Iguazu Falls – Flythrough with a Phantom Drone

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When I first discovered Iguaçu Falls while planning the Brazil trip for the 2014 World Cup, it was the most impressive natural wonder I had ever seen. I knew a camera would never be able to fully capture an experience of this scale. Even in a helicopter, I would not be able to get close enough. I pondered for days on how I would be able to capture the falls and do it justice. After researching DJI's drones, I was so impressed with how advanced the flight technology was and knew that this was the solution. I was in awe at the first sight of the falls. Then I realized I was only looking at a small portion of it; there was a 1 mile hike to get to the other end. Every lookout along the way was gorgeous. Capturing this waterfall was the biggest driving factor for me buying a drone. I received it about a week before the trip. And this is the result. Filmed with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

Iguazu Falls (Waterfall) aerial drone quadcopter DJI phantom dji phantom 2 vision+ Brazil (Country) Argentina (Country)

Good video... BUT, more than half of Garganta del Diablo (Devil´s throat) belongs to Argentina...
Mirinda Van Der Lych
Me cae mal la gente que se maravilla por la grandeza y hermosura de las cataratas y luego dice que realizó el viaje en helicóptero (lado brasilero). Argentina en contra del rédito económico fácil, prohíbe el uso del helicóptero porque atenta contra el ecosistema. El impacto negativo sobre la fauna es brutal, teniendo en cuenta la diversidad de aves que habitan en la zona. El turista mediocre y sin conciencia ambiental promociona mas el lado brasilero porque ellos al disponer de la porción mas pequeña y la peor parte de las Cataratas, priorizan la explotación económica por sobre la preservación ambiental, son inescrupulosos en ese aspecto. Cataratas de Iguazú son Argentinas! NO al paseo en helicoptero del lado brasilero. CONCIENCIA AMBIENTAL POR FAVOR
Santiago Oliva
This is ARGENTINA! Mother Fuckers!!!!
Eduardo Guillermo Ferrocchio
Most of the view and falls are in ARGENTINA, not in Brazil....- From Brazil you can see all the argentinean falls.....
Eron Almeida
You are right. I´m brazillian. the most part of Iguaçu is in Argentina.
Ezequiel Zermatten
el 80% de las cataratas son Argentinas , la garganta del diablo es Argentina en un 90% , la cadena y pared de saltos de agua que se extiende después de la garganta del diablo es Argentina a Brasil sólo le tocó la parte más chica que le sigue a la garganta del diablo así que el idiota que hizo este vídeo primero investigue a que parte de la catarata esta firmando antes de decir que son de brasil
daniel pachamé
Teresa Beatriz Baquero
Las Cataratas del Iguazu pertenecen al territorio de la Argentina. Brasil las ve desde la vereda de enfrente
even with a drone it it IMPOSSIBLE to depict the majestic experience of the water thunder incredibly loud noise and mist and wind of the falls. Getting there is a lifetime experience, as you literally dive into the falls being 10 meters away and carried with wind and sound. I have never experienced something so beautiful yet scary as nature is SOOOO STRONG. The falls experience is as close as you can get to experiencing a nature disaster. I have been there twice
Faby Luz
Marisa Nuñez
La mayor parte de las cataratas esta en el lado Argentino, si quieren ver solo un pedacito vallan por Brasil, el turista elije pero la verdad es una sola.
Elly Hartog
You have made (the drone has made) a fantastic video of the Iguazu Falls with beautiful music !! A great job !! Greetings from Holland.
Guillermo Rodriguez
La garganta del diablo y el 85% de las imágenes son de Argentina
97% of Iguazu waterfalls belong to ARGENTINA, not Brazil!!!
lil frid
maravilloso, emocionante. Gracias por el video!!!!
bruno jose
muy emocionante esperó poder conocer algún día
80% de las cataratas están en suelo argentino, incluyendo la Garganta del Diablo!
So sad... the water should be clear. Like this, fish find it harder to find their mate, and birds can't fish. It is like this because of the jungle disappearing further up in the river. if trees and plants cant hold down the sand, the water takes it away. that is why it´s brown.
