Abigail Williams - Beyond The Veil

Support the band and buy merch abigailwilliams.bigcartel.com Amazing full final track from the upcoming Abigail Williams album "Becoming". The album comes out January 24th on candlelight records and you can pre-order here www.candlelightrecordsusa.com Ken Sorceron - (Ex Aborted) Guitar, Vocals, Bass Ian Jekelis - (Ex God Dethroned) Guitar Zach Gibson (Ex Black Dahlia Murder) - Drums Bryan O'Sullivan (Ex Altar of Plagues) - Bass Sarah Chaffee - Cello Ulrik Nicolai - Violin Words: Sorceron/Music: Sorceron, Ellyllon, Jekelis

You know what's funny? Alan Cassidy (Ex Abigail Williams) currently plays for The Black Dahlia Murder and Zach Gibson (Ex TBDM) played for Abigail Williams, hahaha! Both are great bands :)
Jo Blackened
One of my all time favourite tracks! It still takes my breath away no matter how many times I hear it.
Tyson James
Sounds like Last of the Mohicans @ 12:25
The Saloon
This is just fucking beautiful. Words like gorgeous, magnificent, brilliant, and masterpiece come to mind to describe this. It's almost 20 minuets long, and feels like it goes by way too quick!
Jeff Haskins
And a dark wind blows... Empty vessels left scattered around the roads to nowhere and as we move past the darkness, I can't hear a word. We've been trapped in the belly of a leviathan but the beast is now bleeding out slowly into the cosmos. The darkness the sadness the sickness the madness washed away in a magnificent storm The earth was beautiful on fire. Now purified. These are truly the last days of time.
Semerah Padi
Still haunts me perfectly through times 2018
Andraé Trevino
With a live orchestra PLEASE!
m Garcia
Willem Dafuck
An absolute juggernaut.
saw them play this other night... pretty freakin awesome
jose carrasco
this is a masterpiece! \m/
Misaka Mikoto
sounds like: slow riot for new zer0 kanada - Moya mixed down with Opeth i hope their new album keep this sound
Cleopatra BloodQueen
This is what I call a master piece is so perfect to get lost with the guitar and meditate
This is fucking EPIC! Movie status!
Needs more cowbell.
Daniel Hasman
godspeed you black emperor rip off
Krystofer Robin
The whole song, end to end, is the most... beautiful thing... I have ever heard.
God, that break at 6:50 is just the best. So deep.
Mongolian Dragon
Stop deleting this fucking masterpiece, YT!
Krystofer Robin
Nothing wrong with metal tears, dammit.
Brent Raudenbush
I have loved Abigail Williams since the 2007 EP, and i have also always loved atmospheric black metal. That being said, i just find it funny that they purposefully used "sloppier" sounding drums and a more drowned-out sound in this album so that they could take a more atmospheric route. I really like the album, but I personally don't think they had to do that to their production, it just sounds like they are trying to fit in with the other more underground bands. It would have been nice to hear this atmospheric album with their previous clean production. I am sure that some one-man black metal projects sound the way they do because they self-produce everything. If they had access to all the resources AW had, maybe they'd have a different sound. I am speaking hypothetically of course, I just think that it is funny that they started super clean and precise to the more drowned out sound that many atmospheric bands have. I can't complain because it is what i like. I just think it is a bit backwards..
Krystofer Robin
Absolutely not. I think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.
Decanus Severus
Hoc carmen est valde consona. I love it.
Not at all, my friend :)
Mongolian Dragon
Is it wrong if I say I relax to music like this?
Fucking AWESOME!
Kelso King
I feel like an idiot that I haven't listened to this album prior to now. This. Is. Amazing.
Lord Dagrigoth
man.. i shouldve bought this album when i saw them...
Kieth Hernandez
when will the light be my escape?
Jebediah Frey Stephenson
And a dark wind blows… Empty vessels left scattered around the roads to nowhere and as we Move past the darkness, I can’t hear a word. We’ve been trapped in the belly of a leviathan But the beast to now bleeding out slowly into the cosmos. The darkness The sadness The sickness The madness Washed away in a magnificent storm The earth was beautiful on fire. Now purified. There are truly the last days of time.
Ignacio Torres
Best 17:32 minutes of my life ever
Dylan Williams
Look another Williams with musical talerntz ;D
Amazing song!
And don't forget the Flaming Lips' six hour psychedelic song, "Found a Star on the Ground." :P
Well there is Dopesmoker by Sleep which is a non-stop 1:03:31 minutes long...
Anyone that says this is worse than their previous albums must have no attention span whatsoever. This is pure brilliance. I don't care if it, "drones on too long" or if it's not all fancily produced. The composition is impeccable and the atmosphere is great. The last album sounded like Emperor worship and the one before that sounded like Dimmu meets As I lay Dying or something. I still liked them, but I have so much more respect for this.
aleysis maya gore
masterpiece :D
John West Tuna
The album art looks a bit like Iron Man
Tony Walsh
Love your bit Bryan man
Allan Cassidy left for the Bdm
octavio aguayo
out ov no where.... music changed from horrible to pretty good
Some very interesting members in this band! And interesting music as well. A big departure to Darkthrone and the early 2nd wave bands, but it's still amazing! If it sounds like any band, I'd say it's Emperor, but it's difficult to say. Nothing like Wolves in the Throne Room at all. Why do people even think that? Is it because they're the only black metal band they know of?
Sounds a lot like Wolves in the Throne Room - great song.
Magus CR
cris martinez
Sweet fucking eargasm...
