Thomas Slue
Like to know the size of the bricks, and where I could buy them to build me a three bedroom brick house. Pretty interesting building concept. Great job.
using knife???
Weimin Leee
Christopher Lovelock
Not a 'Spirit Level' in sight, no 'tie rods' either or insulation - interesting concept, and I bet those 'brickies' weren't on piecework either. Not in that Country, although seemed a different lot to those that built the foundations - presuming it was the same job.
Peter Elwert
alper sarı
adam satırla duvar örüyor.enteresan.
El hilo va a la buena de Dios?
Rodney Ayala
I'm a bricklayer from the United States where can i find a trowel like that
i would expect people would use todays technology in building a house. more cost efficient