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Dr. Robin Goland challenges us to see something in a whole new way. Robin is a medical doctor leading the charge to cure diabetes. Her work combines research with clinical care in a groundbreaking approach to medicine. Robin Goland, MD leads one of the nation's most successful efforts to advance patient care, research, and education in the field of diabetes. The Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University Medical Center opened in October 1998 under the direction of Dr. Goland and co-director Dr. Rudolph Leibel, combining premier family-centered patient care and education with world-class diabetes research programs. Today more than 1500 patients with diabetes are seen monthly. The clinical space is directly adjacent to research laboratories working on the prevention, treatment, and ultimately cure of diabetes. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Justin Jensen
I believe there is a cure for type 1 diabetes, because I have seen some small miracles, I took some supplement polysaccharide peptide rice used in the University of Cebu Philippines and in the temperatures of Philippines detoxed and went from 52 units insulin to 12 with in six weeks, with no change to my diet, people tell me I should have taken it two more months, to reverse completely I have no been able to get the same results here in the US. I seen girls on dialysis that had little chance for a healthy life completely cured, and off dialysis with it so I know it can be very affective. There were Nobel Prices given for the research of Gluco-nutrients & Polysaccharide Peptides so why are we not hearing more about them ? I am 38 years type 1 diabetic and heard that turmeric cumin, could help Type 1 Diabetes so I made tea of it and took it three times a day, morning, noon & night. in six months my blood tests showed pro-insulin, my body was making insulin again, but I could not figure how to divide the the pro-insulin into mature insulin & C-peptide as Banting & Best did in their research. I wish I could talk to some open minded people with insight into the surprises I have experienced.
the healthcare industry will never allow us to be cured. :(
I don't really care that much about the diesese but the worst part for me is that I can't fullfill my long life dream, joining the military.
My heart breaks for our tiny heroes who have to go through all the needles, calculations and forced eating. My daughter was diagnosed this March at just under 2 yrs 3months old. I hate this deseas. My heart breaks for the little ones.
TheClassicGamer -
I have type 1 diabetes and it's the most devastating disease , it's crushed my dreams. My doctors tell me they are extremely close to curing it from stem cell research
Mali Rabbit
I am currently using a pump. Along with the sensor. State of the art technology. Diebetes does still hurts!
she sounds like thirsty hyperglycaemic
سفيان الثقفي
Insulin would never ever consider as " The treatment of type 1 diabetes" or " The cure of type 1 diabetes" that is false!! Insulin is a temporary solution for diabetics until finding the cure that Insulin's companies fight so they don't lose money after diabetes cure found. Since the 1920 until 2017 no cure for the tiny beta cells !! Insulin companies responsible for the late cure of diabetes. And they pay some major doctors to discredit any diabetes cure and to promote the Insulin as the only way of diabetics.
Emmet Hansen
Doc informed me I had to cope with type 2 diabetes my whole life. Notwithstanding, I did totally get rid of type 2 diabetes within a few weeks utilizing 100 % natural treatment solution.
tony n
carry on taking your insulin my friends this is a load of rubbish type 1 myself for 30 years
Does anyone know if there has ever been a cure for a disease before that has previously been treatable only and generated a lot of money in the process (like type 1 diabetes)? Because a lot of people argue that the pharma industry will never let a cure happen. So I am wondering if this has actually ever happened in the first place or if it always has been "prevented". Because if it did happen, there's a chance it might happen again.
Eben Burger
'A new way looking at diabetes' ? I agree. Prevention is better than cure. According to my research, there's a strong link between teens developing type 1 Diabetes due to an immune reaction when red meat and cows milk is consumed. I was hoping that Robin Goland would talk about the ROOT CAUSE....but i'm really disappointed. Stay away from animal products including meat and dairy. That's the BEST place to start.
Amadou Diallo
You think that is bad I was diagnosed when I was 3
Justin H
Unfortunately, doctor's have been telling us that they think they'll be a cure "in the next 10 years", since my FATHER was diagnosed in the 1940's. In all that time, from the point of view of the diabetic, treatment has not changed noticeably. :( Nor have the complications. My father died of Kidney disease, I have Retinopathy and will be blind, eventually. Diabetes DOES HURT. And we PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE of that hurt. I am forced to pay for a Doctor's appointment, or they refuse to give me prescriptions, that I've been taking for 30 years... That now cost 10 times (or more) than they did OVER THE COUNTER, 10 years ago. "In the future" has been spouted to me, and mine, for 30 YEARS! Damn you, and yours, for using hope and the misery of children to profit. Damn. You.
