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Hey guys! Ever since I saw someone do this video I have been wanting to do it! This "makeover" really took me back. Comment below if you also followed any bad makeup trends in high school. xox Subscribe! />Official Site: /> JOIN SNOOKI'S REWARD PROGRAM! /> CONNECT WITH SNOOKI: TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />INSTAGRAM: />PINTEREST: /> Nicole Elizabeth "Snooki" Polizzi is an American reality television personality who is best known for being a cast member of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. For more up-to-date-news on the reality star, visit her official website:

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Omg this is EVERYTHING!! ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂
*the whole cast of jersey shore is qUaKiNg*
hahaha someone in the back just chilling with their socks 😂
Catalina walker
I did this look in middle school 😂 I thought I was the bomb. This look is giving me nostalgia like a mofo
Taylor Rae
“I look like a stripper .. oh wait I was a stripper”😭😭😂 MOOD
justice ebony
“Am I tan yet ?”.. sis you been tan since the first layer of bronzer 😂😂😂
My jams are infires man
I ain't even know snooki had a youtube channel What a time to be alive
Nikki Lundy
OMG this makes me miss 2009 Jersey Shore LMAO I did the ppoof when I was 17-18 in highschool LMAO Im dying 😂😂
Dr. Kitty McFluffyballs
She picked the bronzer fallout off the table with her brush and put it on her face. Love it! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Loredana Keeler
You should definitely prank people during Halloween and go dressed as Snookie circa 2000’s and see how many people think you look like her...
PARTY'S HEEEERE!!! lets take shots whooo!!! I loved the old snooki she wouldn't be as fun if she wasn't acting like that lmao
Reina Rey
You could afford CHANEL but not PHYSICIAN FORMULA.? OKAY SUS.
Samari Diaries
Wait, Snooki has a YouTube channel and post regularly? 😭
8:16 *gasp* I look like old me, I wanna kill myself ok that’s a mood
Sulfuric Acid
The only "how i did my make-up in high school" video I'd watch in 2018
snooki coming saving the beauty community
Delilah Strange
So you could afford Chanel but not physicians formula.....?????
spcmn smn
"Whooooo, where's my fake ID? "
Trippy. Bitxh
I named my cat after you... 😂
holy shit this whole thing made me feel like it was 2010 again when everyone had poofs in their hair lmao
none of your business
Honey, your like 2 years late for this vid lmao , but I’m not mad lol
Rosa Solis
The makeup reminds me of that one girl from the SpongeBob episode Karate Island.💄
Pretty Classy Lady
Snooki genuinely looks good without makeup
Queen B
she should have underlined her lips 💀 then it would have been perfect ! & put her grey contacts on
Nick Reichwein
When after 9 years you finally find out snooki has a freakin YouTube channel 🙌🏽🚶🏻
I can't help but think throughout the video that ALL OF THAT MAKEUP IS SPOILED BABE
Cassandra Rodriguez
Do a story time on “How I think my kids will react when they grow up and watch the Jersey Shore series”
Dana P.
I did the same thing with bronzer too lol. I thought it was face powder because it was my skin colour but it had a shimmer to it so my face would be covered in glitter.
Josie Pineapple
Her makeup artist is just like oh honey noooo. His face is in disbelief. Lolololol
Tanner OP
Dem lips be weird lookin
You are really pretty without makeup!
HeyyHouey B.
My fav Jersey Shore girls: Snooki and Jwoww My fav Jersey Shore guys: Pauly D and Vinny
Omg she has a YT channel? *didnt knew that!!!*
Snooki: It’s like hawt pink. Me: am I blind or is that baby pink? 😂
Juliana Cheriza
She looks good natural she didn't scare me
Need the hair bump ... come on with it ... yaaaassssss there it is LOL
Lmao Idfk
Why does she keep saying “cAlm DoWn”
Gissell Victoria
“How did anyone take me seriously?.... oh they didn’t” I FELT THAT
Shaba Laba Ding Dong
13:24 umm sweetie you’re already naturally tan...
baddix abir
snooki i spent my whooole teenage years watching you so i have a lot of memories with u and jwow 😭 you remind me of a lot of things i love you so much little snooki
1234 1234
The mans socks in the background are everything.
I wish women didn't feel the need to apologize for the way they look without makeup...
Roxie Sherrell
Omg this brings me back to watching jersey shore wanting to be her Snooki was my idol. I used to do my makeup and hair just like her 😂
Dezirae Valentina
I like Snooki this is no hate to her. I just can’t stand when women feel the need to get lip injections. Maybe I don’t understand because I have big lips. But tbh they almost never look natural when women with naturally slimmer lips get them. Her top lip sticks out so much and I’m so distracted by it & not in a good way either.
