Jupiter Ascending Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum Movie HD

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RIP Person being portrayed by Sean Bean.
Marcelo Hideki
Even though he's making movies and $, C. Tatum just doesn't have that "it".
This is so cheesy that it's on special at Domino's.
For some people, pointy ear extensions and blonde hair just don't work like they do for Orlando Bloom. Sorry Channing.
PLOT TWIST: The character portrayed by Sean Bean will survive this movie.
neon genesis
Just be grateful they chose Jupiter and not Uranus.
i wouldv thought the creators of matrix would be able to come out with something more interesting then this because matrix is a master piece 
SPOILER ALERT: Sean Bean's character is going to die.
Sean Bean... well we already know his character is going to die :-D
Monster Factory
I might just see this just because I like the whole CGI
Pedro Rodrigues
Shut up Meg.
Kwapi Vengesayi
It looks like a well made movie but I must admit the trailer left me a bit confused with regards to what the general gist of the movie is about. I just woke up though so it could just be me.
Sawyer Douglas
An alien movie where they aren't enigmatic monsters bent on destroying America?  *gasp*
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Why does Channing Tatum look like Legolas?
Joe Biden's Shotgun
Cant take a man with eyeliner serious, especially Channing Tatum.
Seems like all these 2014 movies are like scientific documentations for the dumb asses. All those technologies are actually allready produced and will be the new standard withing this century (the next 100 years)... I should've been born earlier, that's all I've gotta say.
Nice effects, but I dont see any exciting plot elements.
I will never understand the fascination people have with Mila Kunis.
Antonio Wakardo
Boromir and an Elf, where i have seen it before?
irish rover
bets on sean bean dying?
i definitely know of one male character who will die =)
Hopefully they do it like the first Matrix movie, not the so-called two-part sequel which lacked a certain something.
Matthew Marn
I see what they did there.  Jupiter ascending, but she is clearly descending in that last scene.  So clever(?)
Jed's Tubes
Can't wait to see this comedy film.
im not saying its about aliens but its aliens
Otto T
How does Mila Kunis keep getting work? x,x
Shut up Meg!
1:37 Jupiter "Descending" lol
DJ Rec01
I think the movie seems kind of dumb but the visual effects and the alien technology looks awesome. I love transforming ships like that
R.B Riddick
you just know sean bean is going to get killed in this..
Munted History
well.... Sean Bean is dead.
Independance day meets Matrix meets Total Recall meets Star Trek meets Stargate meets Star Wars mix it all shaken not stirred and you have Jupiter Ascending , so nothing new....
Tahseen Bhuiyan
wow ...... what a casting ....... (i meant in a bad way)
John Slavinsky
50 to 1 odds Sean Bean bites the bullet again
This looks ridiculous, so ridiculous, I might have to watch it.. one of *those* sorts of movies. Hehehe.
Donovan T
Did Channing Tatum has elf ears? lol
Martin Vinsted
So when do sean bean diein this movie :p
Liam Neeson: The Taken King
Well Sean Bean is going to die, again.
Bruno Der
Alien that comes from another planet placed in a far galaxy, speaks english :O
There I was thinking this was going to be about Jupiter...the Roman God.
Started sooo strong with Sean bean talking then.... Mila and Channing killed it for me....
Mynar Lenahan
YES! THEY FREAKING CORRECTED THE INHERENT SEXISM OF ROMAN MYTHOLOGY! THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE IS NOW A WOMAN! THAT IS A GREAT IDEA! Now please don't make the girl such a stupid character, being saved by the handsome other gods or it'll be a complete waste of time.
Excuses and Escape Routes
Shut Up Meg.
nene jones
Bets on whether Sean Bean gets to die here as wel/l
Róbert Paulik
Shut up Jupiter!
Samuel Bailey
***Spoiler alert*** . . . . . Sean Bean Dies...
greggory ulberg
this makes me think about evolution for some reason, i don't believe that we were apes and bla bla, but i do believe we evolve ( in obvious ways, like how we create better smarter tech(but it makes us more dumb).Anyway we think that we're the peak of evolution, which is really stupid by the way, and a lot of us think that we were alone in this universe, but is life evolves, doesn't that mean that earlier life on other planets have found a way to hide themselves from other planets??? whats that? why would they hide for??? now ur asking the right questions.
Meg in spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace....
This looks like it will be a big-budget piece of crap.
Vince DeGeorge
Oh please please please please have that original Matrix magic.
Bic narok
Oh i like the look of this..
Godzilla is better :3
Space Elves NICE.
The visuals look sick
Hobo G
John Carter 2!
francben ray kangkee
i hope if this will be good, it will be recognize not like Cloud Atlas.
Meg needa shuddup!
I will watch this movie only to see Sean bean die, again.
Sergey Slipchenko
Don't understand why so many people are complaining. Perhaps you guys should watch down to earth movies instead, maybe sci fi isn't for you.