Joe Silva
Look up dr Joel wallach research
Cody Rafferty
I'll be skeptical til the day I can get cured. I truly do not believe there is a demand to find a cure since our disease is manageable. I'm also curious if the cure this woman is talking about would apply for Type 1 and also Type 2 or if the cure mentioned would only apply to one type?
Stem cell treatment is minimum 20 years away. I am 53 now. I hope the young people get the benefits of this technology.
Bonnie jw Riley
At the age of 16, my son was suffering from the same respiratory infection I was experiencing at the time. He happened to spend the night at his cousin's house. In the middle of the night he woke with a severe asthmatic reaction and was rushed to the emergency room where steroids were administered to open his airway. I believe his lowered immune and respiratory system reacted to the long haired cats at his cousin's, thus creating the situation. He had never had prior asthma or breathing problems. Within two weeks of this incident and receiving the steroids, he started experiencing symptoms of diabetes. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, though through a research program it was discovered he still has functioning beta cells.There is absolutely NO history of diabetes on my, or his father's, side of the family. Unrelated to this incident, but a curiosity to me...A friend had steroid shots in a painful knee. Within a few weeks she started experiencing fatigue and other symptoms. She was diagnosed with an acute leukemia and died a few months later. Most doctors have shrugged their shoulders at any possible connection between steroids and these incidents. I believe there is a connection, especially since diabetes is related to an immune disorder.
Awful complications
Dylan Mckerley
i would actualy eat seeds for the rest of my life if it would cure it
I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 21. It's stressful at times but I've adjusted as one does because I have to. My grandfather was also a type 1 diabetic (diagnosed as a child) and his mother initially treated it by basically starving him because there was no alternative. He started taking insulin as a teenager, but the only way to get any sense of one's blood sugar back then was with ketone tests, which basically tell you too little too late—if ketones are showing in your urine, then you've been too high for too long. He eventually died from ketoacidosis in his fifties because he did not manage himself. It is an admittedly awful disease that demands a lot of the patient all day, everyday, but I'm frankly just glad I was born in an age where I wasn't doomed to a young and painful death.
Rob S
Dear Dr,Robin Goland, I would like to thank you for refreshing my knowledge about the history of Diabetes..I think you are on the right path and I wish you all continuing success in your quest to cure the disease.May God continue to bless you and your team.Never mind some of those negative comments,they need to get educated.
Fat Mann
Its funny.  I have this weird thing called "a memory"  In around 1997 The New England Journal of Medicine released an article early.  It was "The Cure For Diabetes"  The Managing Editor said he was so excited about this discovery that he had to release it early.  He did.  It said that they took Islet cells from cadavers and injected them into the pancreas and it "CURED" Diabetes.  What ever happened to that cure? Its 20 years later and nothing.
Robert Sedlak
People have some love I have diabetes and it's so annoying but I have to keep up with it so be nice it's not like you have it I have 10. Shots a day so be nice ❤️
Cody The Dragon Samurai.
Either type is a complete curse and a complete waste of money and time to treat.
ayesha princesss ayesha
she tells all about abssulatly iey
Sheila meri
Oh my god, I can't even watch the rest of it.  Putting the labs next to the offices.  Give me a break!!!  She must be working for the drug companies.  This is not the answer!!!!  OK, I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J cruz
God bless her!!!!
نوال المرواني .
god help u
Bright Scene
some people who claim that they cured diabtetes by natural remedies .
Jim Griggs
Bobby Scales
Shaik Fayaz
This disease has ruined my life
Sheila meri
It amazes me how many people are in attendance at this talk.  If you see alternative ways of treating these issues there is a far less crowd.  Please people,  look up Robert Morse on YouTube.  He is a speaker for healing and the truth about medications.  They don't work.  They keep people sick and make them more sick.  To me, this woman is promoting drugs and not a cure.  She says they are looking for a cure, but they are not.  I'm surprised this is on here.  I can't believe what she is saying.
Samuel Gonzalez
True cure for diabetes is Immunocal.
S Avlis
She's thirsty and that noise, when she talks, is annoying!
ruchira prabhath
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her voice annoys me so much it sounds like she has a river in her mouth
Ivan Serafimov
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K. Ganesan Ganesan
See my videos K. Ganesan Ganesan in YouTube and come to the conclusion whether or not Type 1 Diabetes is treatable or not.
Amber Rose
Jesus can cure diabetes. Look at videos from Tom Loud on Youtube. It's been done!
Ahmed Jaher
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Itech Prodaja
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