Rihanna feat Ne-Yo - Hate that I love you with lyrics

Artist: Rihanna feat Ne-Yo Song: Hate that I love you With Lyrics!^.^

Miranda 99
when bae don't text back so you listen to this 😂😂😂
Miia Hatunen
Want... to.. correct... the.. lyrics...
Gillian Martin
I had a bff his name was prince he moved to NYC when we were 7 we are both 17 now and I visit him every summer but we have both changed a lot in the 10 years we didn't see each other like I used to get bullied because I had glasses now I wear contacts and he used to have braces and he would stop the bullies on the day he moved away he gave me a letter and I still haven't read it when I visited him for the first time last summer he took my glasses out of my pocket and put them on me and said I miss the old you then I took the letter out and read it it said I will miss you dearly, i don't know why I never told you but I have feelings for you and I cant contain them please tell me if you feel the same when I finished reading the letter I kissed him and well we both live in NYC now and we aren't ever letting each other go
Pip Jones
I really hate it that I love him.. Because he doesn't love me...
Lina Khalifa
this song makes me  miss a relationship I never had
Daemon Skycloak
Gosh I'm having this exact feeling. We're not together but he knows I love him and I know he at least loves me a littlw bit but he still rejected me. And I still love him. ahh stupid life
Shaggy the Grim
But I hate how much I love my doughnut and I cant stand how hungry I am and I love my doughnut....but I just can't save it
Juan Cortez
hate the way love can make one feel
The Bloos
Back when music was good
Jennifer Pina
I hate that I love you dont want to but I cant stop thinking about you.
Blake Willemain
I miss my ex...she was the one
Adajai Tobias
2018 anyone 😏😍💯
Stephanie Ka
old but gold
Feeling this way about someone, then realizing they probably feel this way about someone else...
Victoria Meira
and i hate how much i love this song  but i just need to click replay and i can't stand that it's stuck in my head
Briana Elizabeth
It kills me to listen to this song. I hate how much I love a lot of people. It seems to cause a lot of my depression
Musa King Richie
big up all listening dis ya song till a 2014.wollan its irie love song
I am so good
The Song is beautiful ♥
Some of these lyrics are completely incorrect...
James Brown
This was Rihanna at her best. :'( hope she gets back to being the sweet happy woman she was when this was made in the future - not saying that's she bad now but it's clear that Chris Brown abusing her and then her experimenting way too much with rock and techno and her image as a way to get over that abuse, has affected her talent and her career big time. Hope she gets a nice man and children one day to make her truly happy again.....
M Ga
Still listening in 2016 😏💖
John Ace Anthony Cabilangan
Anyone in 2019?
Courtney Hebert
i hate how much these song lyrics are wrong.
it me mayo
He has a gf now. It kills
Sargent snakebites
I have a crush on this guy and I want to talk to him but I'm too shy to talk to him(。ŏ_ŏ)
Nicira Jackson
2018 Bumping With My Boyfriend 😘💋❤. #PositiveVibes
lauryn sebrey
I'm pretty sure MANY of these lyrics are wrong
Thomas Cox
I love how it has the same beat/background sound as Sexy Love. Ne-Yo's best hit. Everyone knows that sound its literally his lmao.
Gegeenee Otgoo
Joanna Witkowska
so annoyingly true...
Camille Guiang
Rye & Rogers
The lyrics were so off
Ashley c
love this song in 2016 still listening to this song
Angel Watkins
this is the in your feeling jam right here!!!!
Peonies & Lilies
they should do duets more often cuz this is my favorite song by Rihanna and trust me I like most of her songs.
2016 listening to this 😌
Don't give up You're loved
2018?? 😍💕❤😘
Eric Fugginz
I miss the simpler dayz
Dan's Hair Salon
When I was 12, I asked her out because my heart had just gotten broken by someone that I'd been pining after for a year. She had also been rejected. She said yes, and we dated for half a year. Immature little me decided I wasn't satisfied and broke up with her. We continued on to be best friends for the next 3 years. We each had seperate relationships, but were still closest to each other. This year, I'm 15, and 4 months ago, she asked me out. I'd been crushing on her for 5 months prior to her asking me out. We're happily dating now.
Jahnaya Gonzalez
these lyrics r super wrong lol
allet zy
listening in 2016 😫
Nina Apadula
i hate that i still love you soooo...
The Absolute
back when pop music actually had good lyrics lol
Ivana Versluijs
wow, this song descripes my feelings perfectly..
