Rivers & Robots - Be Still

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serah garza
one of my favorite bands of all time. I've been playing r&r for my mom while she is in intensive care. she has been given anywhere between a day to a week or up to a month to live. the comfort god gives us is the only true comfort we can recieve. there is no other. Nobody can relate or be there like God.what would I do without him.
Sarah Cookie
This is everything.. Perfect for listening god's voice, to get into a study session, to dream, to pray, to cry, to smile and to thank god for all the good things he has provided so far.
Instrumentals are underrated.
Tamaira Panton
To anyone reading this god is very proud of you don’t think ur not doing a good job as a Christian because we’re not perfect and he wouldn’t want us to beat ourselves up over our flaws he loves you and delights in you keep up the good work
The Good Christian Music Blog
Working with Integrity Music, Rivers & Robots now release their new record Still (Volume 1) containing this great track originally written by David Evans. This project is an entirely instrumental album, designed to be played during quiet times, devotionals and soaking sessions to help focus on God as the album works and weaves its way through many well known worship songs restyled by the indie, electronic group. The album is also released alongside a 5 day devotional which can be heard on Spotify here: http://smarturl.it/GCMrrsvd. Hit play, sit back, relax and then leave your comments below!
Bible Munch
Just what I needed to focus on God Word. Thanks for always uploading great music!
January TM
The river flowing and fire crackling in the background Nice! TO GOD BE GLORY!
Jennifer Hidalgo
This transforms me into a more beautiful human being.... My thoughts and feelings are all about love and compasion!
james parsons
we all have Jesus with us
Gabriela Arriola
4:38 it's too short, i need more like this
Sam B
this instrumental is so emotional. is there any way I can purchase the sheet music for piano and violin?
Fausto Cantero
This relax me just like Saul was tormented by a spirit and David played his harp. Calm Him down
Can listen to your music all day R&R. This is my favorite reminds me of Satei. God Bless you with so much more beautiful music. Shalom!
Vinicius Cabral
your channel is amazing, please create account in Spotify and insert yours songs there! 💙
sometimes words are not enough to express gods love because there not enough words
Loved it !! AMAZING 👌❤️
Jonathan Heinrici
al i can say is you are doing gods work. and he is making you nail the heaven out of it. it really helps me heal in a big way! to listen to him to be with him. cry smile. no words how to describe but that it really helps you getting in his presence.
Jacky - Once Upon A Church
love this song God bless you for uploading them they are amazing!!!
Tshegofatso Kungoane
Imagine listening to this in heaven with God :)
Free style Flow
Sounds beautiful, full of life, tranquility, with sadness and joy at the same time. Also great soaking music
The Plantain Chip Lover
just found this channel today! now I can show people that Christians do make great music too :)
Karina Abramchuk
BEAUTIFULLLLLLL!!!! As a pianist myself, this definitely A++++ 😍❤😍❤
thanks so much for this 💗
Pamela Vrapi
Trank you !! God bless you all !!
Aeriel Parrish
Wow! Beautiful! 🙌
ne lly
From Perú, I like River Robot and Jonathan Ogden records, cry singing to God, that songs. I follow them in Spotify.
Melissa Cabezas
Amazing! I love this band so much
Eden Skye
10 seconds in and I already love it.
Alexandra P.
So thank you...God bless you all!!! ...💝🐾🌹🍃🎶
Darcy Miller
Thank God for this! Just want to keep it on repeat and never leave this moment.
Isaac Vasquez
This is beautiful. Love your channel.
mm 25
a sucker for violin music😍 beautiful
Angelic lullaby beautiful song
Alexsandra B
thank you and God bless
Angel Rocha
how do you play this song on the piano??
I think I used to listen to this on Spotify's piano instrumentals...
KellyAnne Tynan
This is so very beautiful thank you
Niecey D
This is beautiful
Katherine Aybar
Is this in g major???
Jacob Slocum
Beautiful, simply beautiful.
Blake Parker
"Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which. leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Matthew 7:14 Reminder Brothers and Sisters to stay living Holy and blameless, eternity awaits all of mankind.
This is very beautiful.
jay ll
Jesus is my number one focus on life
Javier Hernandez
Our Heavenly Father guide us to the Truth. All men have a opportunity to decide for God. His Word is a lamp for our steps. Just believe in His Word.
Chinelo Ezeagu
Please can Can I use this music for a video I made. Thank you
such a lo-fi vibe... this is so good
Jawon Ryan
Glory to God
Heavenly Sedated
Charles Velasques
Toda a glória,honra e louvor ao Senhor Jesus.
Lurvin Beatriz Colindres
This is so relaxing *.*
Tho Mas
Good Christian? Or good Christian music? I have to remind myself there is none good, save The Father. Thank you for sharing this good music
Musical Muse
I love instrumentals!!!
David Madden
So soothing
Isaiah Hesed
Smiley Lady T
So beautiful
The things I would give to play the violin like tht
monalisa ndlovu
Ester Real
La amo! Gracias!
kazim sahin
Nice . Thank Jesus.
SC Thomas-Joe
I would love to see a contemporary dance performed to this beautiful song .❤🙌🎵🎼
silvia enriquez
Simplemente bello, conecta con la Presencia de Dios ♥️🙏🦁
Evelyn Rodriguez
Michaela Gabrielle
Ben Rochford
Hello just come from the rivers and robots video and just wondered if you are likely to do any Christian rock/ metal artists on here ? I am a huge fan of that genre and am always looking for new artists to listen to. Thanks
This is beautiful. Made me think about how many of of the misunderstandings among relations and wars among nations could have been avoided if we just be still and let God. This song takes me out of my office cubicle into the wilderness where I can be alone with my God and Maker. Away from all the outward and inner dramas. :*(
So cool, I love it. Thanks
*awkward smile* ...Sheet music?
Fabrício Bastos
It is really good to know that there are wonderful worshipers in Europe. Here in Brazil, we listen the Gospel is dead in those countries. However Rivers & Robots is one of the bests christian musics nowadays. I have known the band and I did like it. It is really great. GOD bless you all.
Noemi Lebron
Does anyone know where to find more rain instrumental music like this?