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The Key of Awesome
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Ryan M.
This is a thousand times better than most songs released today
Generic Skyrim Youtuber
My biology teacher was talking about sharks and asked us to name some species, and my friend was like REGGAE SHARK
Hakuna Matata
OMG I haven't heard this song in like a year!! Then I thought fuck i need to listen to it again🤣
Captainmakis 952
Bob sharkley
Zack N
1000% better than baby shark
Joy Tapere
People.. Baby shark Legends... Reggae shark 1like if you agree
Helga Packinski
He smokes sea weed
Movie Clips
This would have been an awesome Netflix series
Harry Huang
the turtle rhymes better than 90% of the rappers today
Jxlly !
👏🏿 as a Jamaican I must say ur accent is pretty ok and u depicted the police quite well 😂😂😂
Un Funny
'' he wants your ganja''
Miles Bandy Animations
"But you can't light a spliff when you live under water" The best line ever made
Matthew Morrison
Who else cant stop watching this
Not Rojai
Antichrist Superstar
Way better than shark doo doo doo 💩
Chloe Warrior
1000 times better than baby shark
Viktor Lecter
Two left feet 0:41
Charlie Harper
Lol im watching this at 4:20 pm
Akash Mishra
1:06 - "But ya can't light a spliff...when you live underwater" ...Then how come Adele is rolling in the deep?
Qaayms Corner
How have I lived my life without knowing this existed?
CraZy sambo
Holy crap this will be Christmas number 1 !!!
diamondkitty long
My dad made me watch this
u cant light a spliif underwata
Munir Cryptical
When the sheriff shot the reggae shark, I almost throw my phone but thank god it just a decoy.
jams boi
*my childhood..*
Play at 3/4 speed..... Your Welcome :)
Kumario Williams
Video came out on my bday
Stupid Informal Guitarist Music illiterate
It's like "I shot the sheriff" but it's "I ate the sheriff" 😮
This has to be a Meme! :p
Big Fat Paulie
This has no right to be as good as it is.
MiKuSSS Nie mam nazwiska
And he also wants ganja...
Pure art
Chris Wass
Who else felt sad when REGGAE SHARK was shot......Then the greatest plot twist ever came up! He was a MASTER OF ARTS AND CRAFT after all. WHO KNEW?
Predrag Jovanovic
Najjaca stvar na svetu Lajk ako se slazete
shark soldier from the heart of carribean
ArsalanTheMan Gaming
Is the dread lock rasta fish I'm talking about is ma fav line MAN! YA MAN!
Son Goku
I thought this was American Dad
Adam Harrison
A profound life lesson for us all: you can't light a spliff when you live underwater
Billy Hammond
Brings back year 7 memorys.
This was made 2014! Were has it been!
Well I watched this today while stoned and it's even better
A. Ali
My way of saying it “he don’t want your ganja, he just want you harm you” hehe
accept my friend request
why is this in my recomended
Chris Stanford
sharks from Jamaica
Why is this recommended to me...
Valentin Pavlovsky
Generally People Suffering
I remember watching this in 7th grade
Faith Buswell
thay should go this in scottish and ieish
LMFAO.....this is some funny shit!!!!!
ÃBøÜT Games
50th time watching in 2 weeks. I think i have a problem.
Avengers Reject
I can’t thank my friend enough for showing me this 😂
natalie newman
I am reggae shark.
Adrian Fräki
i think this video is a messege to tell us all what actually happend to bob marley
Afonso Ferreira
wtf did i just see? AWESOMENESS thats it
im glad that this was on my recommended.
Happy 4/20 stoners
Admiral Ackbar
2017 is anyone here?
Kalvin Abellar
Maaaaan. Who would have known Reggae Shark was a master of the arts and crafts. That plot twist just blew my mind.
Wah Doodle
I looked up “NIEN bish” and this popped up. Explain
angus crowe
When the captions cover the captions
This song is much better than Bob Marley.
Weedy Drunken
Dan Hiteshew
+PsychedelicBabe Lol That was great!
Krikysharp 17
kawaii cake
A boy in my class was telling me about this 😂😂
Eshfx beatboxer
Love that Jamaica music
Titan tau
really better than anaconda from nicki minaj.... key of awesome should get AMA for this :P
why do i always end up here
Jakob Cem
How come that i have not seen this yet?
Roopna Hussain
wooooooooooooooooww love and peace
Daisy Mae Wilde
OMG I love when he speaks in a proper Jamaican twang
I want to be friends with this Reggae Shark dude...
shark soldier
ArsalanTheMan Gaming
Ya Man
i want this to be played at my funerals
aesthetic rainbow
lol first i thought it was a rude parody XD
Ken Neely
Listen to this every morning to cheer me up yeha 🦈
Bernhard Sonn
ITZ Saneka
my family is Jamaican
Etienne hurry buggy
lol put it 2 speed
Kim von coels
My one year old son loves this song sooooooo much. I don't know if there is another human being on the planet that has heard this song as often as we have. You know there s a ten hour version, well once i had to listen to this non stop for over an hour. My son cant talk yet but he can say "re shar" and he does, over and over again whilst pointing at the computer. In fact if he sees any kind of screen, stereo or music playing device he runs over to it pointing at it saying "re shar, re shar" over and over until we put it on. I know every single word off by heart. I used to like it
Max Sibbo
🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙 my new favourite emoji
I haven't heard this song since like forever...And Idk what caused me to search for it but it was great hearing it again I can still remember the lyrics tho😂
Bertie Cripps
New snoopdog
Archie Sheppard
Toni-Marie Farrow
Found this after the torture of listening to Baby Shark with my partners 2 year old 😂 soooo much better 😂
Vladimir Barrodai
reggae shark>baby shark
shashi kumar
I watched this when im on trip i laughed for 2hours 😂😂😂😂 still laughing..... best part 1:15
Tyesha Kameta
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Gamer girl pee
havent seen this in years damn.
HDuldons lv
best ever
Megashark 101
Reggae shark needs to go to jail for smoking drugs. #CleantheOcean
Nothing like a good Ganja joke in the morning.
Idontevenkno w
The thing about the drug boat part is that Weed is legal in Jamaica.