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The year 2100. In an effort to combat overpopulation, the postmortem social network "Anvil" is released. A fusion of both Japanese and Belgian comics inspirations and sensibilities, such as Ghost in the Shell, Akira or Peeters & Schuiten's work. "Anvil" invites us on a journey through the eyes of a young woman in her final moments on earth. Artist: Lorn Title: Anvil Label: Wednesday Sound Directed by GERIKO (Hélène Jeudy & Antoine Caëcke) Design, Script & Animation by Antoine Caëcke & Hélène Jeudy Character Animation by Anthony Lejeune & Manddy Wyckens // Links // LORN /> /> GERIKO Contact: [email protected] /> /> /> VIMEO LINK : /> SXSW OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017 BERLIN MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017 SEEYOUSOUND OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017 RSC SHORTFILM FEST OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017 ART FUTURA OFFICIAL SELECTION 2017

John Smith
I was wondering. What if a program accessing your brain could release you into a malleable, dreamy virtual world of your choosing, while at the same time making you forget about your real life, and even your existence as a physical entity. Where you just become a bodiless being, totally free of pain and mental suffering, and perhaps filled with sensuality. It would be like a powerful escapist drug.
Now this is the sort of video I would like to experience in VR.
god those vector graphics are beautiful
Eric Peru
Something I find terrifying: Dying and realizing I should have payed a few bucks more for the commercial free version of the afterlife.
Dark and disturbing, yet beautiful and strangely comforting. I will never forget this video.
Bob V
This concept of uploading one's conciousness inti a network as depicted in the video and a lot of sci-fi books always terrified me, just as the concept of teleportation. I mean sure, in theory it's all fine: All that makes you up from a biochemical point of view gets converted into data and lives on as a program or, in case of teleportation, is beamed to the arrival and serves as a template to rebuild tge teleported on atomic level. But here's the catch: It's not actually you in either case. The program behaves, thinks and interacts as you would, from an outside perspective it seems like it's actually you, but in the end it's just an impostor that thinks it is you. Your subjective reality ended in the moment the template of your conciousness was extracted. At least that's what i tend to think. It's hard to describe but, i think that the concept of a soul in religions just may reflect exactly this idea: you may replicate your human hull but you are trapped in your own whatsoever. Conciousness is abstract, immaterial and non-transferable, that's why we might never be able to overcome death.
It's one of those rare songs *and* videos that you *never ever forget after seeing it just one time* ... the animated illustrations and story behind it paired with the song as well is at once deeply personal, affecting and very powerful! I'm not entirely familiar with Lorn, as I mostly listen to synthwave, old school industrial and gothic music as well as 1980s synthpop, italo disco, etc etc... if i could give MORE than 5 🌟's, I certainly would! So... for the record, I give this 11 out of 10 stars!!! 😎🎹🎶🎸🎷💿💯❤😎
The future facebook login process looks a bit brutal.
yeah, id totally give up my 27 year old hot triple D breasted body so i can join a social network that looks like it was sponsored by Dorito's.
Bud Jensen
An eternity on Facebook? Now that's hell. :-)
Someday a news headline will say "(large number) of people dead in surver crash"
My mother in law heard me playing this the other day and said this sounds like funeral music,....I said funny you say that...thinking about this video
lone wolf xu5
Getting ready for cyberpunk 2077!!!
N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s
LORN is life
Every Silicon valley person's wet dream
Jordan potts
who else thinks this is sad
I want this to be a full-length film... Real talk. The visual style is incredible. The shape language and camera angles really fit the music and gives an amazingly ominous and mysterious feeling to the story as it unfolds. The Girl could have been animated a bit better in some places. Her breasts for example seem to flop awkwardly when shes in the chair and when shes floating. However, the part at the beginning where she walks and the light moves across her face is great, and the first person shot with her hands turning is nice. The 1 point perspective shots are very Kubrick-esque and perfectly fits the mood of the music. I also really love the slow-moving 3-quarter shot with the floating capsule robot, and the following profile shot slowly moving. These shots give a sense of weight and meaning to the location and what is about to happen. Awesome work.