Rotten Wishes
Is it just me or that trailer doesn't even give the remotest idea of what this movie is about??? Random images with great CGI a trailer does not make! I'll be honest though, it looks like a stupid movie, but who knows, maybe if they can put up a trailer that makes more sense maybe we'll get into the concept of it or whatever.
Antiochus III
What a piece of $&!%
mihai marius
sean benn needs to narate all documentaries.
Altaïr Assasino
This looks awesome! CANT WAIT ^_^
We want Matrix 4 !!! not this -__-
Joe Williams
Sean bean is gonna die
Don Killuminati
im in love with mila kunis CAN ANYONE UNDERSTAND ME ? :PPP
Dafuq with the elf ears? That looks ridiculous.
Thomas Grön
We have the matrix all around us keeping humanity as willing slaves unwilling to even glimps at the possibility of alternative explainations out of FEAR! The fear of being fooled for their entire lives! Children KNOW this "reality" is fake and asks why and how while parents regurgitate what they have been thought without questioning anything like, How can a mirror see to the end of universe? How can we see satellites smaller than cars hundreds or even thousands of km out in space shining like stars? How is evolution possible when Creation of Life from a mud soup has failed at every attempt after the initial faked one! How can Creation explain the inconseivible hurdle of inbreeding depression killing any bloodline starting from two individuals within few generations? Inbreeding DEBUNKS evolution, as does chromosomes, DNA lack of thousands of intermediate species in fossil record, and lack of living intermediate species!! Are you really so ignorantly arrogant that you Believe we are the peak of evolution? MATRIX was about waking us up! Jupiter is about telling you there is Life on the planets around Earth! Do you really Believe we are shown real images of the universe around us? Do you for real Believe a mirror can see millions or billions of times better than the human Eye? Hubblesite state " the mirror in the telescope doesn't enhance the image, the mirror "collects light"?? How does a mirror collect light? How long does the mirror collect light? Do you know that the Hubble telescope is traveling around Earth in 8km/second= around Earth in 97 minutes. So how does it find the time to collect any light when Earth will obscure the line of sight in 20 minutes!! Every paradigm theory today only survive thanks to circular thinking as "evidence"!
well it's better than oblivion that's all i got to say.
Channing her Tatum.
Music by Michael Giacchino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A remake of Dune with Meg in it.
hahahahah Channing Tatum is a space elf? this is going to be hilarious...I mean it already is!
CYMANITE - Production & Remixes
all i hear is Meg
the amount of bad movies they come up with these days is almost entertaining in itself...
0:56 um is that unicron
Busty Barbie
NED....I miss you
The premise looks promising. The casting... Not so much.
The long awaited sequel to Mercury Rising..
Z Siddiqui
were those awful EARS necessary ??? Thank God for Sean Bean, will watch it just for him
nice visuals though..  and young ms. kunis slays... --Mike
Ender Wiggin
Meh......more awesome CGI animators without the heart of the writers' in their creations...... Maybe it will be good...most likely...not...
I bet someone a million dollars she doesn't die falling off that building!!
Takashi Kenichi
there's like 100000000 better actors...why choose channing ??
Ben DeGorro
another pass by & easy forgotten (high budget) movie.
Shady Red
Looks awesome......That's all I'm saying.
Wayward Martian
Looks great but did Channing Tatum or Mila Kunis really need to be in it -__-
1:33 oh look... it's Jupiter Descending
Was that Ned Stark?
T o
Ok I get the star trek/sci fi planet etc. etc.. but the elf ears??:o oh is it me or is this another predictable movie?
Jarel Hayes
pew-pew, pew-pew
Wow looks amazing. I wish I were in this movie.
lol The trailer of Jupiter Ascending ends with Jupiter descending. 
Pepper Puppy
So many haters on mila and Channing. Come on, Keanu isn't a great actor and yet killed under good direction in The Matrix, and point break for that matter. Lets not be so anxious to beat up on actors and movies. This looks good. Judge after you watch and please don't complain about wasted money. It's entertainment. No ones forcing you to watch. Relax and enjoy a movie for the sake of it. Seeing a movie is fun. If its pretty good then it's worthy. If its great then the experience is awesome. If its total shit then you laugh it off. We have to remember how hard people work to get these projects done. Appreciate that we live in a world with movies and start from there
Steve Thundathil
I've been waiting for this trailer to come out
Marco Antonio Saturno Iribarren
Los Rusos ahora son los protagonistas de las peliculas de Hollywood, ironico... Odio la "ciencia ficcion", me parecen las historias mas ridiculas y vacias que existen
Prince Blake
Looks like shit, Did the wachowski's steal the script to this movie too?
mickey blowman
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...................................
Looks like a all flash and no substance to me...a real snooze fest.  Who told these two they can act, anyway?  They need to study the craft if they want to be real actors.
Cesar Joughin
This film looks quite good, doesn't it!