Top 10 Actors Who Should Play James Bond

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Top 10 Actors Who Should Play James Bond Subscribe /> After Daniel Craig’s roles in Casino Royale, Skyfall, Quantum of Solace and Spectre, which actor will be cast as the next James Bond and sit in the famous Aston Martin seat in Ian Fleming's 007 spy movie franchise. WatchMojo looks at possible castings Eric Bana, Idris Elba, Mathew Goode, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Clive Owen, Damian Lewis, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, etc. Previous actors who have used Q’s amazing gadgets and reported to M (played by Judi Dench) in Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Goldfinger, Dr No, From Russia, With Love and Octopus include Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig. Could Bond be played by a woman? /> WatchMojo's social media pages: /> /> /> Special thanks to our users Glen Vloemans and Hagen Nelson for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at /> Check out the voting page here, /> Watch on WatchMojo: /> Get WatchMojo merchandise at /> WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

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Top 10 actors who shouldn't play James Bond.
City Nature
№1 ?!! - Oh, that liberal media with their f*in political correctness. Why not Whoopi Goldberg? )))
Alex Menyar
I’m not a racist but James Bond 007 can’t be black. Can we even imagine Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction as a redhead ?!!!
Barton Porter
MIchael Fassbender is my pick!
Krifnejr Nfnfjfjg
So Henry Cavill isn't on this list which is absolutely ridiculous considering his performance in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Michael Fassbender as Bond!!!
Pepijn Bosvelt
What about Jason Statham?
Paata Chakhvashvili
IDRIS ELBA?! WTF?! If Ian Fleming was alive, he would kill himself watching black James Bond :D
Heyy Now
We need another Sean Connery.
Jonathan Szuhai
Idris Elba as James Bond? What next, Brad Pitt as Dolemite? Jackie Chan as Shaft? Antonio Banderas as the Shredder?
To Number 1: NO! Don´t even think about it! This would be the biggest Mistake that would happen in the whole James Bond Franchise. Idris Elba is a very good Actor but the Role of Bond is definetly NOT for him. It has nothing to do with Racism or Sexism, it´s just about a TRADITION that has to be respected what was written from Ian Fleming. James Bond is a MAN and he is WHITE. Don´t touch that and just keep it how it is!
Mr Polémik
I knew that you would give idriss alba N°1... Pure demagogy !!
Mr x
a black bond? why don't you just have an asian wheelchair bound woman?
Tom Hiddleston, Clive Owen, and Michael Fassbender are top for me. I think Clive and Michael would make a great, classical bond, but I'd love to see how Tom Hiddleston might pull it off cuz I don't think he's really the typical Bond type of guy. I would also love to see Idris Elba in the role, but there is some merit in the arguments for the fact that Bond is... well, white. However, Hollywood has a looong history of casting white actors to play characters of other races, so why not vice versa?
I don't agree with this list.
Tom Hiddleston is the obvious choice to me. He could bring back some of the class and sophistication of Connery and Moore which has been taken away with Daniel Craig's moody aggressive "thug" interpretation. Barbara said Hiddleston is "a bit smug" and "not tough enough". James Bond IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BIT SMUG. And Daniel Craig plays it TOO TOUGH, its Bond not rocky or Rambo. He's supposed to be a sophisticated SECRET agent and move "like a cat" as Harry Saltzman said, not stamping around like an angry brute. This is why you can't have a woman choosing who plays Bond because they bring their own taste in men into it instead of concentrating on the actual character. If Daniel Craig is going to do another I wish he would relax and play it a bit calmer, all that frowning and anger just ain't cool. Spectre was an improvement but coolness and humour need equal billing with aggression and violence to make a Bond film otherwise its just the same as a million other action films.
the Revolution
I love tom hardy but I think he would be a better bond villain than 007 himself
Bee Sky
James McAvoy may not be the first person you think of when casting a new James Bond, but think again. He is a completely versatile actor, and can evolve the character. McAvoy is incredibility charming, and witty, therefore people would fall in love with him as James Bond. As we all know McAvoy is handsome and suave. He killed it in the movie " Wanted ", therefore exhibiting his ability to portray a action hero, and beefing up at the same time. He shows the audience that he can always get the girl, therefore what else would we need from James Bond, but James McAvoy?
Jo Har
Ridicilous. Black James Bond? let's already make him gay. Even better: lesbian female Bond, so no one is offended. People has gone crazy.
1- Clive Owen 2-Clive Owen 3-Clive Owen 4-Clive Owen 5-Clive Owen Need i continue? I think i've made my point
I like idris as an actor but him being James bond is going against the source material
James Bond is white
Justin Katsopolis
Jason Statham would be a great choice also for James Bond.
Val Halla
Idris Elba would destroy the franchise. James Bond was envisioned by Ian Fleming as resembling a menacing version of Hoagy Carmichael, in which case the contenders are Clive Owen, Matthew Good or Damien Lewis. Henry Cavill is certainly handsome enough for the role, but the best 007s (Sean Connery and Daniel Craig) had that menacing "it" that Cavill lacks.  The studios should learn their lesson from the "Ghostbusters" fiasco -- the moviegoing public is not made up of Social Justice Warriors eager to see a beloved franchise destroyed in the name of "progress".  A black James Bond is as absurd as a white Superfly, and the backlash is not "misguided" but is instead instructive: The franchise works because the majority of men who go to the movies have a character they wish they can be, and in this instance the character is very white and very British.