1:59 One of the most "woah" moments I've ever experienced in a music video. Powerful stuff.
Lorn for stranger things 2 soundtrack
I f your mom shit lips banna scrubs
i want to know how this video was made, from scratch to finish. what an art!
Hamza Iqbal
I’m in that 0.00001 beautiful part of YouTube ❤️
Я любитель хуёв во рту
I love -Porn- Lorn very much!
Snacking Piece of Trash
This raises interesting questions on what it means to be human. It's my dream to have my mind uploaded into simulated reality so I can be whoever and whatever I want, relive my memories and do the impossible without limitations. Do all of those things lose value simply because they are virtual? Is the virtual world not also real? What does it even mean to be human? Is it our consciousness that makes us human or our physical bodies?
Idk why, when I hear this song all I think about is cyberpunk 2077
Soma Viceroy
2188 - 2161. She hasn't been born yet and already tired of it! RIP!!!!!
Nitin Pillai
1:47 I've seen enough porn to realize where this is going. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Eternal Reich
Well I'm going to have nightmares about this now.
wow she looks down and instead of seeing those massive juggs she sees her feet that is bullshit.
Игорь Фузман
Accept the fullness of the universe in its very small detail, all the things that people have done and everything that was created by nature itself, and you will understand that "life sucks" is at least disregard to the life itself and that your sorrow is just a little piece of everything and you can dissolve it. As for the goals in life - you are always at one point from which you can change something, always in little steps and decisions, and there's no useful sense to feel gloomy as long as it only hurts.
miriam r.
sooo.. basically san junipero???
Jonny A.
This one has so much power and impact on me even tho its just Instrumental. Amazing. Music like this goes very deep...It just feels like this even goes deeper than our own minds, souls and thoughts. Its made by humans but yet it steps over the normal, it reaches the unexplainable...
Yellow Flash
Too short this clip.
I had this way far down my sleepytime ambient music playlist and the first big breakdown at 1:23 hit just as I was waking out of a dream and it was legit synaesthetic
Mushoku Kame
I think she decides to life in a virtual world, instead of the real one. And with all the urns at the beginning, when she enters the room, it seems like alot of people do. Basically you can choose what kind of world you want to be in. Selecting "Nachos" is a synonym for this. 1:53 is when her actual body is destroyed, and a copy is made. Thats what the mirrored mountains stand for. The copy will live inside the capsule you can see at 2:19. (also notice the transition into her copies view..)
Is this the same animator as the guy who's did concorde-sons !??
Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ
cyberpunk ending leak
1:28 i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going
[NoZa] xAtomic
This girl knows da wey
Giselle Ibarra
So, it was her funeral?
Everyone is talking about the sexual. It doesnt seem sexual to me but I can see how some who are so brainwashed to liken the female experience to something sexual might see that. I felt sad for her. To be so detached that the only closeness and fulfillment she could feel included committing physical suicide. But i guess I see her point. Physical pain distracts from the mental and emotional evolution. Although most who commit suicide are escaping emotional pain, not physical pain. I see what theyre getting at. Maybe we can all be uploaded into a collective consciousness like on the movie Her.
The Psychic Cell Phones
ok but why does this remind me so much of futurama xD
No problem
Chandan Sinha
This seems like some next level dystopian simulation where the boundary between actual & alternate reality fades away and you merge with technology to realize your virtual self. Music is catchy though.
Sean Grant
If music has the right to children, this is the child. Superbly crafted video with stunningly beautiful visuals which perfectly match the mood of the music. Could not have been done better!
Igor Semenets
We are brains, bodies mean nothing, body is just the material given to us with what we can do what we want, we are white or black, but still the same brain inside, and brain is driven by the habits/apps/programs we adopted from our parents, other brains, and cycle goes on until next generation brain follows his heart and starts different path different habits/apps/programs, you can be who or what you want to be and there is no edge.