Jonathan Hill
No they're not satanic, if you look at the lyrics it's all very poetic and beautiful in this album, they tend to sound very dark however
Was it in Columbus, Ohio at the Shrunken Head? If so, I was there too! They did a great job.
Just attended a show and saw these guys for the first time. I wish I had an opportunity to listen to this NOT on fucking youtube. Good shit tho
Rob McGuire
Heart Of The Bereaved (Official)
especially if you're wackin off while playing it
Heart Of The Bereaved (Official)
good question
Alan Cassidy
They used to be but are now far from. That's from the singers mouth.
Ok, I'm not trying to sound like I'm some Bible thumper because I'm am not even close to that, but I have been listening to this band a lot recently and can barely find any information about them and I'd like to know if they're Satanic or not. I don't mind if they are, I'd just like to know.
Maurise Stephens
I love listening to this when im stoned Abigail Williams ROX!!!!
Powerful song, amazing from beginning to end.
And a dark wind blows… Empty vessels left scattered around the roads to nowhere and as we Move past the darkness, I can’t hear a word. We’ve been trapped in the belly of a leviathan But the beast to now bleeding out slowly into the cosmos.
Every time I listen to this, I love it as much as the first time. People complaining about the lyrical content...just ugh.
My brother's ada was in the band Bjorn I'm telling the honest to god truth
One of my favorite songs of the year.
Also note the correlation between the lyrics excerpts you posted and Godspeed You! Black Emperor's song Dead Flag Blues. :)
"and as we move past the darkness, I cannot hear a sound. We've been trapped in the belly of a Leviathan but the beast is now bleeding out slowly into the cosmos." This line is talking about humans freeing themselves and becoming actual human beings. I guess I don't see what is so hopeless about that. Abigail Williams lyrics can seem about darkness, emptiness, despair etc but if you pay attention and know a thing or two about the metaphysical side of things you will clearly see that isn't so.
"The earth was beautiful on fire now purified" This is obviously speaking of the alchemical flame of transmutation and not an actual destructive fire. "These are truly the last days of time" This is describing the end of the actual perception of time which is currently limiting us in this experience.
This lyrics of this song describe an apocalypse but not in the sense that most people know the word. (Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apocálypsis, meaning 'un-covering') is a revelation of something hidden. In religious contexts it is usually a revelation of hidden meaning - hidden from mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception.) How is this a message of hopelessness? It clearly describes a shift in consciousness and a purification of the earth.
You've got a lot of balls to say that metal of any sort is for those who have hope for nothing. A lot of balls.
There are many different kinds of black you know, one of the broader genres in metal in my opinion
Walter Black
@11Martyr11 No one is forcing you to listen to "black metal"...
Maurise Stephens
I thought I'd never Like Black Metal..... But This Band is Fucking Awsome :D
Luis Iniguez
Black metal is too depressing and boring. It's for the sad mopey people who have hope for nothing. Don't reply with things like, "You don't know music bitch, hail satan" I know music more than you think. I'd rather listen that pumps me up for the day than be sad about living another day. My opinion, now back to my Between The Buried And Me.
RIP :(
Beginning makes me think of Castevania!
French Montana
This is a timeles classic. 10 out of 10, marvellous.
You must have the attention span of a stump.
rob t
The internet make's asshole's of men.
this is excellent music
Xyluss Nelms
Why did you put quotations around 'special helmet'?
@AaronxHonorx doesnt*
@RPGfiend yeah, IM the one who doesny get sarcasm. Retard.
then why did you go to the video?
Great song!
You just owned ignorance. *like*
ed elric
i love the new abigail, then again i listen to black metal and not one of the scene kids who listened to these guys cause idiots think they are deathcore, well core kids here is ur answer they are not, now STFU and enjoy some black metal
Funny you should mention it - I'm the same way about music, and yet my penis is huge.
Funny to read your channel.. Seems like you only do the effort to search video's you don't like. Nice life you have there..
Vince Fury
holy moly poly oly
This might be the greatest song I have ever experienced. And I do mean experienced, this isn't a song you simply "listen" to. Abigail Williams gives me hope for America metal. In two weeks I am taking a trip to Finland, and I honestly never thought I would be listening to an American band while I am there, this Abigail Williams album will surely change that!
I remember back when their first EP came out and I was like meh all over that. Kinda surprised they have gone in a direction I like.
weed man
Oh, definitely. My e-penis is HUGE, but my real one... meh.
Abigail Williams SPECIAL/LIMITED EDITION Vinyl of "Becoming" and "Legend" goes up for pre-order on Tues, May 22nd. 8 bonus tracks total. We are releasing the records. Full details on our page!!
How small is it? I bet mine is smaller.
12:10 Last of The Mohicans theme....great black metal magic...
My god, where has this band been all my life
17 and a half minutes! Kind of excessive!
lenny judd
why does metal make everything so fucking epic? even if your doing simple shit, with this music in the background its always awesome! your tieing your shoe... your tieing your shoe on a battlefield. your making a sandwich.. now your making a sandwich on a battlefield! your having sex... well now your fucking in a fucking battlefield. your on a battlefield... well now your on battlefield in a battlefield!!! FUCK YES TO METAL!!!!!
If ANYBODY could shred on a banjo it'd be Abigail Williams. I miss Samus and their sexy keyboardist though..
Abigail Williams evolves with every album and they sound fucking amazing with each one. These guys can play anything and sound awesome.
M. Troncoso
This is such a masterpiece...this makes me grateful for every single circumstance in life that happened to put this song together and for allowing me to be able to enjoy it.
beautyful Death!!!!!
Simply beautiful
Damn this is good. And I'm not even a big fan of black metal.