Linn B
1 - Michael Fassbender Charming - Handsome - Intelligent Too famous? 2 - Ioan Gruffodd Handsome - Charismatic - Masculine A talented overlooked actor! Perfect as James Bond! 3 - Dan Stewens Beautiful - Charismatic - Firm I think it could work. 4 - Richard Armitage Seductive - Masculine - Handsome Unique eyes like Moore. 5 - Mathhew Goode Handsome - Charming - Tall I loved Moore, so for me it would be a good choice. 6 - Clive Owen Masculine - Handsome - Strong Always been perfect for the role, but may be too old now. 7 - Benedict Cumberbatch Charismatic - Handsome - Unique One of our best actors, but it would be daring.. - Damian Lewis Great actor, YES, but he simply doesn't have it! - Idris Elba.   Great actor as well, but being a black female myself, I actually feel, that this has everything to do with PC bullshit, & not the BEST choice. - Tom Hardy. Good actor, but his lips are to feminin.. - Hugh Jackman, Eric Bana, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.. Lets try and keep it british.. Yes I know Fassbender, but at least 50% of him comes from one of the british islands.. Sorry but I just like the tradition, keep it british! And yes I know Lazenby, but it was early & no he shouldn't have had it either.  - Colin Farrel. Hahaha!!
Inzam Haque
clive owen
Himanshu Singh
Clive Owen totally !
Joe Cap
Sean Connery at 87 would still be better--
Tom Egelhoff
Clive Owen — Hands down — the rest are just wimpy pretty boy window dressing. Bond was an actual man until political correctness neutered him. That's how we got Craig. Owen is a real man.
Idris Elba shouldn't be on the list
Igor Rodrigues
Only UK actors please.
Electro Drives
Michael Fassbender or Tom Hardy,
White and from the UK
arnold oliver
I think it's going to be an unknow who will to play 007
I would like to see Clive Owen as the next James Bond.
Miro Malbasic
Maybe Clive Owen or Michael Fassbender...
No Henry Cavill? For real?
Marv Duce
Pierce brosnan played it the best , he had the smooth suave British secret agent feel naturally. Im not taking anything away from the other 007s before & after his time. Hes just the 007 for us 90s babies
johnny karate
I think Colin Firth would do well as 007
Maybe Bruce Willis should play Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop 4. Let's test to see how well that would be received to expose the inevitably hypocritical backlash that would be showcased by the same people (Liberals, SJWS, and extreme progressives) that push for Caucasian characters to be black. Politics aside... Tom Hardy would be the quintessential James Bond actor. No questions about it.
Tenth Doctor
David Tennant
Reagan King
Henry Cavill.
Baven Kumar
i think hugh jackman should be 007 and bond girl should be jennifer lopez.She makes the perfect bond girl as shes hot,sexy
Jack McFord
Gordon Ramsay should play James Bond!
Joost Hermes
Clive Owen, he will be Bond...
Sad Keanu
Christopher Nolan's James Bond Christian Bale As James Bond Morgan Freeman As Q Michael Caine As M Marion Cotilard As Moneypenny Aaron Eckhart As Felix Leiter Anne Hathaway As The Bond Girl Gary Oldman As The Bond Villain Tom Hardy As The Henchman Leonardo DiCaprio As The Bond Ally Cillian Murphy As 2nd Bond Villain Ken Watanbe As The 2nd Bond Ally Guy Pearce As The 3rd Bond Villain Pure Christopher Nolan Casting
Henry Cavill :D
There is absolutely no way I'll see a movie with a black James Bond. Now when they have a white guy play MLK, then maybe I would see it. I agree with Achilles Zalman that some roles should remain white, and this is political correctness gone crazy. As a matter of fact, anybody who read Ian Flemings 'Live and let die' would know that Fleming was a big time racist. Lastly this isn't me being racist, it's just me saying enough is enough with political correctness gone bat shit crazy.
bane banely
Actually now that I think about it. Clive Owen would absolutely crush that role. In a good way I mean. He's someone I'd love to see as Bond. Hes so smooth and calm and angry. Sin City ? "Im Shelley's new boyfriend...and im out of my mind..."
Bee Sky
PS I'm not saying that your choices aren't good contenders, but how could you leave out McAvoy. Obviously you must not be familiar with his resume nor his charm.
Jeff Adams
Clive Owen.
Yayface 0305
And for all those who still can’t accept the possibility of a black man playing a good James Bond: If we take one of the best and most logical theories of the whole film series James Bond is not one single man but a secret title of a certain agent position from the MI6 passed from one person to another. Like Q, M or maybe even Money Penny. Which would make it even logical that there has always been a James Bond for this long time who often changed his apperiance and character over and over and still exists up to today. So it would be perfectly comprehensible that the next one taking the position could be black.
viraj sawant
fassenbender or cavill
Abhishek Sharma
Age is not on his side but would've loved to see Clive Owen as bond.
