RIDE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - NAKED BIKES (World Tour)

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RIDE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Creating my Character, First World Tour Event. Ride Walkthrough Part 1 - With PS4 1080p gameplay and commentary throughout SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE - /> Ride Video Game Website - /> WHERE I BUY MY GAMES - />MY LAPTOP - /> FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - /> JOIN MY STEAM GROUP - /> Facebook - /> Instagram - /> Gaming Chair - Discount Code - gameriot5 - /> RIDE is a unique motorcycle experience designed for bike lovers who live and breathe the world of motorcycling. The game features the most eminent manufacturers and their most famous and prestigious models. Live the RIDE experience at full throttle through a wide variety of race models. Thanks to the involvement of so many manufacturers you can customise your bike to an unprecedented degree: take your pick from the abundance of parts, components and accessories available. Travel around the glove on 15 different tracks that offer a world of thrills and challenges, whatever your own riding style. Participate in unique international events on the various tracks, and take on other players from around the world in the all-new online multiplayer modes. This is RIDE.

interesting game, but they need to make a game like this with free roam in a city like forza did
+GameRiot at 16:25 ,the achievement is a reference to "back to the future"
Bokhee Yu
wish u can free drive....
makrobappeda sinjai
still, the best gameplay of bike racing game is Tourist Trophy
Ducati NYC Vlog
You wouldnt pick a Triumph if you ride a Ducati ;) thats why.
MaZzWaRe Studios
This game should be like a Forza Horizon with bikes to be a really attractive and good selling game.
OfficialTeqno | Teqno tK
I want a game like this but with graphics like forza horizon 2
Jules Panda
do you even enjoy the games you play ?
Derek Carstensen
I own the street triple in this color. The modeling is intensely accurate...now I can ride when I can't ride.
NY Gamer
This looks pretty good. I wish they would reboot Road Rash though.
James Downes
You have never heard of Triumph?!!
Grump 78
It has tracks thru the countryside ? or mostly in the city ?
Davito Malak
I mean you are going to be watching his ass, riding a bike, and probably wearing a helmet...90% of the time. Character customization does not seems like a priority XD
Salam Uncle
R1 is rewind
Maxine Roberts
I was wondering is this better than moto gp i hate moto gp ya always fall off ya bike when go rnd corners pisses me off
Jose Garcia
can someone help? I just bought the game and created a character and did the tutorial but I can't access world tour mode???
Colt Williams
this seems like Forza motorsport with a dash of drive club with bikes instead of cars
Daniel Turner
ha syth
hello,,,,,,, my problem don,t work mouse and where its control ??? setting
Young Deus
It seems brilliant!Thanks for the upload
Thanks for posting the video. This looks pretty good, though I'll probably wait till it's cheap - I already have a backlog of games to play!
What is this played on whats the console
its basically project gotham racing
Leevi Huopainen
i dont get to the world tour i am stuck in the time trial.
James Kearle
No one plays this online anymore :( ONly 3 achievements left but can't connect...anyone want to help? NoHeroes94 will boost any online achievements.
Jonas Larsen
pres L1 to rewind
are fairings customizable in this game?
Jet 82
This looks shiet.
Don't look much better than tourist trophy and that's old now.
Steven Walsh
Lol love the way you just add upgrades without knowing what they are or what they do lol great series so far :)
Tallyx P
am i the only one who have problems with save game? does anyone know how to fix the corupted load/save?
Juan Donoso
It's funny how you are playing this not knowing anything about motorcycles hahahaha
The Game League
16:22 Come on, man! It's a "Back to the Future" reference! Marty McFly... because you went back in time?
Tom Bradbury
Well done for choosing the triumph my dad makes triumphs and has the same bike you chose but Wight love your video!!! How much did the game cost???
such a wide variety of bikes. and still not mine! wtf. haha
The riding physics looks awkward
M walton
Mcfly from back to the future
Jay Simmons
When does this game come out in the U.S?
your revving too high you'd be faster if you shifted at the red line and not passed it
Keep up the good work,mate. Would like to see more of game of thrones gameplay!
Adam Bodsworth
This is the exact same interface as forza.
Looks decent
Caner Bayar
Ducati is on fire ♥
Adri XJB
Why milestone don't do this awesome work on motoGP games...
Stephen Howard
I hope they have motorcross in this game!
forza rip off
firstt!!!!11 am I cool yet?
Ezequiel Rodrigues
how im delete the profile?
thomas dyball
Thank for doing ride for me
Living In Bold
I hate you, I've been waiting for this game and now it's delay for the X1
Tchek out , rev gaming hp4
Lee Alexander
Im getting this game tomorrow love your videos Riot keep them up man
This game looks great please do more!
Ninja Vlogs
Do more vids on RIDE 😃
Please play more ribe I love it
ras 47
Lmao NO!!! All that effort
I hope they do a free roam version like Forza Horizon
mobilephone game ? haha ;d
Oisin Coleman
my names coleman
Does it have free roam??
lambo The god
how did you unlock those modes
Craig Mac
This game would be much better if there was open world
Marty Mcfly
Zac Storey
Haha that name though Miles Stone
Nadia Putri
are u from europa
dwane k
yes I'm glad to see this game I cant wait to get it
Pip Whittaker
Is it coming out on Xbox one
Sensei poole
Ride horizon???
jay jones
LOL this is probably a little older but the Naked Bike class is called naked bikes because they don't have a lot of the plastic bits that cover the engine likes supersports do and honestly the name naked bikes is kind of funny
Bennet Egal
I wish there was a free roam mode with traffic...
Fim Hoskins
What your psn account namem
Phil-Ross Lewis
More please!!!
thomas dyball
Do loads more
and there is no splitscreen?
60 Fps on PC?
Lachlan McGrath
Is it on PS3
James Porter
do you have to buy a mod before can get the world tour?
the yamaha trials
Jesus this guy obviously doesn't ride probably rides a God damn Harley lol
Merc s65
why cant i play online and world tour even tho i have ps plus
It's like Gran Turismo for bikes! I think I'd like this more than Moto GP 15...
Is it just me or does anyone think the UI is the exact same as the one in Forza 5?
Do they have free roam?
When are they ever going to make Tourist Trophy 2!?
jay jones
wait how did you not get that reference they used to call me McFly like Marty McFly Back to the Future oh my God
Nathan Mian
This was awesome great graphics sweet sound and best of all nice bikes.... Me want
Demot power
I love riding but have no bike atm...this will have to suffice. How much is it?
Blizzard biter
pro tip balls to wall floor it through the end of the corners and try it with manual.
Tyler Austin
You should get a cbr500r I have the 2015 model
Zac Snider
What's a surname?
Hi do i need interent connection for this game ? Is there like campaign ? Story
Mohamed Amr
ur views is getting lower :(  Idk what changed but me either doesn't have fun watching u , im still watching ur Ac unity , Sims 4 , Dying light series and i really have fun 
Pedro Figueira
In this game, MotoGp bikes are in the game?
Evan Thomas
Is this game available for the Xbox 360?
Tony4wok 14
are this game on pc or console?
"Do we that that cc yet?" lol
Jay Goodwin
Is this game on pc?
Love it man goodwork
Lol triumph is one of the most well known bike makes