Gives me the whole Soylent Green vibe, creepy and sad.  (2 hours later) EDIT: The more I watch this, the more terrifying it is. (4 Hours later): This is truly horrifying, this is about a woman using a suicide machine. We watch her consciousness get disassembled (as she dies) and her digital copy waking up. Finding itself in the strange ruins of a social media site.  Whilst that’s going on the body has been disposed of (fire, liquefaction?) and placed in to a funeral urn!  She’s dead and we had a front row seat!
Anvil= angel+devil
John-Francis Villines
I love this stark, near-future aesthetic. Reminds me so much of Deus Ex Human Revolution... particularly the future-tech combined with a Japanese Pagoda interior design. Even in black and white, you can almost picture the sleek consoles, the sloping lines and minimalist features of the bauhaus style furniture... and the perfectly curated slats of hardwood on the floor. That 'look' is always evocative, for me, of a blend of 1980s retrofuturism and 90s cyberpunk, particularly because of the Japanese business boom and the sort of new Japanese myth that many people in the U.S. created during our own decade of greed. VHS and Sony TVs and walkmans and neon lights in Tokyo... What I'm talking about is probably best represented, unfortunately, by some yuppie in a suit reclining at his desk, reading an article in Forbes where the author unironically uses the phrase "open the kimono." But I find myself getting lost in that cultural moment even without glorifying that mentality. There's a lot of Romance in it, to me. This woman seems to be living in the dream spawned by that time, not the time itself. Very cyberpunk. Very original Deus Ex or System Shock 2. The 90s seemed to strip the 80s of its neon glow. There were already gritty reflections on that culture even before the 80s had ended (Blade Runner, Neuromancer). This animation, like those 90s reflections, is very retro... but it's updated by the possibilities that we have seen in virtual reality. It's like an update of that dream. Checking back in on that time and saying "here's where we are, now." I love that the animation, moreso than any other I've seen, probably, makes it seem like I could just step right through my screen and enter the world that she's seeing. I don't know if it's the POV, or the style, or a combination of the two... but it makes me feel like I'm stepping into an idealized, archetypal version of reality, something more based in our symbolic understanding of the world... our cyberpunk dream. A dream that wasn't possible until it could be realized retrospectively. It's like a high def update to an old aesthetic. I love it that this particular aesthetic sort of became "locked-in" in the 80s and 90s as part of the cultural imaginary... even though it only continues to become more 'real' as time progresses. In some ways, the aesthetic updates... in some ways, it really doesn't. And that's a testament, to me, to our imagination, and the way that culture and icons become as real to us as reality. Some of these symbols are just so evocative of 'cyberpunk' that they've become real. A torch that various creators carry on, and that casts a different light in different eras. This is retro, but it's not. It's contemporary, but it's not. I like that.
Нихуя не понел, но красиво
I'm Argy
*Heaven has Doritos?* Whaaat?
миса вергарa
this is so sad and horrifying.. yet im addicted
Big Pen
Александр Петров
Это нихуя не человек создал клип
Elephant King
Feel like Akira, ghost in the shell and a little blade runner 2049
I've watched this video over a dozen times in the past two days, I love this hypnotizing animation paired with the chilling beat.
Top SunBro
That seemed sexual to me...
я умираю в интернете посмотри на смерть онлайн
Nicola Hois
*F E T I S H U N L O C K E D*
Advantageous Mutation
holy moley look at those HUGE FRICKIN TITS!!!
I was listening to this when I was still forced to attend a business school by parents, every day when walking in I'd hate the fucking place and nearly everyone there. This was the song that got me through my final year.
Giorgio Ganis
I really like the line structure and the music. The exaggerated female shape seems a bit gratuitous at first, but perhaps it tried to make a visual contrast between being embodied and then becoming disembodied. Somebody in the comments pointed out that she could not possibly see her feet with those massive breasts. But that perhaps is the point, that the disembodied entity she becomes does not have a real body, that how it would feel to be disembodied.
Liam Head
I'm brought back to this on a daily basis and I can't stop listening to It. It forms so many emotions.....I feel complete and lonely at the same time. So many hidden gems and messages to pick out too. Endlessly picking out something new each time. The name Itself could mean a multitude of things, but for me, the first thing I think of Is an Anvil cloud, formed through too much Instability.
