Intermediate level - Learn English Conversation and Improve Vocabulary through Oxford English video

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Uki Yeah
Admin, why you don't make another video?
Krishanu Chatterjee
If Jane is moving with David, I hate her .
I was an amazing video I was watching it for lots of time ,but I'd like to know what's the end and if There ar more videos about them .
Monte Kristo Kontu
I really don’t like if Jane decided Bill at the end this story. At the end of episode 3 Jane kissed Matt but in this episode she changed suddenly. Whatever I’d rather Jane decided Matt because he is more near to us. Sorry about my terrible English.
Great blues rock music!
indian defence heroes
Your videos are very interesting and creates eagerness to learn english.Thank you ,can you tell me how can I do episode with your team jane
Chamashi Abeyrathna
This is great... why dont you make one for the advanced learners.... thanks
Bhupinder Chauhan
Thank you for this video I am improving own vocabulary
Annabelle Rankin
I have used this series many times with students of all ages and abilities (beginner - elementary - pre-int.) and from all over the world and it is ALWAYS popular and raises some laughs. It wasn't for about 3 years that I noticed how stunning the girls are, especially Helen.
Ocean Chef Çakır TURHAN
Face to Face English 😀
Fernanda Coppenhal
Where is the continuation?
Katy Don
When does this film date since?
v. k. jain
your videos are looking good i say thanks
Sahil Rahimy
tnx so much it's great conversation
Christo Krzysztof Radew
It is very helpful story I watching every day and my english improve
Fiorese Paolo
I'm sorry! I'm still learning English . This video is very nice as well as the actors and the songs. Perhaps too difficult for me.
Tehseen Awan
hi there !when will you upload the next video?eagerly waiting
Abdullah All Masud
its not clear to us what's next..does Jane come back to Matt or continue with Bill
hoang pham thien
It may be better if the subtitle can be turned on or turned off depending on the need or preference of learners
Ibraheem Don
jane matt lovely couple😊
Mangal Singh
Thanks for your amazing video.i love southern British accent and this is a great example of that.if someone who is interested in talking to me please call me on +919166054407.
MALSU T roman upz
sa ra
i am searching for british conversation...!🤔 can any one help me ..,?😌
Lal Jirel
Thank you for such an amazing video.
Zeqin Li
Bill reminds me of David Schwimmer
Emilia Agayeva
Ngoc Tram Nguyen
This video is so helpful for me to improve my English. In my opinion, that story is unfinished. The ending isn't really clearly. But I hoped Jane decided to move to New York with Bill.
A little bit shine on your vìdeo...
Tiến Nguyễn
matt's crazy
Morrissey Kuc
omg this is amazing.
Pinky Rani
making new videos ?
Ana Maria
Muito bom! !
Make another beginner video pleasee !!
Ramiz siddiqe
Plz make more episodes with these 4 characters. I have seen all the episodes. I like them very much.
sabeena khan
Make more videos i hve seen these episodes many times...i like all of them ☺
Ulises Lira
Oooo Wow que bonito suena! 😍❤💟👍👏!
Dilan Muhammad
Bushra jannath
nice. wants more video
louis wintour
This was reposted because I remember watching and loving this years ago
surya karthi
Really nice want more videos with subtitle
justina mary
Make more videos please
Wahida Chowdhury
Thank you
Gamer Girl 2603
Its so useful thanks
Châu Huỳnh Phong
anybody can give me the name of TV series? Thanks so much!
Hoàng Kỳ Thiên
Oh, Bill is handsome, I love him, American , his voice is so nice.
Tarbiya Taleem Youtube
It was good but too noisy
Lemon White
Btw, thanks for sharing your english learning video. :)
kır papattası
I think good video and that love its👏
Wa'er I'm
좋은자료 감사합니다!^^ Thank you very much! It's really good video!^^
Filho Cell
Muito bom 👏👏
Msa Msk
Please make it to be able to offline video.
JP 78
c est meme pas nul c est bien parce que on apprend l anglais.
pacotini pacotini
Bill sounds like Ross.
Navjot Kaur
videos are really amazing for begginers..u shuld make more videos for advanced learners.. i hv learnt alot frm ur videos. thnks for these amazing videos.
Faisal Shahzad
That old man is fully
Aziz Kamoliddinov
Is there anyone native speaker?
Wilfredo Escobar
Es un buen curso..
Dy Y
Ed Sheeran on the left 49:42
Sakura Hashimoto
i cant find this level of movie without subtitle....
Châu Minh
The video is very great
uğur yüce
They speaking too fast
Nghiêm Văn Tú
oh Jane, love you <3
Manjunatha Shadaksharaiah
Really nice one, got so much to learn, thank you
Illarion Fido
thanx for sharing the great video! Wating for new videos. This videos very helpful for me I heard!
Fsjgtss Sjgyrd
l think this video is boring
Antonio Tony
In this video is used many old words that not using now.
Fawwad Khan
This is a wonderful way to learn English
livylivy Tsang
Iike this Video
rifat mahbub
Валентин Черненко
Кто от Войтенко?
thazli majeed
I hate jane
Tarbiya Taleem Youtube
Stupid music
ELdudu Ahmed
hi every one
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Ahmad Wshyar
I like this video
Наджа Алиев
Лохи уроды))
xog-doon chanel
This vidoe is very interest for me because,i anderstand same words that i am spoke wrongle but can i get a free website that i can learn english perfectly.
Moh.Sauqi Renaldi
Good movie 😍
Владимир Шангин
Music fone very annouyjng!
Eng firas
I would like to practice English with any person who like that
That’s very nice film👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
P Tyohar
Hey I am from India is there anyone who is interested to talk to me in English
Mauricio Cardoso
look to the face of Helen when Simon comes near her in the bar hahaahahah
sami el crack omg
This I likes shakira do money and got fame
ezatullah amiri
Hello, someone want to help me for learn English
Lemon White
I'm quite intrigued in the story... is jane decided to move with Bill or continue to be a singer with Matt? it makes me think that the story is unfinished. (please answer my question.)
Jyoti Kashyap
very nice
Ahmet Çalışkan
Good movies all of them are really helpfull once I couldn't understand but now I understand nearly everything that they say
sami el crack omg
Like si matt se parece a Germán garmendiA
Tim Kwok