Mago Css
Para ver la Grand mayoría das cataratas necesita estar en solo brasileño. Ustedes tienen lo mayor territorio y nosotros ganemos 💰 Dinero.
Claude Andrieu
Magnifique vidéo sur les chutes d'Iguazu qui donne une bonne idée du gigantisme des chutes. Félicitations au pilote qui prenait pas mal de risques dans ce milieu hostile ( humidité risquant de perturber l'électronique ).
Cristian Valenzuela
La garganta del diablo son Argentinas no son brasileras y la mayoría de tus imágenes son de territorio argentino no de Brasil. Estas muy mal informado el que realizo este video... Las Cataratas son Argentinas
Nang Ephriam
Niagara falls can't be compare with Iguazu fall in beauty, strength, size and majesty. Only the Victoria falls can be compare to Iguazu
Ans Quirijnen
Daar kijk en wij naar uit.....
Andres F
Wow that water looks filthy. Very brown. In other videos the water looks white, blue and relatively clean. So this video is of the Brazil side of the waterfall? or both brazil side and Argentinean side?
InGame User
80% Argentina 20% Brasil
Johan Rodrigues
most amazing sight in the world when it comes to water. most stupid thing is the music instead of the voice of the waterfalls
80 % of Iguazu Falls are in Argentina, only 20 % in Brazil
Mike Zeedan
Jesus made this place for you guys!
completely wrong.... 80% of the falls are in Argentina..... and Garganta del Diablo is Argentina.... whey so misleading???????
Diana Aguilera
Brazil and Argentina Uruguay had to eliminate in cold blood to millions of Paraguayan civilians during 6 years in the war of 1863 for today to presume to the world the Natural Resources and several Territories taken from Paraguay! The reality is that the Yguazu falls belonged to Paraguay that even its name is written in the Guarani language which in Spanish means (Rio Grande) a language of the Paraguayan ancestors that is currently one of the official languages ​​of Paraguay for being a bilingual country with two official languages ​​such as Spanish and Guarani. The mate and the terere are part of the tradition for being a patrimony of their Guranies ancestors that the Paraguayans adapted it and nowadays it is consumed by the belligerent countries that in the past assassinated the Paraguayan Republic that even tradition steals from us! Paraguay today has only 8 million inhabitants. We Paraguayans know about our stories and we will never forget it, no matter how many false historians tell history against Paraguay! The truth is that Paraguay lost territories that this can claim from the UN or other organizations the lands and indemnifications to the parties for the outrage and for breaching the commitments and convictions against the civilians and wounded soldiers of Paraguay! Argentina Brazil and Uruguay eternal enemies of Paraguay gentlemen
Harry H.
This is awesome, thank you.
John Whipple
Great job........Went there a couple of weeks ago and plan on going back to spend more time....purely awesome.
Luly Fernandez
Las cataratas desde brasil solo podes verlas, pero en argentina casi las tocas, te mojas, sentís las gotas de agua sobre tu cara, es una experiencia hermosa, así que si algún día queres visitarlas, te recomiendo verlas desde el lado argentino.
Yannik Unbelievable Travel
Hi, I will go to Iguazu in the near future and would like to fly with my drone over the waterfalls. Can you give me tips regarding permission or license to fly in the national park? or is it simply free? Thank you for your answer
Jayne Stone
The great wealth of Brazil: abundance in water!
Beautiful sight, flat earth debunked. Flat earthtards need to get out more✌
bear morningsun
Stunning view, thanks mate!
Micheal Powell
Wow! Those waterfalls are huge! Definitely Megalithic.... No way the Incas built that...
Iguazu Falls are amazing Nature wonders, than you for awesome shooting and sharing!
Pascal Nemecek
super ce panorama. images magnifiques bravo le drone. vivant les chutes Iguazou. p.nemecek
Daniel Hernandez
wowwww ,image merveilleux
Rudi Chinchilla
Norma orue
Yo solo se que le pido a Dios me deje ver con mis propios ojos tan majestuoso paisaje, y que proteja su bella naturaleza de aquellos que solo buscan sacarle provecho económico, sin cuidar sus maravillas, para que todo ser humano pueda disfrutarlas.
Gustavo Timer
Amazing! Iguazu Falls: 80 % Brazil, 20 % Argentina. The Brazilian side is better.