Soma Viceroy
No. Sex nor sexual is all there is to this, however, if THAT is all there is, what's the point? Creating meaningless relationships, and arriving to the same outcome, is pointless. She didn't live long. Why? People, truly, want things that are meaningful - things that last. Many commented on her physical attributes...those end at a certain time. Then what?!! There must be more, otherwise, head to your casket. If her's was when she was in her late 20's, AND in the FUTURE, dang, think about NOW!!!
H7 pubgm
In 2100 if an advanced form of YouTube still exists. We will be the ghost comments from the early generation of technology
Big Bad Wolf
I fall into the LORN hole when I'm on autoplay listening to music. I'm now in the vortex. <><><><><<><>><>>><<>
in the spirit of AEON FLUX meets ART OF NOISE..
rex tremendae majestatis
aesthetic perfection
Graham Connell
that was super good. when the wires plugged into her... it was chilling. so good!
mr lordsaif
oh i get it, so shes sending her mind to the virtual world and at the same time killing herself?
Shiva's Chimera
The world full of plugged in witches who leave paraphernalia in the wakes of time and space. Much love to these visions in digital format. The future is the mind. Do not fight it. Love the work LORN. Without vision we are nothing. My religion is the vision. My religion is the Art from the vision. My love is the geometry in the thought enhanced by the 4 elements to bring in new shapes of the mind. What flowing elemental masters do you serve? Can I meet them?
This video makes me depressed but anyone notice how she dies at 27; like so many musicians in the "27" club?
I_am_not_stupid _
Kind of getting a Matrix vibe from this
cyranoDe B
The Belgian comics the description refers to is called Les Cités obscures, One of my favorite comics. The English versions are a bit misleading and needs more explanation but it's still a good read.
Savon Blanchard
Everything about this is perfect. The music. The animation style. The concept. Why haven't I found this sooner?
T- Bird
I LOVE this song! The first time i heard it was very nostalgic for me, it gave me a curiosity i haven't felt in years. I listened to it intently over and over before i ever watched the video, which tells a beautiful visual story not too unlike t he one i saw in my mind. I now meditate to its beats from time to time Thank you ;)
Super dope track, the vibe of the music fits the video perfectly
rebel spirit
I cant stop listening and watching this. it just moves my mind and thoughts so much. I was mesmerized by acid rain and now this. LORN IS AWESOME!
Cartesian Oven
Does anyone know what is written on the comments in minutes 3:00? Could be relevant
Krzysiu Rowerzysta
Year 2188 and people still wear flip flops.
Does anyone know who animated this, I love the styling and everything.
This is probably the trippiest video I've ever seen.
Rehan N
why this music always make me cry?
Kimberly Harrington
LORN clearly deserves more attention, but I don't want them to become too famous, I'm such a terrible person
Holy shit this is GORGEOUS. <3
Is this the future, because im stoned af in canada rn! :D
Adie Lubbe
this is mind blowingly amazing. a million likes.
Wesley Cleitu
é na sola da bota, é na palma da bota
this made me question everything
Really Nigga?
Well....I've watched Too Much Hentai.....
black mirror vibes
Lorn is another level
offset byte
for a while there I was afraid this was gonna be a tentacle rape thing...
Damn, this video got me emotional. the beauty, anguish. dismantling our consciousness into the boundless expanse of virtual infinity. How can something so seemingly cold and lonely be simultaneously awe inspiring and poetic? I cant help but wonder about mankind and the duality of the life. living with an insatiable thirst to push the limits of our existence, yet equally yearning for a sense of unity in the darkness, for love. fuck. what will WE forge at the anvil, as WE become gods of our own realities? this is so fucking beautiful.
Daniel Amaral
when you have a brain-shattering orgasm. rip
The matrix of softcore tentacle hentai.
De Tudo Um Pouco
isso me lembra futurama...
Glorious Hustle
Mix the Matrix and Ghost In The Shell together and you'll have this.