From LOVEDRIVE Released in 1979 Klaus Meine - lead vocals Michael Schenker - lead guitar, backing vocals Matthias Jabs - lead guitar, backing vocals Rudolf Schenker - rhythm guitar, backing vocals Francis Buchholz - bass, backing vocals Herman Rarebell - drums, backing vocals

Scorpions (Musical Group) Hard Rock (Musical Genre) Michael Schenker (Musical Artist) Michael Schenker Group (Musical Group) McAuley Schenker Group (Musical Group) Temple Of Rock The Scorpions (Musical Group) Heavy Metal (Musical Genre) Randy Rhoads (Guitarist) Kirk Hammett (Guitarist) Marshall Amplification (Business Operation) Gibson Flying V (Guitar) Lovedrive (Musical Album) Coast To Coast (Musical Recording) HQ (Musical Album)

Galib Rahman Khan
Most probably, the best heavy metal instrumental ever.
R G1959
Michael Schenker was and still is The Man! Genius playing
Lambros Tsiotas
This song is like an Orgasm....
Iman Axbert
Back in college, one of my professors gave the class a fun, extra credit assignment. Pick any song & put it to pictures.This was way before home video. Me & my best friend collaborated & picked this tune. For pictures, we went to Siesta beach in Sarasota Florida & Daytona beach & photographed hot looking women in bikinis, coast to coast. We got an A. And it was the most interesting of all that were submitted, by far.
Rob Simmons
how epic was it to see these guys -- in twenty effing seventeen -- playing this song again at their show at oracle arena in oakland? with both rudolf and klaus on the verge of turning 70, but owning the stage with more balls than kids one third their age? SO epic!
Andres Diaz
Love the vocals by Klaus on this one!
Rene Otten
Wrong photo, should be Michael Schenker instead of Jabs.
I saw MS a couple of weeks ago, boy was he on form!!
Corky DeYulio
Im the worlds biggest Scorps fan...seen them 17 times. Ulrich Roth was great and Michael Schenker (liked UFO when he was their lead guitarist) is awesome but...Jabs is a MONSTER!!!
Cosmik Debris
i love the lyrics
Todd Little
best rock instrumental ever
Sofia Dimitrakopoulou
Great Song of Scorpions!
Jack McCurry
Great sound
Bo Nichols
Michael Schenker is an amazing guitarist & so is Uli Jon Roth.....they are both equally talented in their own right.....what amazing guitar work both of theze guyz put on Scorpions albums
Jack McCurry
This is the best i have heard after the original... Been a fan of scorpions since they came on in the 70s
philip wilkins
Every superhero needs a soundtrack....
Simone Gianardi awesome sound
mark henry
finally..., live versions does not do honor to the original version
Kelly McDonald
Michael Schenker shred fest!
Gary Giampa
Good song great band two brothers in the band 1978
Ernie Cody
boy, dean, we've got the same taste in music. thanks for posting pell and schenker, two gods of guitar.
Corky DeYulio
The Scorps tried to keep Michael Schenker but he was hard to handle...he was battling many addictions. He was very unreliable at the time and caused distractions on tour the short time he was with them.
M.L Happy Gaming NL
randall scott burress
Sprokken sie?
Александр Губачёв
Jonh Auss
Photo. Tokyo tape. Inincredublugum concer 1985
Julianevaristo Mateo
Bajo mi punto de vista.. Tremendo. Demoledor. Energía en estado puro desde 1979
Kenneth Thompson
Wolfram...I stand corrected many thanks...never trust a line-up on an album sleeve...Ken
Gabriel hermosilla serrano
Ahh... ¡Que buenos recuerdos!
Chris Eller
first song i learned on guitar
Toast to roast
Terry Reid
Scorps at their best!!! Mickael and brother Rudolph!!! awesome!!
Russ Bere
F'ing awesome. Played it to death at15 now 54. I love metal to my day \m/
Piera Piera
🤟🏻 Bella !!!💪🏼
Kenneth Thompson
A weekend song on the car and this playing on the audio cassette. Beer in hand heading to your favourite juke joint...girls and beer... PS It's Rudolf playing this Michael wasn't in the Scorpions at this point.
John Hobley II
randall scott burress
I AM STILL ALIVE @^ i really?
Александр Мамедов
Не знаю, что Вы там пишете. Это класс!!!
randall scott burress
Parts of Rock stated in knoxville tn..?? Thank you Dolly?
Timmy Jones
SG 22 still getting off on it and coast 2coast2
Yes. Michael and Rudolf. But not Matthias.
Sam Noblitt
does anyone know why apple music has lyrics to this song even though it's an instrumental
randall scott burress
Got to get it and put it in ya!!
wollt ihr eure keine Zweifel Chips mit oder ohne Paprika ? Natur wäre auch noch eine Option.
elio ribeiro junior
Caralho, velho!!! O rock que a terra não esqueceu!!!!
Rare Form
Simo Fayz
Fucking awsoooooom