How did you manage to fly there? I have been there 4 weeks ago and they did not let me fly. There is a fine of $500 for flying a drone at Cataratas de Iguazu without permission . So you were very lucky to get this amazing footage. Congratulations!
Nice work
Janet Bento
Sera que estan la mayoria de las cataratas en Argentina pero entonces se ve mejor desde Brasil? Yo fui cuando tenia 12 años y quisiera volver. Soy Rosarina y vivo en el Caribe desde los 7 años de edad. Porque pelearse? Cuando veo algo asi lo unico que me entra en la cabeza es la maravilla que son y la suerte que tengo de poder disfrutarlo. Uno de estos dia volvere a verlas. Peace out, and stop fighting!
Andres Aenima
Las cataratas son ARGENTINAS! deberias editar el video
matthew gagea
Hey, can I have a download link to this video?
Elly Hartog
Can you give me the titel of the music ? I like it very much !
Alagoo KMA
Beautiful and capturing ones mind and soul.
Walter Blackstock
Wandering Wagars
Heading here in 2 weeks. Can't wait to use my drone at Iguazu. did you have any issues with this being so close to the border?
Travel And Discover
Lu B. Kurc
Maravilloso !!! extraordinario !
Fantastic video and an awe inspiring place, took my breath away....one day I hope to visit again.....molto bellissimo.....muy bein....muchos bono.....😊👍👍
Esther Gonzalez
Ser Fernandez
Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Flavio Muller
Jorge Alegre
Las cataratas del Iguazú están en Argentina,solo una pequeña parte pertenece a Brazil
Manuel espejo revol
Alicia de ruijter
Whats the name of the song
伊瓜蘇瀑布 - 飛越了幻影雄蜂(無人機拍攝) 當我第一次發現了伊瓜蘇瀑布,同時規劃為2014年世界杯巴西之旅,這是我所見過的最令人印象深刻的自然奇觀。我知道一個攝像頭就永遠無法完全捕捉這種規模的經驗。即使是在一架直升機,我將無法得到足夠接近。我沉思了幾天我如何將能夠捕捉到瀑布和做到公正。研究DJI的無人機後,我是如此深刻的印象如何先進的飛行技術是,知道這是解決方案。 我是在敬畏一見鍾情的瀑布。然後我意識到我只是看著它的一小部分;有1英里的徒步旅行去的另一端。沿途每一個望風是華麗。捕捉這些瀑布是我購買無人機的最大驅動因素。我前行收到了一個星期左右。這是結果。 有DJI幻影視覺2+拍攝 究竟應該怎樣得到世界上最宏偉瀑布的最佳視角?巴西或阿根廷的?來吧,決定自己在哪裡會想去看的伊瓜蘇瀑布 壯麗的魔鬼咽喉 聖馬丁瀑布群 旅館叫Tropical das Cataratas是粉紅色兩層建築,設備齊全,是高級五星級的旅館,旅館前就是瀑布區,走出旅館就看到幾隻長鼻浣熊(Coati)毫不怕人,這種浣熊數量不少,同時分布很廣,我曾在中美洲的瓜地馬拉的提卡爾國家公園看到,是此地著名的動物之一,再走幾步就看到迎面而來的Bernabe Mendez及Bossetti瀑布群,雖不是最大的瀑布,但由於視野寬闊,底下就是彎曲的淺綠色河道,在聖馬丁島旁有一灣黃金色的沙灘,幾艘載客戲水的膠筏,瀑布如銀幕直洩而下,彈起一片水霧,耳邊就是瀑布及河流的聲音,瀑布的上方式一望無際的密林,我們就這樣進入瀑布,水氣、河川、密林所構成的奇異世界。我們沿著河邊步道上行,步道是由土石路及木棧道所組成,在林中行走,對側的大小瀑布若隱若現,步道設有觀景點,顯然都經過精心挑選、設計,都是極佳的拍景點,這時可以看到對側是聖馬丁島,顯然是大斷層陷落的部分殘餘,形成伊瓜蘇瀑布上下層之間的小獨立台階地,此處的瀑布則折成兩段,上層有一組瀑布叫Rivadavia,像面紗一樣的鋪張下來,我們稱之為「新娘的面紗」;下層則分成兩三個瀑布,有膠筏載著遊客,穿著防水衣及救生衣,衝到瀑布下面,引起陣陣的尖叫。