Clive Owen would be the most natural choice frankly...
Michael Medcalf
Definitely Michael Fassbender
Joe Heasley
Hair color and other makeup is an equalizer in Anglo contenders. After watching Thor, I consider Chris Hemsworth a viable contender as a fit for Bond.
Try Thinking For a change
Just end the series. The new stories are so far fetched it isn't worth watching anyway. Nothing but computer generated action - ugh.
Achilles Zalman
It is not racist to think that certain roles should remain white.
J Morris
Clive Owen!
Mrs Potato Head
Andrew Lincoln is Britsh! But I think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be good too!
Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff Godefroy
Jon Hamm
Svetlozar Kosev
Clive Owen!
Clive Owen would be awesome. Definitely my choice.
Ray Lamascus
Clive Owen
Captain Wonderwall
I'd love to see Nikolaj as James Bond, such an underrated actor.
Maximo Greppi
Corentin Fiévet
Fassbender would be by far the best
Shakespeare In Love
Robert Pattinson age 32 would make a great young Janes Bond.
Top 1 actor who should never have played James Bond: Daniel Craig.
Not Idris Elba, Bond is not black. Not Colin Farrell, Bond can be Irish but not Irish sounding. Not Tom Hardy, he's too famous. Not Christian Bale, also too famous.
Given that Henry Cavill only lost the role to Daniel Craig because he was too young and he's now 10 years older, he should be at the top of this list.
Jared Pahl
Let's stop beating around the bush. As great as Idris Elba is (or any other non-white actor for that matter), it is downright ludicrous to pretend like you could change an iconic character's race and then expect an audience to just go along with it. As of now, you can reasonably suspend your disbelief and buy the notion that Connery, Lazenby, Moore, Dalton, Brosnan, and Craig were all the same person. If that person suddenly becomes black, there is absolutely NO WAY you'd buy it. The illusion would be shattered. The codename theory at least legitimizes it in some way, but a non-white actor CANNOT play the same James Bond character as all the rest. If they did, it would cease to be James Bond.
filipa miranda
I think Simon Baker would be great as James Bond
Devi Parasar
I'm not getting the bond vibe from any of them.
I literally leaped out of my seat at seeing Richard Armitage on this list. YES PLEASE.
Jordan Denny
Hello, why isn't Mike Myers on this
Karol Sivák
Jason Statham
#eQuality TV
No One above mentioned
My vote is for Andrew Lincoln.
Jakob Holgersson
Controversial suggestgion: Jason Statham
Plo Koon
Thomas Connery
What about Gabriel Macht....Harvey specter:)
Short Round
Lol let’s get Rosie O’Donnell for bond. Is that politically correct enough?
Krzysztof Pelon
Idris Elba as Bond and then Conchita Wurst as Wonder Woman. And maybe OJ Simpson playing Pope.
This list is bs where is jason statham
Zip Jones
Andrew Lincoln!!!!!!
I want to see Jason Statham play the role of James Bond
Stan Dando
Its nothing to do with racism, its simply that Bond is not of African or Caribbean origin. They wouldnt make a Tupac biographical film starring Jason Statham, so why is this even a subject for discussion?? Answer: insecure metrosexual 'Political Correctness' police. Clive Owen was born to be Bond, its a no-brainer. Tell you what though, Damian Lewis is the worst choice of all, not Idris.
Johnny Power
Clive Owen
Milk Tub
You know what I like about this list? Watch Mojo only picked British people, which is HOW IT SHOULD BE. Tonnes of people say that some random american actors should be, well they shouldn't, it's a British role!
Joe Blackner
Clive Owen for sure.
You made an interesting video about who should play the next James Bond; then, you totally shattered your credibility with your painfully obvious, politically correct choice, of Idris Alba. First, Mr. Alba, who no doubt is a fine actor, is Black, which in and of itself would be problematic for many people, as James Bond is supposed to be British and has always been portrayed by White men. Second, I could have lived with this interesting potential choice; however, in your twisted fashion you had to go the extra distance and make him your #1 choice. This shows you did not merely intend to be fair, which would have been laudable, but you also intended to be offensive. Well your offensiveness has ensured I will never waste my time watching your drivel again.
Sim Cl
Rowan Atkinson. Period.
Black Specter
Chris Pine
في رحاب ابتسام
magneto would be perfect for the job
Yayface 0305
All these people complaining that Bond couldn't be black. So what is Bond famous for? His skin colour or his fighting skills? His skin colour or his catch phrases? His skin colour or his charisma? Wrap your racism up! I want to see a Bond with a good acting like the others not because he has the same skin colour.
Clive Owen for me - Daniel Craig has always been wrong for the part - what happened to Tall Dark and Handsome???? Craig has a tight physique but, his skin looks like hamburger on screen - better buy the old fashioned filters and pancake makeup to smooth him out for today's technology.........
A_ M
An actor receiving the James Bond role is like a Footballer winning the Premier League, F.A Cup, Champions League, Ballon D'or, Golden Boot and the World Cup in the same year.