Jason Wood
Well I don't exactly hate it I still go to the tanning bed on a regular although it's more of a natural tan than the bronzers I've always liked the dart team look that you always had and Pauly D
Lara Bellefeuille
Halloween is coming up?🤷🏽‍♀️
dominique p
Nicole was the epitome of the 2007 party girl haha
Diamante Dea
You really think you’re not pretty without makeup?? Sad for you...
Omg how did I not know that you were on YouTube 😭😭😭😭
Brooke Wolcott
Here is a game take a shot for everything me she said she was gonna kill her self 😂😂😂
That thumbnail photo is so terrible...
Molly Hepburn
"how did people take me seriously... oh no wait they didn't" hahahahaha I just love Snooki
I cannot wait for the how to be Snookie Halloween video from the Kween herselfs LOL yesyesyesyes
Manny Palma
Last but not least throw up😂😂
Brandy Hammond
I did the concealer and gloss on the lips too 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Love you girl!!!
Nisha Griffin
I remember I use to do my hair like this when I was in middle school. I always wanted long Extensions so my hair could be exactly like Snooki’s omg memories!!!😱😱😫😫😍😍🙈🙈💕
Milagros Encarnacion
Lol she’s still pretty with and without makeup
Anissa Marcone
Ok but I still put concealer on my lips... not super light but...
It’s LITzy
I thought the girl in the thumbnail was glitterforever17
Annabelle nolan
Tbh... I'm not angry at that eye look though. (*says my 2010 inner-whore*)
Veronika Alcoba look BEAUTIFUL without makeup! 😍💖
Jocelyn Amaya j
Okay I’m going to watch jersey shore season 1, episode 1 now
Your name should be snooki and not nicole polizzi or whatever, snooki sounds more iconic for you ♡
Badd Bitchh27
Did snooki ever change her last name when she got married to jionni's last name cuz her YouTube name is still her last name was just wondering just now noticed loll
Haley Jae
“I look like old me I wanna kill my self” A MOOD LOL
The Tea
" am i tan yet ? " me after 10 tanning sessions in one day and turned into an orange 🍊
Alaa Atari
I am in loveee w her lmao🤣❤️
Aida Amorre
Joey's reaction was priceless 😭😂😂
Eve 04
I don’t like that she keeps saying ‘OMG I’m gonna kill myself’ I feel like she should be saying something less extreme
"18 years old going to teen nights and being a skank" LMAOOOOO MEEEE
Elsie Viola Dupuis
I just teared up..
Cristina Rico
Yup. Seems about right.
That‘s the Snooki I fell in Love with😂😍❤️🔥
Sweet Bambi
This makes me nostalgic
Ella Enchanted
It annoys me that teens these days all know how to do their makeup because of all the YouTube vids. Back in the day, we all looked a hot mess because all we had were the odd tutorial in a magazine which we didn’t bother following.
Jeannie Cupcake Keitt
Beautiful Colors 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
madi rose
I never realized how much I needed this
Ericka B
You’re so adorable 😭😭😭
Megan Mccormick
Jasmine Tavarez
I’m cringing bc in pretty sure that makeup is expired and those brushes are full of bacteria lmao I fucking love you
Francesca Fox
I wish I saved all my makeup from back in the day! This is fantastic xoxo
crying in the cafeteria
Ada Pallaspuro
Why does she say I'm going to kill myself more then any other words lol
Daryl demi
Nicole you are not scaring us without the makeup, you look great!
kaitlyn suther
2:44 Look at her right hand, :)
Veronica Nunez
Take a shot Everytime she says calm down, I love her now😂😂 never knew how awesome she was till this video tbh 💙
Christina Rose
I did the exact same thing with my bronzer in high school (now I think WTF was I thinking), I thought I was the only one!
Chinzo uno
She has to CALM DOWN the viewers every 5 seconds! #snookiproblems
Wait is this Snooki
ItsMe STepH
What year did Snooki graduate HS ? I graduated ‘04 🙌🏽
I would have died for this tutorial in 2011
is snooki EVERR going to contact Oprah or somethin for a "where are they now" version in Chile with her biological Fam?!?
Am I tan yet? 😂❤️
That tan tho....I think I just saw a reincarnation of Dora
Make has an expiration date FYI 🤭
China Kweess
*this made me miss the extraness and trashiness of the 00’s*