再往裡行,水聲越大,終於看到最大的瀑布—魔鬼咽喉(Garganta del Diablo),其正式的名稱叫聯合瀑布(Salto Union),它面寬450公尺,高差達80公尺,成馬蹄形,大量的水直沖而下,大片水霧從河底彈起,潑灑到觀景台的我們身上。彩虹在水汽中出現,此時水聲如雷,水勢如萬馬奔騰,腳下的大地也震動不已。在巴西這邊所看到的魔鬼咽喉只能看到一部份,在它左側有一組叫Floriano的瀑布分兩段下沖,加強了整個瀑布的氣勢,這種近距離的觀察與感受大瀑布的氛圍,實在少見。次日在阿根廷部分,從旅館搭乘小火車到魔鬼咽喉下車,走過鋪在河上的棧道,跨過平緩的河道,以及幾個河上小島,島上及河岸都是高大的林木,河水緩緩流在棕紅色的岩石河底上,若不是聽到瀑布如雷的響聲,很難想像這種水流居然會把堅硬的岩石切割成大的馬蹄狀,會產生那麼大的聲音。走到盡頭,就是魔鬼咽喉的上方的觀景台,俯瞰大水往下倒灌,彩虹在瀑布中出現,往下游看,一連串的瀑布,以及急湍的伊瓜蘇河,河水喧嚷,翻滾著遠去。天空是一片藍,浮著幾朵白雲,好一個壯麗的景觀!據說當年美國老羅斯福總統曾到此參觀,他嘆了口氣說:「我可憐的尼加拉瓜瀑布!」,它的水量是尼加拉瓜瀑布的7倍。我們在阿根廷的旅館叫Sheraton Iguazu,也是五星級的,非常漂亮舒適,坐在陽台可以看到幾公里遠的魔鬼咽喉,就在一片濃綠的森林中顯現,上面掛著一大片的霧,旅館周圍是一片青翠的草地,有各種鳥類出現,我們看到了最有名的大嘴鳥(Tucan Grande)。 一個瀑布、兩個國家公園、兩個世界遺產 伊瓜蘇的焦點當然是大瀑布,但是除了瀑布之外,阿根廷及巴西各設有一個一國家公園,名稱都叫做伊瓜蘇國家公園,阿根廷部分的國家公園面積67,620公頃,於1928年成立。巴西部分面積較大,約為175,000公頃,於1934年設置。兩者的核心區就是伊瓜蘇瀑布區,也是遊客集中的地方,其餘部分不是河川,就是森林,沒有步道,沒有設施,所以基本上是以保護區包圍遊憩區。園區內除了兩家旅館以及管理單位之外,沒有村落及房屋,出入口各只有一處,出入瀑布區都靠公共交通,入園費約10美金,乘車費約1美金,兩個國家公園分別於1984年級1986年申請登錄為世界遺產,所以目前世界遺產中156處自然遺產,有兩處是同一個伊瓜蘇,只是分屬兩個國家,個別申請,各管各的,但步調一致,資源的系統則是一體不可分的。 伊瓜蘇瀑布 在伊瓜蘇國家公園內 (1) 伊瓜蘇瀑布 伊瓜蘇國家公園 伊瓜蘇市 巴拉那州 巴西 (20%) (2) 伊瓜蘇瀑布 伊瓜蘇國家公園 米西奧內斯省 阿根廷 (80%) 多角度選擇近看.遠觀都行.. 伊瓜蘇瀑布 上部瀑布(上路火車路線) upper Trail (阿根廷) 下部瀑布(下路火車路線) lower Trail (阿根廷) 魔鬼的咽喉(Garganta del Diabo) 冒險遊船旅途進入伊瓜蘇瀑布 阿根廷米西奧內斯省 橡皮雙引擎汽艇接受 「受洗」 伊瓜蘇國家公園 (1) 伊瓜蘇國家公園 伊瓜蘇市 巴拉那州 巴西 (2) 伊瓜蘇國家公園 米西奧內斯省 阿根廷 伊瓜蘇三國交界城市 Foz do Iguacu , Prana , Brasil 伊瓜蘇市(中國大陸翻成福斯市) , 巴拉那州 , 巴西 Puerto Iguazu Misiones Argentina 伊瓜蘇港市 米西奧內斯省 阿根廷 Este Misiones Paraguai 東方市 米西奧內斯省 巴拉圭 伊瓜蘇(市) 伊瓜蘇(Foz do Iguaçu)是巴西巴拉那州的一個城市。位於巴西、巴拉圭、阿根廷三國交界的巴拉那河與伊瓜蘇河匯合處。世界第二的大的水電站--伊泰普水電站距市區12公里,著名的伊瓜蘇瀑布距市區28公里。該市距巴拉圭東方市僅6.5公里 [ 每年巴西約有600萬人次前往東方市(ciudad del Este)購物 ],距阿根廷境內的伊瓜蘇港市10公里,距阿境內的大瀑布29公里。 概況 國家: 巴西 區: 巴拉那州 海拔: 173.6 米 面積: 617.71 平方公里 官方語言: 葡萄牙語 人口: 319,189 人口密度: 504.0人/平方公里 時區: UTC-3 夏令時間: UTC-2
a mi solo me importa que gane Boquita !!!
jerr fatcatz
Thank you for sharing!
Luli Arancio
Garganta del diablo are Argentina!!!!
Won-der-ful!! Thank you so much for sharing! Jérôme, from France
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Hi I my fiancé made an video there too with Phantom 4. Nice job you did there dude Have an look on my fiancé job Thanks
Eli Cohen
WOW!!! Nature's work of art! Beautiful Video!! Thanks!!
The most beautiful place i've ever seen. Hope to be back soon :)
Tauno Holappa