This is how I met Rihanna lol
Claudia Jessica
OMG I love this song and I must always cry when I hear it... :(
Sakaya Muhammad
Love this fucking song
queen- Williams
My daughter's dad was my first love and I hate that I loved him so much....really affected my life and emotions bad
You Don't
A little too true...
Zuri Robinson
Ahh... this song reminds me of freshman year couples, even though I was only 7 when this came out (back then it reminded me of my little brother, but that's neither here nor there). I'd always picture me+my bf, two of my friends+their bfs going through the day at school crossing each other's paths and *just enjoying each other's presence so much... yeah, that's how I felt at 15... sure*, and then at the end we were all at prom as seniors. We're about to be juniors now. None of us are coupled anymore. sigh... High school.
Denise Espinoza
this is how I feel about someone
Aya Brea
2018 anyone? 💕
Priscilla Serwaa Marfo
Who's here in 2018
Janayah Askew
Onsithan Kweekitnimit
livy Rivera
Still listening 2k 18 who wit me tho😝
Suong Kim
i hate that I love this guy who broke my heart and now I'm crying my eyes out thinking about him
Eva Russell
I was in 10th grade when this song came out. One of the best years of my life! ;)
Tammisha Laing
jasmine white
I like this song
Jasmine Oliveras
this sounds like Troy and Gabriella singing in high school musical
in 2016 who still listening to this😏
Julieee Ann
pizza v.s. diet
Daniela Prieto
it kills me to know how unaffected he is by not having me in his life. I hate that I love you
Tommy's Brokesquad Djene
I love how yall are thinking about your actual crushes or exes and I'm here like "Monsta X and Monbebe theme songs"😂😂😂😂
Christina Mckune
I just broke up with my first love
Kirsy nathalie Abreu
what is wrong with love this days..or whats wrong with us or me..why do I keep allowing this man play with me why cant I love myself enough and learn to let go,learn to love who loves me,I have to stop being a option to him I just ront know what to do ..what to do when u dont know where to head or u dont know where ur headinh because your pain feels like its dragging u into a hole with no exit...
georgia teneti
Amazing song i love u rihana and ne yo awesome song 
Stephanie Maestre
I'm doing prank lyrics with this 😭😭😭
sofiana lk
Silvia Garcia
"But no one in this world knows me the way you know me , so you probably always have a spell on me "🎶🎼
Tiffany Pillans
Made me love a guy I never had 😂
Keiko Inagaki
still listening 2018
Guardians Of Dawn
lyrics are sooooo wrong O.o
Guadalupe Molina
I just remembered right now, about this song, I use to hear it and all of a sudden now just realized that I hate that love you is one of those songs I used to love hearing all the times in high school times and now, I am 24 years old suddenly had the feeling that I needed to hear this song. OMG now I remember how awesome this song was and it's 2016, well it's still awesome to me at least. Never gets boring and like Daddy Yankee songs at least those songs of Daddy Yankee do get boring.
Mel Franco
This songs reminds me of my first crush and heartbreak lol
chaiima abaidou
from 2012 to 2018 still love this song 💛
Rona Mae Masula
2018 🙌🏻
juicy lipz
love this song but you sure did screw up the lyrics but thanks for sharing with us
Rachelle Martinez
Sooo many good childhood memories coming back every time I listen to this
Sarah mcbain Ewing
i listen to this when a boy hurts my feelings
sillisha starzz
I love this song so so much that I can't forget about it because it is my favourite song that's why I keep listening it so people regrets but that's not it
Paman Sam
RIP Song in 2016
Baby Facedyaya
had train ran on me to this😩
save me from my aching heart
erica saint elmey
the days 😈💯
Layla Chapman
i 💘 this song so much
Still listening in 2018 ❤️
SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020
I miss these old love songs.💘💙
biela ramos
2018 still a hit
Shantedar Williamson
Sucks to be in love with your bestie when he is also your ex and he is in love with someone else..its sucks
pingkan novembri
2018 🙌
Maria SalaGwood
No matter how hard you try to move on. The love will always be there.
Verlean Lowe
2018 still involve with this song
Sunita K C
Really hate that I love you boy Love this song so much......
Anna BL
How i know when i love a boy ?  I don't understand .... 
Shimere Lee
Only song that cures my broken heart kinda
Denise Mourielle Dingding
this song is still the best.
isaac garcia
slapping in 2018💯👑