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!
The FlightSim Boy
Just one question: Why are there dislikes??!
Steven Wrigley
I think I'll changed my holiday plans. I now want to visit the Faroe Islands 😍😍😍😍
The FlightSim Boy
This is probably the most beautiful place to fly to.
Excellent landing very smooth
Canadian Plane Spotter
Those islands look baron and empty...strange to see the runway lights popping through the fog :P
Muito bonito !!! (do Brasil )
Gorgeous ! Can someone explain me where are the yellow light ? they seem to be floating in the air. 02:35
stelios ioannou
Lothar von Richthofen
Beautiful...I want to visit this place Viking heritage here
Omari Joseph
forgive me..but where exactly is Faroe Islands..never heard of it
hahaha "Decel...ah no decel, no decel, no decel,..."
Perry Hennessy
Great video!! 💕💕
Looks like sim till touch down :))
Squawk 1200
Best view/ office in the world
Prof.Dr.Serdar Akgün
darkness, sbow and lights, beautiful combination
rob balboni
beautiful approach and landing with great scenery!
Animesh Pradhan
The place seems straight out of fairy tale
For any Vloggers out there thinking to visit, they have fantastic digital connectivity, with 4G everywhere.
View of DD
beautiful view, i always check this kind of video, maybe i will see all this in real very soon........ :-)
Helios Haul
Perfect just Perfect.  Thanks.
Chris castella
nice approach flown in by the f/o
Victor Da Silva
amazing video ;)
ubbe R
lovely vids. thx. :-)
Wow that was spectacular!!! The scenery is just breathtaking. I had to watch that one twice!! Thanks JP!
Bill Kelsoe
question: during cloud penetration above minima, is there a published vsi limit not to exceed, or as a pilot my discretion to reduce vsi to prevent running into obstacles permitted?
very nice
So they went to another planet?
Subtain Khan
amazing view.
Seref Sezgin
EKVG / VAGAR / ILS RWY 30 Thanks.
Daniel V
40 30 20 *retard* *retard* xD
Hetta Lombard
Beautiful Scenery 😍
The Blue Lake comic series by MMASS
Dreamy !
Christofer Riche
Gorgeous views
Beautiful island but I would never go there! #stopthegrind
superbe approche, magnifique..
Ali Kamran
Looks like another world.
Colin Ashby
What a superb landing
Ken Grantham
Beautiful runway. Beautiful landing.
Amazing Thanks for sharing
maddie usher
Yashsvi Dixit
Can India be ever beautiful and clean like this?
Marcel Bexiga
Thiarles Braga
Agnieszka Kamińska
Beautiful. I've seen a number of those 'pilot view' videos but this one is my favorite. Not only a smooth landing (as far as I can tell with my limited aviation knowledge) but also an amazing northern landscape. I would really like to see more of those landings / takeoffs filmed at distant north locations.
James Smith
Where is this at? Looks like in Mars......
Deshan Wolfey
The Blue Lake comic series by MMASS
Fairytale view
Nikki Nicklus
Álvaro Augusto
Smooth landing
Lindsay Wilson
Beautiful! Spooky seeing the lights at the end of the runway in mid-air ;-)
What a beautiful place
Abdulrahman Mohammed
Where is this airport?
Arnas Lintang
Beautiful From indonesia
Flying into marshmallows.
Ravi kumar
Where is Jon's snow ??
Dashing Donny
Now *THAT* was ocol! They have an ILS there? Quite an approach with terrain on each side...
Jan aaj1an
Both pilots holding the "stick"?
Very Nice vidéo Thanks for upload I downloaded the video...❤️❤️❤️
Greased it!
Theo 80126
WOW, stunning scenery. As a layman, sit Only in the back of the plane type, is seems scary flying through the clouds. But, you have all of the radar, etc. Extremely nice video. Thanks for sharing.
Proximity Symbol
Nice footage!
BDQ-VABO Spotter
amazing, beautiful...,
Sagar Rao
Did he come in too fast?
Simon pYUL
Very nice!
ketch up tube
Thanks to ronaldo
Rich Buczkowski
nice video
Not Active
no decel no decel
you were lucky to see so much XD its an interesting approach. non controlled aerodrome with ils, always bad weather and big obstacles on the gs.
Minestar Productions
what plane is this? plz answer
Ashraf Husain
stunning and great
Hammad Abbasi
Where is this Faroe island?
SoHaeng Lee
Nice graphics...
Don Barnes
The lights are called papas
i wish flight simulator looked like this
damn that place looks lonesome
Ken T
Really greased that one in
lilian bertrand
Steal authority symptom pleasant launch win tie endorse involvement.
Vesna Lokar
what a nice view of Koltur :) <3
subhan king
I like this but good landing I will be trying in pakistan to Saudia and use
abdullah hadi
I want to be a pilot
Do you also do helicopter landings?
José Erasmo
Perfect in all !
B-Town Kid
its a stress buster, spectacular
Toby McVinn
wow wow wow
Paddy inJapan
VERY smooth landing - great video!
Niilo Raappana
Excellent footage, thanks for sharing :)
Yes. That is a beautiful view, and peaceful.
Niklas Enblom
Swimmer Srinath
Cross wind?? is tht an a320??
Robert Mortimore
Simply Awesome .............................
gary Vaughan
Spectacular landing very smooth and controlled