I like this
Morrell Productions
Henry Calderon
Sally Ayumi
Charles Buxton
Thanks for the wonderful video of the largest waterfalls in the world that I will probably never ever get a chance to visit. Same with Africa's Victoria Falls. At least I can visit North America's Niagara Falls occasionally, and Great Falls on the Potomac River bordering the USA states of Maryland and Virginia is about a half hour drive from where I live.
Henrique Aparecido Coelho Alves
Excellent video!!
pioner rrr
no faltan los pendejos que dicen blablafhfgh son más de argentina que de Brasil gahhjjkjjjhggh sólo disfruten el vídeo y ya
Dave Thomas
i want to go therewith the one i love
Rock Duck
This is were the Argentine military should step in a blow the drone out of the sky
M Carmen Sanchez
He recorrido mucho mundo, pero sin lugar a dudas, es lo mas maravilloso que he visto. He volado la cataratas en un helicóptero y he bajado en barco por el río. Al verlo de nuevo en estas fotografías, no puedo evitar las lagrimas en mis ojos, de emoción.
Drone Clips: The largest waterfalls in the world are the Victoria Waterfalls in Zambia, Africa. stunning Video by the way ;)
Roamin Scot
Amazing shots. Im heading their next month with my Phantom. Any advice you can give and how did your drone react to the extreme wet conditions of the spray.
de castro barros Orlanda
je la vois pour la troisième fois,elle ma fait venir les larmes au yeux,je sent quelque chose trop fort dans mon âme,c'est la que je partiens
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Украдите меня туда !
Svetla Varbanova
Неописуемо преживяване, благодаря за видеото
Kesavan krishnasastrigal
Really fantastic
I'm here now and even walking around you can not appreciate just how massive this place is. Thanks for the video! It put everything I saw into perspective!
T Stevenson
Incredibly awesome!! Thank you for taking this video and posting it!!
Arctic Deer
Wery nice video :)
clara vianey salazar Colorado
solo hola
Nair Borello
Mi tierra hermoso espectacular gracias señor-Desde POSADAS MISIONES VENGAN -ARGENTINA
Mataderos Republik
Agentina and Brazil- Brazil and Argentina . Nice video!
Andy Marchy
Watching was just magical :) Thanks
Totally Anonymous
i was there 3 months before this video was taken...the falls cannot be described...you have to see them for yourself...no videos can do them justice.